Title: Love is not consolation. It is light.
Author: Ayumie and CrowX
Part: 4 of 4
Fandom: Vampire Diaries (TV)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Damon/Elena/Stefan
Word count: 3189

Warnings: Incest, Threesome, Slash

Summary: After the opening of the tomb Damon is devastated. There is only one thing that can console him, but will Stefan be able to do that for him? Even though he wanted it for so long himself? D/E/S

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


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Love is not consolation. It is light.

Love is not consolation. It is light.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)



Chapter 4



Stefan kissed her by way of answer. They dozed a bit and, when they woke for the second time that morning, it was Damon who fixed them breakfast. He made scrambled eggs and toast for Elena and even handed Stefan a mug of microwaved animal blood without comment.

They ate in companionable silence, occasionally offering comments on new ideas and their plans for the next few days.

Stefan in particular seemed happy to just drink in the relaxed atmosphere. He still couldn't believe his good luck and kept throwing glances at Damon to make sure he hadn't imagined the last few hours, only to quickly drop his gaze whenever he received a smile in return. Elena and Damon were both smiling...

Even though it all had started out as comfort for Damon, right now it felt more like they had to reassure Stefan. Elena thought it was terribly cute how her boyfriend was behaving like a virgin the day after. It showed how much Stefan had wanted the love and closeness of his brother and that now he couldn't believe it had happened.

After breakfast, she stood up and went to the bathroom. Throwing a glance over her shoulder, she looked over to Damon and winked.

"I need a shower. Do you both want to join me? I think Damon hasn't had the pleasure of feeling Stefan deep inside of him, right?"

The looks on both their faces was priceless. Stefan couldn't believe how lucky he was. Not only did he have such a girlfriend, but she was also so accepting of his strange desire and love for his older brother. She fit in perfectly with them, not only that, she was the reason Stefan could finally be close to his brother again, even though in a way he'd never dared to wish for. Stefan stood up and held out a hand for Damon.

"Are you coming?"

Grinning, Damon took his brother's hand and let himself be pulled to his feet. It was almost a pity for them to shower - he kind of liked the sex smell on the three of them. He'd just have to see they'd smell like that again very soon.

"That eager to fuck me, little brother? Not that I can blame you..."

There wasn't no sting in his voice, though; none of the sarcasm he'd usually invest in such a comment. For a moment he held Stefan back and whispered:

"Are you sure about this? Because, if we're going in there, I'll very probably end up taking Elena."

Even though Stefan still had some doubts about the intentions of his brother, he lost them the moment Damon asked him in all honesty. Looking deep into his brother's eyes to convey his seriousness he replied:

"It is okay. Moreover, I want to see you buried in her, want to drive you deeper inside of her when I push into your ass, brother."

The kiss that followed was full of heat and tenderness. Stefan figured it was Damon's way of thanking him.

Ahead of them Elena had stripped and started the shower. The bathroom was luxuriously furnished and thus the shower was big enough for them. She looked over to the brothers and began to touch herself with a foaming sponge, drawing it over her breasts down to her legs. Seeing both vampires kissing each other was making her very horny. Moaning she leaned back, enjoying the sight while caressing herself.

Damon turned Stefan in his arms and rested his chin on that broad shoulder. This way both of them could watch Elena touching herself. Slowly stroking his brother's erection, Damon nuzzled at that tempting neck.

"Just look at our girlfriend, Stef, she's gorgeous. Tell me what it's like to fuck her. I've been wondering forever and you've always been such a spoil sport..."

Elena was gorgeous, all long limbs and flawless olive skin. However, Damon was at least as excited about the prospect of being taken by Stefan. He hadn't had sex with a vampire for a long time and this was Stefan, who always seemed so calm and in control.

Stefan sighed into the caress of his cock, feeling not as near on the edge as before, now that the tension was a little less. His eyes never left his girlfriend, no - their girlfriend - as she pleasured herself. It wasn't the first time he'd seen this.

"She's amazing, Damon, not as uptight as you would have accused her of being. She's passionate like a wildcat and always curious about new things. And being inside of her feels so... heavenly." Stefan groaned at the memories as well as Damon's stroking hand.

Elena heard them talking over the sound of the shower. She went over to them, grabbing both their hands to draw them under the stream.

"And you should see Stefan when he's on top. He tries to hold back, but there's always the hidden forcefulness right next to his tenderness. I love being filled by him, and you'll love it too, I'm sure, Damon."

Then they were all in the shower, giggling and shoving each other until they were comfortable beneath the spray. After one last glance at Stefan, Damon moved in to kiss Elena. Her mouth was warm, welcoming and he plundered it. After a moment his brother pressed up behind him and nuzzled at his neck.

"As a matter of fact, I never thought that Elena was uptight. I always suspected that she had a wild side. What I never even guessed at was you, little brother..."

Stefan rolled his eyes even as he slowly ran his hand down Damon's sides. After a moment he reached down to cup that firm ass, struggling to keep his composure. He'd show Damon just how not-uptight he could be...

Elena just smiled in the kiss, knowing that her boyfriend would show Damon his other side, the part she always wanted to see, too. She explored Damon's body, glad that she was able to do what she'd wanted for quite some time without cheating on Stefan. Falling down to her knees she stroked Damon's erection, and brought it to her mouth, licking the head. She looked up to Damon, not breaking eye contact and sucked him in.

Stefan saw what Elena was doing and decided to copy her. He sank down to his knees and caressed those firm cheeks, spreading them. Stefan bent forwards and touched the hidden hole of his brother's ass with his tongue, circling it. Drawing back he looked up to Damon.

"Do you like that? Tell me how much you want my tongue inside of you."

Damon tried to formulate some sort of reply, but, for once, speech deserted him. He had to press his palm against the cool tiles of the wall to steady himself. Not wanting to pressure Elena, he reached behind himself to grip Stefan's hair instead.

"Want it badly, little brother. Not just your tongue either..."

When Stefan complied and slowly pushed a wet finger into his hole, Damon gave a harsh groan. It felt good, but it had also been a while.

Loving the fact that, for once, he was the one who had Damon on his toes, Stefan kept going. Elena's hand was resting on his thigh, her thumb rubbing slow circles against his skin. They really were in this together.

It was even better compared to her fantasies to see her boyfriend pleasuring his brother. Elena moaned around the cock in her mouth, caressing Stefan's hip with her other hand, creeping down to grasp his erection as well. Not wanting Damon to come too early Elena stood up and looked into Damon's darkened eyes.

"Do it, Damon. Want to feel you inside. Want to see Stefan letting go of his control when he sinks in you."

She used the wall of the shower as leverage and embraced Damon's thighs with her legs, so that the tip of his cock was pushing against her wet opening.

Stefan had to smile at his energetic girlfriend. He stood up as well and hugged Damon from behind, letting his cock rest between Damon's cheeks. Bending forward he nipped at those cute ears, sucking them lightly.

"I'll help you with that, brother."

He grabbed Damon's cock and guided him inside of Elena.

Quickly reaching down to cup Elena's buttocks, Damon supported some of the weight. He groaned as his brother helped him into that welcoming heat, a sentiment echoed by the girl in front of them. Waiting for Elena to relax, Damon moved slowly, carefully. Stefan's mouth against his ear only made it harder to hold back.

Moving his mouth to Damon's neck, Stefan felt his brother's pulse speed up, his body feigning life even at this most intimate of times. Unable to wait any longer, he reached for their conditioner to slick himself, hands shaking slightly as he uncapped the lid.

Moaning, Elena used the higher leverage to look over Damon's shoulder as Stefan prepared him. It was breathtaking. She bent down to whisper that in Damon's other ear, licking it. When Stefan finally pushed inside, she thrust her hips with small fast movements to distract him.

After preparing his brother thoroughly Stefan couldn't wait to slide inside.

"Mhm, brother, you're so tight. Can't wait to explore your ass."

He pushed inside to the hilt, enjoying how he could dominate Damon's movements in Elena. It was as if he was fucking her through his brother. He set a steady pace, not too fast. He bent forwards to kiss Elena's lips just next to Damon's ear, licking both of them simultaneously.

Damon cried out at as Stefan pushed into him, pushed him further into Elena's heat. It felt incredible. Of course he knew that with his strength he could have easily dominated the encounter, but he found that he didn't want to.

"Feels so good. Don't hold back, brother. I can take it. And I'm sure that our girl will just love it..."

Stefan grinned. Well, if that was what Damon wanted... Even as he leaned forward to brace himself against the wall, Stefan let his hips snap forward. The groan from both his brother and Elena was immensely gratifying. So he did it again. And again.

Even though Elena had been in this position just hours earlier, it was different. Damon felt longer than Stefan, if not as thick and his length touched other places deep inside of her, making her cry out in pleasure. And finally she got to see a Stefan who didn't hold back, his face a mixture of pleasure and fierceness. He was kissing his brother's neck and Elena saw with excitement that his vampire features emerged.

"Do you want to bite him?" she asked between moans.

The question startled Stefan who was losing himself in the pleasure, nearly forgetting all caution as his hips drove into the muscled ass relentlessly. He realized that his fangs were out and just millimeters away from Damon's luscious neck.

"Brother, what do you say? Do you want me to bite you?"

Barely remembering to shield Elena from some of the force of Stefan's thrusts, Damon quivered with anticipation. He wanted those sharp teeth in his neck, wanted to feel his brother feed. Although he had occasionally bitten Stefan, the favor had never been returned.

"Do it, Stef. You can't hurt me and it'll be so good. You'll see..."

After that, there was no holding back. Stefan growled and moved with even more force, scraped his teeth over Damon's neck to draw out the tension. When he finally struck and warm blood flooded his mouth, Stefan's mind blanked out. The taste was incredible, richer than anything he had had in years and years.

Both men's faces were feral, with the fangs and the dark eyes surrounded by dark veins, yet their movements were careful. Whimpering with need Elena began to push her hips harder into Damon. She stared at the point where Stefan's mouth was joined with his brother's neck and realized how hard it must have been for him to refrain from biting her during orgasm.

"Love you both so much," she panted, not really caring that she was baring her innermost feelings. "Never want to leave you, any of you, Damon, Stefan." With a deep shudder she came, clenching around Damon.

Elena's words and Damon's blood were the final push over the edge and tearing his mouth away Stefan threw his head back and screamed with the pleasure. He spilled himself into his brother, using the last thrusts to hit Damon's prostate relentlessly.

After the most amazing orgasm of his life - barring only the one he had had earlier that day, Damon carefully set Elena back on her feet. The girl was still a little unsteady, panting against his skin. He pressed a kiss to her temple.

"You won't have to. In fact, I think at this point, it would be all but impossible to get rid of us. You know Stefan - he's very clingy."

Resting his head on his brother's shoulders, Stefan reached over to brush a strand of wet hair from Elena's face.

"I really am."

All at once the three of them started to laugh.

Elena, laughing, grabbed the shower lotion to clean Stefan while he did the same to Damon. She looked over to Damon who brushed his hands over her body, cleaning her as well, grinning knowingly. She suspected that Damon felt the same and she knew how deeply Damon could love, if Katherine was any indication. Even though Elena wasn't too sure if he could love her as her own person yet, she was sure of his feelings for Stefan.

They got out of the shower and after dressing, Stefan joined Damon in the den. Elena went to the kitchen to fix lunch. Apparently, their activities had made her hungry again.

"Can we talk, brother? So much has changed in the last 24 hours and I just want to… want to know that this isn't a game for you. I want to trust you fully, with Elena and with my feelings. It's just hard to change this fast, you know."

He hugged himself, feeling scared and lonely all of a sudden.

Damon stared at his little brother at a loss. He didn't know how to reassure Stefan. Mocking Stefan, needling him, tormenting him - that's what he was good at. But clearly this wasn't the kind of situation that could be brushed off with a joke. He was going to have to say something, something good enough to make that look disappear from Stefan's face. Taking a deep breath, Damon pulled his little brother into his arms.

"It's not a game. You and Elena... I need you. I know that I haven't done anything to deserve either of you, but I'll try. I can't promise that I'll always be the brother you deserve or the friend that Elena deserves, but I'll try. And I won't let anything happen to either of you. Ever."

Waiting for Stefan's reply, Damon prayed that this would be enough. It had been honest, at least, and as much of his soul as he could bring himself to bare. Elena would have understood.

Elena smiled from her hidden place behind the kitchen door. This was such a cute moment between the brothers that she didn't dare to intrude. Finally, Damon had acted on her piece of advice and talked with Stefan without any hidden meanings. She knew that it was just what Stefan needed to hear.

Stefan was a little embarrassed at how needy he was but then he didn't care. The last days had been in emotional turmoil and Damon's words were reassuring him. He had never heard Damon speak so honestly and he believed him. Burying his face in Damon's neck he relaxed in his embrace, taking in his comforting scent.

"I believe you, big brother and I believe in you. I love you, you know? Always have."

Those words were enough to make even Damon choke up. He hugged Stefan tighter, all but crushing him to his chest. It felt so good to be together again, really together, like they had been all those years ago. Well, except for the sleeping together part.

"You're mine. My little brother. I may not always be kind to you, but that will never change."

The other words would have to wait for some other day. Out of the corner of his eye, Damon noticed Elena standing in the door. He smiled at her and gestured for her to come over and join them on the couch.

"And there's our girlfriend. No need to be shy - you belong here, too."

Elena hid her face to brush a few tears aside. She was getting emotional witnessing as after 146 years the brothers had finally buried the hatchet. Smiling she went over to them, joining them on the couch.

She hugged both of them as tightly as she could, kissing first Stefan and then Damon.

"Yes, I'm both your girlfriend now, don't you forget. But I'm afraid that I have to ask you one favor, Damon."

Stefan looked up, worrying slightly since he had no idea as to what Elena wanted. With surprise he heard her request, admonishing himself that he shouldn't be surprised at all.

"I don't care what or who you fed from, but please refrain from killing anyone. That's one thing I can never condone, okay?"

Damon frowned. By and large, he didn't have any problem with Elena's demand. These days he was mostly relying on blood-bags and if he really felt like fresh human blood, he could always feed and compel. However…

"I'll kill anyone who's a threat to you or Stef, no questions asked. And you have to trust my judgment in this – I won't always be able to ask for your permission first. But I won't kill for fun and I'll even try to protect your little friends as far as I'm able to. Is that ok with you?"

Stefan stared in disbelief. Even after the previous night this was more than he had dared to hope for. Not waiting for Elena to answer, he nodded.

"Yes! That sounds great. And we'll work together, all of us. No more secrets."

With a surprised smile Elena cuddled against Damon and Stefan.

"Thank you, Damon, I'll always trust you."

Interrupting the mushy moment Stefan looked in the direction of the kitchen and wrinkled his nose.

"Whatever you tried to cook, Elena, right now it won't be eatable anymore."

Elena jumped and ran into the kitchen only to throw the dark pizza out. She opened the windows and returned embarrassed.

"I'm afraid that we'll have to eat out, sorry."

Both of the vampires grinned and Stefan pulled up his brother, linking their arms. Pulling Elena to his other side they went to the car, all of them knowing that from now on it would always be like that.