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It had been a week since the Edward Sr issue. A week since Edward and I... consummated our relationship. It was an amazing experience. But it hurt, a lot. But since then, we couldn't stop. It was so obvious to everyone that we were physical with each other. Dad didn't like it; obviously. But, he'll get over it... eventually.

Now it was Saturday and we were all gathering at my house for a family meal as requested by the lovely, annoying, Alice.

That sister of mine, being who she is, declared that the room be decorated, for no known reason. She wanted the best plates, crystal glasses, cutlery that was only normally used for thanksgiving and Christmas.

God knows why. Pixie was full of mischief.

I lay in my room, flicking through a magazine, my room locked. I was avoiding Alice at all costs, until I had to face her at dinner. She came to bang on my door a few times, telling me that I was lazy and rude for not helping her prepare. I just ignored her. I am not being roped into doing things I clearly, won't enjoy and can't be bothered to do.

But now I was bored. Music was blaring but I wasn't interested, I wasn't paying attention. I couldn't stop thinking of Edward. I wanted him here, now, I missed him, in more ways than one.

I wouldn't be seeing him until the dinner in four hours time. Alice's orders. I loved my pixie of a sister but she seriously needs to stop being a control freak. Seriously.

I didn't want to listen to these 'requests' but my Dad was on Alice's side on this. He was using it as an excuse to keep Edward and I apart for a while.

I would go and help Alice just to ease the boredom, give me something to do and pass the time, but that would be giving in. I was too stubborn to give in. Sometimes my stubbornness was a curse. I wonder who I had inherited my stubbornness from. My birth mom or dad? Or did I just develop it by being in this crazy ass family?

My mind drifted into forbidden thoughts. What would they have been like? My birth parents I mean. I loved my family, don't get me wrong, but sometimes ... I just wonder where my life would have turned out if I was still with my birth parents. It's completely natural right?


Three and three quarter hours later, I was showered and adorned in a short black Goth dress and matching black Doc Martens. I wore minimal makeup and my hair was up in a loose bun.

Fifteen minutes until I get to see Edward and counting. I could feel myself reacting to the thought. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins, my heart was skipping a beat, I had bats in my stomach, my face was flushed and I couldn't keep this cheesy, excited grin off of my face.

I wanted him now! I was impatient and anxious to see him again. Was this love or obsession? Maybe both. I wanted him in more ways than one, but I knew that I wouldn't have him tonight. Not in that way anyway.

Dad, hell even Alice, wouldn't allow that!

Our mom's didn't care much; when I came home looking slightly different after our first night together, mom simply said, 'be careful for now, but I still want grandkids'.

I giggled at the memory, I remember dad walking in, seeing my state and over hearing what mom had just said... yeah, he nearly had a heart attack. Not good.

It had taken both me and mom to convince him that, no, I won't be having kids any time soon, and yes I was being safe.

But he still wasn't okay with it, I don't know whether its because I'm the youngest daughter or not.

'Bella!' Mom called from downstairs. I jumped off my bed, knowing hat Edward was here.

I skipped down the stairs and headed straight for the front door. I flung it open... but they weren't there, the car was there but my Edward wasn't there.

I frowned until I heard a familiar throat clearing from behind me. I swung around and threw myself in his arms, inhaling his scent. God, I missed him!

He caught me without effort, used to me throwing myself at him. He gave me his signature sexy smirk that I loved so much. He had a twinkle in his eyes and he lifted his eyebrows suggestively as his gaze flickered down to my chest.

Oh my God... I had created a sex maniac... in both of us.

I rolled my eyes and pulled him in for a kiss which he gladly accepted. We couldn't stay in this position for long as we were dragged away from each other for greetings before being seated at the table.

I sat next to Edward the entire meal. We played footsie with each other as conversation flowed around the table.

Once dessert was over with, Alice and Jasper both stood. The table was silent as we waited for them to speak.

They both looked at each other before facing the rest of us. Suddenly Jasper announced 'we're getting married!'

Applause and shouting erupted around the table. We all stood and embraced them both, congratulating them. Everything was perfect. We were all happy.

Then the bell rang on the front door and I offered to get it.

I ran to the front door, my boots thumping on the hardwood floor.

I swung open the door. There was a man I did not recognise on the other side... but yet he looked familiar... somehow.

'Uh, can I help you, sir?'

The man stood, staring at me, his mouth agape.

'Isabella?' The man choked.

'Um, yes, you are?' I asked feeling incredibly uncomfortable under his scrutiny.

The man cleared his throat and pulled at his collar nervously, his moustache twitching...

'I'm you're Dad'.

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