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AN: The following was based on a dream (no, seriously). Probably from watching a bit too much Kamen Rider... that or too curry. Enjoy.

I cautiously walked down the dark, mysterious stairs, expecting anyone to jump me. At the end of the stairs was a door. I slowly opened it a bit. My eyes widen in shock seeing what was before me. It seemed like some sort of underground military base. I hid behind the walls and carefully tread through as I squeezed through the spaces in between the pipes.

However, I accidentally got myself in the middle of some sort of control room with some men working at them. All them were Caucasians. I thought I could escape but I was wrong. "Hey, you!" a man in a tan army suit shouted at me.

'Oh man!' I thought worried about my life.

I heard some arguing but I was more focused on my own life at the moment. I mean who wouldn't! Anyway, the argument ended with someone getting shot and the others starting to gang up on some guy. Luckily, this caused enough commotion for me to escape. I ran through the base and it didn't take that long to find what seemed to be prisoners. My eyes widen as I recognized everyone. They were all students from the same high school! "What's going on?" one of them asked.

"You guys are getting out of here!" I whispered loud enough for everyone else to hear.

I stayed as I made sure the prisoners ran. As the prisoners ran, I tried to look for Rebecca. I couldn't find her. Either she was in the crowd and I missed her, or she wasn't there. Despite she was in my mind, I helped follow the prisoners out of the base. I happened to noticed there was no one around, even though there were just a group here a minute ago. I couldn't help but feel something was up.

As I carried the end of the group, I watched carefully for anyone following. However, my concern for the back left me as I heard screams coming from the front. Immediately, I ran towards the front to only stop in fright.

I was shocked seeing a monster appear right in front of me. It was something indescribable to me. It lashed out at everyone. Everyone screamed in fright as they tried to keep their distance. All, except for one. I saw one of the prisoners had collapsed on their knees and that person was the monster's target. My eyes widen seeing the person separated from everyone else. It was... "Rebecca!", I shouted as I ran to her. Rebecca was a girl of Hispanic descent with long black hair and blue eyes. She wore a white short sleeve shirt and blue jeans... and she was also the girl I have a crush on.

I got in between the monster and Rebecca. Something began welling up inside of me. I didn't realize it at first, but white gauntlets began to cover my arms. The monster looked at me with fright in its eyes. I knew what happened... I turned into a Kamen Rider.

I charged at the monster with my right fist cocked back. I threw my fist at the monster only for it to block it. Once again, I threw a couple of punched, but the monster seemed to dodge or block my fists. I threw as many punches as I could at the monster, but it was futile. The monster had taken the offensive with lashes and punches and in no time at all, I found myself on the ground. I gritted my teeth underneath my helmet as I was going get back up. However, I stopped, seeing the monster had turned its attention towards Rebecca.

The monster seemed like it was going to release something. Whatever it was, I knew it was deadly. I immediately sped towards Rebecca as the monster released some sort of acid. I grabbed her and held her closely to me. "GAH!" I shouted as my back took the impact of acid.

It burnt like... well you know. The pain was still there, but thanks to my armor, it didn't hurt as much as it would for a regular human. I let go of Rebecca, who stared at me for second. I didn't say anything as I stood up and turned around towards the monster. I guess something

Something inside of me just wanted me to fight that thing. It was a monster! It tried hurt her and it was DEAD!

I rushed towards the monster and for some reason felt my fists pumping energy. I ignored it as I unleashed a flurry of punches at the monster. This time I wasn't being careless. My eyes didn't leave my opponents as I continued to punch it. For some strange reason, I felt every time I punched the monster, my fists released more and more energy. Then, I thew one last punch at the monster's chest, sending it flying back. I saw it got up for moment before it fell onto the ground and exploded.

I stared at where the monster once stood, proud of my victory. However, I got the feeling it was just the beginning.

AN (EDIT-4/20/2017): This was a story from early years on this site. Considering I was a big Kamen Rider fan (not so much now these days), I shouldn't be so surprised to be dreaming of an underground base, an evil organization, and having Rider powers... then came the bit with the girl. I admit, I had a bit of crush (which I denied was true at the time of writing this idea) when I first posted this idea. Now, that I'm more "grown-up," I hope you won't have to deal with me rambling on like an idea. Take care.

Raika out.