Hello, this is Jess, and this is my first Doctor/Rose/Donna story, i hope you enjoy.

The blue box whirled through out the cascade of flouresent colours. The harmony of the universe, echoing inside its soul. From the outside, the box would pass as a 1950s police box, to a passer-by. Yet to those who knew, the box was trans-dimentional. The inside was bigger than the outside. They existed in two seperate dimensions. This was the TARDIS, T.A.R.D.I.S, Time And Relitive Dimension In Space. The greatest spaceship in the universe. A time machine. A magical box belonning to mad man. A lord of time. A Time Lord. The last of his kind.

Inside, the ship occupied three living beings. The Doctor, Rose Tyler and Donna Noble. The Doctor was the TimeLord, the Captain of the ship. Rose Tyler was a Human from the planet Earth, Early 21st century. Then was Donna Noble, another Human from the early 21st century of planet Earth. The three friends travelled the whole of Time and Space together, defending the universe against evil.

"The 2012 olympics, what you think Donna?, me and Rose have been, brilliant, you'd love it!" The Doctor asked Donna excitedly, as he bounced around the centeral column. Donna grinned at him, as she followed him around the console. "Wouldn't that be a bit boring for you and Rose?" She asked. "How 'bout we go to a sun encasted planet, with extra tanning facilities, that don't occupy a creature trying to impersonate people?. With an ever lasting buffet of chips to keep Rose happy as well, and a huge library at the same time for you?"

At this moment, Rose entered the Console room. She was wearing Blue demin jeans with a pink t-shirt and a blue demin jacket. She was muttering to herself, something to do with having to re-dye her hair soon. She looked up to find her two companions staring at her grinning. She tied her hair into a left sided low ponytail.

"Hi guys, sorry i'm late. My shower was playing up. Starting to wonder if i've done anything to upset her majesty!" Her tone raised, and became annoyed at the last sentence, which was quite obvioulsy directed at the TARDIS.

The Doctor shot Rose a stern look, yet his arrogence was betrayed by the twinkle in his eyes. Donna bounded over to Rose, all smiles. "So, Rose, i was just saying, maybe we could go to a leisure planet, me and you could.." the two girls discussed their plans for the day, leaving the Doctor sulking at the console. He waited a few minutes before trying to interupt them.

He coughed loudly, yet his companions paid no attention to him. H tried coughing louder, this time he choked. This caught Roses' attention. "Um Doctor, perhaps you should go grab a glass of water." She smiled briefly at him, the turned back to Donna to carry on her convosation.

"Rose, actually i was trying to gat your attention..i was wondering if we could discuss this together, as a team...three mice, a tribe..no?" The Doctor realised that he was speaking to a brick wall. "Oh fine!" The Doctor grumbled and sulked off deeper into the TARDIS.

The girls waited a few minutes to be sure he was gone, the burst into laughter. "I can't believe that worked! I was so close to cracking!" Laughed Rose. Donna laughed along. "I know, me too. He seems to be really worked up, but i say leave it sometime longer."

From the depth of the ship, the Doctor could hear the girls' laughter. They were upto something, that much he knew, and he was going to fight back. He had a perfect senario for his little game. Oh how the girls would cry for their beloved Doctor.

"Rose!, Donna!" The Doctor called out as he stormed though out the TARDIS.

And so the war had begun...

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