Author's notes: Alright, so this is my first Hetalia fan fiction I've written so… If it sucks, I'm sorry. This is based on a live role-play I did with one of my friends in school, actually. Um… I can't think of anything else to say… This is the first story I've ever published, so reviews are greatly appreciated (any kind of reviews, really. Nice ones, mean ones, constructive criticism, say whatever you like, really, I don't mind). Please enjoy the story.

"Become One?"

Finishing his last bite of his lunch, Sealand glanced around the room. Most of the other nations had already finished their lunches, but some of them were still eating. The blonde noticed that some of them had canned beverages.

"Don't forget to recycle those cans!" the small country (he was a country, despite what everyone said) reminded them as he stood up and headed to the trash can.

After disposing of his trash, Sealand returned to the table and sat back down in his seat. The micronation jumped a little from surprise as a large hand was placed on top of his head. Looking over to his right, Sealand saw Russia looking down at him with the usual creepy smile on his face.

"You've been nagging everyone to recycle the past few days, da," Russia pointed out. "What's with the environmentalist attitude?"

Sealand looked down, a slight frown wrinkling the young boy's forehead in a worried expression. "Well…," he began, "everyone keeps talking about global warming, and about how the polar ice caps are melting, and sea levels are going to rise. And if that happens, then my whole country will be underwater and I'll drown…"

The grin on Russia's face grew wider and creepier. "Then maybe you could become one with Russia, da?" he offered, "Then I could protect you, and you wouldn't have to worry about drowning."

Russia had asked this question on several other occasions, and, for the most part, Sealand has somehow been able to get out of the situation without really giving an answer. But now something came over Sealand, and he suddenly felt very small, very vulnerable, very much like a child. In almost the same instant, Sealand realized that he was a small, vulnerable child.

Suddenly, much to everyone's surprise, Sealand hugged Russia, clinging to the older, larger, and stronger nation tightly. "Please don't let me die!" he pleaded, sounding very much like the small, vulnerable child he was.

"So that's a yes, then, da?" Russia asked, still smiling, but this time a bit more kindly.

Sealand nodded, a repeated quietly, "Pleases don't let me die…"

The End

Author's notes (again): Well, that's it. My first story I've ever published. I hope you enjoyed it! Yeah, it's true, I have become an environmentalist lately... And it is because I'm worried about Sealand. Again, reviews are greatly appreciated. Oh, and sorry it's so short.