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Jade was in shock. A random student had ran up to her and told her
that he saw Beck and Tori making out in the janitors closet. Of
course, she wasn't that gullible, so she called Beck, and when he
didn't answer, she started to get worried. What if Beck HAD been
making out with Vega in the janitors closet? 'Calm down Jade, Beck
loves you. He'd never cheat on you' she told herself. 'You don't know
that. What if he's lying when he says he loves you, that he'll never
leave you?' a voice in her head told her, placing doubt in her mind
and heart.
A familiar arm wrapped around her waist. "Hey babe." said Beck, smiling.
Jade, however, was not. "Were you making out with Vega in the janitors closet? And don't lie!"
Beck was shocked. Where did she get an absurd idea like that?
"What? No, of course not. Jade, I would NEVER cheat on you. Why would you think that?"
"It's just...some kid came up to me and told me he saw you and Vega making out in the janitors closet.
I didn't believe him, so I called you, and when you didn't answer, I started to get worried.
I started to think what if you had made out with her in the janitors closet? And of course I didn't think you'd do that, but then I started doubting whether or not you loved me, and whether or not it was all just a lie."
"Jade, first of all, I LOVE YOU. Never doubt that. Second, I would
never lie to you. The reason I didn't pick up when you called me was because Sikowitz held me back after class to help him with something, and he made me turn off my phone. And I promise, I will never cheat on you, ok? Besides, it's Bade forever, not anything else."
"Beck and Jade put together." he explained.
"Bade forever. I like the sound of that." said Jade, kissing him softly on the lips. She finally felt better. The nightmare was over.

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