I got out of the subway and tried to remember which street the building was. I walked around a bit, until I found the right street, and found the building.

I was going to apply for a job, for I really needed a regular income. I was now living on my own in a very small apartment in the centre of London, which isn't the cheapest place to live. I had left the university only a year ago and had been searching for a job ever since. It hadn't been easy, so for the last few weeks, I had been willing to go to almost everything. Hence the fact I was now going to apply to be someone's assistant.

I walked into the large building with trembling hands. I wasn't sure if this was the job I wanted to do, but I needed to get one soon and this seemed to be a good option.

The lady behind the desk gave me a polite nod and put down her pen as I approached her.

"May I help you?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm here for the job interview as Mrs Clark's assistant."

"Oh, I see you haven't heard yet," she said, with a slight awkward look upon her face.

"What haven't I heard?" I asked, already feeling disappointed.

"Mrs Clark has had a minor stroke and she went to the hospital. She will be retired next year, so she won't be returning," she told me.

"Oh, that's horrible for her. I hope she will be recovering soon. Thank you," I said and was about to walk away, feeling miserable, because this was the first suitable job I had come upon in weeks.

"But Miss, I might have another option for you," she started and I turned to face her again. "Now that Mrs Clark is gone, we are searching for a new assistant for Mr Cullen. Perhaps you would like to go to that job interview?" she asked me. It was a bit sudden and I stood there, staring at her, while I was thinking.

I didn't really have any alternative, besides just continuing to search for jobs, which hadn't been going that well to start with. I knew this was a great opportunity and if I would pass, I wouldn't come across any offer that would be better. I sighed and, even though I felt quite nervous and I knew I would probably never be hired for this, I nodded.

"All right, well, here you have the information. It is on the third floor, the first door on your right. Mr Miller will be there to interview you. I must tell you that we are expecting a few more people for this job interview and they will come today." She wished me good luck and I made my way to the third floor.

I told myself that this was more or less the same job, only for the actual Mr Cullen, instead of his assistant, Mrs Clark. Only, I could deal with a good-natured, old lady and a powerful and attractive business man was a completely different case.

I had seen pictures of him in some fancy business magazine. I had read it for this job interview, because I couldn't come in, completely unprepared and unaware of the mind behind this company.

Mr Edward Cullen was the son of the man, Mr Carlisle Cullen, who had set up this company. Edward Cullen was in charge of the part of the company in Britain, his father in the USA.

The magazine I had read had provided me with a charming picture of Edward Cullen. I had been quite surprised, but hadn't paid any more attention to it. I had thought that, if I would get the job (Mrs Clark's assistant), I would hardly ever see Edward himself. However, knowing that if I would get the alternative job, I would be hisassistant and I would probably see him a lot more than I had imagined.

I took a deep breath and quickly knocked on the door, before I would get too scared and run away.

A deep voice told me to come in and I opened the door, seeing a forty-something year old man sitting behind a large desk. The room was relatively small and had two small windows that faced a busy street. A plant was placed in the corner, but had died a long time ago. A few meaningless pictures of beaches and woods hung upon the originally white wall, which had turned a sort of dirty yellow colour. The carpet was a faded dark blue.

I took a seat in a chair that was quite new, which made it seem completely out of place in this room.

I wasn't sure if he expected me to start talking, but I decided to wait until he started, thinking it rude to start myself.

"So, Mrs Swan?" he asked in a hoarse voice, which indicated he had a slight cold or just had a hoarse voice by nature.

"Ms Swan, yes." He seemed a bit taken aback and unpleasantly surprised. I blushed slightly and looked at the floor. I wondered why he had assumed I was married. I was, after all, only twenty-seven years old.

"Of course. Now, I heard you initially came for the job of Mrs Clark's assistant, am I right, Ms Swan?"

"Yes, that's right. But I have heard that, unfortunately, she…Mrs Clark has had a stroke and won't be returning."

"Yes, I know," he said slowly, making me feel embarrassed. "Well, have you had any experience of this kind?"

"No, I haven't. I finished my study a year ago and have been searching for a job for the last few months."

"What study, Ms Swan?" he asked, sounding as if he hardly believed I hadn't told him immediately. I was slightly hesitant to tell him, because it was completely unfit for the job I was applying for.

"I studied English Language and Literature at Oxford," I told him. He nodded with a knowing smile. I had a feeling what he might be thinking: that's why she hasn't found a job yet. I gave him a tight smile, realising I couldn't be sure he was thinking that.

"And what made you apply for this job?"

"Well, it seemed like a very interesting job. I think I can gain a lot of experience from working at such a large company." He didn't seem to believe me completely, but nodded anyway and wrote something down on the notepad in front of him. The light on the ceiling flickered and my head snapped up. I realised I had been fumbling with my hands and that I was slightly nervous.

"May have I look at your résumé, Ms Swan?"

"Of course," I said quickly and I bent over and rummaged through my work bag until I found it. I handed it over to him, watching him curiously as he started reading. I watched him intently and noticed every slight change of his facial expression. They weren't extremely positive, but not that bad either. I felt slightly relieved that the worst part of the job interview was over and I relaxed a bit.

He nodded and wrote a few things down, before handing me back my résumé.

"Thank you, Ms Swan, that's all," he said, before standing up and opening the door.

"Thank you, Mr Miller," I said and I left the room.

I let out a big breath as he had closed the door and I leaned against the wall. I quickly stood up straight as I noticed a woman, about my age, standing opposite of me. She gave me an annoyed look and knocked on the door out of which I had just came. She was let in and I could hear how she told Mr Miller that she also wanted to apply for the job as Mr Cullen's assistant. I knew it was bad to listen, but I couldn't help myself. I kept looking around the hall way, as I listened to the beginning of the conversation.

It seemed Mr Miller was being nicer to her, but that could've been imagined by me. She was about to tell him about her university and study, as I heard footsteps coming my way. They were coming from the elevator, the way I needed to go, and I casually walked towards them, quietly hoping the person wouldn't think my presence was anything noticeable.

The footsteps were close as I walked around the corner. I was about to look around into the hall way, as I suddenly collided into something, or rather, someone, and stumbled backwards. My bag fell on the floor, but, thankfully, stayed closed. The person picked up my bag, apologized and handed it back to me. I took it and looked up. My eyes went big as I realised it was Edward Cullen, but I quickly regained my composure and took a step back, also apologizing.

"That's fine, good day," he said and he walked away. I watched him until he went around the corner and then made my way towards the elevator. My cheeks were bright red and I was glad to see the elevator was empty.

That was embarrassing, I thought miserably. I shook my head, pressed the button and felt how the elevator started moving.

Once I reached the ground floor, I smiled towards the lady behind the desk and left the building, glad it was over.

My good friend, Alice Brandon, called and I filled her in on the details. We promised to meet at our usual bar. My other friend, Rosalie Hale, would also come.

I made my way towards the subway and went to the bar. As I arrived, I noticed I was the first one, and I searched for a good table. I sat down and the waitress was already walking towards me, probably astonished I even dared to sit down at a table on my own, as Rosalie walked in and spotted me. She sat down at the table and I noticed how the waitress smiled, as if she finally understood. I rolled my eyes and smiled towards Rosalie.

"Hi Rose, how are you?"

"Fine, thanks. So, how was the job interview? I have to admit, Alice already told me something about it when she called me, but I would like to hear it from you anyway."

"It was… all right. The man that interviewed me, Mr Miller, seemed to take a dislike towards me from the second I walked in. The interview went fine, though. I don't think he thought me suitable, but it wasn't a complete humiliation either."

"Have a bit of faith. Who knows, perhaps he thought you were perfect. Just wait until you get a call, then you can be as pessimistic as you like." I laughed and rolled my eyes.

"Thank you for allowing that," I said sarcastically.

"Come on, Alice and me have to take care of you at least a little bit."

"I can take care of myself perfectly fine, thank you," I snapped. She didn't seem to be bothered by it as she continued.

"Of course you can, sweetie. But friends always look out for each other. You and Alice look out for me. You and me look out for Alice. That's the way it goes. Now, what do you want to drink? Or shall we wait for Alice. I mean, we already know what she wants to order," she said, dismissing the subject.

"Let's just – oh wait, there she is," I said, as I saw Alice walking in. She waved and made her way towards us.

"Hi there!" she said, smiling broadly as she sat down, placing two shopping bags on the chair next to her. I eyed it questioningly.

"You went shopping?" I asked. She gave me a isn't-that-obvious?-look and I laughed at her.

"I didn't buy much, just a pair of shoes and two shirts." She picked up the menu, quickly looked at it and put it down.

"It's a bit early for wine, don't you think?" she asked, looking at the clock, which told us it was two o'clock.

"Yes, I think it is. Perhaps we can order a smoothie?" Rosalie suggested.

"That would be delicious," I said.

"Strawberry?" Rosalie asked. Alice and I nodded and smiled at her. The waitress came over and took our orders.

"Guys, Jasper asked me to go with him to Paris for a weekend. How romantic is that?" Alice squealed. Jasper Whitlock had been Alice's boyfriend for two years and they had been inseparable since the moment they met.

"Alice, that's great!" I said.

"Wow, that's fantastic," Rosalie said, simultaneously with me. Alice beamed and smiled proudly.

"Emmett would never suggest that," Rosalie said, not looking that sad about it. She and Emmett had been dating for a few months. Emmett was a huge guy, but very kind and funny when you got to know him. Their relationship was quite… physical, but they loved each other a lot. Rose was right though, I couldn't see Emmett suggesting a romantic trip to Paris.

"My boyfriend wouldn't either," I said jokingly. I didn't have a boyfriend. I had only had a boyfriend during college. The relationship had lasted a year, but in the end, it didn't work out at all and we split up. I didn't miss a relationship that bad, but with Alice and Rosalie telling me their wonderful stories, I did seem too long for a relationship sometimes.

"I know you will find someone soon, Bells," Alice said encouragingly. I gave her an incredulous look.

"She's right, Bella," Rosalie said.

"Well, that would be fantastic. Anyway, I have yet to mention the fact I met Edward Cullen today." Both Rosalie and Alice started smiling broadly as they heard me.

"Well, not exactly 'met', we just… collided," I told them, chuckling.

"What do you mean?" Alice asked.

"I was walking away from the interview and as I got around the corner, I just bumped into Edward. Thankfully, I didn't fall and neither did he. But it was pretty embarrassing. We just apologized and both walked away," I said. They did seem slightly disappointed, but were still smiling.

"What I wouldn't give to bump into Edward Cullen," Rosalie said. Alice agreed with her.

"You know that I went for the job as Mrs Clark's assistant, right?" They both nodded. "Well, the poor woman has had a stroke and won't be returning, so I applied for her job," I told them. They reacted nicely, but didn't seem very excited. I smiled inwardly as I continued. "Her job was Mr Cullen's assistant." As soon as I had said it, they squealed and laughed.

"So, you're telling us that there's a slight chance you will be Edward's assistant?" Rosalie asked. I frowned jokingly as she said 'slight', but nodded as she finished.

"That would be amazing, Bells," Alice said. I agreed and saw the waitress coming our way. She handed us the smoothies and walked away.

As I drank my smoothie, I wondered how long it would take for the company to react about the job. Would they be interviewing a lot of people? I assumed so, it was quite an important job. I could hardly imagine myself as Edward's assistant and was fairly convinced they wouldn't take me, but I was still excited, knowing there was at least a small chance.