Full Summary: Sirius Black was never much of a baby kind of guy. But what happens when one fine night, he is asked to baby-sit little Harry? Not realising how long this night is going to be, he accepts. It is a task that he, Greatest Godfather ever to live, must achieve in order to undertake the long and restless road to perfection.

Rated: T for swearing.

Pairings: Slight Lily/James undertones.

Genre: Friendship/Humor.

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:: 1 ::

October 29th 1981, 20h 31

Sirius Black walked down the dark alley, one of his hands in his pocket as the other tightened his scarf around him in hope of getting a bit of warmth. He cursed the cold weather, which was colder than usually for your typical October climate; he cursed the Death Eaters for having brought such a dark and miserable atmosphere to the Wizarding World; he cursed Voldemort for having made Lily and James hide. He cursed them all.

His eyes scanned the street, making sure no one was following him. Not one Muggle was on the street; this mostly due to the constant vigilance those Muggles had started to take as their government warned them of the sudden rise in local danger, especially during the night. Even they weren't as foolish as to have not noticed that lingering aura the Death Eaters had brought with their blasted Dark Magic.

Sirius had always considered himself to be an easy-going individual, never really caring for rules. In fact, most of his school time was spent breaking the rules. But he wasn't a murderer, or thief and it sickened him that anyone would ever try to believe that they had the right to decide what to do with someone's life. That was excessive arrogance, hubris.

Still, he supposed there was a reason why they called themselves Death Eaters.

His eyes continued to travel around the street. When he was finally satisfied that nobody was following him, he turned to a smaller alley, almost jogging to get a bit of warmth. Merlin, why was it so cold?

He reached a small, abandoned home and once again, he scrutinised his surroundings; another precaution to make sure nobody was following. Using his wand and casting a spell, he made sure that not one wizard was nearby, or Muggle, for that matter. Voldemort could be smart enough to use those 'underling' humans to find the location of the Potters. But then, when he was finally sure, he proceeded to tap a few rocks on the ground with his wand, and they began to move and make way for a typical, small house. He cleared his voice and opened the gate, a house invisible from outside now starting to appear.

He wasn't the Secret Keeper of the house. He thought that his little trick was genius. Nobody would ever suspect Peter Pettigrew as a Secret Keeper. However, he knew the location of the Potter's house because James and Lily had written it on a piece of paper for him. Thank God, because he wouldn't have been too content if he couldn't speak to his best friend anymore.

Him and James had been inseparable since they were small, and he had never thought that could change. Marrying Lily had slightly altered the dynamic of the relationship, but it had not changed either of them. During the rise of Voldemort, the three of them had still seen each other almost every day, working for the Order of the Phoenix together. But then, there had come something Sirius had not expected. Harry. James' and Lily's son. How could he have predicted that a son would have come in between him and his best friend? And worse, Voldemort had suddenly become aware of Harry's presence because of some kind of prophecy, meaning he was targeting the whole family.

There wasn't exactly resentment against Harry. He just felt very bitter about the situation, and he felt incredibly guilty about it. Harry was just a boy, after all. Worst, Harry's godfather was Sirius, which made his guilt worsen, because he wasn't meant to dislike Harry. He was the worst godfather probably.

Sighing, he marched heavily down the steps, getting closer to the door. He glanced at the thick, wooden door, suddenly hesitating. He hadn't talked to James and Lily for so long... and then there was the fact that he didn't know what to say in front of Harry. They had met one and another only a few times, and Sirius only remembered a whimpering, frail baby.

Then, the door swung open, revealing a familiar face grinning at him wickedly, and Sirius felt himself come back to life. He flashed a wide smile, and extended his arms to his old friend. James.

"Good evening Padfoot!" James tugged him into a tight hug, "How are things in the outside world?"

Sirius rolled his eyes, closing the door, "Come on Prongs, you aren't that left out. You make it seem like you've been imprisoned for life. You aren't in Azkaban just yet. And I'm fine, I suppose." He shrugged as he took off his coat and scarf.

"Maybe, but I sometimes feel this is a prison, where my every moves are only Dumbledore would inform us about the situation…" James sighed, tapping Sirius on the shoulder, "Merlin, you're ice cold!" Sirius rolled his eyes at his friend's obvious remark, and the fact that he clearly wasn't keeping up with the local weather.

He began to glance nervously at his friend. Strangely enough, he was wearing a tuxedo. Sirius frowned, about to ask him what this was but restrained when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Is that Sirius?" The light voice inquired, the footsteps getting louder and louder.

"The one and only!" Sirius quickly answered, smiling. He recognised that red, long hair and that smile, "Lily."

"Sirius," she nodded as she kissed him on the cheeks. Her face was radiant and happy, as usual, "I thought you wouldn't come, you know. You are thirty minutes late, but I suppose that is an achievement when it comes to you." She laughed, teasing him and Sirius just shrugged, knowing she would not be mad about something like that.

Lily, too, was looking elegant. She was wearing a dark, burgundy colored lipstick that matched her red dress that went cascading down her body, almost reaching the floor.

"Late? Please, I had things to do. I'm a busy man!" His tone was malicious and playful, and the couple nodded, their faces full of sarcasm, "Anyways, do you want that Order of the Phoenix top secret information, or do you wish to continue on ranting about how I am an idiotic git who can't come on time?" Sirius eyed her curiously, but she rolled her eyes so he took it as a sign of continuing, "Alright then. Firstly, we have apparently gained an inside spy within Voldemort's Death Eaters, though personally I can't really tell who it might be."

"Really?" Lily asked with big eyes, "That is very strange. I don't know any Death Eater who would willing to risk their lives to help us..." She let her voice trail off, her voice becoming weaker. Sirius and James eyed each other carefully, knowing the reason of the sudden change of tone. Snivellus aka Severus Snape may be a Death Eater, but he was still Lily's childhood best friend; something James had always been jealous of.

"I couldn't believe it when Dumbledore announced it, but I still don't know why he won't reveal who. I guess for protection and all... anyhow, that's about the only piece of good news I have. The rest are terrible things that occurred over this month... it's like Voldemort and his killer armies are becoming more in need of murder."

"Who died Sirius?" Lily questioned, her voice still frail.

"Several," Sirius said, his tone sorrowful, "Benjy Fenwick's body was found in the streets of London."

"Oh Merlin..." James gulped, his voice suddenly depressed. The Potters had been good friends with him, and his sudden murder made them all grieve for a minute or two, "And... tell me Sirius, did they find his body?"

It was known that Voldemort never left any traces of his murders, if he could, but always left hints for the Order of the Phoenix. Apparent signs, but nothing that could reveal something about him.

"Well, I suppose it can be defined as his body. We found pieces of his body..." Sirius grimaced with a disgusted look on his face, "Terrible story. But…" He was hesitant, "there's more."

"More?" The couple echoed in unison, already tears in his eyes.

"Uh-hu. Dorcas Meadowes, that poor girl, was apparently killed by Voldemort himself, and her whole family was savagely murdered by other Death Eaters." Sirius admitted.

It took few minutes for the information to sink in their brains, but when it did, Lily burst out in sobs. James hugged her tightly, tears in his eyes also. They had known Dorcas and her family well, and she was a strong wizard. Her beautiful, outgoing and loud children; her humorous husband and her obnoxious and stuck up grandmother. Different generations linked by love and the bond of family... destroyed in one single night.

Those monsters.

It took a few minutes for them to calm down, and Sirius felt strangely out of place. He wished he could give them the privacy they deserved, but Lily suddenly seemed to realise his embarrassment when she began to dry her tears quickly, slightly smudging her make up.

"Oh God..." Lily mumbled, her voice barely managing to say anything, "And... that's... it... r-ight?"

Sirius slowly nodded but continued, "Yes, that's it. There haven't been any more murders… although," he grimaced, thinking of another piece of news, "Apparently, my dear cousin Bellatrix Lestrange and her little gang of Death Eaters are tracking down Alice Longbottom and her family." He hissed, a pure feeling of hate and rage boiling against Bellatrix. James eyed him with a disapproving face, and Sirius understood it. He was going too fast and it was hurting Lily even more.

James frowned, "But... nothing has happened to them, right?"

"No, nothing." Sirius sighed, a mix of relief for the Longbottoms and sadness for all his friends that had been killed. Lily smiled sadly and she hugged James back, though she still maintained a doleful expression. Sirius awkwardly gazed around the room.

"Sirius, how have you been?" James asked.

"Me? Fine, like I said before. Kind of lonely without seeing you two as much as before..." Sirius gulped, "But it is for your own good."

The couple nodded in unison.

"Yes, Harry's safety is far more important than ours," Lily said with pure adoration in her tone for her son, "And Remus? Peter? How have they been?"

"Alright. It's almost full moon for Remus, so he's off hiding somewhere so as to not hurt anyone. I think I might join him to run in the woods a bit... And Peter, oh well, I don't know. He's been a bit distant, but apart from that, he seems to be doing fine."

"Maybe he got caught in a mouse trap, eh?" James cracked a laugh, and Sirius joined his roaring laughter soon enough. Lily glared at them ferociously, putting a finger on his lips. She still looked touched by the deaths, but the change in atmosphere was bringing back the warmth in her face.

"Sssh you two! You'll wake up Harry!" Lily said, and James immediately stopped laughing but Sirius continued, getting a reproachful look from both of them.

"What, can't a man laugh anymore?" Sirius asked a bit exasperated.

"You try to make Harry sleep. You'll see." James snickered. Lily bit her lower lip, trying to hide her smile as well. Sirius glanced at both of them, a devious smile on his face as he tried to understand the inside joke. He could not.

"What is so bloody funny?" He finally demanded. Then he looked at both of them. They were really on their best clothing, and this sudden change of conversation could only mean one thing, "Lily. James. Why are you wearing those clothes, pray tell me?"

"Oh, well, you see... Sirius," Lily began, hesitating on her choice of word, "Don't get mad. The real reason we called you here is that we've been anxious to see this opera..." Sirius glanced at her, suddenly not very anxious himself at all to hear the next bit of the sentence. He groaned, and Lily stopped, staring at him. James took over.

"Yes, and we thought... you know, you could make sure nothing happened to Harry." James swiftly said.

"You want me to BABY-SIT?" Sirius snapped, "No really Prongs... Me? Baby-sit?"

"Well yes, you are a grown adult Padfoot." James sighed, anticipating the outrage Sirius was about to make, "Please don't yell. Making Harry fall asleep is hell."

"And like hell I'll do it! Really Prongs, I would have thought you would have chosen someone with a little more sense of responsibly like... oh, I don't know! Moony or... even Wormtail would have been a more mature choice than me!" Sirius hissed, "Merlin James! I'm not a baby type of guy. Why do you think I've not settled with anyone? Because I'm not right for families and... freaking babies! I hate them!" This wasn't exactly true, but he was exaggerating just to make them understand.

And then, there was a loud cry. Lily stiffened and glared at Sirius, "Good job, you brainless prat. You really are a gormless muppet who doesn't shut up and listen when I say no shouting! Goodness... yes, Harry sweetie, Mum is coming!" Lily yelled, marching up the stairs, slightly fuming. James sighed.

"There you go, you made her mad. Lucky I scheduled the opera two hours early..."

"Prongs, I am not being your baby-sitter!" Sirius shouted, his black eyes glaring from the stairs where Lily had left to James.

"Padfoot, would you calm down? I clearly chose you because you're my best friend and Harry's godfather. Come on Padfoot, don't be an arse… Could you do this one favor for us? Me? Please?" James suddenly turned to his friend, a sad look on his face as his eyes glimmered. That poor, beaten up kitty face. Sirius rolled his eyes, frowning as he crossed his arms on his chest.

"Are you serious?" Sirius scoffed, "Are you really trying to get me with that face of yours?"

"No, you're Sirius." James smiled with an amused tone, "And bloody hell, if it takes that much to make you stay..."

"Oh alright then!" Sirius finally agreed, his grumpy mood very annoyed by the sudden attention that pushed him to say yes. Perhaps he had truly gone mad for even have said yes.

"Thank you Sirius, you're a real brother to me." James faked a sob as he hugged his friend and then he stared sombrely at his friend, "Hey… sorry the change of mood but all these murders got me thinking… do you think you suffer a great deal when you die?"

Sirius stared at his friend, a bit shocked by his sudden swing of mood. Of course, he was still thinking of his deceased friends, still grieving. As soon as Lily and James would have gone out, they would probably talk about it in detail.

"Dying? I dunno... but I wouldn't think so. You probably die as fast as lightning, and you don't feel much... but then again, I haven't personally died." He smiled softly.

A loud cry echoed through the house, and suddenly, Lily was marching down, her face fuming from anger as she held a crying baby in her arms.

"Thank you so much so much for your lovely voice, Sirius. Now, wether you want it or not, you are keeping Harry…"

"Lily dear, he already accepted..." He tugged Harry and her into a hug, "Let's all calm down now, shall we? Little Harry looks as exasperated as you." He remarked, a slight smile on his mouth as he tapped Lily and then Harry on the nose. Sirius cracked a smile a stared into the eyes of the baby.

Those god-damn green eyes that seemed to look through everything. That black hair that looked a lot like his father's, yet was more combed due to his mother's constant care for her son. His big, red cheeks that lifted whenever a smile was drawn on his face, and that little mouth of his that usually was smiling. Except of course, when in times like this, he used it to create a wave of never-ending sound. This was little Harry James Potter.

Sirius was never much a baby type of guy. He thought babies were annoying, to say the least. However, looking at Harry, he could see how babies could be considered cute.

Lily glanced at Sirius and gently caressed her son's head, kissing him lightly as she hummed a tune and tried to cheer him. James, who had let go of Lily, turned his attention to Sirius and cleared his voice.

"Right, Sirius... I left you some notes on what to do if Harry gets hungry, how to get him to sleep, change his nappies..." he started but got widely interrupted by Sirius.

"NAPPIES?" Sirius screeched but then realised how un-adult like this looked like. He was a man, a mature man. He could deal with this, "Right. Nappies, alright... well, thank you Prongs," he couldn't help but say this with a sarcastic tone.

James rolled his eyes at his immaturity and Lily seemed slightly aggravated at his behaviour. She shook her head and he noticed Harry had calmed down and was now staring at him with wide eyes and genuine curiosity.

"Pawoot?" Harry cooed, his two teeth forming a smile. Sirius stared at him, amused. The Marauders had been over at the Potter's house often in the past, and it seemed that Harry had memorised their names, more or less because there were still pronunciation problems. Harry brought his hands out, closing and opening his hands over and over again, a sign he wanted to go in Sirius' arms.

Lily gently gave her son to Sirius, waiting till the last moment to let go, afraid Sirius would drop him.

"Relax, Lily. I got him." Sirius affirmed as he tugged Harry tightly. Putting him at his height, he stared intently into his face. Harry began touching his face with his fragile, little hands. He pinched Sirius' nose, "Ouch! Merlin!"

James and Lily laughed, shaking their heads.

"You know Padfoot, if you hadn't just affirmed how much you detested babies, I would think you're actually a baby sort of guy." James noticed.

"And a great godfather." Lily added. Sirius rolled his eyes.

"I am super, mega, awesome godfather. And I do not detest babies... I simply will never have my own." Sirius hissed.

"Right. So... you never want to get married and have children?" Lily asked.

"That's called commitment, and I, Sirius Orion Black, do not commit to anything!" Sirius announced, with a proud tone to it. Lily stared at him with pure disbelief, knowing exactly this wasn't something to be proud of. But James, being habituated to his friend's constant weirdness, didn't say anything.

"Alright, not that we have a problem with you or anything, but we actually have to get somewhere...Opera!" James smiled, as he grabbed his coat and began putting the usual...hat, scarf, gloves etc.

"Yes," Lily agreed as she too put her coat on, "We're off to see Madame Butterfly, by Giacomo Puccini. It's a Muggle opera…" Lily let her voice tail off as she zipped her coat, "Alright then. The notes are in the kitchen. You can find the milk powder on the table, just add some warm water to it... it needs to be around the human body's temperature. And...the nappies are upstairs under his bed. Goodnight Sirius," she hugged Sirius quickly and turned her attention to Harry, "Oh Harry!" She kissed him on the cheeks, leaving two red lip marks on Harry's cheeks, "Mummy loves you! Be a good boy with Sirius, and if he bothers you, just pinch his nose again!" She kissed him on his forehead, leaving another mark.

James waved goodbye and grabbed Lily by the waist, bringing her outside. Sirius closed the door shut, and sighed as he stared down at Harry. Harry smiled softly.

"Merlin, your mother left kiss marks everywhere." He sighed as he headed in the kitchen, putting Harry in his baby chair. He grabbed a napkin and began caressing Harry's cheek with it, trying to erase the lipstick. The lipstick began to smudge, "Goodness Harry. You look like a womanizer. Maybe this is a sign, you know? Maybe you'll be just like your dad and me. We were quite the ladies' men back in school." Sirius chuckled, "Well, James attracted a mob of women. But he was never really interested, it seemed, because he was always chasing your mother. Fortunately for me, though. He left all the girls for me." Sirius cracked a smile.

Harry seemed fascinated by what Sirius was saying, as he looked at him with big eyes. But Sirius suspected that is was his husky voice that Harry liked, and not what he was saying.

"Anyhow, it looks like we're going to stay together for a while...are you hungry?" Sirius asked as he eyed the milk powder from afar. Finally, the lipstick seemed to be disappearing, thought Harry's face was considerably more red than usual.

"Fwood!" Harry laughed, clapping his hands together. Sirius shrugged and sighed as he opened the milk powder. Now… how did this work? Trying to decipher Lily's handwriting, he couldn't help but think that this was going to be a long, long night.

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