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Chapter 7

Jakes POV

"Everything looks good." Embry looking over the food sitting on the counter.

"I hope we're eating soon, cause I'm starving." Quil lifting the lid off one of the pots on the stove.

"You're always hungry."

"You guys better not be trying to sneak a bite." Emily walking down the stairs, making us turn to her.

"We weren't." Quil answered.

"Whatever, you guys look guilty." she laughed as she entered the kitchen.

A small laugh made me turn back around to the stairs. My heart jumped at the sight of her. She smiled as she watched the others joke around in the kitchen. I like it when she smiles, her eyes light up and she just looks so… gorgeous.


Her soft voice was pleasing to hear, it was gentle and kind. Even with the stutters, her voice seemed to flow smoothly. Maybe it had something to do with imprinting, but that light quiet voice could cut through all the noise to reach me.

"Hey Hinata." returning her smile.

Instinctively holding my hand out to her, I could see her face start to turn a familiar red color as she glanced at my hand before slowly taking it. Helping her down the last few steps, her gaze was fixed on the floor watching each step she took. I couldn't help tightening my hold as if I was trying to tell her somehow that I would never let her fall. Reaching the bottom, her gaze met mine only to dart back to the floor. The blush staining her cheeks reaching a deeper shade.

"You okay?" my smile growing.

Nodding her head, "T-thank you."


"Hinata, better hurry and come fix you a plate." Emily called over, nodding to everyone coming in from the back door.

"Come on." lightly pulling her toward the kitchen.


"How about you get our drinks and I'll battle through everyone to get our plates?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah I don't mind, besides I wouldn't want you to get hurt in there."

She glanced over to the large group of boys, struggling to move around each other to get to the food. By the look on her face I could see that she would end up agreeing with me. Gently squeezing her hand before letting go. I instantly missed the small interaction we shared. We never came into contact very much, except for the few times I help her do something or when we accidentally touched, but it always sends chills down my spine no matter how much or little it is.

"We got a deal?"


"All right, I'll meet you back here."

Passing through everyone, I found Emily and Sam leaning against the counter, two plates sitting off to the side of Emily. "Here, these are for you and Hinata. I figured you guys wouldn't beat everyone else in here."

"Thanks Emily."

"Jake. You, Quil, and I got patrols tonight. Start about nightfall." Sam passing me the plates.

"You tell Quil already?"

"Just a second ago."

"'K, I'll be there." walking back through everyone, finding Hinata finishing up getting our drinks. Nodding to the door "You wanna sit outside on the porch? It's a little warmer today, plus the tables pretty crowded already."

"T-that sounds fine to me." she looked up at me smiling.

"Hey, where are you guys going?" Paul called to us as we walked out the door, a smirk on his face.


"You don't have to lie to us Jake, we know what you're doing." Jared added.

"Yeah, I'm sure you do." shaking my head as I nudged the door to shut, slipping through before it closed.

"Stop trying to steal Hinata away from everyone else! We like her to ya know!" Jareds voice making it passed the door, followed by a couple laughs.

I tried fighting back the blush that was rising on my face as I took a seat next to Hinata on the top step. Handing her plate to her, I thought over about what Jared had said as we ate. I know he was joking around or maybe he was half serious, but in a way I was stealing her when I could. I didn't realize I was doing it until I really thought about it, it's just I like to be around her as much as I can. At first, I wasn't really sure if it was because of the imprint or not, but after getting to know her better I knew it wasn't. When we first met, I learned she was kind, polite, and shy. Now though, I can see the confidence behind her gentle demeanor. She might not show she is about everything, but she shows it when it really matters. She cares deeply for the ones she holds dear to her and she's always there for the person who needs her at the moment, whether it's something important or just something that simply needs help with.

"I hope it tastes okay, I was worried it wouldn't come out right."

"If you don't hear any complaining coming from the house that means you did good with the food." flashing her a smile before taking another bite. "Are you sure you never cooked any of this before?"

"I'm sure. I-is it okay? Emily made me cook most of it by myself."

"Okay? This taste great. If I didn't know you, I would say you were lying about not knowing how to cook."

"I k-know how to, I just never cooked this before."

Her soft laugh bringing a smile to my face "You're going to have to cook some of that food you were telling me about sometime, I want to try it out."

"R-really?" she looked up from her plate toward me.

"Yeah, but only if you want to."

"I… I would like to…" her cheeks turning a pink color.

"You'll probably end up having to make some for everyone else to. They'll be wanting to try some out."

"I don't mind. I used to always cook back home for Kiba and Shino…"

I could hear her voice start to trail off as she finished her sentence. The sad look started to rise on her face, the one that would show up when she thought of her home and her friends. I didn't like seeing her like that, it was so out of place.

"Are you almost done eating? There was something I wanted to show you."

"What is it?"

"You gotta wait and see."

I was glad I was able to distract her, seeing the sadness melt into curiosity.

"We're going to have to walk to be able to see it, but it's not to far away." setting my plate to the side, I stood up offering my hand to her. "Trust me, you'll be glad you went."

Setting her stuff down, her eyes meeting mine as she took my hand. "Should w-we tell them we're leaving? And what about our plates?"

"Naw, it'll be okay. We can get our stuff when we get back."

Leading her into the woods, I could tell she was even more curious. Keeping a hold of her hand, making sure she wouldn't trip or anything. I didn't have to worry very much about that happening, but still I couldn't help myself. Hinata was graceful in almost everything she did. I figured she was from some rich family. It wasn't just because of that, there was a couple of other signs I noticed. For instance, after meeting Jared, Paul, Seth, and Leah, she bowed so formally. Then she suddenly turned to us apologizing for being rude and bowed again. We told her she didn't have to bow, she just turned red and apologized.

Noticing the trees start to thin out, the sound of running water start to get louder, I could see her start to look around. "It's over here, on top of that hill."

Walking up the small slope, I started to feel nervous at her reaction. Hearing her gasp at the scene before her as we reached the top, I didn't know if it was good or bad. The look on her face was full of shock and wonder "I-I remember you telling me about the place you and your friends used to go and hang out at and it reminded me of this place."

It wasn't exactly like the place she spoke of, there wasn't no spring here, just a river at the drop off of the hill we were on. It wasn't secluded from the rest of the woods with a lot of room to do much, it was only a small clearing. Come to think of it, the only thing that was the same was that you could see the water sparkle from the sun. Which didn't happen much, today though, the sun was out from behind the clouds and shining down on us.

Suddenly feeling like a idiot for even thinking that the two places were alike, I stared down at the ground, mentally kicking myself 'Here I was worrying if it would be to much of a reminder of the friends she doesn't see and it doesn't even compare to anything like the place.'

"It's b-beautiful. Thank y-you for bringing me here."

My eyes snapped up so fast, I almost missed her standing in front of me smiling. With that one smile, all my doubts about the place vanished. My own smile rising as I stared back at her.

Letting her walk around, I've never seen her so happy. Her eyes glazed over as she entered her own little world. I assumed she was going through memories of the time she spent with her friends.

"This place does remind me of o-our place, some things are different, but it feels the same as back home."

"I thought you would like somewhere to go that made you feel closer to home." standing next to her, looking down at the water.

"I'm happy you showed me this."

"For a moment there, I was worried."

"What do you mean?" facing me, confusion covered her face.

"When you talk about your friends, I can tell you always get sad… I didn't want to upset you and I wasn't sure if you would like a place that would remind you of them. I mean I know you still think of them…" glancing at her.

"I do m-miss them, they're very special to me. I could never forget them… Sometimes when we're all together talking, I'll hear s-someone respond like Kiba or Shino would. Depending on the topic that is." she laughed softly as she stared out to the water, a sad smile crossing her face.

"What happen?"

She seemed to have understood my question, her smile disappearing completely now. No one pressed her into talking about what happen to her after the first day she was here. Everyone was curious, but we picked up on how it effected her when we asked. The first week was the hardest for her. I know it was because I could feel it in myself that she wasn't happy. I hated it so much, I didn't know how to help her. I felt like I was letting her down.

"I'm sorry, you don't have to answer that."

"Don't be." shaking her head. "I… M-my family…"

'Her family?'

Family was something else she didn't talk about very much, except for a cousin named Neji. She said they were more like brother and sister than cousins. He was another person she missed from back home.

"I had e-expectations in my life… I-I finally decided to make my own c-choice on something…" her voice was so low, I would have trouble hearing her if I didn't have sensitive hearing.

"They left you because you didn't agree with them?"

My fist tightened in anger, how could they just drop her off somewhere without a care if she lived or not. I tried pushing the anger aside, afraid of what could happen with her so near. I don't think I could forgive myself if I ever hurt her…

"N-no… it was my decision."

"You chose to be left?" my anger disappearing, confusion and disbelief taking it's place.

"I guess you could say that…"

"But why?"

"I was stuck in s-something and it was m-my only way out… but I don't know why. It's not something I would l-likely do."

"You would usually go with what they decided for you…"

Nodding her head, she finally looked up from the water, her eyes finding mine. There were so many emotions in those eyes I couldn't distinguish the difference between them.

Without a thought, I asked "Are… are you happy here?"

I've been wanting to ask her that, but I was never really sure how to. Even with the connection between us, I was kind of scared to ask. I'm not sure how I would feel if she said she wasn't, I just know it would hurt to hear. In the short time since we've met, everything's starting to change. The pain that's been with me has finally started to go away, I'm able to open up more than I could, and I don't feel so alone anymore.

"Yes, I'm happy here. I-I'm happy with you… and everyone." her cheeks taking a light pink color.

"Good cause I'm happy you're here." feeling my own face heat up.

My smile grew with the darker the color her face got. Hearing she was happy, happy with me, made my heart race. I'm sure my wolf side would howl with joy if he could.


Realizing I was staring, I quickly looked away. "M-maybe we should head back, it'll be dark soon."

'Smooth Jake, real smooth.'

Grabbing her hand, I begin to lead her back through the woods. Surprisingly feeling her hold tighten. It was the first time she did this, usually her hold was light and timid. Glancing at her, a smile was fixed on her face, a smile that I've never seen before from her. Smiling, I looked straight ahead, making sure our walk back took a little more time than before.

Hinatas POV

'I'm getting there, I just need to keep pushing myself.' taking a deep breath, wiping the sweat from my forehead.

I've fallen back into training with ease mostly. First couple days after I arrived, I thought I had lost all my chakra and abilities, but it's just taking some time for my chakra to return.

Hearing the rolling sound of thunder, my eyes unconsciously look up to the sky, only to be blocked by the branches from the trees around me.

'I should start heading back to the house now… back home.' picking up my extra coat, slipping it on as I started toward the house.

It's taken some getting used too, with all the differences between my old world and this one, but I find myself liking it more each day. This place has it's own kind of problems, but it's still peaceful. I've decided to continue to train, trying to perfect my skills the best I can. Even if I won't ever have to fight a battle, I still want to keep going. Maybe it's out of habit or because I still want to keep getting stronger for myself or just because it's the only connection that I have with my old life.

I haven't told Jake or the others about my fighting abilities yet. I'm not really sure how they would take it, most likely that I was crazy, who could blame them though. I stood out from everyone around here, with just a glance anyone could spot it.

Paul was the first to comment about my eyes when I first met him with Jared, Seth, and Leah. Which resulted with Emily lightly smacking him on the arm, telling him to watch his manners. They all chuckled when she told him that, something I didn't understand at the time. Paul could be rough at times, more so in the way he handles things, but he meant well. Jared just laughed at Paul, making a joke before he introduced himself. He was friendly and nice, the jokester of the group. Seth looked amazed as he stared at me, kindly saying hello with a bright smile. He was the youngest of us, he was playful and kindhearted. Leah looked at me from the doorway, nodding when Seth introduced her. I don't really know her to well, we haven't talked much, but the others say she's not fun to hang around with. Sometimes I catch her glaring off into space, it makes me wonder what could of happen to make her seem so closed off. I would ask her, but I don't think she would tell me. I asked Emily about it once, she just got quiet, looking uncomfortable. It wasn't like her to be this way, well not since I've been here. Usually she's always wearing a smile, always happy and at ease. She forgot my question when Sam walked in with Jake, Embry, and Quil. Sam reminded me of a leader at times, it was in the way he held himself. He could be at home relaxing, at the same time though it was like his mind was in a whole other place. Sam was a leader, to me anyways. He watched out for everyone, putting them before himself at times even. Embry and Quil shook their heads as Emily greeted Sam with a kiss. They followed Jake into the living room, each taking a seat around me. Quil was more laid-back, he was a confident type of guy. Embry was a little more of the worrier, the only shy one of the group of boys, not very noticeable though. They were Jakes best friends, more like brothers than anything. Jake… he was…

Placing my hand over my heart, feeling it quicken slightly.

Jake was something… something entirely different. Ever since I saw him, there's been this force that pulls me to him. It worried me because I've never felt anything like it before. My gaze would look for him when I felt him nearby, a smile would always crawl onto my face when I found him, and something like a fire would start up inside me, spreading warmth through me. I don't really know how to explain it, but it only happens with Jake. I found myself following after the force willingly, growing closer and closer to Jake. Despite his large size, he was a gentle warm person. He always knows when to cheer me up, offer help when I need it, and to make me feel like I belong in this world when I feel like I don't.

I admit there was something that made me wonder about him and the others. Besides their shoes, they hardly ever wore anything more than a pair of shorts. Jared joked that I created a new shade of the color red when he seen my face as they all walked in shirtless. They dressed like that even when it was a little cooler outside. I asked Jake if he ever got cold one time, he just smiled and said no not really. I was confused when he held out his hand to me, seeing this he placed his hand on mine. The touch was soft, but the warmth was what caught my attention. I looked up at him surprised and all he said was it's hard for me to get cold. Not to long after, I learned that Sam and the others were the same. They couldn't really explain it to me and I accepted their answers. I just thought maybe in some kind of way it was the same as me trying to explain to them as why my eyes are a whitish lavender color instead of brown or black.

My eyes widen as the warning bells in my head started going off, quickly turning around, finding nothing there. 'I know I fe-'

"You were able to sense me."

His voice drifted from behind me, causing me to turn back around. A boy stood before me, his skin was ghostly pale, black hair long enough to reach above his eyes… eyes that were a deep red color that reminded me of blood. His mouth was in the form of a smirk that was charming and seductive. He had to be one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen, but something was wrong about him. He wasn't normal, everyone around here had the normal eye colors, nothing like his or mine. It wasn't just the color that caught my attention, is was the bloodthirsty look he had.

'He's dangerous…'

"Those are some interesting eyes you have. What's a pretty girl like you doing way out here?" he asked in a smooth voice.

"What do you want?"

"It's not safe to be out here alone." ignoring my question, he continued to look me up and down, then glanced around at the trees before locking his gaze back on me "You never know what's out here."

Before I knew it, he was right in front of me. Instantly jumping back, putting as much space between us as I could, swiftly performing the hand signs "Byakugan."

'He's fast… maybe even faster than me.'

"What do we have here? You're not just some ordinary human… doesn't matter." with the same speed, he vanished out of sight.

Even with the quiet forest around us, he didn't make a single sound as he moved around, circling me. As if giving a signal to start the fight, the thunder gave out a loud roar and just like that he appeared, pulling back his arm ready to land a hit. Quickly crouching down, feeling the power of his blow pass over me. Swinging out my leg, he jumped back before I could swipe him off his feet.

"You're to slow."

'He's behind me!' rolling away just a moment before his fist collided into the spot I was just in, dirt flying up into the air around him.

'He doesn't have any chakra, but I can still attack the sensitive points in his body.'

With the thought in mind, I charged for him. Sensing my attack, he dodged off to the side. Immediately spinning around, catching him off guard with a hit to the chest. Taking a step back from me, his face showing a small twist from pain. Seeing this, I hurriedly attacked again. Using more force and more chakra, I sent him flying back, knocking him down to the ground.

'His body… it's hard like a rock. I don't even know if my attacks are doing any good, still, I'll have to be careful how I hit him or I'll just end up hurting myself.'

"Heh, that actually hurt." sitting up, covering the part of his chest that was attacked, he glared at me. "I don't know what you just did to me, but you won't get another chance to do it again."

Seeing him beginning to stand 'I can't give him a chance to recover.'

Advancing on him once again, my hand reaching out for another point in his body to hit. His eyes suddenly flashed for a moment, causing my gaze to find his only to find a deadly more wild look in the eyes looking back at me. Without breaking eye contact, his hand sprung up, stopping my attack mere inches from his body. Wrapping his fingers around my wrist, he began to squeeze.

'He's going to break it!'

Seeing the pain on my face, he began to smirk "Don't worry, I'm far from being close to killing you."

Grabbing the front of my coat with his free hand, he pulled me closer to him. Tightening his hold, I bit down on my tongue hard, drawing blood. Reaching for the hand around my wrist, I instinctively pulled it back when I met his cold skin. Gasping out in surprise, a small amount of blood trickled down my chin. Unexpectedly he froze, staring even more intensely at me than before. Seeing a opening, I hit the spots on his forearms, making him release his hold. Coming back to reality, his eyes widen as I my hands quickly hit more of his points.

Watching him stagger away from me, kneeling down on the ground, disbelief covered his face. Breathing deeply, I got into position, ready for his next move. 'What's he waiting for?'

That's when I finally sensed it, when I noticed my opponent looking behind me instead of at me.

Seeing as the man was more focused on whatever it was, I glanced back. 'I-is that… a wolf.'

Standing behind me was the biggest wolf I've ever seen in my life.

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