Love is blind

Chapter 1

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" – And, most importantly, this is the school cafeteria. The food here is absolutely ah-may-zing! It's one of the reasons I came here in the first place."

Riku smiled at the blond. The boy – was his name Tidus? – had taken the task of showing Riku around the school quite seriously, passionately pointing out the pros and cons.

"And, yeah, that was the end of the tour. I think you're going to love it here. We've still got about half an hour until the day starts, so feel free to wander around before going to class. Oh! And your first lesson will be – let's see – history, class 1050B, up the stairs, turn right, end of the hall. I'd take you there, but I gotta run to band practice. Come check us out sometime!" Tidus grinned, handing Riku his curriculum back.

"I will. Thank you. It was nice meeting you", Riku said, smiling politely.
"Sure, you too. Bye!" And before Riku had the chance to say anything, the boy was sprinting off.

Riku sighed. He was finally here. After years and years of begging and planning, he was finally attending the Twilight School of Music and Arts. He had actually applied there already when he was a first grader, but due to his father working in Radiant Garden, his family couldn't move to Twilight Town.

Now, finally, the 17-year old was in the school of his dreams. And he already loved it.

Riku started walking towards the stairs. He wanted to go see the classrooms for arts, as he had only gotten a glance at them when they had whooshed passed them with Tidus.

While walking, Riku admired the pale pastels of the walls, the pieces of art made by the students being bright strikes of colour on the otherwise plain walls. The school had windows everywhere, making it seem spacious and full of light.

Riku passed a corner full of large, colourful pillows, probably a popular place to hang out for the students.

Riku smiled. Never mind being the school for arts, the school building was a piece of art itself. Riku was in love.

As Riku came in front of the stairs, he noticed they were painted to look like the keyboard of a piano. He hadn't seen it before; they had taken the elevator with Tidus.

Riku almost had a heart attack when he stepped on the first step. He had heard a sound, as if someone had banged the key for the note C on the piano. The sound had seemed impossibly loud in the empty school.

Riku looked down.
"No way", he grinned, lifting his leg to the second step. The sound of a note D floated in the air. "Awesome."

He ran up the first flight of stairs, playing one whole octave as he went. And then, chuckling, he continued up to the second floor. Yeah, it's decided. This school is the best ever.

A sound floated into his ear. At first Riku thought someone had climbed the keyboard steps up, but then realized that wasn't the case. Someone was playing the piano.

And quite beautifully too.

Riku rushed towards the sound, turning left and around the corner. In the end of the hall there was a big room with big glass windows. The door of the room was slightly ajar and the beautiful melody was heard clearly.

Riku found a black grand piano with his eyes, as well as the person playing the beautiful tune. He was a brown haired boy, just as beautiful as the melody he was playing. The boy swayed softly to the music, and Riku was sure that behind the boy's sunglasses, his eyes were closed.

Riku sighed softly. The sound was like… he didn't know. If the piano could move and sing and breathe, that would be what it would sound like. The melody struck straight inside Riku, under his skin, into his heart. So very pure and so very close, as if there was no distance between Riku and the boy.

Riku closed his eyes and smiled gently. He didn't know how long he stood there, but when the last unforgettable note faded away, silence settled over the room. The boy smiled gently, and Riku was afraid to breathe, fearing that the calm and serene feeling the melody had given him would vanish.

I have to talk to him, Riku found himself thinking. He didn't know why, but he just had to get to know the boy that could make such beautiful sounds. Riku pushed the door open.

"Riku! Hey, I found you", Riku heard the voice of Tidus say behind him. "Turns out my band practice was cancelled. Come on, I'll show you to your class! What were you doing here anyway…"

Riku was dragged away from the boy and his piano. As Riku allowed himself a final glance over his shoulder, he saw the boy looking at him through the glass. He had probably heard Tidus' voice.