Nina closed the hotel door and looked around. Adam was lying on the bed, out cold. He looked paler and thinner than normal. Christa was sitting on one of the armchairs, also sleeping, her black coat serving as a blanket. George looked up from the newspaper he was holding.

"Hey," He said.

Nina sighed. "Hi," She said. She looked back at the vampire. "How is he?"

"He hasn't woken up," George replied, folding up the paper.

"Why not?" Nina asked.

George sniffed, getting off the chair and offering it to Nina who refused. "I don't know," George said. "Mitchell told me about this before... But I don't remember."

They stood in silence for a minute before Christa began to emerge from her slumber. Instantly Matt was there as if she had called for him. He looked at Adam for a minute then turned back to Christa.

Christa cleared her throat. "Thanks... For... Y'know... Coming..." She smiled a little.

"Well I'm glad that Adam's not awake. He would have made that very dirty," Nina said.

"Oh, he's like that with you as well?" Christa asked.

"I think he might have been worse with us," George said.

"I doubt that very much." Christa said. "I need to ask, because Adam's been trying to get a hold of Mitchell for weeks... Is Mitchell avoiding him or what?"

George licked his lips. "Mitchell's dead." He said softly.

Christa remained silent.

"So he ain't got anyone?" Matt asked.

"No!" Nina said.

"No, that isn't strictly true." George said. "He's got you two, doesn't he? He has Nina and I. And then there's Annie."

Nina frowned. "Where is Annie? I thought she was coming too?" She pulled out her phone. "I should call her."

George shrugged. "Leave it. We'll be fine." Nina put the phone back into her pocket.

Christa frowned. "Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but... You're both werewolves?"

George nodded. "Yes,"

"And you're having a kid?"

Nina and George swelled with pride. "Yes," they said.

Christa stopped, biting her lip. She had nothing more to add.

Nina sat down beside the young werewolf. "How long have you been one?" She asked kindly.

Christa shook her head. "I dunno... At least a year."

"Do you know who turned you?" George asked.

"A guy called Tully." Christa shrugged. George nodded but said nothing more. Christa rubbed her arm. "I'd wish he'd wake up." She said.

"He'll come around and then explain it to us." George said. "He may not look but he's older than me and Nina put together."

"Older, not necessarily wiser," Said a voice. They turned around to see Adam trying to sit upright holding his head. Christa launched herself at him, grabbing him around the neck and hugging him tightly. Adam let out a grunt as the werewolf's strength hit him. "Miss me babe?" He asked slyly. Christa let go and smacked him across the face.

"You bastard!" She practically yelled.

Adam held his face. "I knew that the love would be short-lived." He said. "Thank god as well, I thought you had a personality switch."

"You almost killed someone!" She barked.

"I'm aware of this," Adam said, rubbing his neck. "George, where did you learn the sleeper hold?"

George frowned then slapped his forehead. "THAT'S what it was!" He said.

Adam frowned. "You didn't know?" He looked worried. "You know doing that wrongly could lead to serious injury."

"Yes... Of course I knew. I was..." George smiled. "I was just testing you."

"On what? Being able to decipher you're an idiot?"

"Seven languages!" George said.

"And yet you can't talk sense most of the time." Adam said.

Nina handed him a bottle of water which he stared at for a second and put to one side.

"Sorry," He said shyly.

George blinked. "For what?"

"For almost killing... I broke everything I promised you..." Adam said.

"Nah." George said. "What you are... To be honest, I would be more worried if you didn't slip now and then."

"I don't know what way to take that," Adam muttered. "Where's Mitchell?"

"He's... Dead..." Nina said.

Adam said nothing for a second. "Ah well," He said finally. "Can't be helped." He fell silent again.

"Adam? You okay?" Christa asked.

"Yeah," Adam shrugged.

"You sure?" Nina asked.

"I didn't even like the man," Adam snapped. "Why mourn him?"

George and Nina exchanged saddened glances. Adam swallowed, his eyes off in the distance.

"He was a nice enough bloke." Adam said finally. "But he didn't help. He never did. He was a hypocrite and a liar and..."

"It's okay," Nina said, sitting on the bed, her arm on Adam's knee. He shifted away from her hand.

"Shouldn't you go home?" He asked.

"Not until we know you're okay." George said.

"I'm fine. Just go."

"Adam, maybe they should stay," Matt said finally speaking up.

Adam turned to the ghost and glared at him, his eyes blackening. Christa took his hand.

"Adam," She said softly. He twisted around to see her face. His features softened and the vampire part of him disappeared once more.

Lot's or Arista to come! Yay! And look out for the one-shots (fun ones) coming soon including Adam's midlife crisis and Halloween :)