There's implied sex in the second chapter. If you don't like this pairing or slash in general, then don't read this fic.

With that out of the way, here's the fandom's first Logan/Lorren fic (and also my first m/m fic)!


"Hello again, Forest Prince," Logan said without looking up from the myriad of metal and crystal strewn across his workbench. He etched the last few runes into a disc before standing to greet his new visitor.

The Forest Prince strode past the golem guards at the entrance to the back room of the Black Rose. With his dramatic black hat and matching mask and cape, he looked ridiculously outdated in Logan's sleek and modern laboratory. Logan couldn't help but smirk every time the Forest Prince so kindly graced him with his presence.

"I have an offer for you." His visitor stopped and glanced back at the open entrance. Logan waved his hand and the doors shut with the sharp clang of metal on metal. The Prince was always marvelously rude to him, but so suave and charming to everyone else. Was it that he didn't find Logan worth the effort—or another reason?

"It's always 'you' with me. What's wrong with my name?" Logan gave him the almost-sweet smile that never failed to make the Forest Prince look uncomfortable. "And it's always business first. Why don't you have something to drink?"

From behind a white drape, a glinting steel gurney carrying a steaming teapot and two cups rolled towards them with no visible thing pushing it.

The Forest Prince stepped back from the suspicious piece of pseudo-furniture, his gilded confidence a little flaked. Logan loved this game.

"I don't have time to fool with you," the Forest Prince said coldly as Logan poured them both a cup of tea. "I need to know who bought this spellbook, Invoking Sekhmet and Other Ancient Spells."

Logan felt the Prince watch him intensely, probably making sure he wasn't slipping anything suspicious into the tea. "That one? I sold it to a private collector a while ago. It's not going anywhere, so relax. Tell me your offer and I'll tell you the name."

"My offer is: tell me who bought it and I don't shut you down and confiscate everything in this building." Even with the mask covering his eyes, the Forest Prince's smug look came through perfectly on his half-smiling mouth. That paper-thin swashbuckling attitude, it was almost adorable and Logan had so much fun stripping it away piece by piece.

Logan's hands lightly brushed his, not at all by accident, as he handed him the hot drink. The Forest Prince pulled back so quickly it almost spilled. So funny, that ambivalence. The Prince seemed to think he could mask attraction by sloppily following it with repulsion. Logan couldn't be fooled. After all these years, he knew the looks that others gave him, men and women alike; he knew the effect he had on people.

His guest set the cup down without drinking.

"Come on now, Mister Forest Prince. You're usually much more cooperative than this. The Fairy Underground confiscated a certain amulet about two moons ago. It's white with a blue and black dot in the center, like an eye. Would you be so kind as to recover it for me in exchange—"

The Forest Prince laughed curtly. "No. Do you honestly think that I'd just drop some evil dark magic artifact into your hands like that?"

"Actually, it's a protection amulet. You make a lot of assumptions about me. Not everything I do is dark, and not everything dark is evil."

"Says the guy who sold shadow creatures to the Dark Sorceress."

Logan's perfectly-manicured nails scraped the outside of his cup as he clenched it. His pleasant smile froze in place, but he couldn't control the venom in his voice. "Says the boy who's never had to risk saying no to the Dark Sorceress."

Boy, he lingered on that word. Tough and clever as he acted, the Forest Prince was nothing more than a spoiled brat with delusions of power. It wasn't fair; the fantasies of the young should be shattered, just like those of everyone else.

Still, Logan couldn't shake the strange affection that he felt for him. Maybe it was because the Prince reminded him of himself, all those years ago when Logan actually was the age he appeared to be. Maybe it was because he just loved every iota of control over the Prince he could muster, and now that his visitor had made him squirm, Logan couldn't help but return the favor tenfold.

The Forest Prince opened his mouth to make some retort, but Logan cut him off. "We were hardly on equal footing, me and one of the most powerful magic users in history. Have you ever faced her alone? Have you ever tried to deny her what she wants?"

Logan placed his cup on the gurney, hands shaking ever so slightly with a strange blend of anger, anticipation, and giddiness. His face betrayed nothing. For every step Logan advanced, the Forest Prince took one back.

"Look, don't—"

"You know what?" Logan whispered so low that the Prince had to stop retreating in order to hear him. "I hate relationships like that, power completely unbalanced. How about from now on, we make our relationship a little more equal? Tell me if this is fair: you don't shut down my business, and I don't tell everyone your little secret, Prince Lorren."

The Prince recoiled as if struck, but he had nowhere to go but the cold metal wall right behind him. He seemed to crumple against it, façade of confidence crushed to dust by two little words. Logan almost regretted it; he might never see that nostalgic young pride again, now that the Prince knew that Logan was master of the illusion that he had so intricately built around himself.

Logan laid both hands on the wall, one on either side of him. Though they stood the same height, he felt as if he loomed over the Prince, who stared into his eyes from behind that mask with the paralyzed look of a terrified animal.

"And besides, you'd never shut me down. Where else would you find such a nice connection to the black market, one who's always so polite and serves you tea every time you visit, no matter how rude you are?"

There was barely a hand's length between their faces now. The Prince made no move to get away.

"You know, I've always found it interesting," Logan continued, forcing that pleasant smile onto his face. "That you always come here yourself, leader of the Underground. Dealing with me is hardly so important that you couldn't send some subordinate, but it's always you. Always. Why is that, Prince Lorren?"

Logan lifted a hand and brushed it along the Prince's cheek, leaving a perfect opening to escape. He didn't take it.

Instead, fingers and nails dug into Logan's back and neck, jabbing at skin even through his clothes. Not for one moment did Logan suspect that he would shove him away. Just as expected, the Prince caught Logan's mouth on his and grabbed him tightly, as if he had to force him into it. No tongue, no rhythm; he just held them both still. Logan wondered if he was always this bad a kisser, or if it was just because the Prince was currently shocked out of his mind and had no idea what he was doing. The latter was more likely.

It lasted barely a few seconds before the tight grip disappeared and Logan suddenly felt himself falling backwards. He stumbled but quickly caught himself as the Prince stormed by him.

"No!" The Prince straightened his mask as he backed towards the door. "What kind of dark spells are you using on me?"

"What an unfair question. I'm not using any magic. Besides, subtle mind control is mage magic, not my style, and the arcane arts would require a potion and incantation for something like—"

"Don't lie to me," his voice turned deadly cold. He drew his sword in an instant, pointing it directly at Logan's throat. "And if you don't stay silent, I'll have your head."

Logan stood unfazed. "Of course. You keep my business open; I keep your secret. Do we have a deal?"

The Prince said nothing, but sheathed his sword and turned away. He threw open both doors and marched out, not once glancing back.

Logan just smiled. Now, he would wait.


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