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The Power of Love

(This starts in NM just before they walk into the throne room.)

Chapter 1


As we stopped at a set of doors entirely sheathed in gold, Edward pushed me partially behind him as Alec opened the door for Jane.

My hand tightened in Edwards as we followed Jane through the large gold doors.

As we walked through the doors I looked around the room we walked into. It was perfectly round, like a huge castle turret. The only furniture in the room were three massive wooden chair – like thrones, flush with the curving stone wall.

Next to the throne-like chairs stood three men with their backs to us. They were in deep conversation, ignoring our presence in the room.

I stood there and watched the men for a few seconds, and one by one all three of them stopped talking and stood as still as status.

Their stillness was unnerving.

Faster than I could blink all three men turned around and stared directly at me.

I felt Edward stiffen in front of me as he started growling. His hand tightened almost painfully around mine, and pushed me further behind him. I moved my head so I was able to peek around Edwards arm to get a better look at the three men.

All three men were wearing identical black floor length robes that flowed around them like a black waterfall. Each of them had an identical white gold necklace that had a blood red V pendent hanging from their necks.

The first man on the left had wavy brown hair that fell slightly past his shoulders. He had high cheek bones and a strong masculine jaw. He had wide shoulders; you could tell that he was built well.

The second man straight hair, a little past his shoulders. His hair was so blond it looked almost white. He had it partially pulled back from his face with some type of clip. His features where slightly softer than the other mans but you still screamed masculinity. With a beautiful lean body of a runner.

And the third man had hair that fell to just above the center of his back. His hair was ruler straight and so black it almost looked blue. He has soft welcoming features that just made you want to smile. Just like the second man he still screamed masculinity. But the way he held himself showed power behind his thin frame. It was intimidating but also beautiful at the same time.

Their skin was so pale it looked almost transparent. But what really caught my attention were there eyes. All three had the most beautiful, vibrant red eyes I had ever seen. As I looked at their eyes it felt like they were calling to me, beckoning me to them. My heart felt like it was being healed by just one look from these three men.

As I stared at them they started sniffing the air. I took a closer look and noticed that their eyes where no longer the beautiful red they were a moment ago, but the deepest onyx I had ever seen.

I had only seen that color twice since I have been around vampires. One was the first time I met Edward in biology. I found out later that it was because he wanted to drain my body of its blood. And the second time was on my 18th birthday when I got a paper cut from the wrapping paper on a gift. A drop of blood fell on to the carpet from my finger and Jaspers eyes where onyx when he lunged at me to make me his next meal.

I pushed myself further into Edwards back and tried unsuccessfully to hold back a whimper of fear that escaped my lips without my permission. To say I was scared shitless would be an understatement.

Within a split second after the whimper left my lips Edward was torn away from me. He released such a ferial growl that it rattled my ear drums.

My eyes immediately started searching for him, and I finally spotted him about twenty feet away from me. He was being held back by the three men. Edward was struggling to get loose when the black haired man spoke for the first time.

"Felix! Come and Restrain him."

I am guessing it was Felix that appeared behind Edward. He wrapped his massive muscular arms around Edward successfully pinning his arms down to his sides.

The three vampires started to walk towards me once Felix had Edward restrained.

I started backing up to get away from them but they just kept following me. My back hits a wall and I started trembling from fear of what might happen.

Closing my eyes as they were about to reach me, I didn't want to see my impending death it finally reach me.

I waited for the pain of the razor sharp teeth to pierce my skin. But instead I feel three sets of hands running over my body. The hands almost make me feel like they are checking for damages and trying to comfort me.

All of a sudden I hear a strange noise it almost reminds me of a cat purring. Even though the noise is very comforting I am still confused on what's going on. Why are they not draining me like I thought they would be doing?

Opening my eyes I see three sets of beautiful red eyes staring at me. They are looking at me with such love and devotion that I feel like the most beautiful and loved person in the world. I shake my head trying to dislodge that crazy thought. This is just confusing me more and more.

As the petting and purring continue from these unknown vampires, the strangest thing happens. What they're doing to me is actually starting to calm me down. The trembling is starting to decrease so I am able to finally talk.

"I don't understand. Why haven't you killed me? Who are you?" I asked.

As the vampire with the black hair starts to talk he is cut off by a loud gasp.

We all turn our heads to look at Alice and she has her signature look on her face when she is getting a vision. She comes out of the vision and looks at Edward.

"I'm so sorry Edward there's nothing we can do to change the outcome of this vision. It is set in stone." Alice says.

I look at Edward and he has a blank look on his face. The blank look doesn't stay long it turns in to a look of pure rage. Edward truly looks like a vampire.

Edward starts thrashing around trying to get free from Felix. He is looking straight at the three men with. His lips pulled back from his razor sharp teeth as venom flows down his chin.

"NO! You can't have her. She. Is. MINE!" Edward screams.

He breaks out of Felix's hold and starts running towards us. This is the first time since I have known Edward that I have been afraid of him.

He is only feet away when he drops to the ground screaming in agony. His body is arched off the floor giving him the illusion of floating.

I start screaming and trying to get to Edward but I am being held back by the three vampires.

"No. Stop. What's wrong with him? Please leave him alone." I scream.

Black hair vamp turns around towards Jane and smiles at her.

"Enough dear Jane. I think he has learned his lesson." He says.

"Yes master." Jane replies.

Black hairs turns back to Edward. "If you cannot control yourself I will allow Jane to have some more fun with you."

I see Alice run over to Edward and pull him away from us. She checks him over to make sure he is fine, and helps him to his feet.

I turn to the three vamps in front of me and ask "Please tell me what's happening?"

I am standing there trying to my hardest not to let the tears fall. But my body has turned on me and the tears start flowing down my cheeks like a water fall. The three vamps come to me and start stroking my hair and arms and purring to me, trying to soothe me.

Black hair bends down to look in my eyes. All I see is love and understanding showing in his eyes as he looks at me. He runs his cool thumbs under my eyes to wipe away some of the falling tears.

"Please Cara mia, don't cry. We won't hurt you. We will explain everything to you, just calm down first."

I just looked at him and nodded my head. I took a few more deep breaths to relax myself. With the purring and the deep breaths it's starting to relax me. When I finally get myself somewhat under control the vamp with the brown starts to talk.

"Isabella please come sit down." He says and starts to lead me over to the middle throne.

As I sit down on the throne all three vampires kneel on the floor in front of me. The blond and brown hair vamp take one hand each of mine and black hair puts his hands on my jean covered knees.

Black hair vamp was the first to talk. "Isabella let me start by introduce you to me and my brothers."

He points to the to the brown hair vamp that has ahold of my right hand and says.

"This is Marcus Volturi."

Then he points to the blond vamp that has my left hand and says.

"This is Caius Volturi. And I am Aro Volturi. We are known as the kings of the vampires. We make and uphold the laws for our kind."

After the introduction I felt a little dizzy. 'Why are the Volturi kings being so kind to me? Shouldn't they want me dead for knowing there secret'?

I pulled my hands from Marcus' and Caius' hands and put my face in them. They both made a small whimpering noise when I took my hands from there's. This earned them a little chuckle from Aro.

"I don't understand why the Volturi kings are being so kind to me. Shouldn't you have killed me by now for knowing your secret?" I asked.

Caius spoke for the first time. "Oh course we will not kill you, you are too precise to us."

"Why in the hell am I precise to you three? I am nothing special. I am just a weak human that is mixed up in a world that shouldn't exist." I said.

I looked up when Edward started to speak.

"Go on Aro tell her why she is so precise to you." He hissed. "She won't believe you because I am her mate. She loves me and always will. We are meant for each other."

Aro hissed out. "Shut your mouth child! You know nothing. She is no more your mate then you are Alice's."

"Wait what do you mean Edward isn't my mate?"

I feel my chest tightening up on me. I feel as though I am going to have a panic attack. This is just all too much.

"I have a gift." Marcus said. "I am able to see the bonds between people. The bond that Edward has with you is a bond of a La tua cantanta."

"What is a La tua cantanta?" I asked

"It means you are his singer. Your blood calls to him to him like a sirens song. A singer's blood is so intoxicating that when a vampire is anywhere near his singer it is near impossible to stop from draining the person dry. I am more than surprised that he has been able to control his thirst around you. Especially with being as close to you as we know he has." Marcus said.

"The problem with a vampire that is able to control his thirst around his singer is he sometimes mistakes the pull to her blood as the mating pull." Marcus finished saying.

"Wow I don't even know what to say. You're telling me that he never really loved me it was just my blood that made him think he did." I said while my bottom lip quivered slightly.

"Yes and no cara." Aro said. "From what Marcus' bond shows is he does love you to a degree but a lot of it is the pull he has to your blood. These feelings can be very confusing for a vampire."

"You are wrong she is my mate. You know nothing about what we have." Edward cried out.

"If she was your true mate you would have never been able to leave her the way that you did. It is impossible to intentionally hurt your mate physically or emotionally the way that you did. No matter if you thought it was for her own good." Caius said.

The words that they spoke not only broke my heart but also shed some light on how he could do that to me if he loved me the way he said he did. That realization brought on a new round of tears.

The brothers started purring and stroking my hair again trying to soothe my tears away.

Once I started to calm down again I asked the million dollar question.

"I still don't understand, what do you three have to do with any of this?"

Aro spoke. "Cara mia when you first looked into our eyes what did you feel?"

I thought about it for a moment before I spoke.

"When I first looked into all three of your eyes it felt like your eyes and soul where calling me like I needed to be near you all. My heart that was broken when the Cullen's left me felt like it was starting to heal just by looking in all your eyes." I felt my face heat up after I said that. I have never been so honest with strangers in my life.

With a little chuckle from Marcus he said. "That my dear is the mating pull you felt, and I am sure you still feel."

My head shot from side to side looking at each one of them. This couldn't be right. They can't mean that I am mated to not one but all three of the Volturi kings.

I started hyperventilating. The three kings shot up off the floor as Aro picked me up and sat me in his lap and sat back down on the throne. They all started cooing to me and purring telling me it will all be fine.

In between gasps of air I said. "Are you telling me I am mated to all three of you?"

"Please calm down Isabella or you will make yourself sick." Caius cooed to me.

After a few minutes and a lot of purring, I finally started to calm down.

"Yes Cara Mia you are mated to all three of us. We will make you happier then you will ever know." Aro said with a smile.

Wow. How am I supposed to handle all this? The entire tie me and Edward where together I thought I was his mate. And now I find out he's not, but I am mated to all three of the Volturi kings.

"Bella please just come home with me and Alice and we can put all this behind us. We can go back to the way things where before everything happened. I can make you happy; let me prove it to you." Edward said while running his fingers through his hair.

I sat there and thought about it for a second.

Do I really want to go home with him even if I wasn't mated to Aro, Marcus and Caius? Do I want to possibly have to go through the loss of Edward again if he decides things are too dangerous for a fragile human like myself?

"No." I said.

Edward just cocked his head to the side and looked at me like I had lost my mind.

"What do you mean no?" She replied

"Edward I love you I really do. You where my first love but I can't go through that again. When you left you destroyed me. I know if I let you back in you will do it again, even if you think it is for my own good. I won't go through that again I'm sorry."

Instead of the sadness I thought I would see on his face it was one rage. It was so strong of a look that I couldn't help flinching back and whimpering at him.

"You cannot leave me! You belong to me, you will always belong to me. You. Are. MINE!" Edward shrieked out with venom spilling down his chin.

Aro picked me up and set me back in the chair in time to stop Edward from lunging at me. Aro, Marcus and Caius had Edward pinned to the opposite wall. They were all growling with their teeth bared.

Alice came running over to me and pulled me into a hug.

"Bella are you alright?" She asked.

"Yeah I'm fine just a shaken up." I said in a shaky voice.

All of a sudden Aro lets out a growl that rattles the windows. "ENOUGH! If you cannot control yourself I will have Jane do it for you." Aro said

Edward settled down with the exception of some low volume growls. The kings released Edward under the watchful eye of Jane.

Aro, Marcus and Caius walked back over to me. Marcus on my right, Caius on my left and Aro behind me as Alice walked over to stand beside Edward.

"Edward you are to leave Volterra and not return unless invited. You are to have no contact whatsoever with Isabella unless she asks it of you. If you do disobey me there will be severe consequences for your actions. Is that understood?" Aro asked.

Edward kept his head down but gave a slight not showing he understood. He turned and walked to the doors to leave. When he reached the doors he turned around and looked me straight in the eyes and said. "You are making a huge mistake." With an evil smile he turned and walked out the doors.

After he had left Alice turned to Aro with sad eyes. "Aro would it be ok if I came to visit my sister sometimes?" Her eyes glistening with venom tears that would never fall.

Aro walked over to Alice and placed his hand on her shoulder. "My dear Alice you are welcome to visit or call Isabella as often as she wants. And give some thought to joining my guard. We would love to have someone as gifted as you." Aro said.

Aro turned to me with a smile and a wink. I smiled back, I was just so grateful that I could keep Alice in my life.

Alice danced over to me and wrapped me in her stone arms. "Bella I will call you when I get home so we can plan my next trip out here. I can't wait to do some shopping. We will have so much fun." Alice squealed.

"Alice I don't want to shop. I will find us something else to do." I whined.

"Not a chance in hell." She giggled. "I love you Bella be safe." Alice said in a sad voice.

"I will and I love you to. Give the family my love when you get home."

She came up kissed me on the cheek and was gone. And I was left alone with my mates.