Chapter 1

Another day at this damn school, Edward Masen thought to himself as he drove to Forks High School with a sigh. He couldn't wait until senior year was over so that he could head to college far away from here and away from the childish, immature, horrible and vile students that tortured him relentlessly every day. They didn't understand how horrible it was to attend every day and suffer the new torment that they had prepared for him. They thought the fact that he stuttered was reason enough to be a victim of bullying.

Having a really bad stutter was difficult to live with. He could hardly form a coherent sentence and the immature children at school did not help him get any better with his speech problems. The kids at the school made him nervous, which made him stutter even more, thus not helping him any. You see, Edward Cullen was what one would call a "typical nerd," he was lanky, wore glasses, straight A's and so on. He didn't know how he'd gotten this reputation but it was just the way it was. Basically, his life sucked.

Edward didn't have any friends because it would ruin their reputation to be seen with " M...M...Masen." Most of the kids joined in, imitating his stutter and being completely immature but others, luckily, just left him alone, but no one took pity enough to step in when the bullying had gotten particularly bad.

Every day Edward Masen had to deal with that. He'd spend the lunch hour in a classroom, reading or composing a new piano piece, he didn't dare go in the cafeteria. He even shuddered at the thought of what could happen by entering it.

His home life was pretty good though, he lived with his Mom, his Dad had left a while back and they had been much better off for it. They were pretty well off in the money department and for his sixteenth birthday, his Mom had bought him a car that he absolutely loved. His Volvo. The car got him through the day and it may sound weird but she was literally his life. Edward's only friend. She was the only one that he thought looked forward to seeing him although it was an inanimate object.

Edward pulled up into the parking lot of the Forks High School and parked his baby right at the back away from the others as his car wasn't welcomed at the front even though his car was definitely the best one there. The last time he'd tried to park at the front, he'd come out of school to see it had been vandalised, but luckily there was no permanent damage. Unfortunately the perpetrators had not been caught, however he had a feeling he knew who had been the ones to do it.

Taking a deep breath, he grabbed his bag and stepped out of the car and instantly, the main group of tormentors threw insults at him. Pathetic children, he thought to himself. They should know by now they don't work anymore, quite frankly they just bore me, they needed some originality, he scoffed. But that's when he noticed it...

That's when he noticed her.

She was stepping out of an orange Porsche Carerra 911 and it wasn't just the car that had caught his attention, it wasn't just the car that was beautiful. The thought, my car is not the only best one now, vaguely passed through his mind but that was quickly overshadowed.

Although he could only see the back of her, the girl no, the woman was stunning. She had long chocolate brown hair had a slight curl to it – it even bounced when she walked! She wore black skinny jeans, black doc martin boots and a black and white checked jacket, making her stand out from the rest of them. As she swayed toward the administration office stares and whistles followed her; she'd quite obviously caught everyone's attention.

Edward actually joined his peers, staring after her in awe. People nudged passed him, bringing him out of his thoughts and making him realise that it was time to actually start moving unless he wanted to be knocked down, and he didn't fancy a trip to the ER today. So he made his way to his first class, all the while the gorgeous girl plaguing his thoughts.

He sat down in his English class and pulled out his copy of Romeo & Juliet which he had been finding very interesting, he loved Shakespeare's other writings and he strangely found the Romeo & Juliet was quickly becoming his favourite and he wasn't ashamed to admit it. He was just turning to the page they had left off from last lesson when Aphrodite herself walked into the room.

All chatter ceased and everyone turned to face her as she entered the room, she made her way to the teacher's desk, all the while her beautiful chocolate hair still covered her face, he was dying to see her face! Tearing his eyes away from her he surveyed the room and noticed there was no other free seat.

Only the seat beside him. Aphrodite was going to sit next to me! If he wasn't so afraid of speaking up or even making noise then he would have squealed in excitement by now.

His other classmates realised this and started scowling at him. Half of the male population in the class even growled at him! But he just wanted to laugh at them. Suckers! Ha! Aphrodite was going to sit next to me! For the rest of the year! Me!

Edward's heart raced and his mind was doing a little happy dance at the thought of her beauty sitting next to him for the rest of senior year. But suddenly his thoughts took a turn for the worst, What if she thinks I'm a freak? Duh, you are a freak! She was way too good for me, beautiful and I bet she was super smart too. And she may have some hidden talent, I bet she could sing or something.

The girl in question turned towards him – well to the desk – and he could finally see her face for the first time. She was... there were no words to describe how she looked, amazing, glorious, sexy, extraordinary, really just no words to describe her beauty. She had chocolate brown eyes matching her chocolate brown luxurious hair. She had full lips and high cheekbones. She was quite slim and now that he could see the front of her he could see what was on her top. It was black with white skeleton hands strategically placed over her breasts. And what a nice pair of… I'm a man, what did you expect? He thought, trying his best not to look.

She dropped her bag down on the table, and looked right at him. Right at me! And smiled. Smiled! At me!He couldn't help but give her a shy crooked grin, which was rarely seen in this school. And she stopped and she blushed. She blushed? At what?

Oh right, because she had to sit next to me, this was probably such an embarrassment for her. Edward's smile vanished and he sighed staring at the table top, feeling like his heart and gut had been ripped out. Well what did you expect? Nothing. Exactly, you're a freak.

I heard the seat next to me being dragged back and she sat down, he was well aware of her presence, it was like electric sparks passing between them. What was that?

Mr. Varner cleared his throat to draw the class' attention back to him. It worked – mostly, most people were still drawn to the new girl. "Everyone, I would like to introduce a new student, if you please?" He gestured for Aphrodite to go to the front of the class. She sighed and pushed her chair back, she trudged to the front of the class, her doc martins tapping lightly on the tile floor as she walked. Finally she turned to everyone and held her head high while stuffing her hands in her jeans pockets.

Mr. Varner sat behind his own desk as he asked her to introduce herself. Aphrodite rolled her eyes to the class, obviously wanting to be anywhere other than at the front of the class. "I'm Isabella Cullen but I prefer to be called Bella," her voice sounded like bells, Edward noticed, "I'm seventeen but I will be eighteen on September thirteenth, I transferred from Burnwood High School in Alaska. I live with my Mom and Dad, Mom is an interior designer and Dad is a doctor. That's actually why we moved here, my Dad got a new job here at the hospital. Um... I have an older brother and sister, Alice and Emmett. Um... I like to read, sing, I play guitar and the piano... um my favourite book is Romeo & Juliet...I think that's it? I'm a pretty boring person," she shrugged.

Oh, she was pretty alright, but nowhere near boring! He thought, she liked to read and sing!I knew she could sing! She plays guitar and the piano. Romeo & Julietwas her favourite as was mine. She was literally my dream girl.

Mr. Varner interrupted my thoughts, "okay, well, welcome to Forks and please take a seat Miss Cullen."

"Bella," she corrected him.

"Bella," he agreed with a nod and motioned to my desk. There was a small murmur of claps around the classroom as she walked more confidently back to his – their –table and dropped down into the chair next to me.

Edward wanted desperately to talk to her, but he couldn't. Who would want to talk to me? I can't even talk properly! And so he kept silent all through the lesson. He may not have spoken a word to her but that didn't mean he didn't sneak a glance every now and then; he was drawn to her beauty.

Out of his peripheral vision he saw her doodle something on her new notebook. God! She's even good at drawing! Is there anything this girl can't do? From what he'd seen of her so far, she seemed to be a quiet, shy, but tough looking girl.

The bell finally buzzed through the school and for once he didn't want to go to music because she may not be in his class. He wanted to ask her but obviously he couldn't. What if she thought I was a freak? Although he was, he didn't want her to know that just yet. So he just shook his head and hurried out the door spending the rest of the day in a familiar fashion but Aphrodite – Bella –was in at least two of his classes.

At lunch, Edward was at his locker when he was suddenly surrounded by jocks who took their pushing him around in a circle and started stuttering his name out to mock him. Edward was used to this so he took it like a man, keeping his mouth shut and wait to until they eventually got bored with their childish advances. Although this was a complete inconvenience, right now he could be in the music room…