Danny's head hurt. His eyes burned within their sockets and for a moment he seriously believed that someone was thrusting a red hot poker through his brain. Without any conscious prompting a small groan escaped his parched lips.

"Danno?" The voice was familiar, but something about the tone was wrong. Danny searched his brain for an explanation but his mind swam, the answer lingering out of reach. Deciding that he needed to solve this riddle, Danny searched his muddled brain for the nerve pathway that would allow him to wrench his heavy eyelids open and assess his situation. After a second of fumbling, he was able to open his eyes just enough to let an intense beam of light hit his retina. Scrunching up his eyes, he groaned again softly as a new pain lanced through his brain.

A hand touched his shoulder with the lightest pressure and shook him gently. The action seemed strange, so completely opposite to the pain coursing through Danny's body. Strengthening his resolve, Danny forced his eyes to open once more, squinting against the glare.

What he immediately realised was that he was nowhere he had been before. The small room was completely unfamiliar. The second thing that Danny noted was that he was not alone in the cramped space, but there was definitely someone beside him. Swinging his head to his right, Danny was able to take in the figure of his partner hunched down beside him.

"Danno?" He asked again, and combined with the ex SEAL's facial expression, Danny recognised the tone that had eluded him earlier. Steve was worried. As soon as that fact dawned on him, fear crept into his own thoughts like a sliver of glass. Anything that had Steve McGarrett worried was definitely cause for concern.

"Wha...? Where are we?" Danny frowned at his partner, realising for the first time that he had no recollection of the events before waking up here. Wherever 'here' was.

"I'm not sure," Steve replied, casting a furtive glance around the room. "Are you OK?" His eyes snapped back to Danny, looking for any sign of injury.

"Yeah, I think so. Apart from the fact I think that my head might be about to spontaneously combust. What do you mean: 'I'm not sure'? How can you not know where we are?" Danny felt his temper igniting, and felt a rant coming. "You know, before I arrive on this pineapple infested hell hole and met you, I never once woke up and had no idea where I was. But then of course I probably should have seen this coming. This, or getting shot. Or mortally wounded. Or incapacitated in some way. Right now we could be anywhere and you don't even seem bothered by that fact! You know what? I'm am 100% not OK and I will remain that way until you get me out of here!" Danny drew in a breath to calm himself.

For a second Steve said nothing, just watched him cautiously. Then: "What makes you think that I'm the one that got us into this mess?" Danny just glared at him, too furious to reply. "Anyway, it's unimportant. Do you remember anything at all?"

"Before waking up? Nothing." Danny could tell from the look that crossed Steve's face that it was the same for him. "OK Super SEAL, what do we do now?"

Steve's response was to stand and cross over to the door on the opposite side of the room. He tried the knob without success then pressed his weight against it. The door didn't budge.

Danny felt his strength gradually returning and he forced himself further off the floor until he was sat upright, his legs spread out in front of him. From his new perspective, he could tell that something was wrong with his partner. Steve, though standing was slightly hunched over, and Danny noticed that his left arm never strayed too far from his ribs, and when it did, Steve's face seemed to clench in pain.

"You alright?" He asked, being careful to watched Steve's face for the uncertainty that always flashed across his face before he lied. Sure enough, it was there when Steve nodded and tried to assure him that he was fine. "OK then, stretch out your left arm," Danny challenged. Steve rolled his eyes, but complied with his wishes.

Well, he tried to. He was able to get his arm to extend about half way before pain reared in his ribs and he flinched into himself against the pain. When his vision cleared once more, he found Danny at his side.

"Ok Super SEAL, sit." The tone of Danny's voice told Steve that this wasn't up for debate so he sat without complaint. That was until he felt Danny's hand on his back, feeling his ribcage.

"Hey, what're y-" Steve cut himself off with a gasp of pain as Danny's probing fingers hit his seventh rib.

Despite Steve's protests and obvious pain, Danny continued his examination, determined to find out the extent of the damage. The seventh, eighth and ninth ribs moved slightly under his touch. Backing off again, Danny watched as his partner panted against the agony, wishing that there was something he could do to help. As soon as the ex SEAL could breathe again he glared at Danny.

"What the hell was that about?" He demanded angrily, his pain and stress making his lash out.

"You have three broken ribs, and you've probably cracked several others. I needed to know how bad the damage was." Danny shrugged slightly, trying to hide his concern behind a blasé attitude.

"Could've just asked me."

"What were the chances of you telling me the truth?" Danny retorted.

Steve never had the chance to answer as the noise of the door being unlocked interrupted their bickering. An eerily familiar voice greeted them.

"Well hello gentlemen. I must say I've missed you."

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