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I crept through the heavy bush around the outskirts of the mighty city of Darnassian. My large pet ran ahead jumping quietly from stone to stone knowing where to step and where not to. These forest similar to Eversong woods, and so the terrain was extremely familiar.

It was not a second later when I heard a loud twig snap. I swirled around to see two large yellow eyes starring at me with death scourging in them, I had little time to react. I quickly took out my bow pulling out an arrow as the animal lifted off the ground practically becoming air born before slamming into me but not quick enough before I let my arrow fly hitting it squarely in the chest. Its purple fur heaved a great sigh as it lay limp on me, I realized then that this cat was more weight then two of me. Hunters weren't built for strength we were small and agile, in other words I was trapped.

I let out a deep sigh as I felt Kadar returning to me sensing the trouble that had been brought on me. He jumped out from some near bushed growling whipping his head back and forth before spotting me, he slowly advanced me. The large black wolf let out a deep grunt before nosing the large cat off of me whimpering as he took his nose off of it

Ugh it stinks. Kadar sent to me, our minds connected to each other

Yes well it is wild I replied tired of his constant barking, no pun intended

I'm wild and I don't stink

That's what you think. He growled before turning around

You're welcome by the way. He said walking away into the shadows

Thank you I called out to him. I looked back at the animal and then noticed the markings, they weren't your standard wild animal markings they were druid markings

"holly…" I whispered

I think I hear something I stood back for a second looking around till I found a tall tree and began to climb it reaching the first branch and laying down on my stomach straining my string and arrow

Patrol. He warned. I ducked my head lower watching a large group of night elf's maybe four or five come around a corner nearing the fallen druid that was only a few meters from my tree, I slowly crept forward before jumping onto a near tree jumping from tree and quiet and still as possible.

Meet me by that lake we saw earlier I said my arms warped around a branch as I swung like an ape.

I was only a few feet away when I jumped down I began to walk to the surface of then water. I felt a object as hard as a bolder smash against me pinning me to the ground, I stiffened a scream when I saw the bright blue eyes starring at me. I let out a stiff groan when Kadar sprang out of the bushes

Oh no… he thought


"Zoradia" a male voice growled, soon a large Tauren waltz out. He was beloved by who ever meet him, his heart stretched out as large as magnificent eagle wings. He wore all mail armor. His name was Aadi and was my trainer at the moment.

"What are you doing here?" he sighed

"Well I could ask you the same!" I growled trying to wiggle out of the large white Nightsabers grasp.

"I am here to find you, you foolish child!" he looked away for a second his large ears twitching, Yuka let go of me her large blue eyes looking over the trees.

"We will talk more later right now we need to get out of here." He grabbed my hand pulling me up.

"Come on Kadar." He hissed before we sprang into near bushes. "Here grab onto me." He pulled a hearth stone out as it began to heat up. I nodded grabbing Kadar's fur with my left hand and Aadi in my right.

My stomach twisted and my eyes felt like they were about to explode but soon we were as the inn in the middle of Eversong woods.

"God, your mother never told me how much trouble you would get into, maybe I would have re thought this whole thing if I had knew." He growled

"Well, you are stuck with me now." I grinned up at him, he laughed before pulling my head under his arm roughly rubbing my head

"It would seem that way wouldn't it!"

Oh my… Kadar spoke breathlessly

What is it?

Look at Yuka, she's absolutely….breathtaking

What? Yuka? Kadar she is a cat! Don't dogs hate cats?

Not this one… he said in a trance

You are hopeless

"Are you ready then?" Aadi said

"For what?"

"For training! you do want to be a good huntress don't you?"

"Oh yes! Right!" I said before grabbing my near bow and scurrying forward towards Aadi.

Fifteen years later…

My cloak slightly dragged as my boots let out a little click every step I took down the long pathway towards the great city of Orgimmar. Kadar trailed beside me now reaching my shoulders in height. A familiar figure stood in the door, I nearly let out a scream as I rushed forward,

"Aadi!" I yelled

"Hello there young one" he said Yuka grooming herself by his side. I jumped forward wrapping my arms around him,

"I have missed you old friend, and how is my mother?" I said pulling back his face fell and he looked deep into my eyes. My heart begin to thud like a hummingbird

"How is my mother Aadi?" I voice cracking now.

"This is why I called you here Zoradia…" he trailed off "she was captured... by the Alliance." My heart sank and my whole body felt icy cold, Kadar let out a short whimper.

"She was…captured? When! By who!" I yelled now two orc guards tensed up to my right their eyes darting towards us. Aadi's eyes nervously flickered between the guards and me

"Let's go into the city I wish to do this in a more private setting." I let out a loud whistle afterward my black feather hawkstrider ran forward. Aadi did the same and soon we had found our way into a small pub, it was rustic but held ever race and class in the horde.

"Now, Tell me." I demanded

"It was a little over a week ago, your mother and I had been living in Ashville for nearly two year with no trouble from night elfs" he paused looking at me "…But a few days ago, there was a raid on the small horde outpost. We all fought but, they took her…" his eyes fell to the table.

My mind was already made up this point. My throat was filled with bile my hands tightening into tight fist.

"I am going to Darnassian." I said sharply "I'm leaving in the morning"

"Your mother wouldn't want that Zor!" he grabbed my hand but I pulled it away " Wait till I can get a few men and women together at least"

"You can get that group together, but I am leaving tomorrow and not you or anyone else can stop that." My face was in a hard line as I stood up and walked towards the door but not before a drunken troll stopped me

"where you be going pre' lady" his voice was muffled and he swayed on spot but he still stood two heads taller then myself.

"Step aside." I hissed, he bent down coming face to face with me.

"an' wha if ja don't want to" I had enough of this and pulled my fist back before snapping it forward hitting the troll in the jaw, there was an up roar of laughter in the pub only one did not laugh. Aadi, had eyes of complete sorrow, for the girl he would call his daughter, and for the women he so dearly loved.

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