I circled my small room that I had bought for the night in the locals inn. Kadar laid on the bed his chin resting on his paws

I forgot. He said

Forgot what? I snapped

How breath taking Yuka was… I spun around shooting him daggers

This is what you think about! When we are about to go to an alliance city in the morning! I yelled

And what are you doing on the bed, get off you mutt!

Hey, hey! Calm down…look I'm getting off no reason to get pissy.

Shut it.

I sat down on the bed letting my face fall down into my hands, I begin to shake letting the tears fall out easily, I never cried, living in this world crying was only a sign of weakness.

I felt a nudge at my knee, I looked down to see Kadar placing his large head in my lap his dark amber eyes starring lovingly up at me.

It's going to be alright, we will get her. He said reassuring me.

Right. I whimpered standing up pushing away the last of my tears.

Now I just needed to think of a quick way to get here I could fly to Felwood and then travel by my hawkstrider. But that would take weeks. I needed to get there as soon as I could. That's when the thought popped in my head. How had I got there in my childish years one name began to shine in my head

No. Radar said strongly standing up, looking at me.

I continued to plan out the perfect plot to get there ignoring Kadar. Yes it would be so easy, the memory took me back to that sunny afternoon in the Eversong woods with my best friend Dyul.

My feet skimmed the lake while Kadar laid his body against the side of my body, Dyul sat by me, he had his new robes on and wore a bright grin

"…And my master told me he would begin to teach my how to make portals today!" he finished. I grinned at him

"That's wonderful Dyul! I can't believe you are being taught that! I have hardly even learnt Arcane shot! You seem years older in your training it's quite impressive" I praised. I wrapped my arm around him taking him in a tight embrace.

I was suddenly aware of the blood that had ran up to his face

"Oh, sorry" I said pulling away

Oh god. Kadar said

What? I asked looking down at him

Can't you see? He is absolutely smitten! He said rolling his eyes. I looked with a questioning glance at Dyul

"It's really nothing, it will take years before I can make my first Portal" he said looking shyly down at his hands.

Was what Radar said true?

Of course it is, I'm always right, remember? I ignored my young pet letting my eyes trail Dyul with a calculating glance. I had never had a boy interested in me, even though I was nearly thirty- six I still had the mind of a child or one that was going through the transition of a child and a young teenager. Dyul was a couple years older then me, could it be then that he saw me more then a friend?

"I have to go soon" he grumbled, he stood up looking down at me "would you like to join me? You can watch if you please." I thought for a second shaking off the other thoughts, standing up and brushing off my leather pants

"Of course I would!" I said, hearing a low groan from Kadar.

It had been two hours before His master finally made a portal to the city of Silvermoon

"We need to start small and it is always good to have somewhere you know well." His old teacher said. Dyul nodded watching his masters hands as the created the portal with ease.

"What is your favorite place to go?" I asked, he starred at me for a long time

"Teldrassil, My father lived there till his was seventy when the arcane magic over took him. He loved it there and would take me there many times, it's absolutely beautiful there I hope one day the blood elves who lived there will be able to go back"

I stiffened at his response, this was quite strange was he saying that one day a third of the blood elves will return there and return to the Alliance? Or had I miss herd him?

I tried to ignore the commit letting my eyes drift away. I then heard a loud pop and there in front of me was the portal to the great city of Darnassian.

"Oh no, How foolish of me, Excuse my for one moment while I get my spell book this cannot be here." He said in a rush shuffling away.

I stood up slowly my mind racing a mile a minute.

"Have you ever gone through a portal Dyul?" I asked in a ghostly tone

"Once…" he paused looking at my eyes "Wait, no Zoradia, you can't! I won't let you" he said standing in my path.

Annoyance filtered through out me,

"Oh come on!" I whined. Kadar growled at my side he as well felt my excitement of the approaching adventure. Dyul's eyes glanced nervously down at Kadar switching back at me. That's when the idea shocked my body

you're evil Kadar said

shush, I then advanced Dyul but my eyes were no longer looking at the portal but him, I let a sly grin creep up to my face. It was already working by the way his eyes froze plastered on me.

"Please Dyul" I grinned placing one hand on his cheek, his cheeks were tomato red as he took a large gulp "Please" I moaned.

"o-o-o-o-kay" he stuttered taking a step to the right.

"Thank you" I whispered before launching into the portal.

It had come to my attention that Dyul now worked in Orgrimamr, how convent.

Don't Kadar growled

Why do you even care? I asked looking down at him questioning

Because as a male I know how it feels to have a women use her…charm to get what ever she wants!

You know? What are you talking about?

I don't stay by your side all the time there is a lot of times I leave at night… a sudden image flooded my mind from Kadar's.

"Oh my god!" I yelled clutching at my skull trying to erase my mind of those images

Please, for my health never show me any of your midnight….adventures! I said, stalking off into the bathroom, hearing Kadar give out a throaty chuckle.

I looked into the mirror and grimaced, I was no beauty that was sure. I had a layer of dirt covering my face from the long travel through the Durotar. My red hair was sprayed on my shoulders my mail armour reaching all the way up to my neck.

I quickly discarded my armour, leaving my body in my cloth shirt that was strung up the chest, and my tight cloth pants. That was a bit better. I finally washed my face and hair in the sink, stringing out my hair after.

After I brushed my hair I finally looked presentable, I walked back into the bedroom to find Kadar passing the room, when he looked up his eyes winded.

Wait….are you a girl! He said sarcastically

Oh shut your trap! I said throwing a pillow at him. He growled dogging out of the way.

There was just one thing that was missing, I let my hands travel to the string that did up my shirt and let out two loops, just letting a peek at my chest, perfect.

Oh my…really you had to do that!

Yes, he is a grown man now he won't be persuaded with a hand to his cheek! I said grabbing my bag that had some gold in it, after I was finished with Dyul I would go shopping for food and water.

I opened the door and looked back at Kadar



You know he has a girlfriend! Kadar attempted another jab at me as we walked up towards Dyul's shop

Hasn't stopped men before him. I said before walking into the shop.

He had cut his hair now having extremely short letting it stand up like fire, his dark skin glowed in the dim light and he now hand some facial hair growing off of his chin and around his mouth.

When he looked up his mouth parted but he soon composed himself standing up a little straighter and puffing out his chest.

"Zoradia?" he said softly his eyes glancing up and down my body. "You look…"

"You too" I said grinning

Oh god, I am going to step outside. Kadar said, I didn't glance at him as he walked outside his tail hanging low this is a sad day for men.

I am only doing this for my mother! I haven't even dated a man for at least a year give a break wont you!

Yeah, yeah…

"How are you?" he said his face falling, he knew? That was going to mess with my plan.

"I have been better" I sighed putting my elbows on the counter. I let out a satisfied grin as his eyes traced down to my chest. I heard a whimper out side and hissed.

Dyul shook his head looking back up at me

"Yes, well. What would you like today?" he said calmly

"I need to ask you a favour." I said standing back up

"What is it?" he said now interested

"Well, you know…my mother she was…captured by the alliance and getting there would take days…so I was wondering if you could help a friend and maybe make a portal to Darnassian." I said biting my lip.

"Yes, of course I can help you." He said grinning. I was stunned and scratched the back of my head looking down at the counter, why had it been so easy?

He began to grab a few things from underneath the counter when he looked back up

"Though, you should know I would help you, I don't understand why you were trying to seduce me." he paused looking at me with a questionable glance. Blood quickly ran to my face as I crossed my arms, he shook his head before continuing

"It was entertaining though, you have gotten better at that from the last time you used me to get a portal." My eyes widened, was I that translucent?

"I'm sorry" I whispered

"Don't be" he laughed "I'm just glade that I finally figured that day out, it took me about five years but I finally got it through my thick skull." He paused "I will have this portal soon as I can"

"Actually can you have it ready for tomorrow?"I said a hopeful glance in my eyes

"Tomorrow… I don't know" he said with a grimace.

"Please" I said with a foolish grin

"I'll give it my best, Darnassian is a difficult portal."

"Thank you" I said grabbing his hand "I've missed you old friend" he smiled back at me

"As I"

After grabbing my supplies I began to walk back to the inn. When I entered my room I looked around for Kadar to find him no where.

Where that dog? I shuttered of the thought of his taking one last adventure before we left, I soon shook that out of my head climbing in my bed, and falling into a deep sleep.

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