The sun reflected on my wedding ring as I was sitting in the garden. I heard a door open and close, and Edward walked into the garden and sat down beside me.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"I'm fine," I said, chuckling. He smiled tenderly as he placed his hand on my belly, which had grown over the past few months.

"Julia," he whispered, looking at my belly.

"Or Brian," I replied, raising one eyebrow. We didn't want to know yet, but I had a feeling it was a boy.

He laughed, shaking his head.

"Alice will be here in a few minutes, with Mat," he said.

"She called?"

"Yes, though I could hardly make out what she was saying. She is very excited," he chuckled.

"Can you blame her? She has been waiting ages to get married and go on a honeymoon."

"Well, it's her own fault that she refused to get married when pregnant," he said, smiling.

"It was quite a surprise for everyone when she found out. But Mat is absolutely adorable. Did you see him in his little tuxedo during the wedding?" I asked, thinking back to the wedding that had taken place a few days ago. Alice had looked beautiful in her wedding dress. She and Jasper were now about to go on their honeymoon, so their son, Mat, would stay with us for two weeks.

"I think I hear her car," I said, getting up.

"Sit down, I'll get it," he said, eyeing me as I clumsily got up. I was due in one month and tried to walk as little as possible. Edward was always watching out for me, which I appreciated, but I sometimes wondered if he wasn't worrying too much.

He came back with Alice walking behind him, holding Mat in her arms.

"Hi, Mat!" I said, smiling widely. He laughed and stretched his little hands out to me. Alice handed him over to me.

"Excited?" I asked Alice.

"Yes, I can't wait! Though I'm going to miss Mat terribly," she said, smiling sadly as she looked at her infant son.

"We'll be sure to look after him," Edward said.

"Absolutely! We'll spoil him too much and do everything he isn't allowed to do with you," I said, laughing as Alice started to look worried. "And it'll be a good practise," I added, looking at my belly.

"Yes, I was worrying about that. What if you get into labour when we aren't here?" Alice wondered worriedly.

"I don't think that'll happen. I'll do everything I can to hold out the labour until you're back," I joked.

"Have you finished packing?" Edward asked Alice.

"Yes, Jasper will be here in a few minutes and then we'll go the airport and be on our way to Mallorca," she said, smiling excitedly.

"I hope you have a great time, you both deserve it," I said.

"Thanks. I'm sure it'll be great," she said, chuckling.

"Hi, guys!" Jasper shouted, walking towards us. "Ready, Alice?"

"Yes!" she exclaimed, getting up. "Thank you for babysitting Mat." She turned towards her son, who was now in Edward's arms. "Bye, honey! We'll be back before you know it," she said, getting tears in her eyes.

"We'll make sure he has everything he wants," Edward reassured her. Jasper took Mat from his arms and kissed Mat's forehead. He then handed him back to Edward, and, together with Alice, they walked to the car and left.

A week later, Mat had gotten used to us and was content with the constant attention he got. Every time I looked at Mat, I got excited about my own child, looking forward to holding him or her in my arms.

Rosalie visited with her three year old daughter, Eleanor. Edward and I were sitting in the living room, with Mat in his cot. Rosalie carefully put Eleanor down and Eleanor waddled towards us, giggling.

"Hey, Ellie," I smiled, picking her up and showing her Mat.

"Bella, please, don't call her Ellie," Rosalie said, feigning exasperation.

"What? I like 'Ellie'. Of course, 'Eleanor' is a beautiful name, but 'Ellie' is just so cute," I said.

"Fine," Rosalie said, laughing. "So, how are you feeling, Bella?"

"Nauseous, my back hurts, I can't walk properly, and the baby is constantly kicking me, but besides that I'm great," I said, chuckling.

"Believe me, I know how you feel," she said, looking at Ellie, who innocently returned her gaze, scrunching her face in a very cute way.

"And how is Mat behaving?" she asked.

"He's sleeping at the moment, thankfully," Edward said, laughing.

"It's a bit tiring that he wakes up at the most ungodly hours," I explained.

"Well, that's a baby for you," she said.

"I know," I said, sighing, not particularly looking forward to that part of motherhood.

"Well, Alice and Jasper are coming back in a few days, and then, hopefully, you'll have two weeks to rest," she said.

"I hope so," I laughed.

"Tell me! How was it?" I asked Alice and Jasper, who had returned from their honeymoon and were now in our living room, relieved to be holding Mat again.

"It was amazing!" Alice smiled.

"Mallorca is beautiful," Jasper said.

"Not that we have seen that much of it," Alice replied, giggling.

"Little children present," I said, feigning shock. Alice looked at Mat and sighed.

"I'm so happy to be able to hold him again," she said. "But it can't be long before your child will be born. I'm so curious if it's a boy or a girl!"

"Me too, I can't wait. I just want to hold him or her in my arms and be able to look into his or her eyes," I said, smiling tenderly.

A week later, I finally could. I was lying on the hospital bed, holding Brian in my arms.

"You were right, it's a boy," Edward said, shaking his head incredulously.

"Mother's instinct," I explained, laughing. Brian turned his gaze from Edward to me, wrapping his little fingers around mine.

"I could just look at him the entire day," I whispered, smiling at Brian. Suddenly, the flash of a camera startled me, and Alice entered the room, with Jasper following her, holding Mat, who was looking around in disbelief.

"Look at this picture, isn't it beautiful?" Alice asked, showing it to Edward. He saw the picture and smiled affectionately.

"They're both very beautiful," he agreed. I looked at Brian, saw his bright green eyes and a few dark brown hairs, and had to agree with him.

"I think this is the beginning of a very beautiful family," I whispered.