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Chapter 1

Hinatas POV

"Hinata you were great! I was worried not being on a mission in so long might have made you lose some of all that hard work you earned." Kiba smiled, turning toward me.

"Kibas right, you did very well." Shino added.

"Thank you, that m-means a lot." smiling brightly, a light blush rising to my cheeks.

Akamaru nudging his head into my hands. 'He's grown so much, but he's still that cute little puppy in my eyes.' Giggling as he begged for me to scratch his head.

"It was just like the old days. Man I miss those days." Kiba let out a sigh.

Pausing in scratching Akamarus head, "Do you think that we'll get more missions together? There doesn't seem to be to many A rank missions or even B ranks."

"Hmmm your right. We should be getting more missions together since your back or at least I hope we should be." Kiba said.

"So do I. How bout we go get some ramen after we report our mission?" Shino asked.

"Hey! Yeah great idea Shino!" Kiba exclaimed, getting excited.

"Ah that sounds good to me." It's been awhile since we all went out together. I can't even remember when the last time was.

"Then it's decided on. First we have to speak to Lady Tsunade." Shino turning to leave.

"Shino wait up! Come on Hinata and Akamaru he's leaving us."

"Coming!" walking faster to catch up to my team.

It's been almost five months now since I've been on a mission with my team. Father said I didn't need missions or to train anymore. I was to be married off to a noble or a lord for some kind of agreement. He hired a woman to teach me the ways of etiquette in the aristocrat life. Of course, I still sneak off when I can to train.

The day I was asked to attend the elders council meeting, I was expecting to be dethroned from being the heiress of the clan. I wouldn't have minded though. Hanabi would make a better leader than I could. If that was the elders choice, I was planning to move into a little apartment outside the Hyuga compound. To have a place to actually call 'my home'.

After I heard the news… I was overcome with so many emotions. I wanted to yell, throw things and say no, but most of all I wanted to cry.

I refused to show them my tears, when they asked if I understood, I bowed and said 'yes'.

But once I was dismissed and made it back to my room, I broke down.

Not caring who saw the tears on my face, but it's not like I could stop them. I cried the rest of that day and into the night. My eyes, red and puffy the most they ever been.

I was going to lose everything important to me. My freedom, my dreams, but most of all my friends.

"Hinata, you alright?"

"Huh?" I looked up confused.

"I asked if you were alright." Kibas face filled with concern.

"Oh ah yes I'm fine. I was just thinking." giving him a smile.

"Hinata, if you need to talk we're here for you." Shino stated.

"It's just I was thinking of my arrangement…" I whispered, feeling them tense at the topic.

"Uh Hinata, me and Shino were actually talking ab-"

"Hey Hinata!"

"What do you want Naruto? Where in the middle of something!" Kiba exclaimed, glaring at Naruto.

"What's your problem? I just haven't seen Hinata around in awhile, just thought I would come and see how she was doing." Naruto glaring back at Kiba.

'He came over to see me.' my face instantly turning red.

"She's doing fine. So you can lea-" Kiba growled.

"Kiba we can talk about this later, at a better time." Shino stepping in between Naruto and Kiba.

"Fine." Kiba letting out a annoyed sigh while crossing his arms.

"Huh? What's up with you guys?" Naruto asked confused.

"I-it's nothing to worry about. How are you N-naruto?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"I'm great! Coming to meet Sakura. Thought about asking her if she wanted to go on a date or at least go get some ramen with me ." Naruto said, sounding hopeful.

It still hurts to hear it, even now, though it's not as bad as it once was. His love and devotion to Sakura. I still haven't gotten over him. I know he will never feel the same for me the way I feel for him, but I just can't help myself.

"Why do you bother asking." Kiba mumbled

"What did you say?" Naruto asked, looking to Kiba.

"He didn't say anything." Shino said, irritation in his voice.


Sakura making here way over from a group of people.

"Hey Sakura! What's up?" Naruto giving her his full attention.

"Nothing just finishing training with Lady Tsunade for today. Hinata! I haven't seen you around. How are you?" Sakura asked, smiling at me.

"I'm doing fine."

"That's good to hear. You guys just finish a mission." Sakura noticing Shino, Kiba, and Akamaru.

"Yeah we were just on our way to report to Lady Tsunade before Naruto showed up." Kiba stated.

"What! You guys were just standing here talking when I-"

'Poor Naruto. Sakura can be scary.' Noticing the look she had on her face.

"Oh well you better go on ahead then. I'll see you guys later." Sakura waved as she dragged Naruto off.

"Ow! Sakura that hurts! Let go! Please!"

"Geez that guy." Kiba letting out sigh. Akamaru barking in agreement.

"We should go in now. We spent more time than we should have." Shino said, looking up.

Confused, I followed his gaze. Finally noticing where we were, in front of the Hokage Tower.

"Alright lets head in." Kiba and Akamaru, heading toward the doors.

Time seems to pass by when I'm away from the compound, wherever I go. These past three days on a mission was no different.

"How can I help you?" one of the Ninja guards asked.

"We have a mission to report to Lady Tsunade." Shino said, showing Lady Tsunades seal.

"Alright, go on ahead."

"Kiba?" I whispered.

"Yeah Hinata?" Kiba looking toward me.

"What was you gonna say before N-naruto showed up?" bringing my eyes to meet his.

"Oh…" Averting his eyes away. 'Kiba please tell me.'

"It's not something bad is it?" trying to catch the emotions showing on his face. 'It is, isn't?'

"No… well…" Kiba scratching the back of his head, turning back to me.

"Hinata, we'll tell you later, but not here. It'll be better told somewhere else." Shino's voice more softer than usually.

"Okay." looking back at the ground. 'What can it be they wanna tell me.' Akamaru lightly leaning on me to comfort me.

"This is what I get for grabbing more than I can handle." a strain voice came from ahead.

"That's a lot of files. How does someone carry all those." Kiba glancing at the tall towers of papers.

"Maybe you should go and help."

"Come on Shino, I was just saying. Who is that anyways?"

"It's Shizune."

"Shizune? Do you need me to carry some of those files for you?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Hinata! Oh no, I just need one of you to open the door for me. These are for Lady

Tsunade." Shino walking over and grabbing most of the stack, before she drops them all on the floor.

"Thank you Shino." Shizune smiled gratefully. "Come on in." she opened the door for us.

"Lady Tsunade, I brought more files you need to work on! Shino, Hinata, and Kiba are back from their mission as well." sighing as she and Shino set the stacks of paperwork on the desk.

"I just finished all the paperwork you sent me two days ago." Groaning, as Tsunade covered her face with her hands.

"That's great, but these are new files we just received." Shizune smiling sympathetically.

"Lady Tsunade, here's our report." Shino, laying the scroll in front of Tsunade.

"Alright good work. Hinata how was the mission for you?" Tsunade questioned, leaning back into her chair, opening the scroll.

"H-huh? It was okay. Just the same as ever." giving a shy smile, bringing my eyes to the ground.

"Good, that's good to hear. Since you were able to go on a mission again, and you all were successful, maybe your father will let you go on a few more while you can." pausing, "I'm sorry I can't help you."

Surprised at her apology, instantly bring my eyes to hers.

"I'm not allowed to interfere with Hyuga affairs unless it concerns the village." setting the scroll down, facing the window.

"Lady Tsunade it's fine." I say, but everyone in the room can see through my lie.

I knew she wasn't allowed, I never got my hopes up on that idea. My father and the Elders were smart on which agreements to consider without it having to go through so much meetings and discussions just to get it approved.

"Have they told you anything?" Shizune asked.

"No. I've just been practicing everything I need to know from my instructor." thinking about all the times I spent learning how to speak and do things correctly. Hearing the long list of things I should be that revolves around graceful, elegant, refined. That a wife of a Lord shouldn't blush so much, but maybe it will add to my beauty. Then there was my stutter. My stutter is gone, well mostly, it slightly comes back when I'm embarrassed or nervous. She says I need to try and stop, so I can sound reassuring and supportive. When I successfully learn all these traits, I'll be a jewel a Lord will proudly show to his council and his people.

"Lord Hiashi sent me a message. He's informed me that the Elders have chosen the suitors they like. Their requesting for a meeting with me soon I'm not sure when, he wasn't specific. He wanted to speak about you." Tsunade stood, facing me.

"Yes Lady T-tsunade." I didn't know what to say. I knew the day was getting closer. I just never expected it would be so soon.

"I just thought you should know. Well I better start on these files." Tsunade dismissing us.

"Thank you Lady Tsunade." bowing, then turning toward Kiba, Shino, and Akamaru.

They looked just as uncomfortable as I am "You ready to go get some ramen?"

"Yea let's get going." Kiba said looking toward Shino.

"Lady Tsunade. Shizune" Shino bowing slightly.

"Goodbye you three." Shizune calling to us.

The quietness was full of tension between us as we walked together. Reaching out to Akamaru, scratching the top of his head, seeing him close his eyes from gratification.

A small smile coming to my face at his reaction. Looking back to Shino and Kiba walking in front of me. Noticing they haven't relaxed any from leaving Tsunades office. Lightly patting Akamaru, walking up between my team and grabbing their hands. I feel them looking at me questioningly, I squeeze their hands, trying to comfort them of their own worries.

I feel them relax finally. Kibas smile coming back, holding my hand tighter, while he lay his other hand on Akamaru. Shino squeezing my hand, his insects sending me a soothing motion through him.

'This is how it's suppose to be.'

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