Just Another Day

You're standing there, looking for all the world as if you've got nothing to fear. Your face is a portrait of happiness that I wish I could paint and hang above my bed so you'll stay there, in my room, in one way for always. Your golden hair blows around your face in the October wind and I wonder if I'll ever stop looking at you. And I wonder when the feeling inside my chest will go away. Will it ever fade? Will it ever cease? Will I ever be able to hear my own thoughts again, without your voice saying them; my conscience, my strength, my salvation and soul?

Of course, I do not tell you this. Not any of it. Neither my ponderings over your beauty, nor my questions over the feelings you inspire. What a way to ruin the moment that would be, to start proclaiming all sorts of romantic gibberish that I'm sure I must've accidently picked up from good old Dylan last week, because I'm not usually like this - honest to chaos, I'm not.

It's just. You –


Oh, I dunno.

But your eyes, they're staring into mine and they're bright, and light, and innocent; yet understanding, and compassionate, and wise. How do you do that? How do you remain such a beautiful young woman, untainted and perfect; and yet absolutely, completely, know and just get me, without turning away?

I think you might be secretly more amazing than anyone even realises. And most people that we come across in our journeys around the universe see the brilliance in you anyway, so that's saying something. Perhaps there's a sparkle that you only show for me, though. At least, I hope there is. I don't like the thought of sharing you, even though I must. Even though I cannot keep you for myself indefinitely. So let me have this, this look you're giving me, and let no other person ever receive the same. Please. Just...just for me. Just this once.

The twinkle in your eyes promises me that you will comply with my silent request, and is this now adoration I am feeling, or relief, or both and much more besides?

Your lips curve into that big, wonderful beam of a smile, and I wonder if there's a star that shines brighter, a planet more appealing, a person more captivating, a story more worthy of narrating, than that Rose Tyler Smile. I come to the conclusion there is not. Incidentally, this is mainly due to the fact I cannot picture anything else but you at the moment, to draw a comparison. You are vision to behold, and I thank everything that led me to you. The plastic arm, the Autons, the Nestene.

The Time War.

For what a thing to come out of something so horrific and tragic as that; meeting the girl I never knew I wanted and needed and -

And I realise.

This? Today?

It's just another day where I love you.

Another in a long line of days; from the first day to forever.