The school was fuck scary at night. Adam smiled slightly at the irony as he followed Christa down the corridors. Her black jacket swept behind her in an almost superhero fashion and her heavy boots filling the silence. She sighed and tossed her bag further up her shoulder. Behind them trailed Matt, hands in his pockets and shuffling his feet. Mrs Murphy, the English teacher closed her classroom door behind her and locked it. She smiled over at them, before adjusting her coat and walking off in the other direction. Adam's eyes followed her as she walked off. Her heartbeat filled his ears and his eyes darkened. Christa noticed

"Adam," She hissed.

He snapped back to reality, licking his lips and his eyes returning to normal. He grinned back at Christa. "Sorry, she's just a fine piece of – "

"That's not hows I want to think of my teacher." Matt piped up.

Adam turned to look at the ghost. "Yes, I can see that she did you the world of good in that class." He snapped.

Christa punched his shoulder. "Shut it dick face."

"Is that a request?"

"No, it's a shitting order." She replied.

"Make me." Adam sniped. Christa stopped and looked at him with distaste. "Ah," Adam smiled. "Don't make threats unless you're willing to commit to them. Otherwise it makes you look weak."

Christa rolled her eyes and began to walk off, Matt scurrying behind her. Adam watched them for a second. Another heartbeat had caught his attention. One of the cleaners passed him by, switching off a few of the lights as he did so and trailing a large bucket full of disinfectant. Adam's thoughts were quick, calculating. Who would miss a cleaner anyway? His canines extended over his lips as he composed himself and crept behind the cleaner.

A tight controlling hand grabbed his shoulder yanked him away quickly making him yelp. Christa pulled him away and the cleaner looked around a frown on his face.

"What the fuck are you kids doing?" He asked.

Christa began to apologise. "He's a dickhead. Sorry about that." She motioned something with her hands. "He's a bit loony."

Adam wasn't listening. The noise was too intense. He made a movement to go after the cleaner again, baring his teeth. Christa hauled him off, grabbing his arms and holding him back. He fought against her.

She made a bellow at the cleaner and he took off. Adam began to rest as the heartbeat disintegrated into silence. Adam's arm's flopped and his breath steadied. He pulled himself away from her.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" She bellowed.

Adam's bottom lip quivered. Matt watched interested. The vampire let out a loud yell and kicked the wall. Christa and Matt jumped back, terrified of what he would do. Adam sighed., closing his eyes.

"Sorry," He muttered.

Christa watched him with curiosity as he ran off.

"ADAM!" She shouted.

Adam ran. He ran faster than he had ever ran when he was alive. He needed to get away from her. He needed to get away. They had no fucking idea. No fucking clue. He leaned against the wall, breathing in the air. Even though he didn't necessarily need it, it felt good and natural. Christa, though she never would admit it, was only a werewolf 1 day out of an average of 28. Matt was still essentially human without all the fucking complications. Adam thought of the one person who could help him. He pulled out his phone and dialled.

No answer.

"Fucking hell, Mitchell," Adam hissed. "Pick up the phone!"


Adam turned to see one of the teachers walking towards him. He could hear the heartbeat. It filled his ears drowning out what the teacher was saying.

"What the hell are you doing here? School's over. What's your name? Out with your little friends causing a shit storm are you?"

Adam squared up facing the teacher. A cruel smile playing on his lips. Blood. Right there in front of him...