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Edward POV

Another day at that damn school, only a year left until college and I honestly couldn't wait for it. At Forks High School, the kids were childish, immature, horrible and vile. They didn't understand how horrible it was to attend everyday and be continually bullied about what is me.

You see, I have a stutter. A really bad one. I can hardly form a coherent sentence. And the immature children at school did not help me get any better at my speech problems, they made it me nervous, which made me stutter even more. Not helpful.

And something else that doesn't help, I also have bad eyesight, consisting of me wearing glasses.

Yeah my life basically sucks.

I don't even have any friends because it would ruin their reputation to be seen with ' M...M...Masen'. So they joined in with everyone, imitating my stuttering, how immature.

Everyday I had to deal with that. I'd spend the lunch hour in a classroom, reading or composing a new piano piece, I didn't dare go in the cafeteria. I shuddered at the thought of what could happen.

But besides all that, my home life was pretty good, my parents were well off in the money department and I absolutely love. My Volvo.

She got me through the day. This may sound weird but she was literally my life. My only friend. She was the only one , I thought, who looked forward to seeing me.

I parked my baby right at the back of the parking lot – my car wasn't welcome at the front even though I had the best car here.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped out of my car and instantly, insults were hurled at me by the pathetic children. They should know be now they don't work anymore, quite frankly they just bore me now.

That's when I noticed it.

That's when I noticed her.

She was stepping out of a orange Porsche Carerra 911 and it wasn't just the car that was breathtaking.

I vaguely thought – my car is not the only best one now.

The girl, no the woman, was beautiful, long chocolate brown slightly curled hair, she was wearing black skinny jeans, black doc martin boots and a black and white checked jacket. I could only see the back of her.

As she swayed toward the administration office stares and whistles followed her.

I stared after her and people were nudging past me and I knew it was time to get going before someone knocked me down.

I made my way to my first class with that gorgeous girl following my thoughts.

I had English first and it was quite interesting, we were currently studying Romeo & Juliet.

I may be a guy but I love Shakespeare, especially Romeo & Juliet. And before you say anything, I assure you, I am not gay.

Trust me on that.

My thoughts were interrupted by Aphrodite herself walking into the room.

All chatter ceased and everyone turned to face her.

She made her way to the teachers desk, all the while her beautiful chocolate hair still covering her face, that I was dying to see.

Tearing my eyes away from her, I surveyed the room and noticed there was no other free seat.

Only the seat beside me.

Aphrodite was going to sit next to me!

I swear if I wasn't a guy, I would have squealed by now.

My other classmates realised this and started scowling at me. Half of the male population in my class even growled at me. I just wanted to laugh at them. Suckers! Ha!

Aphrodite was going to sit next to me! For the rest of the year! Me!

My heart was racing and my mind was doing a little happy dance at the thought of her beauty sitting next to me for the rest of the senior year.

What if she thinks I'm a freak? Duh, you are a freak!

She was way to good for me, beautiful and I bet she was super smart too. And she may have some hidden talent, I bet she could sing or something.

She turned towards me – the desk – I corrected myself, and I finally saw her face for the first time.

She was... no words to describe, amazing, glorious, sexy, extraordinary, no words to describe her beauty. She had chocolate brown eyes matching her beautiful hair. She had full lips and high cheekbones. She was quite slim and I noticed what was on her top. It was black with white skeleton hands strategically placed over her chest. And what a nice chest that was. I'm a man, what did you expect?

She put her bag down on the table, and looked right at me. Right at me! And smiled. Smiled! At me! I couldn't help but give her my shy crooked grin, which was rarely seen in this school. And she stopped and she blushed. She blushed? At what?

Oh right, because she had to sit next to me.

My smile vanished and I sighed looking at the table top, feeling like my heart and gut had been ripped out. Well what did you expect? Nothing. Exactly, you're a freak.

I heard the seat next to me being dragged back.

Once she sat down, I was well aware of her presence, it was like electric sparks passed between us. What was that?

Mr Varner cleared his throat to draw the class' attention back to him. It worked – mostly.

'Everyone, I would like to introduce a new student, if you please?' He gestured for Aphrodite to go to the front of the class. She sighed and pushed her chair back.

I watched as she trudged to the front of the class in her doc martins. She turned to everyone and held her head high while stuffing her hands in her jeans pockets.

Mr Varner started asking her the standard questions.

'What is your name?'

Aphrodite rolled her eyes to the class, 'considering I just told you, anyway, I'm Isabella Cullen, but I prefer to be called Bella'. Her voice sounded like bells. Like you were floating everytime you spoke.

'How old are you?'

'Seventeen, I'll be eighteen on September thirteenth'.

'Where did you transfer from?'

'Burnwood High School in Alaska'.

'Tell us about yourself'.

'Um... well I live with my mom and dad, mom is an interior designer and dad is a Doctor. That's actually why we moved here. Um... I have an older brother and sister, Alice and Emmett. Um... I like to read, sing, I play guitar and the piano... um my favourite book is Romeo & Juliet... I think that's it? I'm a pretty boring person'.

Oh, she was pretty alright, but no where near boring! She liked to read. And sing. I knew she could sing! She plays guitar and the piano. Romeo & Juliet was her favourite as was mine. She was literally my dream girl.

Mr Varner interrupted my thoughts, 'okay, well, welcome to Forks and please take a seat Miss Cullen'.

'Bella', she corrected.

'Bella', he agreed and motioned to my desk.

There was a small murmur of claps around the classroom.

She walked more confidently back to my – our – table and dropped down into the chair next to me.

I wanted to talk to her. But I couldn't. Who would want to talk to me? I can't talk properly for fuck sake!

So I kept silent. All through the lesson. I might not have talked to her, but I snuck a glance at her every now and then. Who wouldn't?

Out of my peripheral vision I saw her doodle something on her new notebook. God! She's even good at drawing! Is there anything this girl can't do?

From what I've seen of her so far, she seems like a quiet, shy, but tough looking girl.

The bell finally buzzed through the school. And for once, I didn't want to go to music because, she may not be in my class. I wanted to ask her. But obviously, I couldn't. What if she thought I was a freak? I was!

So I just shook my head and hurried out the door.

The rest of the day passed in a familiar fashion.

Aphrodite – Bella – was in at least two of my classes.

At lunch, I was suddenly surrounded by jocks. They were pushing me around and in a circle and started stuttering my name out to mock me. I was used to this, so I took it like a man, kept my mouth shut and let them until they would get bored that I wasn't responding to their childish advances.


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