Love is Blind

Chapter 7 - Final

The emotional turmoil inside Riku almost made him want to call it quits. He felt so nervous, as if he was a virgin all over again.

And they hadn't even started yet.

Even kissing felt so different with the tension of what was to come in the air, no pun intended. Sora had become so lost in the passion that Riku had to pull away to lead them into the bedroom. He didn't want Sora to be in any more pain in the morning than what was necessary, so Riku's not-so-comfortable couch was out of the question.

Seeing Sora while the boy was lying on his bed, out of breath, flushed red, and his expression that was screaming lust had been almost too much for Riku. He had stood beside the bed, just watching and admiring the panting boy, whose innocence he was about to steal, until the brunette grew nervous, whimpering at Riku to join him on the bed.

The brunette mewled quietly when Riku slid his hand against Sora's skin, from his thigh, his hand slipping under the boy's nightshirt, ooh, no underwear, up towards his chest. Flicking the boy's nipples with his thumb, Riku moved his lips from Sora's mouth to his neck, and Sora tilted his head on instinct, giving the silverette more room to do as he pleased.

Riku growled when Sora's shirt – which was now bunched up under the boy's arms – came in the way of his kisses, and he practically ripped the offending piece of clothing off.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Sora said suddenly, panting and wriggling in protest when Riku dived back in to kiss him.

"What is it? You want to stop?" Riku asked immediately, hoping the disappointment in his voice wasn't too obvious.
"No, no…." Sora lifted his hand to touch Riku's lips. "I want to see you…"

Riku smiled. It wasn't an uncommon thing as Sora often asked if he could touch Riku to feel his face, his chest, but never venturing any further down than his abdomen.

Riku rolled them over, setting Sora so that the boy was straddling his stomach. The boy smiled down at Riku, before he began.

Sora started, as usual, by tracing the lines and curves of Riku's face. Riku tried his best to be patient and concentrate on Sora's fingers, rather than the way the sinfully soft skin of Sora's bum pressed against his stomach. Sora's thumb stroked Riku's lips, and Riku opened his mouth, sucking the finger inside his mouth.

The blush that spread over Sora's cheeks was enchanting.

Reluctantly leaving Riku's face, Sora's hands continued to the silverette's chest, caressing his pecs and massaging his biceps. Riku sighed as Sora's hands slid towards his abdomen, his fingers spread, the touch reminding Riku of a cat's whiskers. The slim digits traced the contours of Riku's muscles, which tensed under the brunette's light touch.

"I have never really wished that I could see again, but I'd do anything to be able to see you just once", Sora said, his voice gentle as he caressed Riku's quivering muscles. Riku reached out to pull his small lover's head down before kissing his soft lips. He nibbled on the boy's bottom lip and Sora whimpered, pressing harder into the kiss.

The kiss went from soft and sweet to passionate and rough in just a split second, and when it ended, Riku was left gasping for air as Sora lifted himself to sit up again. Riku closed his eyes for a moment to calm himself and prevent himself from throwing the poor boy down on the bed and ravishing him.

"I…don't really know what I should do, Riku… I've only heard about this, never seen it, so you'll tell me if I do something wrong, right?" Sora asked timidly.
"Don't worry, Sora. You can do just anything you feel like doing. I'll help you", Riku said, caressing the boy's cheek.

Riku let out a moan when Sora slid his behind over the silverette's aching need to sit on Riku's thighs.

The blush on Sora's face increased tenfold once his fingers touched the edge of the towel wrapped around Riku's waist. Sora sat still for a while, silent and biting his lip. Then, just as Riku was about to open his mouth to say something, he felt a rush of cool air against his lower parts as Sora timidly pulled the towel out of his way.

Sora's hands shook. The boy set his hands on Riku's thighs and kneaded his way upwards. Riku held his breath, until finally Sora's hands were where Riku wanted them to be.

The boy was hesitant, and at first he just stroked the impressive erection lightly with his index finger. Riku swallowed a low, grumbling moan, but Sora heard it anyway. Encouraged, Sora withdrew his finger for a moment, before wrapping his whole hand around Riku's member. His mouth formed a silent 'o' of astonishment as he moved his hand to get an image of Riku's size.

"It's much bigger than mine", Sora said, and Riku noticed that Sora's curiosity had finally won his shyness when the boy lifted his too long shirt to unveil his own member. Riku reached his hands out to help Sora get rid of the garment. The silverette was glad to see the blush didn't return, for it meant Sora had gotten comfortable.

Riku sat up to lick the skin behind Sora's ear, and the brunette let out another one of his alluring whimpers.

"Yours is cute", Riku said, looking down between them to admire the pink head of Sora's erection.
"I don't know if I should be happy about that…" The brunette said, and Riku could hear the frown in his voice.
"You should. Everything about you is cute", Riku chuckled.

Sora was silent for a while. He studied the tall one's erection with his hands, squeezing occasionally and making Riku growl.

"I heard… I heard that sometimes, when having sex, people use their mouth on here…" Sora said timidly. "Should I…?"

"We don't have to do everything now. We have all the time in the world to experiment with…other things", Riku whispered, grinning.

The silverette pulled Sora's hand off of his member and grabbed the boy's hips, pulling them against his. Their moans were simultaneous when their erections slid against each other, and the friction was just amazing.

"Riku", Sora moaned, wrapping his arms tightly around Riku's neck. The way the brunette rolled and undulated his hips against Riku's was driving the tall one mad, and when Sora started moaning, Riku's self-control was ready to snap.

"Ooh, Riku, I think… Nooo…"

Sora stilled his hips, refusing to move for a while.

"It's okay, Sora, you can come", Riku whispered into the boy's ear and then kissed his forehead.
"I don't wanna… Not yet…"

Riku slid his lips down to Sora's neck, and then to his chest, sucking a nipple into his mouth. Sora mewled and arched his back, pushing his chest harder against Riku's mouth. One hand keeping Sora still, Riku reached his other hand to fumble with his bedside drawer, fishing out a bottle of lube he had put there when he moved. His experienced hand quickly opened the bottle, managing somehow to squeeze some of the slippery substance onto his fingers.

Sora startled when Riku's cool, slippery finger slipped between the boy's buttocks. Sora buried his face in the junction between Riku's neck and shoulder, and Riku could feel his thin arms shaking against his back.

Riku carefully circled the tips of his fingers around the small pucker to help Sora get used to having the silverette's fingers in a place like that. The tiny hole twitched against Riku's fingers.

Riku slid his hand between them, stroking Sora's member to distract him as he pushed the first finger in. Sora whined.

"It's cold, Riku!" The boy hissed.
"I'm sorry…" Riku mumbled, distracted by the tightness enveloping his single finger.

The silverette glided his slick finger in and out of Sora for a while, before adding a second finger. The tight ring of muscle clamped down, trying to force the intruder out.

"Just relax, Sora. It's gonna feel better soon, I promise", Riku whispered to the whimpering boy. The silverette was glad Sora was still hard, and he pumped Sora more firmly.

"Relax? Let's switch positions and see how you try that!" Sora snapped, making Riku laugh.
"I've tried it before", he told.
"Yeah. A long time ago. Didn't really like it, to be honest", the silver haired boy admitted.

Talking to him helped Sora calm down, Riku noticed, as the ring of muscle started relaxing.

"But you think I will?" Sora's voice was snarky.
"No, you got me wrong. It felt good, but I just didn't enjoy being the submissive one… It's a mental thing", Riku explained, and he could finally feel Sora relax. He slid his fingers in, scissoring them.


Sora's moan was loud and high-pitched, and Riku rubbed his fingers against the spot again.

"Feels good, right?" Riku asked, nibbling the boy's ear.
"More, Riku!" Sora demanded, pushing his hips down on Riku's fingers.

Sora didn't even flinch when Riku pushed the third finger in.

"You're taking too long!" Sora complained.
"Who knew you'd be so bossy in bed?" Riku chuckled, making the boy pout. "Here, let's do it like this. I want to look at you."

Riku pulled his fingers out of Sora with a moan of protest from the boy, and rolled the brunette onto his back. Riku spread the boy's legs with his hands, settling himself between them.

The tall boy admired the smaller one with his eyes and hands, touching the pink buds on his slim chest lightly, tickling his sides with the tips of his fingers. He marveled at the curves of Sora's hips and the way his back arched towards his touch.

"It must feel so different to you", Riku mumbled, thinking aloud.
"Hmm?" Sora hummed, wrapped up in the caresses.
"Not being able to see, you must feel things so differently."
"Mm… I don't know. But I do know I feel good…" Sora smiled.

Riku shifted a bit, lifting one of Sora's legs to rest around his hips.

"What's this called?" Sora asked, curiously.
"What do you mean?"
"This position."

Riku couldn't help it. He chuckled, and finally burst into laughter.

"You're so adorable!" Riku laughed.
"What? People keep talking about these things, so I'm curious!"

Riku kissed Sora's forehead.

"You're always curious… And I'm really gonna burst soon", Riku said matter-of-factly. Sora giggled.
"Shall we, then?" The boy said, making Riku laugh again. Riku nuzzled his nose against Sora's.
"I take it you're ready?" He asked, just to be sure.
"Mhmm…" Sora nodded and bit his lips as Riku aligned himself against Sora's entrance.

"Like a band-aid, ok?" Sora said. Riku answered him with a kiss.

The sudden heat around his member felt incredibly good, and Riku almost came right away. The tight canal squeezed him just right and the only thing that cleared the fog of pleasure in his mind was Sora.

He was crying.

"Oww, Riku, pull it out, it hurts so bad!" The boy wailed, chubby tears of pain rolling down his cheeks and onto the pillow.

Panicking, Riku started pulling out, only to be stopped by another loud wail and Sora's legs wrapping tight around his waist.

"That hurts too, just, don't move! This is awful!"

Riku bit his lip, feeling bad about hurting Sora. The boy wouldn't probably want to try this again anytime soon.

Sora's hand groped thin air, and Riku was quick to entwine their fingers. The silverette squeezed the boy's hand comfortingly and kissed his knuckles. His other hand went to stroke Sora's now half-hard erection in an attempt to help with the pain.

"I'm so sorry, Sora", he whispered.
"You never said it would hurt this bad, why would people want to do something like this!" Sora cried, and Riku felt even worse. He should have just tried harder to persuade Sora not to do this yet.
"I know, I should have told you. It hurts first, but it'll feel good afterwards, I pro –"
"I don't wanna do this anymore, Riku. I'm sorry, I just can't take it!"

Riku spent a few minutes calming the weeping boy down. When the sobs quieted, Riku shifted a bit to try if it was okay to pull out now.

He was again stopped with Sora's legs wrapping around him, but the sound Sora let out this time wasn't one of pain. Sora had moaned.


Riku paused. He rocked his hips again, and the most delicious of sounds escaped Sora's lips again.

"You wanna continue?" Riku asked. The brunette frowned.
"You have to ask?" Sora countered.

Riku leaned down to kiss Sora. He started a slow rhythm of rolling his hips against Sora's, before, encouraged by the sounds Sora let out, Riku was finally thrusting steadily.

"Uuh, it's so good, please, more, Ri – hah!"

It was good. It was great. It was so immensely mind-blowing that Riku just got lost in the overwhelming pleasure. The way Sora kept asking for more, more spurred Riku on and soon his hips were snapping against Sora's. Riku was sure they were waking up the whole building, because Sora was very vocal, but it didn't matter. Riku wanted to hear it.

Riku didn't know whether it was the white hot pleasure of being inside Sora, the feeling of Sora's skin against his, the sight of Sora writhing and moaning under him, or the way Sora moaned his name, again and again that pushed him over the edge, but soon he was coming, and he could feel Sora clenching his muscles around him as he, too, came, screaming Riku's name.

When Riku could finally think straight again, he was slumped on the bed beside Sora. The boy was breathing so very fast, his naked chest heaving. He was still lying on his back, his legs spread, and Riku wasn't sure if the boy was even conscious. The silverette could see the beginnings of a bruise on Sora's hips, and another one on Sora's thigh, where Riku had tightly held him.

"Sora", Riku whispered, gently moving a lock of brown hair from the boy's sweaty forehead.

It took a few minutes before Sora answered.
"Hmm…?" Sora mumbled as he turned on his side, his face towards Riku.
"You ok?"

Riku pulled Sora closer, tucking him against his chest.

"You were right…" the boy mumbled, his voice muffled against Riku's chest.
"About what?"
"It felt better afterwards." Sora drew a shape on the skin on Riku's back. "It was awesome, Riku. I'm sorry I panicked…"
"It's ok. I liked it too."

Riku could feel Sora kissing the skin of his chest.

"Is it time for pillow talk now?" Sora asked and Riku laughed.
"Yeah", he said, nuzzling his face against Sora's hair.

After that, Sora was quiet for a long while and if it weren't for the way Sora's fingers drew pictures on his back, Riku would have thought the boy had fallen asleep.

"I love you, Riku", Sora whispered suddenly.
"I love you more", Riku said, and he could feel Sora's pout.

Sora's fingers stilled and the boy fell asleep.

Riku smiled. He didn't feel sleepy at all. He felt…inspired.

With a grin on his face, Riku carefully left the bed, covered Sora with a blanket, found a pair of boxers to put on and left to find his art supplies.


"Soraa…" Riku whispered into his brunette's ear. The boy shifted, mumbling something about carrots.

Riku smiled. He was on his knees beside the bed, stroking the sleeping beauty's hair. Riku slid his finger over a dark spot on Sora's neck, and felt kind of sad Sora wouldn't be able to see the love bite.

"Riku, close the fridge, they're getting away…" Sora mumbled and Riku chuckled.

He slid back towards the canvas, now decorated with a colourful picture, which was totally unusual for him. Sitting on the floor, the silverette decided he would put the finishing touches to his newest masterpiece that portrayed his treasure, and let Sora sleep for a while more.

It took ten minutes before Sora started the 'waking-up ritual', as Riku had started calling it. Riku was usually the one to wake up first, and the sight of Sora coming back to the world of the living wasn't new to him.

First the boy's nose wrinkled and a pout formed on his lips as he tried to hold on to that last bit of sleep. The boy straightened in his curled-up position, stretching his legs and letting out tiny moan as he did so. Sora's back arched as he stretched his arms too, and the catlike movements made Riku smile. Then he rolled onto his back and – this was the part that made Riku feel warm inside – reached out his hand to find Riku.

The frown, when the boy realized Riku wasn't in bed with him, was instantaneous.

"Riku?" Came the soft, sleepy voice.
"Over here", Riku answered, and watched as the boy sat up, flinching a bit. Sora wrapped the blanket around him, before standing up, taking a few steps towards Riku.

Riku grabbed the boy's out-stretched hand, guiding the boy towards him. He moved to sit cross-legged, so that he could pull the boy to sit on his lap.

"Good morning", Riku murmured, wrapping his arms around a lapful of Sora and kissing the boy's forehead.
"Morning…" was the mumbled response, and Riku felt Sora nuzzle his face against the silverette's naked chest.
"You feeling ok?"
"A bit sore… But it's a good sore", Sora said, his voice soft.

"I made something for you", Riku said then, and all sleep from Sora's voice vanished.
"What is it?"
"A painting."

Sora smiled.

"For me?" Riku was sure Sora had just purred.

Riku tucked Sora closer to himself, kissing the tip of the boy's nose.

"Want me to tell you about it?" Riku asked and felt Sora nod.

"I taste strawberries and nearly melted ice cream. I hear the birds singing and your laughter and steps as you run beside me. A warm breeze plays with my hair and a whiff of vanilla floats in the air. The waves are gently licking the sand, and I feel happy. I feel like I could do anything. And what I see…"

Looking at the painting that was almost the exact copy of the boy in his lap, Riku paused, kissing Sora's cheeks before whispering in his ear.

"What I see is you, Sora."

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