Marital Psychosis

A/N Warning: Disturbing, violent, drug and alcohol situations in this chapter as well as a very detailed Lemon. Te He! I must also state that my marriage is absolutely wonderful due to the aspect of my story and in no way shape or form is written from the personal experience of my marriage.

The description of the bar is however from personal experience. I managed this bar for five years and as bad as it was, I loved every single minute of it…there was never a dull moment.

Anyhow for those of you who have been through similar situations, you have my sympathy. I have witnessed a lot in my young life. A family member of mine went through this sort of situation and it took a lot for her to get out of this kind of relationship. She is the strongest women I know….I love you.

Special thanks to:

My wonderful amazing Beta Dee, for always taking my stories and making them so much better.

You wonderful readers/reviewers out there who continue to support my messed up mind.

And of course my wonderful hot ass husband who is always so supportive…Love you.

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Bella's Point Of View

Why the hell did Jacob and I buy this fucking hell hole? We had sunk every last fuck'n dollar we had into this place and still it was falling apart and was in dire need of a renovation. Trust me, I thought about burning the shit hole down to the ground just to collect the fuck'n insurance check, but even still the insurance money wouldn't have been enough to make up for the money, fuck cluster we had put ourselves in.

Jacob was my College sweetheart, my childhood friend and we were expected to get married after we graduated, and so we did. After we both graduated, in Business we decided to take the money we received from the wedding to open up a little night club in the little shit hole of a town we grew up in called Forks.

Look at him over there, scrubbing the fuck'n tables down….God I loathed the man. Every time I saw him I wanted to fuck'n puke. Literally, I had no love for this man, and God help me I wanted out of this dead end marriage of ours. Okay, so I sound like a total bitch, but really there was just nothing there anymore. I needed excitement….I needed passion and he was just a boring fuck who couldn't get it up half the time. So don't judge me until you've walked a mile in my shoes.

Jacob was never the romantic type. The only hard on he got was from working on his damn cars. I swear to God if he could have fucked the exhaust pipe, he would have…come to think of it, he probably did.

My father Charlie was a respected police officer…The Chief of police, to be exact and he loved Jacob to death. Ending our marriage would be the death of him. My mother Renee left my father years ago for another man; at least she would understand my desires of wanting out, but still this town was so damn small that everyone was sniffing up your ass and there was no way in hell, I would ever live this down.

When I went to my best friend Rosalie a few days ago seeking out understanding to my situation, she all but told me I was insane.

"Jacob was the most eligible bachelor in our town, before you came and scooped him up….don't be so fuck'n stupid." Were her exact words, with some other bullshit like….nothing is perfect….marriage is hard….you have to work at it…blah…blah…fuck-ety blah….. She ought to know she'd been married to Emmett for ten years.

Call me naïve, but I figured marriage was to be full of love and bliss filled happiness, not drunk fests and beatings. Yes alright the common marriage has its ups and downs but I swear, if I heard one more person cry to me because their husband didn't buy them the two hundred dollar dress they wanted, I was going to take their fuck'n head off.

God I was so damn stupid. I got married when I was just twenty-three years old and now I was thirty in a dead end marriage…in debt….my business going under and of all things Jacob had now, just recently started talking about having children. How could he think that this was a great idea, when we could barely afford to feed ourselves, let alone pay the fuck'n bills?

If people only knew that he beat me behind closed doors, ran around on me with more women than I could count on all of my fingers and toes, then they might understand my side of things. But oh no…Jacob was too good to be true. All the man ever did was snort cocaine up his nose, drink until he was obliterated, and fucked anything that had tits and a cunt.

When we would fuck- and yes I'm calling it fucking; there was no love making in what we did, I would tell him to put on a condom because I didn't want to get pregnant. In truth, I was on the pill but I damn well, was scared of catching some sort of disease. How sad is that?….I had to protect myself from my own husband, he was disgusting. Jacob would beg me for it and I would give in at least once a month just to shut him the fuck up….I faked every damn orgasm, while he grunted like a fuck'n dog in heat, as he pounded into me, until he had satisfied himself….Fuck'n Pig.

The only damn orgasm that I ever had was from my little friend, the silver bullet. The sad truth to my life was that I had only ever been with Jacob, sexually and as far as relationships go, he was definitely the longest. Prior to Jacob, I had only dated a few men and they never lasted any more than a few weeks.

There were times where I watched him sleep and thought about taking his pillow and smothering the shit out of him. I would never do it of course, but the thought always lingered around in my brain. I would stand over the bed and watch as his naked ass snored and picture myself, clutching the corners of the pillow over his face, while his legs kicked violently, until they were immobile. I would even smile menacingly as I pictured my freedom…..yeah I needed help.

Today we caught a break however and Jacob was thrilled as shit. Our little shithole was booked for some rich ass fucker, who had just moved up the ladder. The company was called Cullen and Sons. I had never heard about it before, but then again it was some uppity company in Seattle and I never left this dive, not to mention that I was so far from this class of people it wasn't funny.

When Jacob excitedly revealed the booking to me, telling me that we were about to make a shit load of money, I couldn't understand why the hell people of their statue would want to have their banquet in a place like this. Jacob said that the lucky fucker they were having the party for, loved our place and asked for it personally. Far be it for me to argue the man's taste in decor.

As of late we didn't have many staff. In fact, all we had working for us was Alice, my sister in Law. We knew that we wouldn't be able to handle the usual crowd of drunken, violent, regular customers and the newer uppity class that was going to be attending tonight. We didn't even have a bouncer and this made me nervous as shit, because of our regulars. They didn't like the kind of people this banquette was sure to bring in and I knew that all hell was going to break loose soon enough. Alice assured us that her friend Jessica was a great help and insisted that we let her help, that she wasn't looking to get paid an hourly wage, she would just keep her tips for the evening. She was fuck'n perfect for us considering our current situation, so I quickly jumped on that band wagon.

Our place was so rough and tough that it would have put that movie 'Road house' to shame. The band that played here were friends of Jacob's, they called themselves 'The Covenant.' They mostly played death metal and there was no cage protecting them, like in the movie. If they sucked, the regulars would let them know it, by throwing their beer bottles or glasses at them. One time, Sam, one of our regulars, walked up on stage and pissed on it, just to prove a point. It got so heated that I ended up with a black eye before the police showed up… I said, rough and tough.

"Bella, did you hear what I said?" Jacob's disgusting voice yelled out.

I shook my head from side to side."Sorry what was that?"

"Did you get the float ready for tonight?" He breathed down on me, forcing me to hold back the vomit that threatened to spew from my mouth.

I looked down at the register and realized that I was in such a fuck'n daze that I still had a pile of twenties in my hand.

"No, I'll be just a few more minutes," I spit, turning around to face the surface of the bar and started to count out the stack of twenty's.

Jacob was an impatient bastard on most days, but even I couldn't fault him for being nervous, that everything was just right for this evening's affair. He stood there hovering over me like a fuck'n watch dog.

"I'll have it ready." I huffed as his eyes lidded in lust.

"You know I could fuck you right over the bar." He, whispered into my ear.

Oh please stop…I don't want to spew.

"And what would that accomplish?" I glared at him.

"You know you're a fuck'n cock tease. Bella, you're my wife and you have certain obligations to fulfill." He, shot out.

"Well, why don't you go fuck one of your whores? I'm sure they can look after that for you." I chuckled, pointing at his so called cock.

"I wouldn't have to fuck them, if you would put out once in a while." He stated, matter-of-factly before storming off towards the office.

I slammed down the money and then started to laugh hysterically. Fuck we're fucked up. How the hell did we ever make it this far? Jacob suggested therapy once and I told him, that we were so far gone, that the psychiatric shrink would have probably signed the divorce papers himself. The fucker even laughed along with me and agreed. It was the first time we agreed on anything, but still he wouldn't divorce me and told me that if I even so much as thought about going behind his back, he would ruin me. I wasn't scared of Jacob by no means. Even his beatings didn't terrify me….as sick as it seemed, they showed me some form of affection towards me…if that makes any sense at all? But it was the fact that my own family would be ruined by whatever bullshit Jacob would spread across town about me.

When the doors were finally opened to Izzy's…Yeah a short formation of my name Isabella….that Jacob called me…fuck I hated it. My father called me Bells. Most of the people in town called me Bella, but Jacob had to have his own pet name for me. I guess in some ways, Izzy suited the place and the way I felt about my life. It too was going down the toilet, like my own sad little so called life. Yep, she and I were one and even though I would never tell Jacob, I loved the damn place. The dream I had for her when we opened was still alive in me, but the money situation, was slowly dwindling down the flames I had for her. Story of my life right? The roof was leaking in random places, whenever the tenets upstairs would have a shower or bath, and the blue paint was blistering and peeling from all the water damage. Our blue and yellow nineteen hundred carpeting, was completely ruined and my god the tables and chairs were almost nonexistent, due to all the bar fights that took place. Yet another problem I had this evening.

"Alice, could you please go to the basement and see if we have anymore tables and chairs." I hollered out, greeting the five regulars at the door.

She took off in search of something I knew didn't exist. How the hell was I going to seat two hundred people?

"Jacob!" I screamed, to get no damn reply.

I stormed off towards the office, telling the older gentleman who was now demanding a rye and coke, that I would just be a minute. When I swung the door open, low and behold Jacob had Jessica's legs wrapped around his shoulders, while he ate her out. She screamed of course trying to cover herself up, placing her head in her hands red as a fuck'n tomato.

"Oh no worries sweet heart, by all means continue on. Just don't think he's going to pay for it, because he's a broke motherfucker. When you're done dipping your cock, could you please help me out here!" I screamed, slamming the door and hightailed it towards the bar.

"God, damn men, their all the fuck'n same." I mumbled under my breath as I came to the front of the bar.

"Excuse me Miss." A man's voice irritated me.

"Yeah…Yeah a rye and coke, I fuck'n got it alright! Just give me a few minutes." I yelled as I opened the cash register to count out the float, that I hadn't managed to get together this morning.

"Hum, Miss….I don't think that you understand." The man practically whispered, which pissed me off further. What the hell was wrong with this guy?

I turned around poured the shot of rye, added the coke and slapped it down on the bar, without even looking up at him. "There's you're fuck'n rye and coke…that-ill be five dollars." I huffed out.

"Alright, but I didn't want a rye and coke." He stated.

Oh no you don't…..He wasn't about to waste my rye, not in my damn bar.

"Listen. you're going to pay for that…" I half turned while I spoke, and when I spotted the man, I nearly fell to my knees to warship, the dirty ass ground on which he stood.

He was tall, at least six foot give or take….he had to have stood at least three feet more than me. I bet he could wrap my legs around his waist and move me up and down on his shaft, without even breaking a sweat. His long bronzy locks wiped out in every direction, they had an 'I just got laid' sway about them and man, I couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to run my fingers through his tangled up mane. He was wearing a black dress shirt, black dress pants and a white tie. I noticed that his black leather jacket was lying across the top of my bar…..Did I mention I love me some leather?

I suddenly felt horrible, knowing that his coat would be completely stained. His shoulder's were broad, his lips lusciously pouted, his jaw line looked as though it was carved of stone…but what nearly made me rip off my panties and tell him to fuck me right where we stood, was his damn green eyes. I could have gotten lost in them completely.

My womanhood screamed out for him to touch me….to kiss me with his soft looking lips…oh how I wanted to feel them. I was standing there not saying anything when he smiled….oh now he had gone and done it! I was so going to rape this man. He half smirked, his eyes half closed….the smug little bastard was getting a thrill out of this.

"I'm sorry what do you want?" I huffed out.

I turned around praying to god that I wasn't red faced and bit down on my lower lip chanting…please say me on all fours….please…..please…..I've been a good girl….please…..

"Hum, yes well…I do believe that I booked this place for two hundred people." He eyed me.


"Right…. you are?" I eyed him, smiling this time.

Fuck, I didn't want to send him over the hills running, we needed his money…..and well after getting a look at him….I needed him in more ways than one.

"Edward….Edward Cullen." He confirmed giving me that god damn smile of his again, as he extended his hand for me to shake.

Was it perverted of me to notice how long and lean his fingers were? How big his palm was, how soft his grip was, when he shook my hand? I walked around the bar, to properly introduce myself, and getting a little look see wouldn't hurt anyone.

"Hello Edward, I'm Bella….I'm the owner of this place. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding there…the rye and coke is on the house." I smiled up at him.

I stole a quick little look and damn, by the look of his tight fitting dress pants, he was indeed well in doubt….Momma just found a brand new toy to play with….silver bullet who?

He shifted uncomfortably, and then smiled taking a seat at the bar. I was momentarily lost for words, he just smiled and sat at the bar, ignoring me all together. What the hell was I doing anyways; I was a married woman for Christ sakes? I walked around to the other side of the bar and continued to count out the float, when the old fucker started hollering again.

"Yeah Jesus, I'll be right there!" I screamed back, heading for the bottle of rye and then retrieved a glass from under the bar.

"Seems like a busy joint!" Edward whispered.

"Sorry you gotta speak up if you expect me to hear you!" I hollered, pointing to the jukebox. I could hear him alright, but I loved me, the sound of his, velvety smooth, orgasmic voice.

His face went all red, and that shit was adorable. I walked out from behind the bar, drink in hand and winked at him. He grinned shyly and that hot ass sexy shit, had my center moistening. I don't know what the hell I was doing, Jacob was in the back fucking Jessica and he could come out at anytime, but hell this man had taken over me in every way possible.

I leaned over the small table, propping my ass into the air and watched Edward out of the corner of my eye, he was getting a good eye full and by the look on his face and his head tilt, he liked what he saw.

I was enjoying making him foam at the mouth, until I heard Jacob's deep voice booming, "You like what you see?" He hollered as I watched Edward turn to him with an embarrassed look on his face. "That's my fuck'n wife man!" He screamed, as he grabbed Edward's collar.

I ran as fast as I could grabbing, Jacob's arm, "This is Edward Cullen!" I screamed.

"I don't give a fuck who he is!" He hollered back.

"He's the Cullen that booked Izzy's tonight!" I huffed as Jacob's tensed up face smoothed out again.

I knew that it sent him into a fit of rage, if another man so much as looked at me, but if money was concerned, he just let that shit go, "I'm sorry man." He straightened out Edward's shirt as Edward smiled and said, "No worries, just a big misunderstanding." Edward stood from the bar and started to head for the front door.

"Smooth move, jack ass!" I huffed as I ran after Edward.

"Wait, I'm sorry Jacob is an asshole." I chuckled trying to catch my breath, damn this man had some long ass legs, and I had to practically run to catch up with him.

"Your husband is just protective, I get it." He smiled.

"No, that man is just my husband on paper," I blurted out as Edward eyed me. "I mean…no he's just an asshole. I hope that his rude behavior doesn't scare you off from having your banquette here." I eyed him hoping that I would see him again, I could give two shits about the money now. I just wanted to see him again.

He gave me a crocked little grin before; he placed his right hand gently to the side of my face. That shit shocked me, but it felt so good, that I closed my eyes on the contact. "No worries Love, I'm the guest of honor, they'll have it where I want it." He whispered as I opened my eyes to look at him. He was smiling as he removed his hand from my face. It was quick and probably nothing to read into but damn did his touch feel good.

"I'm sorry, that was inappropriate of me, but you're a women who should be touched and you seem like you seldom do." He placed his hands as his sides as he looked over me, towards the bar.

I didn't have to have eyes in the back of my head, to know that Jacob was probably watching us and giving Edward the death stare.

"Am I that obvious?" I chuckled.

He smiled one last time and walked right out the front door of Izzy's. Damn, that could have possibly been the father of my children and I just let him walk out the fuck'n door. One touch…one touch that's all it took for me to melt, moisten and want him.

Edward's Point Of View

My father Carlisle was stepping down as CEO of Cullen & Sons, and wanted me to take my rightful place at the head of the table, so to speak. I had been waiting for this day for nearly fifteen years. My father was a hard ass and never fed me with a silver spoon. We had lots of money, but if I wanted to run the business one day, I needed to understand how business was handled.

I went to University for five years, studying business and when I graduated my father made me work my way up from the bottom. My brother Jasper on the other hand, wasn't interested in flipping real estate. What we did was take rundown buildings; fixed them up cheep, and sold them for much more than they were worth. Ultimately Jasper thought we were ripping people off and he wanted no part in it. I on the other hand was born for this, I had no kids, no girl friend and at the age of twenty five all that mattered to me, was money. Now I was thirty five, still no wife, kids and no girlfriend to share my money with. All that my life consisted of, was this damn company.

My priorities changed as I got older, I guess I just matured or some shit like that, but all the same. I couldn't just walk out the door and leave my father's company to James. James was an old University buddy of mine, that wanted a job and I gave him one. He had moved up in ranks and was just below me. If I walked out on the old man, James would take my place. Don't get me wrong I knew that James could handle the job. It was just that he was more interested in spending his money at strip clubs and on prostitutes, which in turn would give my father's company a bad rap….not to mention, it was called Cullen & Sons…not Cullen and James.

As my father explained to me, that now was the time for me to take his place, I panicked. I wasn't at all ready to fill his shoes. He went on and on about how mature and business savvy I was and that he knew I would do more for his company, then he could have ever done. I immediately stayed focused on the mature part of his speech when he went on to ask, where I wanted to have the celebration. I remembered a bar in Forks, that would send shivers up and down my father's spine, and make him second guess my maturity level, possibly buying me five more years, of not having to wear the crown.

The man on the phone; Jacob was shocked, that I wanted to have this class of people step foot into his bar, but he was ecstatic when I promised him that we would throw more money into his bar then he would know what to do with. He told me it would cost me eight hundred dollars, to book the whole place and I in turn told him, that I would pay three thousand dollars to hold, only two hundred people and that I didn't want him to close the bar down on my behalf. Giving him some line of how I didn't want him to lose his regular customers. In truth I wanted my father and his colleges to see the rough atmosphere and run for the hills.

Jasper played in this band called 'The Covenant' and was friends with Jacob. I had been in Izzy's just once, to watch Jasper play and once I got a look at the place, I chugged down my beer and ran right out the front door. This place was as rough as they come, in fact the last time I was there this big biker looking fellow, smashed a beer bottle over another man's head. What was more shocking, was that the man stood and shook the bikers hand, thanking him for putting him in his place.

Today I went to Izzy's making sure the arrangements were all taken care of, but what I wasn't expecting was for this place to have such a beauty as Bella. I could tell that she had come from the other side of the tracks, not at all in my league, but I didn't give two shits, if she had money.

Most women would blush and run from me, but not this one. This one had a wicked ass tongue on her and I felt the need to wash it out with my own. Her dirty repulsive behavior had me sweating. I had never come into contact with such a…..a tough bitch before, and god help me I was hard as hell.

Her long mahogany brown hair, with just a hint of red highlights had me wanting to sniff it; I bet she smelled like strawberries. The dark makeup she wore, on some would have looked like a prostitute, but on her, she looked mysterious and forced me to shift awkwardly on my stool. Her chocolate brown eyes were deep, sorrowful and lacked meaning. I knew that she was a women scorn just by one look and that shit was a damn shame, whoever he was, he didn't deserve a beauty of this magnitude. But what sucked me in were those perfect plump, juicy red lips of hers…I bet they would look sexy as hell wrapped around my cock.

"Seems like a busy joint!" I blurted out trying to gain her attention.

"Sorry you gotta speak up, if you expect me to hear you!" She hollered, pointing to the jukebox.

Smooth move, god I was lame. Why couldn't I just get in there take what I wanted and be done with it? Jasper always told me that I took my job everywhere with me, and that I was already an old man.

"Live a little…get into trouble once in a while." He would scold me.

Bella smiled at me and I watched her intently as she propped her ass up into the air, as she finally served the old bastard his rye and coke….I was grinning from ear to ear, taking in the ass, that should have been worshiped by the gods or me….she could scream out god….call me god and I wouldn't mind.

I felt someone grab me by the collar. At first I was getting ready, to tell the large muscular man to fuck off….I thought he was a body guard, until he asked me if I like what I saw and informed me that Bella was his wife. She came to my defense explaining who I was and her husband Jacob removed his hands from my throat.

I felt like a fuck'n idiot, here I was for the first time in years, ready to take a leap of faith, to live a little as my brother had stated and I was hitting on the owners wife. I felt like a complete ass and wished, that he would have punched me in the face just to teach me fucking a lesson.

When Jacob apologized to me, I couldn't believe it, and figured that they must have needed the money really bad, because if I had something as sexy as Bella on my arm, I wouldn't have apologized for my behavior.

I told him something lame like, this was all just a big misunderstanding and took my leave from the bar, before everything got all out of hand…eyes on the prize Edward; you want your father to change his mind from stepping down. If you blow this place you will be swamped with paper work for the rest of your life.

I was momentarily, chuckling internally, at how lame my life had become, when Bella ran after me. She was so beautiful, rambling on about how her husband was an asshole and she looked desperate to keep me interested in the bar, but what shocked me was when she let it slip that Jacob was only her husband on paper. It was as though she was begging for me to wisp her up into my arms and provide a better life for her. It was sad and I felt sorry for her, but god help me, I wanted to do that for her. I had no god damn idea what this women's sway was over me, but I loved it.

I was shocked at how intellectual she was, talking earlier she was cussing up a storm and now the business aspect in her had come out. She didn't deserve to run a place like this; she should have been running a five star hotel or something like that. I couldn't help myself I placed my hand gently to the side of her face and was well rewarded, with the soft creamy texture of her skin. Fuck this woman was perfect and her husband didn't know what the hell he had.

"No worries Love, I'm the guest of honor, they'll have it where I want it." I whispered.

She closed her eyes as my hand made contact and when she opened them, I smiled and removed my hand from her face.

"I'm sorry that was inappropriate of me, but you're a women who should be touched and you seem like you seldom do." I spewed out from my mouth once again placing myself in the middle of a married couple, praying like hell she would take my hand and leave this place with me.

I placed my hands at my side looking over her shoulder to see her husband glaring at me, as he washed a glass. He was pissed and I knew that by the look in his eyes, that if I didn't soon leave on my own, I would be leaving on a stretcher.

"Am I that obvious?" She chuckled bringing my eyes back to her now flushed face.

That shit was adorable, and I couldn't help but smile. I didn't say anything to her, I just smiled like a fuck'n chump and walked out the front door. The moment I stood beside my silver Aston Martin DBS 2011, I felt like a fuck'n tool. Not only does my attire, my car and everything else about me, not fit in, in this little hick as town, but I was so wrong in my assumption earlier…..Bella wasn't out of my league I was out of hers…..What the hell would a women like that want with some rich asshole like me?

I was about to get into my car, when I watched her run down the front steps. I slammed the door in a fit of lust, praying like hell she would just leap into my arms and ran around the back of the car. She slammed right into my chest and my arms instinctively wrapped around her.

"I'm sorry Mr. Cullen, I'm such a klutz." She blushed, as she pushed against my hold.

I was staring down at her, watching as her forearms rested on my abdomen and her fists balled against me chest. Her shy smile made me lean in…what the hell was I doing? As I leaned in closer she pulled back and held up my coat.

"You forgot your coat." She whispered.

I let go of her immediately, trying my best to straighten out myself, "Thank you." I nodded, clearing out my throat as I took my leather jacket from her.

"No worries." She shrugged and headed back into the bar.

I turned around and practically threw myself into my car, and speed off as she watched me from the doorway of her place.

The entire day, I walked around the office in a complete Bella daze. All I wanted was to see her again. Everyone kept slapping me on the shoulder, congratulating me on my success. It all felt so phony. These people hated me and now they would be working under me…damn suck asses. Even though I had worked for it, I still didn't feel like I deserved it….I would rather run that dive with Bella, then work here where everything was so falsified.

I knew that my father and his colleagues, would be dressed in business attire, not only because we were all heading there once the office was closed but also because this was what they were….business always business.

I on the other hand decided that I was going with a dark pair of denim jeans, my biker boots and a tight red top, paired nicely with my black leather coat, that I noticed Bella loved….Bella I sighed…..I couldn't wait to see her again.

The moment I pulled up to Izzy's I noted all the limos and expensive looking vehicles, alongside all the Harleys….it was amusing… out of character for this street. I laughed internally knowing that some of these poor saps, would end up having their hubcaps stolen, by the time they had even taken a sip of whatever expensive drink they had in their hands.

When I walked in, Jaspers band was rocking out, some high pitched wailing, metal song and all my father colleagues were awkwardly trying to listen. Bella had place a bunch of tables together and put a table cloth over them. I assumed she was trying to make the place look, just a little bit classy.

I was amazed at how clean the place looked. Not at all what I had hoped for, but she had went all out for this one. Even though her efforts wouldn't have been noticed by all of my, fellow co-workers, they were noticed by me.

I sucked in a deep breath and walked over to the table where my father stood and shook his hand. He didn't believe in hugs around business associates, he said it made us look weak. I smiled at them all as they congratulated me and then spotted Bella behind the bar, arguing with Jacob. I suddenly felt angry that he would scream at her like that, in front of all these people. It was so heated that we could still hear them over the noise of the band.

As I ventured over to the bar, Bella spotted me and smiled, "Well guest of honor, what can I get for you?" She smiled.

"Um maybe one of those special, Rye and cokes of yours." I smiled back as she nodded and went to get me my drink.

I hated Rye, but not today…today I loved it because it was the farthest bottle on the shelf and when she reached, I got an eye full of ass….Yeah I was a sly motherfucker.

"Here yah go!" She hollered, giving me a little wink.

I smiled, placed a twenty on the counter and walked away.

"Hey it's only five, and don't you want your change?" She yelled over the music.

"Nah you keep it." I smiled and walked back over to our table.

The night went over smoothly; in fact my father loved the damn place, so much so that he asked Bella what year it was built in. She answered him telling him that it was built in 1901. My father was ecstatic after she revealed, that she had a picture of the place, when a horse and carriage was the only means of transportation. He went all ape shit and begged her to bring it up, so that he and his colleagues could have a look at it.

When she returned with the old photograph, that she had blown up and framed, she informed us all that it was in fact an old brothel. My father's eyes were sparkling when she continued to state that the door on the far left had its original men's entrance sign, hanging above the door. They all got up wanting to witness such an antique. As we looked up at it she explained that back in those times a woman couldn't come into the men's section, without being escorted by a man.

I listened intently to her history lesson, but it wasn't the knowledge of the place that made smile as she told the tail. It was the fact that I could see in her eyes, how much she loved this place and how devoted she was to it. She had impressed my father so much that he offered to buy it from her. She told him that Izzy's wasn't for sale, just yet and winked at him. The old man even blushed. She asked if she were to sell it, what he thought her dive might go for. He told her at least two hundred thousand and her mouth dropped open. I knew that he was taking her for a ride, given the history lesson and all. Normally I didn't interfere in my father's business, but for some reason, I couldn't stand back and watch as she got taken for a ride.

"In my opinion, I wouldn't take less than one million. If you let me, I could find you a buyer who would likely pay more….when you're ready to sell of course." I smiled as my father gave me a stern look of warning.

"Well Bella my dear, thank you so much for your hospitality. It's getting late, and I'm afraid that office hours come early." My father politely thanked her and started to head for the door, me hot on his heels.

"What the hell was that?" He grunted.

"The poor woman is in some financial debt and you know as much as I do, that this place would easily make us five million, we need to be fare." I huffed back as he eyed me contently.

"You like her?" He asked

"She's married." I confirmed.

"But you like her all the same and she doesn't look like, she's happily married to me." He smiled, nodding his chin in the direction of the bar.

I looked over my shoulder to note Bella, watching me contently.

"What's gotten into you, you normally would scowl at me, for this kind of behavior?" I asked.

"Um what will be will be? You're a smart boy…I raised you remember? She seems like she could take you down a few notches and well son, I just want you to be happy…..Don't misunderstand me….you are to be a gentleman and respect her wishes, even if that means she tells you to get lost…you understand me?" He warned.

"Yes." I smiled.

"Are you coming?" He asked.

"Um no, I think I'll stay a while and help them clean up." I explained clearing out my throat.

My father nodded and reminded me to behave myself. As I walked back towards the bar, Jasper nodded as he tore apart his drum set. I gave him a little chin nod in return and then over heard the heated argument that Bella and Jacob were having. I stood at the bar as he called her a whore, among many other profanities, and clutched my hands onto the counter top.

"Fuck you Jake…you're eating out Jessica in the office, and I'm the fuck'n whore? Fuck you!" She screamed.

As she started to appear before me, Jacob took hold of her arm, pulling her back in front of him, raised his arm and smacked her right across the face. I jumped from my stool and ran around to the other side of the bar as he continued to smack at her. She had fallen to the floor, crouched in a fetal position as she covered her head with her hands, when I caught his arm in mid swing. Jacob turned around and told me to mind my own business, and I told him that I was making it my business. He was furious that I had interfered and before I knew it, my face had received the other end of his powerful blow.

I allowed it; I deserved it, but was happy as shit that he was taking his brute strength out on me, rather than on Bella. Jasper came running and pulled Jacob off of me and told him to go cool off. Of course Jasper gave me hell, telling me that Jacob wasn't the type of man to mess with, and that the least I could have done was fight back….that because I was his brother I made him look like a pansy. I shrugged it off and helped Bella to her feet, asking her if she was alright.

"God damn ass hole!" She screamed heading to the ice machine and place some cubes in an old dirty bar towel.

The bar was now closed, Jacob had stormed off and Jasper's band along with Jasper were now long gone. Bella and I were all alone locked up in Izzy's. I took my jacket off and placed it down onto the bar before taking off my shirt and placing ice cubes in it. Bella eyed me as I removed the dirty rag from her swollen face and replaced it with my t-shirt.

"You shouldn't have something, so dirty on your face." I smiled.

"Wow!" Was her reply.

"What?" I huffed out a smile.

"You're beautiful." She blushed.

I lowered my t-shit from her face looking adoringly, into those chocolate brown eyes of hers. She was stunningly perfect and in spite of all the hicks, yokels, drunks and her asshole of a husband, I had a great evening and I didn't want to do anything to ruin that, but her heavy lidded lust filled eyes had captivated me. I swallowed loudly as I leaned in, my heart was beating rapidly as her mouth slightly parted and she closed her eyes, readying herself for the kiss. However I pussed out, I couldn't do it. I was a gentlemen and as much as I wanted to, I just couldn't…this was wrong so wrong….I needed to get the hell out of here.

"Um right well, I better get going." I turned for the door when she grabbed my arm.

"Look, keep the shirt…I ah…I can't do this…you're a married women…a very attractive married women, but married." I rambled running my fingers through my hair awkwardly as she smiled timidly.

"Mr. Cullen." She started.

"Please…call me Edward." I begged as she nodded a crocked little grin.

"Edward…I just wanted to say thank you for tonight. I mean the business…the offer to sell this dive," She chuckled, waving her free hand in the air, while the other still clutched my ice filled t-shirt to the side of her face, "to protecting me from Jacob." She sighed.

"You're welcome." I smiled, as she went to return my shirt, "No you keep it, a little reminder of me." I grinned, as I watched her smile reach her beautiful brown eyes. "Wow, how beautiful…a genuine smile." I placed my hand over my heart as she slapped at me with her free hand.

"Please, have a drink with me before you go?" She asked as I had to fight back the 'fuck'n right' smile I had going on.

She poured us both a shot of rye and took a seat on the bar stool next to me, tapping her glass from mine, "Here's to meeting new people." She grinned and chugged that shot back like a champ, "To new people." I sang along and downed the drink.

As I fought back the urge to spit it back into my glass…that shit was awful…she rambled on about her marital madness, and as much as I wanted her to just shut the hell up and let me kiss those tender soft lips of hers I just couldn't. I knew that she was just looking for a shoulder to cry on….a lap to dump all her baggage onto. I was shocked to find out that she had taken business as well in College. This intrigued me.

We talked until the sun rose and peered through the window, directly onto my face. "Well, I guess I better get going." I sighed as she nodded and hopped off of her stool.

Walking towards the front door was the toughest part; as much as I knew I had to, I didn't want to leave her side.

"Edward," She called and I turned abruptly around, smacking right into her, "I….um..." She stumbled for the words as she stood up onto her toes and placed a gentle peck to my lips, "I…. god that was so wrong…I've never…I mean Jacob does it all the time…but I never..." She trailed on as I pulled her in tighter and kissed her lips hard, with greed.

She moaned into my mouth as our tongues fought for dominance. I couldn't remember the last time I had a really good lay. I mean, not just a quick poke in the office, or a bad blow in the back seat of my car. An honest to goodness fuck, with someone who I remotely fancied. Clearly I wasn't in my element. This was a women who was an emotional wreak and I didn't want to hurt her further. I had only ever had one rule and that was that I would never sleep with a woman who was married, but my god all my protective barriers were down and long gone, just by one single kiss.

I mean Jacob was a real piece of work, but he was still her husband and I should respect at least that much. But still my tongue wove in and out of her mouth, with a hungry desire. As I broke the kiss, struggling with my own inner demons, she was glowing with giddiness and ready to throw her life away, on me…some damn chump…..I couldn't allow this to go any further, then it had already.

I looked down at her and in that moment I noticed that the top three buttons were undone on her blue silk top, exposing the soft milky skin of her cleavage. Her jeans were tight as hell and the black pumps she wore made her legs look as though they went on for miles. Her attire was simple, yet beautiful and it was obvious that she didn't belong in a place like this, but miserable or not, she was still with that bozo.

"I know this is crazy, but from the moment I saw you, I knew you would be someone I could trust, someone who would understand. Would you help me? Give me one last chance to be single?" She smiled shyly, biting down onto her bottom plump lip.

Her eyes were dark, in longing as she waited for my reply. The question of whether I should or shouldn't was now the last thing on my mind. She stood straight, shoulders back like she was on a mission and walked towards me. Her hand reached out nervously and ran up and down the side of my face. Before I could stop her, or tell her no, she had her lips pressed against mine again. In that instant, the one rule I had lived by was thrown right out the window, and my hand was now trailing through her, long dark locks, and down onto the small of her back.

Her small hands found their way under my leather jacket, running down my chest. She was really beautiful. My moral objections seemed like a distant memory, as she flicked her tongue over my nipple and sucked gently. My hands ghosted along the silkiness of her blouse, until my thumbs glided across her nipples. I smiled as they hardened under my touch. It had really been too long.

I teased her tight flesh and ran my tongue down her neck. She smelled like honey dew with a hint of watermelon and cigarette smoke.

Her hands moved to my belt buckle and the moment my pants hit the floor she was on her knees, pressing her cherry red lips, against my swollen knob. I tried to ignore the fact that her husband, who was just upstairs, could walk in on a moment's notice and crush me with his bare hands.

Her tongue swirled expertly around my cock and I tried not to moan out loud…but she was making it too damn hard. She pushed me deep into her throat, expertly several times before she stood up. Without a word, she grabbed my hand and placed it onto the waist band of her jeans. I grunted lifting her up onto the surface of the bar and ripped them off of her, exposing her black laced panties.

What a sight I had before me, she was absolutely perfect. She placed my hand onto her panties slowly, and the moment I had touched her warm center, I moaned out. She was wetter than I thought she would be, clearly not too concerned about her husband. I let her lead my fingers over her slippery flesh. Her clit was hard under my middle finger.

Bella pressed her face into my neck, kissing and licking as she moaned quietly. I let a finger slip inside her wet pussy and as I pushed deeper inside, she rolled her hips against my palm, rubbing her clit into me. She moaned against my skin, her teeth nipping at my neck as I continued to pleasure her un-forbidden fruit.

Reluctantly, I removed my hand from her panties as she watched me lick my fingers clean, before she turned around onto all fours, on the top of the bar. I stroked myself, spitting into the palm of my hand as she pulled her black panties down, allowing them to fall to the floor.

I pushed her forward a little, enjoying the view, of the firm ass that was in front of me. As she turned to look at me, a smile shone on her face. The same smile that she had given me earlier, the one that light up her face.

"Please, I need this." Her voice was so sweet.

I ran my hand up her thigh, feeling her soft velvety skin, before placing her swollen lips in my hand. As much as I wanted to fuck her like this, so animalistic, I just couldn't. I jumped up onto the bar and placed her gently onto her back. She needed to feel appreciated, appraised for the beauty that she was, not taken like some common whore…she was far from that….and I knew it.

I looked her directly in the eye, as I asked her if she was sure, "Yes…please…..I want you Edward." She whispered.

I nudged the head of my cock gently into her swollen pussy, and moaned contently. She was so warm, wet and tight. As I moved deeper inside her, I thought it was a shame that a girl like this, was married to a barbaric asshole like that. She pushed back slowly onto my cock, muffling her moans with her own hand and soon her body was rocking onto me hard. I held her curvy hips in my hands, trying not to think about anything but her.

I slipped one hand between us and started stroking her clit in small circles. She went wild, thrashing against the bar. We were both struggling to be quiet as she slammed her pelvises back on me, harder and faster, a few stray moans escaping her lips. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and I didn't want to take the only orgasm, I was sure she had, had in months from her. She lowered her hand over mine, pushing my fingers harder onto her clit. Her body started to shake as I felt her pussy clamp around me. That was all I could handle and went off engulfing her with my seed.

"Oh! Fuck!" I cried out, as her body continued to buck back into me, milking me for everything I had to give, until she was spent. We collapsed on the bar, panting, flushed and sweaty.

After a few moments, Bella jumped down from the bar and got dressed silently. She grabbed the bottle of Rye and poured us a quick shot. I sipped at mine, while she downed hers.

"Thank you." She smiled and as I went to talk, she cut me off, "I'm not a whore. I don't do this sort of thing, and well, it is what it is. Don't worry about calling me, I'm not a booty call and that….that can't happen again…..If Jacob ever found out…." She trailed on while I hoped from the bar, wrapping her in my arms.

"That was fantastic and I would love to do it again. Not because your some booty call, but because…..well damn what do I say here Bella?...Um…Because that was the best lay I've ever had and I think you've just ruined me…..I know that you're married and so I won't pursue you, but here is my card in case you change your mind." I smiled retrieving my business card from my coat pocket.

Once I was dressed, my chest still bare under my leather coat, I turned to her worried expression, "What is it Love?" I smiled softly moving stray hairs from her face.

"No one can know Edward." Her eyes pleaded with me.

"Shh, no one will know Love. I promise you that." I grinned.

She smiled in return and told me that I better get out of here, before Jacob came down, to get the bar set up for the morning customers. I looked to the clock and realized, that it was after nine already. I was late as hell for work and was sure that I was going to get it. Taking a punch in the face from Jacob, for fucking his wife, on his bar, would have probably been easier to deal with, than my father's wrath.

I kissed her one last time passionately, internally wishing that this wouldn't be our last kiss and walked out that door.

She wasn't mine. I didn't even know her, but my one rule had been broken, and for no other reason than because she had asked me to. She had gotten to me, more than anyone ever had.

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