prompt -It was never supposed to be this way: Addison/Derek: prompt by flipflop_diva


even now, he couldn't stop himself from watching her


his eyelids dropping as his eyes peered up... out... following her as she moved around the bar, laughing with Torres, teasing Karev and Sloan.

and every once and a while, she'd look his direction, mid sentence, mid sip, mid thought

and something would cross her face, a ghost of something/someone he use to 'know'. carnally, intimately, forever.

and then it would disappear

and she would smile at him, and finish her sentence, finish her drink, finish her thought,

and he would remember - as if he ever really forgot [not when she was near and he could see her, hear her, smell her] - that 'forever' was just a word;

a word like: wish, dream, fantasy...

beautiful, but, oh so empty.


Meredith steps into his line of sight - fragile, 'save me', broken Meredith - and his view of Addison is temporarily blocked.

she curls onto his lap, elbows and hips and angles pressing against him

and he half listens, half responds to her murmured words

and then his eyes are back - secretively - on the flame, the human fire that is Addison

as Meredith presses her lips to his jaw - a quick claim - Addison's eyes drift in his direction again.

the ghost appears

and disappears

and he's reminded, once again, that it was never suppose to be this way.