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Damn it!

Just when I thought I was out.

Just when I thought I'd gotten past my life with the Winchesters.

Just when I was getting settled with a guy... I get pulled right back to them...

Ever since the night in a bar three years ago now, I've been dragged along in the aftermath of the Winchester's life. I admit there were a few perks, marrying Dean, seeing Ruby die, and oh yeah saving the world... But most of the time if I wasn't fighting for my life protecting them, I was giving my life saving them... The amount of pain I'd gone through just because I hunted with them is unbelievable.
You know Bobby Singer has this theory, he says the majority of people who try to help the Winchester's die and he's right. Sure when it came to saving civilians the guys bat a pretty high average, but when it came to the rest of us we aren't so lucky. Based on how long most people live when they help a Winchester, I was working on borrowed time...

And yet here I was speeding down a road in the middle of the night trying to save them again...

"You got any idea how we're going to find them, or who the Djinn are going after first?" I sighed tapping the steering wheel of my Camero with my thumbs. I was anxious, the Djinn that attacked me three days ago had the advantage of a head start in finding the boys and I was left dragging my arse behind. I didn't like it. I didn't like being behind. The Djinn were dangerous at the best of times but the ones we who attacked me were more so. They wanted revenge and would do anything to get it. I knew a little about wanting revenge myself, how deadly anyone could become when they seek it. Hence why I was speeding to find the Winchester's.

"Sam I think... I mean unless, you know, do you know where Dean is?" Payton asked glancing up from the map. He was one of my saving graces. My angel come hunting partner. He saved me from the Djinn we were chasing. While they sent me into a dream state they searched my mind for the location of the boys, lucky for them I only knew where Sam was. Payton brushed some of his mucky blonde hair out of his eyes and looked down at a map.

"No. Just that he lives with Lisa... something." I muttered tapping the wheel harder. That was another big change in my life. I'd lost Dean to the normal life he wanted. I had gotten past it, at least that's what I told myself. "You think they'll head to the Campbell camp?" I asked glancing at Payton. He shrugged his shoulders and turned to me.

"Seems the most logical place, I mean unless you know of any other places Sam's been hanging out?" Payton asked softly. This was all my fault. I sighed heavy.

"Nope. Thankfully the camp is well protected, so as long as Sasquatch hasn't left he should be ok. As for Dean, unless they get to Sam, they wont reach him." I sighed putting my foot flat on the gas. Winchesters... why is it always the Winchesters? I thought speeding down the road. I wasn't looking forward to heading to the camp. The last time I was there Christian and Samuel were beating the crap out of me trying to get information I didn't have. Not to mention they had Channing locked up for months. God knows what they did to him there...

We had three days to catch up on and it was all my fault. If I hadn't gone in solo I would never have been caught by the Djinn and in turn they wouldn't have been able to find the guys. It was like fate was smacking up the side of the head back to the Winchesters even if I didn't want to go. And believe me, I didn't. I'd moved on, they had moved on, we didn't need to be together again. Payton took over driving my baby while I rested in the car. I slept a little but the nightmares were still there. All these messed up dreams of full moons, blood, people, places... flashes that made no sense, but left me feeling scared. I pulled out my mobile and called Sam's number. I had tried to call a few times and it just went to voice mail.

"You think he'll pick up?" Payton asked glancing at me as we drove down yet another empty backwater road. It was pretty late, even for hunters, but I had to try.

"I hope so..." I sighed as the phone clicked in.

"Hey?" A voice said, only it didn't sound like Sam at all. It sounded like I had woken whoever it was.

"Who is this?" I asked confused. For a split second I thought I had dialled the wrong number.

"You called me, who are you?" The voice asked. It was a female voice but she sounded annoyed.

"Umm... I'm looking for Sam." I said glancing at Payton who looked just as confused. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Sam? Who is this?" The woman asked annoyed. It sounded like I may have hit a nerve. I wasn't aware of Sam having anyone, but then again we didn't exactly talk often.

"An old hunting buddy..." I said with a shrug. It was the truth but this woman was getting annoying.

"Oh... well he's out at the moment." She said plainly.

"Where?" I asked impatiently.

"Out... I don't know. I'm not his mother." She huffed sounding disgruntled with my attitude.

"Look lady, I need to get hold of Sam. It's life or death here!" I snapped. The woman laughed and I felt the anger raise in me.

"Firstly, don't call me lady, sweetheart. Second, I don't like your attitude. And third, Sam's a big boy... I don't keep track of him, and if he left his cell he doesn't want to be reached." She snapped back at me.

"His life is in danger!" I snapped shaking my head. "Simple enough for you to understand?"

"How do you know?" She asked sounding unconvinced.

"Just tell me where the hell he is!" I snapped loosing it.

"I told you! He's out! Now who the hell are you?" She demanded. I could see this was getting me no where fast, and we really didn't have time to spare. I hung up and threw the phone onto the dashboard.

"Arh!" I screamed running a hand threw my hair. "Some people!"

"I know... But what are we gonna do now baby girl?" Payton asked glancing at me. He threw me a small smile and instantly it calmed me. That was the magic of Payton, he could chill me out with a single smile.

"How far are we from Camp Campbell?" I sighed picking up my phone again. I'd broke the back off it and started to fix it back on.

"Well if your directions are correct... three hours, should be there by sunrise." Payton sighed. We both knew it was taking too long to get there. But because I refused to fly angel airways any more driving was our only option.

"That with my baby going flat out?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. She was a fast car, if you knew how to drive her and push her to her limits she could take you anywhere faster than anything I knew.

"Of course!" Payton said with a wink and I chuckled. I fixed my phone and flipped it back round.

"Ok, I'm gonna try Bobby, maybe he's herd something." I sighed and dialled Bobby's number.

From Sam's old life only me, Bobby and Payton knew he was alive again; and only me and Bobby had actually seen him. I had tried to avoid Sam and anything to do with the name Winchester. I was trying to find my own way without either boy in my life. It hadn't been easy, but I thought I was just about managing... that was until the Djinn showed.

"Bobby?" I asked as he picked up.

"Girl? What's wrong? What time is it?" Bobby asked sounding like I woke him too.

"Late, sorry. Look, have you herd from Sam lately? I need to find him." I said softly. I tried to hide the worry in my voice.

"What? Sam? Um... no. Ain't herd from the boy for a few weeks now... why?" Bobby asked sounding like he was waking up.

"Oh um... Payton wanted to meet him, see he was alive for himself." I lied glancing to Payton who looked unimpressed.

"I'd rather meet me some Jessica Alba..." He muttered to himself and I rolled my eyes.

"Really? And that's why you call at 3:30 in the morning? What kinda eijet do you take me for Megan?" Bobby asked sounding pissed.

"One who will just be happy with a lie?" I asked hopeful.

"No. What's the deal?" He replied sounding rough.

"We're hunting Djinn, think they might be after Sam." I sighed running a hand over my face.

"Uh huh... well have you tried that camp he's staying out. Think it's just-" Bobby started to explain.

"Yeah, we're nearly there. Just covering the bases." I lied and there was a paused. "Sorry Bobby, it's just we're on a deadline."

"Why?" Bobby asked confused.

"They got the drop on us. Three day lead...It's my fault but we're making the ground fast. I think Sam should be ok, I just wanted to check there wasn't anywhere else he was staying." I sighed.

"You might wont to ring Samuel, he might know where Sam is. He'll be able to keep him safe till you kill the Djinn." Bobby explained then yawned.

"I... don't have a number for him. But thanks Bobby, I'll let you sleep." I said softly.

"Ok, call if anything changes, and I'll let you know if I see the boy." Bobby yawned again.

"Thanks Bobby." I said and hung up. Payton turned to me with a questioning look. "We're boned!" I huffed.

We reached close to the entrance of Campbell compound in two hours forty minutes, I knew my baby was fast. We were about a mile from the camp when Payton pulled the car over. I was dozing in my seat and opened my eyes turning to him confused.

"Pay?" I asked wiping my eyes. He was listening to something... something I couldn't hear. "Hey Payton?" I asked again sitting up.

"Shh, give me a second." He said raising his hand to me. I rolled my eyes and slumped back into the seat while he continued to listen to nothing. He closed his eyes pinching his nose and groaning. "Super Cass... You really pick your moments bro!" He huffed shaking his head.

"You're talking to Cass?" I asked as Payton turned to look at me. I hadn't seen Cass since the day he brought me back to life. I knew there was a war in Heaven and that Cass was doing his best to keep some type of order. Payton was helping as much as he could without actually fighting any angel.

"I was." Payton sighed. "He's in the middle of a fight in heaven."

"And he was calling you because?" I asked confused sitting forward.

"He's keeping Raphael busy, engaging him in a fight so that I can go check something out without him knowing." Payton sighed pushing some of his hair out of his face.

"Huh? You mean, you're leaving me to go to Camp Campbell alone, while you, go sight seeing?" I asked getting slightly annoyed.

"Don't be like that baby girl," Payton said softly, he didn't look too pleased about it. "This isn't the first time I've had to leave you in the middle of a hunt." He sighed. He was right, we'd been hunting together nearly a year and he'd gone searching for Holy Weapons a few times. I wasn't mad at him leaving, just his timing.

"No but your leaving me to go to the Campbell's alone. These guys tried to kill me! Not to mention they are still looking for Channing! What's stopping them from trying to kill me again to find him?" I asked getting worked up. I wasn't looking forward to going to them with Payton at my side, but without him... I wasn't sure if I could stop myself from hurting them. I wasn't sure if they would try to kill me.

"Sam." Payton said softly. "You know he's in danger, you can convince his family he's in danger. They'll work with you to find him." He said with a reassuring smile. I sighed, he was right.

"I hate how you can do that." I sighed while I tried to looked annoyed. It wasn't working I was smiling back at Payton.

"Just practice, and you know, being hot helps." He joked and I rolled my eyes.

"How long will you be?" I asked changing the topic before Payton started on a 'I'm too sexy kick' again.

"I dunno, you know I'll be back as soon as I can baby girl." Payton said pulling me into a hug. I hugged back tightly. He was my safety blanket, without Payton around I wasn't sure what would happen. "I've left a few silver bladed knives in your trunk, with a jar of the blood."

"Thanks." I said pulling out the hug. "Hurry your arse back though... can't promise I wont punch Christian or Samuel." I joked.

"Ok. I might accidentally be too late to stop the punching." Payton joked before he disappeared. I took a deep breath and moved into the drivers seat.

"Damn Campbell's... I swear one of them looks at me in a way I don't like..." I huffed starting the engine and roaring down towards the compound.

As I pulled up to the gates I noticed no one stood around. The last time I was there, they had guards. I pulled my baby up to the gates and got out. I pulled my gun out and grabbed a torch from the glove box.

"Hello? Anyone here?" I shouted checking out the place. I could smell people in the compound then I smelt someone in the guard box. I wondered over and lowered my gun as I saw a man with his back to me, sitting watching camera's. "Hey?" I asked knocking on the door with my flash light. The guy didn't respond. I kept a firm grip on my gun and slid the light into my back pocket. I reached out and touched the guy's shoulder spinning him round to face me. His eyes were white and he looked like he was in pain. I checked his pulse just to be sure, he was dead. "Damn it." I cursed gathering my things and heading back to the car. I got in and drove up to the main camp. I parked near a large building and climbed out. I looked around and it seemed like most people were still in bed. The sun was just rising so I guess I couldn't blame them.

"You look lost." A voice said from behind me. I turned to see Mark Campbell stood there giving me the once over. As soon as he realised who I was his eyes widened.

"It's not what you think!" I said raising my hands as he aimed a gun at me. "I need to find Sam!"

Mark took me, at gun point, to see Samuel. He wasn't interested in hearing my excuses, and he wasn't very chatty. I sighed as Mark knocked on Samuel's door. Samuel called us in and Mark nodded for me to go in first. Samuel was sat at a desk reading something, when he looked up at me his face fell.

"Well... can't say I was expecting to see your face around here again." Samuel said and nodded at Mark who left closing the door behind him.

"Me either, but I need to find Sam." I replied firmly.

"Why?" Samuel asked standing up from his desk and moving round to face me.

"Djinn are after him and Dean." I replied looking up into his eyes.

"And how do you know that?" Samuel asked looking unimpressed.

"Well-" I was just about to answer when someone burst through the door.

"Kane's dead!" It was Christian, or as I liked to call him Princess. He looked at me and aimed at gun at my heart. "You did it!"

"Hey Princess, long time no see, miss me?" I joked as Samuel stood in the way of Christian.

"Christian now isn't the time. How do you know about Kane?" Samuel asked and glanced at me as almost to confirm I was right.

"I went to check on him. He's dead, cold. His eyes..." Christian waved his hand in front of his eyes.

"They've turned white." I replied and the pair looked at me.

"You did it!" Christian growled. I shook my head. Me and Princess, we had a special relationship. He hated me and wanted to kill me, and I wanted to rip him limb from limb. Needless to say we did not trust each other. There was just something about him I didn't like.

"How could I? I'm a werewolf, we tend to rip, not poison." I replied slightly sarcastically.

"His eyes were white?" Samuel asked as he thought. I glanced at Samuel. I could see something was working through in his brain.

"Yeah... all white." Christian admitted while keeping an eye on me. Samuel nodded and turned to me.

"Djinn, how many?" Samuel asked me.

"Three as far as I know." I replied.

"What? Your going to believe her?" Christian asked pointing a finger at me. Samuel turned to Christian and pinched the bridge of his nose. He looked tired.

"Christian I need you to go fetch Sam for me." Samuel sighed. Christian glanced at me and I smirked at him. "Now Christian." Samuel said firmly. Christian glanced at Samuel then glared at me before walking out.

"Bye Princess!" I smirked as he walked out.

"You know you don't help yourself by winding him up." Samuel sighed sitting back behind his desk. He reminded me of my father when he tried to make me and my big brother Gethin get along.

"I'm not trying to make any friends here. I just need to make sure Sam's safe." I said taking a seat opposite him.

"How do you know about the Djinn?" Samuel asked me.

"We ran into them on a hunt. I got attacked..." I sighed rubbing my arm.

"How did you get out alive? Djinn poison is deadly unless it's treated." Samuel asked giving me a questioning look. I sat forward.

"Werewolf. I'm immune to a lot." I said with a small smile. I sat back and raised an eyebrow. "I thought Djinn poison was deadly, no cure."

"Well we Campbell's have a cure." Samuel said with a small smile and I nodded.

"Impressive." I admitted. I didn't trust Samuel, and I wasn't over keen on him as a human being. But I had to admit, he knew his stuff when it came to hunting, and that I could respect. For now.

We waited five minutes when Christian came back. He looked flustered and I knew the Djinn already had Sam. Damn it too late! Three days and my baby just wasn't fast enough!

"What happened?" Samuel asked as we stood up.
"Looks like a struggle." Christian said as he led me and Samuel to Sam's room. I walked in and looked around. The place was a mess, Christian was right, Sam had fought the Djinn off. I smelt blood and bobbed down, moving one of Sam's shirts. Sure enough there was a small pool.

"Is it Sam's?" Samuel asked walking over to me.

"No, Djinn." I said glancing back up at him. By now Gwen and Mark had showed up. Christian was filling them in. The pair kept glancing at me and Samuel. They gave off waves of distrust and anxiety when it came to me. "They don't like me because I'm a werewolf, do they?" I said standing up and brushing off my jeans.

"They just don't know how to work with one." Samuel admitted. The three cousins walked over to us.

"What's got Sam?" Gwen asked glancing at the small pool of blood on the floor.

"Djinn, which means we need to move fast." Samuel said getting in charge. I stood back and checked the rest of the room. "Gwen I need you to go pick up some supplies we're going to need make the antidote fast."

"Sure." Gwen replied and walked off. I saw notes on a table and took a quick look. They were on different methods for killing a ghoul. Ever since the thing with Adam I wasn't so keen on ghouls. Then again, I wasn't keen on most monsters who impersonated humans. I kept looking around the room and couldn't see much that was useful.

"Can you track the blood?" Samuel asked me from across the room. I turned and saw Christian and Mark watching me.

"Sure... I mean as long as it's still bleeding." I said moving back over.

"You could give us a direction they went in?" Christian scoffed.

"Yeah. I can." I said firmly. "Just like I can tell where you've been wondering Princess." We glared at each other. It had been a while since I'd had a good old fashion stare down, and there was no way I was going to let Princess think he had any advantage over me. We stood waiting for each other to move, strike. I loved it. Finally I puckered my lips and blew him a kiss. Christian was just about to swing out when Samuel yelled.

"Enough!" Samuel barked and we all turned to him. "Sam's missing, and we need to move fast. Mark stay here and help Gwen with the antidote, the recipe's in my brown leather bound book on my desk. We'll call when we find him."

"Ok." Mark said and walked off. Samuel turned to me and Christian.

"We need to find Sam. Megan, I want you to track the Djinn as far as you can. Christian go gather some silver blades and lambs blood." Samuel said. "We'll meet by the cars in ten minutes."

"Super..." I said sarcastically as we walked off. Now I had to work with the Campbell's in a team where I didn't trust the people who were meant to have my back.

We met up by my baby and a black van. Christian had gather the things we needed to kill the Djinn and was loading up the van. I stood by my car and closed my eyes focusing on the scent of the Djinn, I was trying to find which way they headed.

"You know there are millions of places for Djinn to hide round here." Christian said as he walked around the front of the van.

"Well don't worry Princess I'm sure you wont have to walk in too much mud." I joked and continued to search for the scent.

"You know your boyfriend escaped. We will find him again." Christian said threateningly. I opened my eyes and turned to face him laughing a little. Christian looked confused.

"Oh Princess, seriously? Djinn got into your compound and took Sam. And you think you can track a wolf, when you can't even track Djinn. That is adorable! Really, it is." I chuckled closing my eyes again and catching the scent of the blood.

"We will find him again." Christian said firmly. I opened my eyes and saw Samuel heading our way.

"We ready?" Samuel asked glancing at us both.

"All packed, just waiting on her nose now." Christian said sarcastically.

"Just try to keep up, ok Princess?" I asked climbing into my Camero. I started the engine and Samuel walked over knocking on my window. I rolled it down and gave him a questioning look.

"Here," He said passing me a radio. "In case we get split up."

"Thanks. Just tell Princess to keep up." I said putting the radio on my dash.

"I'm driving, not him." Samuel said with a small smile before heading back to the van. We rolled out and I fallowed the scent. I had no idea where I was heading,the whole area was new to me, but I just continued to fallow the scent. We were driving nearly an hour when I finally lost the smell of blood. I pulled over and we all climbed out.

"Well that was great." Christian said sarcastically.

"What happened?" Samuel asked looking at me.

"The scents gone. Either they pulled in somewhere near here or the Djinn healed." I said leaning against my baby. "Do you know the area?" I asked. Samuel looked around.

"Yeah, actually." He said and pointed into some forest behind us. "There's an old rock cave system, it's not pretty, but if you wanted privacy to kill it's ideal."

"I'll call Gwen, see if she's got the antidote ready." Christian said pulling his phone out and walking away from us.

"So back to caves.. nice." I said searching the forest for any sign of Sam or the Djinn. There had been snapped branches and some disturbed bushes recently but I couldn't say if it was the Djinn or not.

"You see anything?" Samuel asked pulling out some binoculars and checking it out.

"Maybe, but dunno if it's Djinn or not." I sighed. Christian returned and told us Mark was heading our way with enough antidote for three.

When Mark arrived he passed the needless to Samuel. Samuel in turn passed one to Christian and one to me.

"Now you need to aim for the heart." Samuel explained as he passed them out. "It will knock Sam out but it'll cure him."

"So what if they attack you three as well?" I asked putting the needle into my back pocket.

"Aww I didn't know you cared." Christian said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes.

"If I have to waste this on your arse, there wont be enough for Sam. Trust me, I'll be saving him before you Princess." I replied dryly.

"Mark's staying here, watching the cars to make sure none of the Djinn try to ambush us." Samuel explained ignoring mine and Christians conversation. "I've had experience of fighting Djinn before so I'll go in with you. Christian's going to stay at the mouth covering our exit. We want to get Sam and get out. We can track the Djinn later. Sam's our goal." Samuel explained pulling out a silver knife dipped in lambs blood.

"Oh this sounds like it's going to be fun." I said dryly as we moved into the forest and towards the caves.

Samuel took point and I wanted Princess where I could see him so I took the rear. About twenty minutes in we found the cave entrance. Christian pulled out his silver knife and held it ready in his hand. He looked too eager holding the knife.

"Just remember not to stab me when we're coming back out." I said pulling my own family knife dipped in lambs blood.

"Accidents happen." Christian said with a small grin. I just rolled my eyes and headed towards Samuel. I really hated Christian, I couldn't even bring myself to have some level of professionalism like I could with Samuel.

"Mind if I take point? I can see better in the dark." I said softly as we stood at the mouth of the cave. The cave looked pretty dark, damp and typically horror style nasty.

"I was going to suggest it." Samuel said with a small smile. I nodded and made my way into the cave system. Sure enough as soon as I entered the cave system I could smell Sam. There was no mistaking his scent, even after the demon detox. I fallowed his scent, keeping my ears open for any other moment. We searched for about thirty minutes when we reached an opening. Sam was laid on the floor, he didn't look so hot. He was mumbling to himself and looking up at the ceiling.

"You give him the antidote, I'll keep watch." Samuel said as we walked into the clearing.

"But-" I started to ask when I herd more people heading our way.

"What is it?" Samuel asked as I raced over to Sam and dropped to my knee's pulling the needle from my back pocket.

"We've got company heading our way." I said and looked down at Sam. He was burning up and shaking his head.

"Jess... no... Jess!" He yelled sitting up.

"Sam, she's not here dude... just hang on." I said stabbing him in the heart and pumping old Grandpa Campbell's secret antidote in. Sam shook for a few seconds before passing out. "Wanna give me a hand?" I asked picking Sam up. Samuel rushed to my side and we each took an arm dragging him out of the cave system. As we made our way out we herd the Djinn shout. We knew they were onto us. We rushed to the exit. Christian was stood watch as we came out.

"Here, take him, get him to the car!" Samuel said passing his side of Sam to Christian.

"What? Come on!" I yelled as Christian started to move Sam.

"Go! I'll be right behind you!" Samuel yelled. I herd the footsteps getting closer. "Go!" Samuel yelled and Christian forced me to carry Sam off.

We got back to the cars and dumped Sam in the back seat of my Camero. I looked back into the forest and couldn't hear anything. I did not like leaving someone behind.

"We shouldn't have left Samuel." I said watching the green carefully.

"He gave us an order. We fallow orders." Christian said looking out into the forest.

"Yeah well where I come from, we don't leave people behind." I said and noticed some movement. I pulled my knife out and Mark and Christian copied me instinctively. Samuel burst out of a bush out of breath but ok.

"What happened?" Christian asked helping Samuel over to the car.

"Let's talk about it back home shall we?" Samuel panted as he climbed into the van. I went to my Camero and Mark climbed in the passenger seat.

"God I hope your not one of those back seat drivers." I said jokingly as I fallowed the van back to the camp. I kept glancing at Sam I the rear view mirror as I drove, just checking good old Grandpa's magic cure worked. He looked sound sleep and if it wasn't for his chest rising and falling I wouldn't have been able to tell he was alive.

"He will be ok." Mark said in a monotone as we reached the camp. I glanced at Mark and he gave me a small nod, I gave him a small smile.

"Damn your chatty." I sighed parking up near the van.

We got Sam back into his room and I asked Samuel if he mind if I stayed just until Sam was awake. He let me sit in Sam's room and watch over him. The sun was just setting when Samuel walked into the room with two cups.

"He awake yet?" Samuel asked passing me a cup of tea. I took the cup and sniffed it just to make sure it was just tea. Samuel laughed a little a pulled up a seat next to me. "You don't trust me."

"You did try to kill me, not to mention Channing." I said softly watching Sam sleep.

"I'm sorry for that. If I knew who you were... I mean I never imagined one of my grandsons marrying a werewolf... It's not one of those things you can plan for." He admitted watching Sam. "Not after I was raised monsters were bad, no acception. But now, here, every things changed. I just feel a little old sometimes."

"Yeah I guess I can understand... Are you still hunting Channing?" I asked glancing at Samuel. His eyes were fixed on Sam. He gave off human emotions, he was worried about Sam, worried if he would be ok. I smiled. It was nice to know he wasn't all torture and pain.

"Yes." He said simply and took a sip of his drink.

"You know I wont tell you where he is." I replied and took a small sip of the tea.

"I know. I wouldn't ask you to either." Samuel replied, glancing at me. In that one look we seemed to reach an understanding. We sat in silence for a few minutes.

"What happened back in the cave? Did the Djinn reach you?" I asked but before I could answer Sam started to wake up. As his eyes fluttered open he turned to look at me and Samuel drinking together.

"Arh... did I die?" Sam asked holding his head as he sat up. "Am I seeing this right? Samuel and Megan drinking together?" He asked with a small smirk on his face.

"Oh he's fine." I joked sitting back in the chair.

"How you feeling son?" Samuel asked smiling at Sam.

"Been better... the last thing I remember was seeing Jess..." Sam turned to me. I dropped my head and sighed. They'd poisoned Sam, which means they probably know where Dean is. I'd put them both in danger...

"Djinn were after you." Samuel explained and I looked back up.

"They're after both of you. Do you know where Dean is?" I asked and Sam looked confused for a few minutes.

"Yeah... but I... Djinn? I thought they... Why are they after me and Dean?" Sam asked looking from me to Samuel.

"Revenge, or at least that's what they told me." I said softly. Something clicked in Sam mind and he nodded.

"We killed one a few years ago now... Wait. Did you say they were after Dean too?" Sam asked getting to his feet and wobbling. Both me and Samuel got to our feet and helped Sam stand.

"Take it easy son, not all the poison is out your system yet." Samuel said softly.

"Did you kill them?" Sam asked looking at me. I shook my head. "Then we need to warn Dean. We need to go."

"Sam you need to rest, you've had a heavy hit of Djinn poison." Samuel said shaking his head. Sam turned to me and I sighed. I'd seen the look on Sam's face a million times maybe more. I'd learnt along time ago what that famous Winchester look meant.

"Your car or mine." I sighed. Yeah here I am... dragged right back into this again... and now we're going to see Dean. Great, could this get any better? Really?

It turned out it really could. The good old Campbell's were wanting to tag along. Samuel, Gwen, Mark and Princess... God really must have hated me. I was stood outside one of the buildings talking to Payton. I had filled him in with the situation.

"Dude, what do you mean it's going to take you longer then you expected?" I asked leaning on my Camero.

"I'm searching through a book thicker then your car, written in a dead language, whilst trying to stay out of sight of visitors... it's a little tricky." Pay sighed.

"Huh? What happened to I'm super angel, I can do anything?" I asked mocking Payton.

"Super Angel is rusty on this dead language, sue me! Look I'll try and get back as soon as I can baby girl but... people keep visiting the damn book, flipping through pages. I have to start from the beginning of the page translating... It's going to take a while. I can't help it, sorry..." Payton sighed again.

"Where are you?" I asked confused.

"London. Natural History Museum." Payton said and I was surprised.

"Wow..." I noticed Sam heading my way. "I gotta go, just get back A.S.A.P." I said and hung up. Sam smiled at me, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for coming back and saving me. I know how hard it was for you." Sam said leaning on my car.

"Not as hard as saving your brother. You got any idea how your planning on doing it by the way?" I asked slipping my phone into my pocket. I turned to Sam and he gave me a sheepish smile. "Oh no!" I said shaking my head.

"Megan, he-" Sam started with the puppy eyes.

"No! Look he's your brother! You save his arse! I'm just tagging along to kill the damn Djinn. I have no intention on seeing Dean. Send Mark or Samuel..." I said shaking my head and folding my arms over my chest.

"If I send Gwen, Mark or Christian, Dean wont believe they're hunters, wont trust them. If Samuel goes Dean's more likely to try and kill him. You are the only person who can do this without letting Dean know I'm back." Sam admitted.

"But you are back Sam." I said pushing myself off the car. "You're back and it's about time Dean knows. You find him, you warn him..."

"Megan." Sam said pushing himself off my baby too. I shook my head.

"Sam, he's your brother... just tell him your alive... because trust me, I'd rather know Gethin was alive, even if he was hunting the other side of the world, then know that he's dead and I've lost him forever." I said fighting back tears. I cleared my throat and took a deep breath. "It has to be you Sam."

Later that day we all packed up and headed out. I gave Mark a lift because I liked him, he didn't say much, and didn't complain about my music. We drove down to an abandoned house just outside of the town Dean was living in. Sam and Samuel went to check on Dean's house and Dean. I planned to stay with the other Campbell's until the Sam's came back then I was going to stake out Dean's myself.

"So you married Dean?" Gwen asked as I helped her set up the maps. Christian was unloading guns and I didn't know where Mark was.

"Pretty much." I replied pinning up a map. I hadn't talked to Gwen, I could tell she was nervous of me. And honestly I didn't want to get on too well with the Campbell's, something about being kidnapped and interrogated, put me off them.

"Huh." She replied. "What did you think? You guys could just quit hunting and live a happy life?" She asked and I sighed. This wasn't the type of conversation I wanted with a stranger.

"To be honest, Gwen, the world was ending, I was more thinking about being with someone I loved." I replied trying my best to keep my temper.

"Well that's a stupid idea." She replied and I turned to her.

"That so?" I asked the tip of anger edging out in my voice.

"Yeah, your a werewolf, he's a hunter... It just ain't right." She said looking me dead in the eyes.

"Well-" I was just about to give her a piece mind, and probably a punch too when Sam walked in with Dean unconscious in his arms. "What happened?" I asked annoyed as I fallowed Sam into a room with a bed in.

"Djinn already attacked him. We've given him the antidote... it looks to be working." Sam said dropping Dean on the bed. I looked down at Dean and felt my heart jump into my throat. I was terrified seeing Dean like that. He was hurt and I wanted to help him. I needed to help him. I felt someone touch my shoulder and I jumped. I turned to see Sam stood there.

"Sorry.. what, what did you say?" I asked tearing my eyes away from Dean.

"Are you ok?" Sam asked softly. I was still having feelings for Dean. I needed to get away. I needed the space. Run!

"Yeah... just... haven't seen Dean like that in a long time." I half lied and turned my back to Dean. I wrapped my arms around myself.

"Ok..." Sam said softly. "Um.. I was saying there was no sign of the Djinn at Dean's house, but we left someone watching the place."

"Good. That's a good idea." I said with a small nod as my heart started to calm down. "Um.. I think I'm going to head to Bobby's. Call me as soon as you find where the Djinn are. I want to take them out."

"Are you sure? I mean don't you want to stay for when Dean wakes up?" Sam asked glancing at his big brother then me. I shook my head and put my hand on Sam's arm.

"No. Look it'll be a big enough shock you and the Campbell clan. I just think it'll be better if I stay in the shadows. Keep Dean out of sight." I said and headed for the door.

I drove the surprisingly short drive to Bobby's. The whole ride I couldn't get the feelings of seeing Dean again out of my mind. I hated it. I hated how I still felt about being around him. I hated how I still felt in love with him. This wasn't suppose to happen! I was meant to be free... I wasn't meant to feel anything for him. Damn it! Why... why can't I just be free of these feelings.. Why do I have to love him still? This isn't fair. I have Channing... I've moved on... why can't these feelings just stay hidden...Why does it feel like my hearts breaking all over again... this isn't suppose to happen... I wiped the tears away as I pulled into Bobby's drive. I took a deep breath and shook myself loose. When I got into Bobby's I explained everything, even how I wanted to run away from Dean. Once I started to explain it all kind of flooded out. It didn't help that I hadn't slept in a couple of days.

"What else could I do? I had to get out of there." I sighed running a hand through my hair as I paced Bobby's kitchen. He'd been pretty quiet through my whole rant, just sitting and watching me. Finally he got to his feet and held in by the shoulders.

"Girl, I know nothing about love and all that feelings crap." He said looking at me dead in the eyes. "I do know about heartbreak and how hard it can be to get over someone. What you need is some rest. Go upstairs, get some sleep." He said pulling me closer and putting a small kiss on my forehead. I smiled as we moved apart.

"What if I trash your room?" I asked softly, feeling exhausted.

"I can buy new things, or rather you can buy me new things." He joked. I smiled. "Go on girl, get some rest." I nodded and made my way up to a spare bedroom. As soon as my head touched the pillow I was out.

I woke up the next morning with no memory of the dream, I had ripped a few of the bed sheets but the room looked in tacked. I smiled, at least I hadn't broken anything this time. I got a quick shower and changed. When I made my way downstairs I saw Bobby sat in the den looking at his computer. I lent on the door frame and smiled as he looked up at me.

"Hey girl, sleep well?" He asked taking his glasses off.

"Yeah. Well better then most nights." I sighed and walked into the room. "You want a coffee?" I asked picking up his empty cup.

"I'd love one." He replied. I nodded and headed to the kitchen. I put the kettle on and started to make the drinks. I was humming to myself, I had a tune stuck in my head, it was the chorus of Breaking Benjamin's Firefly. I went to the fridge and took out the milk carton, before I had even got it out of the fridge I could smell it was off.

"Eww.. come on Bobby, that is just nasty." I said throwing the carton in the bin. "Hey Bobby you really need some more milk, that carton looked more like a science experi-" I said walking out of the kitchen and saw Dean stood there. He looked as shocked as I was. My heart started to race instantly. "Dean." I said staring at him. He looked good, a little tired but good. Dean gave me a once over and cleared his throat.

"Megan. It's um... you look good. You, you cut your hair..." Dean said bring his hand up to his neck and waving it while he watched me. I brought my hand up and played with my shorter hair.

"Yeah... it um got caught in a door on a hunt, I had to cut it off..." I glanced at Bobby who just stood there watching us both. "Um... what are you doing here?" I asked utterly confused.

"Well-" Dean started to say when both me and Bobby looked as Sam walked into view.

"Bobby." Sam said to Bobby, a small grin appeared on Dean's face.

"Sam." Bobby said and the grin fell.

"Megan." Sam said with a nod.

"Sam." I said plainly hiding the frustration I felt at Sam ignoring my wishes.

Bobby lead us all into the kitchen where we sat around while Dean chewed us all out for knowing Sam was alive. I lent against the wall watching as Dean paced.

"You knew, you knew Sam was alive." Dean said looking at Bobby.

"Yeah." Bobby sighed. Dean was pissed about it all, I couldn't blame him.

"How long?" Dean asked glaring at all of us.

"Look-" Bobby started to say when Dean cut him off.

"How long?" Dean said raising his voice.

"A whole year." Bobby admitted and Dean glanced from them to me.

"And what about you?" Dean asked walking over to me.

"Nine months or so." I replied walking back over to stand next to Sam. Dean shook his head in disbelief.

"You gotta be kidding me." Dean sighed turning away from us all.

"And I'd do it again." Bobby said and Dean turned to us throwing his arms out.

"Why?" Dean asked.

"Because you got out Dean. You walked away from the life. And I was so damn grateful, you got no idea!" Bobby yelled at Dean. Dean marched back up to Bobby and Sam.

"Do you have any clue what walking away meant for me?" Dean asked getting madder by the second.

"Yeah." Bobby said with a strong nod. "A woman, and a kid, and not getting your guts ripped out at age 30!" Bobby yelled. "That's what it meant." Dean rolled his eyes and let out a small bitter laugh.

"That woman and that kid? I went to them because you told me too!" Dean said pointing to me and Sam.

"Good!" Bobby yelled.

"Good for who?" Dean yelled back. "I showed up on their doorstep half out of my head with grief. God knows why they even let me in! I drank too much, I had nightmares!" Dean looked at me. "You knew how messed up I was! When you left I just got worse! And you still let me go to them!" He turned his attention to Sam. "I looked everywhere, I collected hundreds of books trying to find anything to bust you out!" Dean yelled at Sam.

"You promised you'd leave it alone." Sam said softly.

"Of course I didn't leave it alone! Sue me!" Dean huffed. He turned to Bobby. "A damn year? You couldn't put me out my misery?" The he turned to me. "Nine months? Did you know when you called me?"

"Dean." I said pushing myself off the wall. I didn't want to see Dean again, ever. And having him yell at me wasn't putting me in the best of moods.

"Did you know?" He yelled at me.

"Yeah, I did." I said firmly.

"And what, it slipped your mind?" He asked sarcastically.

"Screw you Dean, I don't have to answer to you." I said shoulder barging him as I walked out into the junk yard.

I was so mad at him. He had no idea how hard it was to walk away from him and give him the chance to have a normal life! He was being so pig headed that he couldn't see what I was doing was for his own good. Yet at the same time all I wanted was a hug from him. To have him wrap his arms around me and tell me things were ok. I kicked a rock as I walked over to my Camero.

"Stupid freaking Winchester's..." I muttered to myself. As I walked round I saw a kid sat on the floor leaning on my baby. I was about to back away when he looked up at me, he looked like he had been crying. All the anger I felt instantly got washed away by his sadness and worry. "Mind if I sit?" I asked softly sitting on the floor next to him.

"Sure." He said looking at the floor, his voice was so sad.

"What's wrong?" I asked crossing my legs under me.

"Nothing." The kid replied wiping his face. "Who are you?" He asked.

"Megan." I replied and rested my head against the car door. "What's your name?" I asked staring out into the junk.

"Ben." Ben replied watching me.

"Nice too meet you Ben." I said softly. "You like my car?" I asked and Ben looked at me confused. "You're sat leaning on my car." I said plainly.

"Oh sorry..." He muttered.

"It's ok, I like to come out here and sit on her." I replied looking out into the junk. "Helps me clear my head."

"Are you a hunter too?" He asked softly. He was looking at my knife in my boot.

"Unfortunately." I replied with a small smile.

"Did you hunt with Dean and Sam?" Ben asked nervously.

"For a while." I replied. We fell silent for a few minutes. I felt Ben relax a little.

"You called Dean, before." Ben said looking at me confused.

"Yeah, that was me." I replied. "I wanted to say happy birthday." I said glancing at Ben. He was a bright kid. There was something about him I liked. I couldn't put my finger on it.

"Are you going to take him away?" Ben asked looking at the floor again.

"Huh who?" I asked confused. Ben looked up at me with tears in his eyes.

"Are you going to take Dean away from us?" Ben asked and I swear he had the Winchester puppy dog look down to a tee.

"Ben um no. I don't want to take Dean away from you or you mam." I replied shaking my head. I hated when kids cried, I never knew what to do to make them stop. The crying made me uneasy.

"I just don't want him to leave. He makes my mom really happy. He is a great dad, he knows all this cool stuff and he was going to teach me how to dismantle an engine." Ben said wiping his face with his sleeve. I caught the scent of a woman close by. I passed Ben a tissue and took a deep breath. I never realised how much the people Dean went to would be attached to him too. It was just another reason not to see Dean again.

"Well if it was up to me, Dean wouldn't have even been here." I said softly. "But he thinks it's safer here."

"Thanks." Ben said wiping his eyes. "Please don't tell my mom... she'd only worry about me again."

"No worries. I come out here to cry all the time, that or smash up a few old cars. Just don't tell Bobby about the cars ok? He might kill me." I joked with a small smile and Ben laughed.

"Sure." Ben said smiling.

"Hey do you have a phone?" I asked pulling out my mobile.

"Umm kinda. Why?" Ben asked softly.

"Pass me it." I said and Ben passed me his mobile. I punched in my number and saved it.

"It's my number. Just in case something happens and you don't want to talk to Dean or you mam." I said softly. Ben looked at the phone and then me and smiled. Just then a woman walked round the car. She was a little taller then me with long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

"Ben?" She said as she appeared. I got to my feet and helped Ben up. "Where have you been? I've been looking for you." She asked. Ben looked panicked for a second.

"Oh that was my fault." I said putting a hand on Ben's shoulder. "We got talking and he told me how he liked Dean's Impala so I wanted to show him my car." I lied and Ben gave me a small smile.

"Ok, but Ben go wash up. Dinner will be ready soon." She said as Ben walked over to her.

"Thanks Megan." Ben said before rushing off into the junk yard.

I waved and dropped my hand as soon as it went out of sight. He was a god kid, I felt bad he'd got mixed up in all this.

"Nice kid, I'm guessing your Lisa." I said looking at Lisa. She wasn't exactly what I had expected from Dean's dream girl.

"Yeah, but who are you?" She asked folding her arms over her chest. She was giving off waves of jealously. I was worried Dean hadn't told Lisa about me.

"Megan." I said plainly.

"Megan?" She said surprised and looked me up and down. "I thought a werewolf would be more..." She waved her hand as she struggled for the word.

"Yeah well don't judge a book by its cover." I said and started to walk off. I really didn't want to have a conversation with Dean's new love. It was bad enough dealing with her over the phone, but in person it was crushing me.

"Hey, wait up." Lisa said as she fallowed me, I let out a small sigh and stopped turning to face her.

"Yeah?" I asked plainly.

"You don't like me much, do you?" She asked watching me carefully.

"It's not your fault." I said plainly.

"Oh, I get it." She said tilting her head to one side.

"Good for you." I replied sarcastically.

"You're in love with Dean." She said folding her arms over her chest.

"Loved. Past tense." I replied and we stood watching each other for a few minutes. I was sizing her up and she was doing the same. I could take her, easy, up then I'd have to deal with Dean and Ben, and I'd just got the kid to stop crying.

"I just want you to know, Dean's with us now. He's out of hunting, and he doesn't want to return to it. So just stay away from him, ok?" Lisa said threatening me. I was amused and shocked.

"Excuse me?" I asked with a small laugh.

"Dean is the best thing that's happened to my family and you, or Sam aren't taking that away from us. From me." She said walking closer to me. I smirked. Now I could see what Dean liked about her. She had spirit. Misguided spirit, but spirit.

"Wow could you be more wrong?" I asked shaking my head. "I never wanted to bring Dean in on this hunt, Sam did. So give him your little threat, ok. And the next time you attempt to threaten me, know it will be the last breath you draw. You understand?" I asked coldly. She stared at me a few minutes until we herd someone walk over to us.

"Lisa?" Dean asked walking to her side and giving me a questioning look. I watched as he wrapped his arm around her waist. I felt jealousy ping inside of me. I mentally tried to shake it away.

"We were just talking." Lisa said with a small smile to Dean. "It was nice meeting you Megan, and I'll keep that in mind." She said before she walked off. Dean stood there looking at me clueless. I started to walked off again when Dean grabbed my arm and spun me around. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I wanted to be anywhere else than standing face to face with my ex in that moment. I would rather have been fighting a whole nest of vamps alone, hell I'd even take Lucifer over standing this close to Dean. My heart was racing, my stomach felt like the world's biggest knot and I couldn't run away from him.

"What was that? Did you tell Lisa about us?" Dean asked glancing in the direction Lisa walked off.

"No I didn't it was just girls talking." I replied sarcastically. "What do you want?"

"I um... what is up with you?" Dean asked looking confused.

"I don't know what you mean." I replied folding my arms over my chest.

"You've been gone a year and you seem so different." Dean said shaking his head.

"Well a lots happened Dean. People change." I replied brushing some hair out of my face. Dean stood there and stared at me. He sighed wiping his face.

"I um.. I just came out to apologise for yelling at you." He sighed.

"Ok, we done?" I asked coldly.

"See that's what I mean, the attitude. What's happened to you Megan?" Dean asked shaking his head.

"Life, and a lot of it. Now I've got Djinn to hunt so..." I left the sentence there and walked off. Stupid Winchester's... getting dragged back into all this... back to Dean. I hate feelings. Why the hell do I have to be in love with him still... god damn it! I just want to get past this... get past him... if a year isn't long enough how long is it going to take?

We packed up and headed back to the abandoned house near Dean's home. I wasn't overly happy about Dean being in the hunt but he had insisted he wanted to help kill the Djinn to know they were dead. I was sat waiting for Dean and Sam to arrive. Everyone was checking their weapons.

"I don't understand why he wants in?" Christian said as the Campbell's went through a pre hunt check.

"It's his house, he wants to know it's safe to live in." Samuel explained.

"I can't believe how you can let him in on this hunt." Christian commented.

"He's a better hunter then you Princess." I said playing with my knife.

"Excuse me?" Christian asked looking at me.

"I said, he's a better hunter then you Princess, what? Did you loose your hearing along with you ability to track?" I asked plainly.

"I can track damn near anything, and as for hunting, you have no idea how well hunt." Christian said and I felt Gwen and Mark watch us. I put my knife back into my boot.

"You can't track Djinn or Werewolves. I bet you couldn't track a zombie if it was chasing you." I said and Gwen stifled a laugh.

"Ok that's enough you two, we got a mission to focus on." Samuel said glancing at me. I got up from my chair and stretched.

"I still don't think it's a good idea bringing him along." Christian muttered. I rolled my eyes and saw Sam and Dean walk into the room and up to us. I lent on the table by Samuel.

"Alright, so what's the plan?" Dean asked Samuel.

"Right now we stock up, get set." Samuel replied. Dean glanced at Sam then me and I shrugged my shoulders a little. This was not the way we worked, we were more of a kill now, then wait for later kinda hunting group.

"So what your saying is there is no plan?" Dean asked Samuel sounding unimpressed.

"We'll find them, you gotta be patient." Samuel said and I pushed myself off the table and walked to the side of Dean.

"Oh yeah." Dean sighed as I reached him. "Or here's a thought, why don't we go kill the sons of bitches that broke into my home." Dean said firmly. I smiled, I'd missed his directness.

"Relax Dean, we got it handled, Djinn are hard to draw out." Christian said and I rolled my eyes at him. "Hey you've been out of the game a while, leave it to the professionals."

"Yeah... sure." Dean sighed with a small nod, I sniggered and shook my head as everyone looked at me.

"Sorry, smelt something bad..." I mumbled softly. Dean glanced at me and shook his head before looking back at Christian. He knew why I'd laughed.

"Tiny suggestion, see Djinn are easier to draw out, when you got bate." He said glancing between Samuel and Princess. "They want, Sam, Megan and me. They know where I live. Now I haven't been hunting, in a while, but I'm going to stick my neck out and guess that's a pretty good place for us to go." Dean said and glanced back at Christian. "See it's almost like I'm a professional." Dean added and I smirked. Yeah that would be Dean. And he seems to not like the Campbell's either... glad its not just me. I noticed Gwen smirk at Mark and Samuel look approvingly at Dean.

So we all drove to Dean's house, and set up shop. I had to admit I was slightly taken back by how well, normal, the house was. There were toys and pictures of the three together everywhere I looked. It was a real house and I couldn't get over how settled Dean had become. I needed a glass of water and walked into the kitchen as Samuel was talking to Dean.

"I'm just saying, not the best time to be playing golf." Samuel said to Dean and then the pair looked at me.

"Am I interrupting?" I asked watching the pair. The room was tense but there was something under the tense, I could almost feel it, but I knew it was there.

"No. I was going to check on the others." Samuel said passing me. "Just think about it Dean." Samuel said and left.

"Think about what?" I asked walking over to the kitchen island.

"Nothing... why'd you come in?" Dean asked looking confused.

"I need a glass of water, if it's ok?" I asked. Dean nodded and went into the fridge. Dean was thinking about something and he was worried, the worry was washing over me. "You sure your ok?" I asked as he passed me a bottle of water.

"Yeah," He said opening his. "Just want this hunt over."

"I bet, can't be must fun with everyone invading your home." I said opening my bottle and taking a long drink.

"Yeah..." Dean lent on the counter and looked at me. I raised an eyebrow. I finished the bottle of water and looked back at Dean.

"What are you thinking?" I asked plainly.

"How'd you know I was thinking?" Dean asked standing up.

"That look, I've known you a while now Dean, remember." I replied with a small smile. Dean nodded.

"Do you think I did the right thing, getting out?" He pondered looking at me.

"I'm not sure I'm impartial enough to answer." I said putting my bottle in the bin. I turned and he was watching me still.

"But I'd only trust you, Sam and Bobby's opinions." Dean admitted before drinking some more water. I lent on the counter and noticed a bunch of pictures of Ben Lisa and Dean together and having fun. They looked like a family, a happy family. I knew this was my chance, my chance to get Dean back in my life for good. But looking at those photo's seeing how happy he was. Even meeting Ben, who I thought was ok. I knew I was being selfish if I gave Dean my hearts answer. I took a deep breath and looked into the amazing green emeralds that made up his eyes. I'd forgotten how breath taking they could be in the right light.

"Yeah, you did the right thing. I mean your happy here, with them, right?" I asked nodding to the photo's behind Dean. He turned and smiled.

"Yeah I am." He said softly and turned to face me.

"Well who cares what the rest of us think. Your happy, and I think for once, you should put Dean first." I said and walked out of the kitchen. I knew if I had stayed I may have cried, I knew I'd try and kiss him. I hated being a bigger person... sometimes I just wished I could be mean and get what I wanted instead of putting everyone else first. I took a deep breath and saw the Campbell's still routing around. This is going to be a long hunt...

We split up, Mark was keeping look out in a van outside the house, I was doing a sweep of the neighbourhood to check there was no where for the Djinn to hide and the rest were looking for possible hiding holes in the town. I pulled my Camero up as Dean passed a telescope back to Mark. I got out the car and Dean noticed me.

"We got a problem." He said as we walked up to the house. We walked into the house and Dean went straight up to Samuel. "Those Djinn are just sitting out there watching us. Everybody's gotta clear out."

"What?" Samuel asked as we reached them.

"They're not going to come in here until me, Megan and Sam are alone." Dean explained.

"Alright so I'm suppose to leave you here with no backup?" Samuel asked.

"I am werewolf." I said plainly.

"Yeah but you got juiced too." Samuel said looking at me. We hadn't told Dean that and it showed when he looked at me.

"Yeah but I can survive it." I replied ignoring Dean.

"Dean's right they'll wait until we're out numbered." Sam added and Samuel sighed looking at the Campbell's.

"Alright we wont be far. You call if they come, you hear?" Samuel asked looking at all three of us.

"You bet." Sam said.

"Ok pack up, we're out of here." Samuel said to the others. And with that they packed up and left us in Dean's house alone. It was weird being in his house. But I forced myself to think of it as a civilians house, as Dean as a civilian. Least that way it was easier for me to deal.

Dean went to the bathroom and I found myself alone with Sam. I hadn't had chance to talk to him since Dean showed and I was still pissed he brought Dean to Bobby's when he knew I was there.

"Sam, can I have a word?" I asked as we sat in the living room.

"Sure what's up?" Sam asked sitting down next to me.

"Why didn't you call to say Dean was heading to Bobby's. You knew I didn't want to see him again." I asked softly so that Dean couldn't hear us.

"What? There was no time, Dean wanted his family out fast." Sam explained. I tried to sense if he was lying but none of the unusual tell tales gave him away. I sighed running a hand over my face.

"I wish you text or something..." I sighed closing my eyes.

"Is it really that hard to see him?" Sam asked as I opened my eyes.

"Yeah, like this. He's playing happy families. He's got everything he could ever want... Everything I wanted with him." I admitted looking at the coffee table. Before we could say anything else Dean walked downstairs.

"Everything ok?" He asked looking at me and Sam.

"Yeah, I just need some more water." I said softly and headed to the kitchen. The guys fallowed me. Sam was looking at all the pictures while Dean rested in the corner.

"You ok?" Sam asked and Dean turned to us with a small laugh.

"Oh yeah," He said sarcastically as he paced. "Yeah no, this is... This is crazy. I mean you, Grandpa. I mean whoever brought you back."

"They don't want to be found." Sam admitted leaning on the counter.

"Yeah I get that, but who are they? What do they want? Why?" Dean asked.

"That's a good question." Sam replied softly. Dean glanced at me and shook his head.

"Do you remember it?" Dean asked looking at Sam.

"What?" Sam asked plainly.

"The cage." Dean replied. I hadn't even thought to ask if Sam had remembered hell. I watched as the pair continued to talk.

"Yeah." Sam said plainly. My stomach turned. How could I have been so stupid not to have asked if he remembered. What kind of person am I? Selfish that's what...

"Do you um-" Dean started to ask.

"No." Sam said with a nervous laugh.

"Well if anyone can relate?" Dean suggested.

"Dean I don't want to talk about it." Sam said firmly. "I'm back. I get to breath fresh air, have a beer, hunt with my family, see you again. So why exactly would I want to think about hell?" Sam asked. Dean turned to look out the window.

"And you really think..." Dean said trailing off as he walked up to the window. Sam and I moved to see what Dean could see. Dean rushed past us and grabbed a few needles of the antidote. People in the next house were being attacked by the Djinn. Sam rushed and grabbed Deans arm.

"Dean, they're already dead and you know it." Sam said firmly.

"This is happening because of me!" Dean said heading for the door.

"Dean!" We both yelled as Dean set off.

"You got more antidote?" I asked Sam and he nodded.

I fallowed Sam into the living room where he pulled some more out and passed two to me.

"There's enough for you and Dean." Sam said as we turned to walk out. Stood in front of us was one of the Djinn from the warehouse. It wasn't the woman.

"Oh crap." I sighed as we both watched his tattoos on his arms grown down onto his hands.

"Djinn?" Sam asked.

"One of three." I said as Sam pulled his knife out and slashed out at the male Djinn. He battered the knife away and kicked Sam back. I pulled my knife out and swiped at the Djinn as few times before he managed to batter the knife out of my hands too. The Djinn reached out to me and I jumped back.

"Watch out!" Sam yelled at me as he swung a lamp at the Djinn. He caught it and the pair struggled for a few seconds until the Djinn started to move his hands up the pole. The Djinn grabbed the pole near the top forcing Sam to let go and to jump back. I jumped in the way and started to kick out at the Djinn, knocking him back while Sam raided Dean's golf supplies.

"We really need to get to Dean!" I shouted as the Djinn jumped forwards forcing me to jump back to Sam's side. Sam started to swing out at the male Djinn knocking him to the ground. He continued to beat the crap out of him until we were sure he was dead.

"So much for lambs blood." Sam said as we turned to leave for a second time. The woman Djinn, Brigitta was stood in the way.

"You again? What does it take to kill you two?" She asked growling as she moved towards us. We backed away, naturally.

"A lot, probably more then you can handle." I smirked then felt a presence behind us. I turned and saw the other Djinn. They backed us into a corner away from the other golf clubs. Sam swung out at the male Djinn and smashed a lamp and a picture. The Djinn grabbed the golf club as Sam swung wildly. The Djinn threw the golf club away and held his hand out to grab us.

"Ideas?" Sam asked keeping his eyes on the Djinn.

"Umm run?" I asked glancing and saw Brigitta smirk at us. I glanced back to the Djinn in front of us just in time to see Samuel stab him with the silver blade.

"I got her, go get Dean." Samuel said looking at the female Djinn.

"Are you sure?" I asked watching her carefully. I knew how dangerous she could be.

"Yeah, go!" Samuel shouted and Sam pulled me away to find Dean.

We found Dean and gave him the antidote and thankfully it worked. Samuel and the rest took off pretty much as soon as we had told them Dean was going to be ok. I sensed something was up but I couldn't prove it. But then again, what did I care? I was planning on not seeing them, Sam or Dean again after this hunt for a very long time. I needed the time to heal, to get my heart past Dean and I knew that was a road I was just beginning.

"So you heading out?" Dean asked me as we stood in the kitchen. I glanced at Sam and nodded.

"Yeah looks like it." I said softly and walked over to Sam giving him a small hug.

"Take care Sam. See you around." I said as we pulled apart.

"You too Megan." Sam replied with a small smile. I turned to Dean.

"I'll walk you to the car." Dean said and walked out. I fallowed him through the house we destroyed to my baby sat outside his house. "I can't believe she's still running." Dean joked looking at my baby.

"Yeah well we fixed her up well." I said and turned to Dean. "So, how's it feel?" I asked wrapping my arms around myself.

"How's what feel?" Dean asked confused.

"To have a family of your own. How's it feel?" I asked with a soft smile.

"I dunno... it's really grown up. Sometimes I don't feel ready." Dean admitted thinking about it. I nodded and moved to open the drivers side door, when Dean grabbed my hand. I paused and looked up, straight into his beautiful green eyes. "You know there's not a day that goes by where I don't think this could have been us." He whispered. In that moment I could have melted into his arms. Kissed him and asked him to run away with me and we'd try again. I hated how it felt. I shook my head. I knew seeing how he lived, I could never ask him to do that. Not now.

"It could never have been us Dean. Not really." I said sadly shaking my head.

"Who knows... It might have, one day." Dean said with a sad smile. He pulled me into a tight hug and kissed my head. "Take care of yourself out there."

"I managed before I met you, I think I can cope alone." I joked as we pulled apart. My eyes were watering up so I wiped my face.

"Just... just call once in a while, let me know your ok." Dean said softly. I nodded and cleared my throat. Before laughing a little.

"Listen to us. We're full on chick flick moment." I said shaking my head and making Dean chuckle too.

"Yeah and you tell anyone and I will deny it fully." Dean joked as I climbed into the car.

"Oh you know I have it recorded." I joked before I started the engine. "Bye Dean, enjoy your life." I said smiling before I pulled away. I drove down the street and round the corner before I pulled over and burst into tears. I just said goodbye again... please god, let it the last time. I don't think I could go through this again...

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