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Bella's POV

"I'm your dad".

I think I may have gone into a state of shock. Did he just say...?

I couldn't speak or move, I just stared at him, my mouth agape.

"Bella?" I could hear people talking to me, asking if I was okay, who was the man in the doorway, but I couldn't answer. I couldn't bring myself to answer.

This was my dad. My real father.

I think what worried everyone the most was that I was quiet. I was never quiet.

"B...Bella?" Edward's voice brought me out of my shock a little, his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me away from the door, as I saw my dad interrogate... my dad.

This was overwhelming.

Edward sat me down on the sofa and knelt in front of me, concern written all over his face, he cupped my face in his hands, trying to get me to focus on him, to bring me back from whatever the hell was happening to me.

I was there, but I wasn't... there.

"My dad", I managed to get out before everything went black, Edward stuttering my name following me into darkness.

Carlisle's POV

"Who are you?" I angrily quizzed the stranger at my front door that scared my daughter.

The man looked frightened, "I'm her birth father, you must be the adoptive father?"

I suddenly stopped, the blood drained from my face. I knew this day would come, but why so soon? He came about this the wrong way.

I turned to my family, asking them to go upstairs, that Bella, Esme and I had to speak to this man.

They refused at first, Emmett glaring at Bella's birth father, but reluctantly agreed when I had to bring out, 'I am your father, do what I say' look. I rarely used this, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

I invited the man in, when Edward's mother came running in, "Bella fainted, Edward refuses to leave her side".

I nodded in understanding, she glanced at Bella's birth father before following the others up the stairs.

Esme held on to my hand for dear life and I her. This man wanted back in her life. I wanted to punch him, scream at him for giving up such a beautiful, loving daughter in the first place. He didn't deserve to be back in her life.

We reached the living room where Bella was laying on the couch looking peaceful, Edward was by her side, worried as always, he held on to her hand and was trying to wake her up, murmuring her name.

He really loved my daughter. I smiled gently, I knew I could always trust her with him, even if they had become... intimate. I knew he loved her, and would take care of her.

I was debating on asking Edward to take her upstairs but, she had to be here for the conversation. So we sat, waiting for her to wake. Edward knelt on the floor next to the sofa, gripping onto her hand with one hand, the other was stroking her hair. His face alternated between looking lovingly at Bella waiting for her to wake up and glaring at Bella's birth father.

I would have laughed if it wasn't such a serious moment.

Bella's birth father kept frowning at Edward, I could see his fists clench a little, he felt protective over her. He had no right.

"So, what's your name?" I finally asked him, giving him a glare of my own.

"My name is Charlie Swan, who's he?" He asked pointedly at Edward.

I raised my eyebrow and leant forward, "He's her boyfriend, Edward, and you better watch your tone, you may be her birth father but you have no right to judge who she dates, that's my job, you walked away", I answered menacingly.

Charlie seemed to know his mistake and he apologized just as Bella stirred. Edward gravitated toward her, stroking her hair once again, his hand that was gripping hers seemed to tighten.


"Edward", she smiled slightly before sitting up, confused, "what happened?"

"Take it slow, sweetie", I stood and made my over to her, giving her a quick once over to check she was okay. I may be rubbing it in his face a little.

I gave her the okay, kissing her forehead, my little girl. Mine.

"Thanks daddy", she gave me a beautiful smile, before it slipped away, "dad".

"Dad", she repeated, looking over to Charlie.

So this was the moment of truth. I returned to Esme's side and Edward slipped an arm around Bella's shoulders, holding her protectively against him, once again, alternating between loving looks and glares.

Bella held on to Edward, watching Charlie in wonder. My heart was slowly breaking, would she want him as her father instead of me?

That was a stupid thought, I had raised her, I'd always be her daddy.

"Dad", Bell called to me, however I was not the only one who answered.

Bella looked between us as we glared at each other. I was her dad.

Bella looked at me, "Dad". I nearly smirked, see? Me.

"What's his name?" She was asking me, but he was right there.

"Why don't you ask him, Hun", I smiled gently at her, urging her to talk to him.

"My name is Charlie Swan", he answered her.

"Why are you here? Now? After all these years? Why did you give me up in the first place?" She was getting hysterical again.

"B...breathe", Edward instructed her, holding her tighter if that were even possible.

Charlie covered his face with his hands, and took in a deep breath before answering her.

"I wanted to see you, I want to get to know you, I have been looking for you for years, I never wanted to give you up. Your mother..." he glanced at Esme, "your birth mother was a horrible woman, I never realised at the time, I couldn't look past my feelings for her, the only person she cared about was herself, and I never realised!" He looked frustrated.

"I never knew she was pregnant until she started showing at about four months. When I found out, I was overjoyed, we were too young, we were your age, but I was still overjoyed, I was going to be a dad..." a tear escaped, and I must admit, I felt sorry for him, "I thought she was happy, I asked her to marry me, and when we found out you were a girl, I was so excited, I was going to have a little girl that I could dote on..." he smiled gently at the memory, "but, when she gave birth, she didn't want me in the room, I didn't know why at the time, but afterwards, she made believe you were stillborn, I was... inconsolable".

Bella was crying holding on to Edward and Edward was doing his best to calm her down.

But Charlie continued, "for years, I believed you were dead, I went to your grave every week, leave a flower, talk to you a bit, but then one day about ten years ago, your mom and I were married, and she was doing drugs, drinking, you name it, she did it, I thought this was her way of dealing, we argued and one time, when she was high, she said that you were adopted, you were never dead, and that she never wanted you, you were an accident".

I wanted to scream, she was never an accident! But I held it in, Esme and I exchanged glances. She had tears in her eyes but she never shed them.

We looked over at Bella, and my heart broke for my baby girl. Without thinking, Esme and I made our way over to her, hugging her, comforting her.

Charlie continued on, "when I found out, I divorced Renee, that's her name by the way, and searched for you, I finally found you in Phoenix, Arizona, I flew out to see you, it was your ninth birthday. But you were just so happy, I saw you in your dad's arms and I knew that it was too late, I tried to stay away, I did, but I just needed to know you, I found out where you moved and here I am".

"I think it's best I leave for now, let you process all this", he pulled out a piece of paper, leaving it on the coffee table, "that's my number, I'm staying in a motel in Port Angeles for a few days, please contact me, if you don't then I'll leave for good, I promise".

Charlie glanced one more time at Bella, nodded and left.

Bella's POV

I finally stopped sobbing about an hour after Charlie left. I was curled up in a ball on my bed, sniffling, I was alone. Mom and Dad were talking to the others downstairs, Edward was sitting outside my door, giving me privacy but being there for me too. I don't know what I would have done without him.

I couldn't believe that my birth mother was such a heartless bitch. I could have had Charlie as a dad if it wasn't for her.

But how would have my life turned out? Since Renee was such a bitch, would she have been abusive? If Charlie hadn't realised what a bitch she was would he have let her be abusive? Or would he have runaway with me to protect me?

But more importantly, would I have such a wonderful, dysfunctional, but caring family now? Would Edward and I have ever met?

I realised that I wouldn't change anything. I couldn't change anything.

I wanted to get to know Charlie, but not as a father. Maybe an Uncle.

And that's what I did.

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