Ten years ago the future leader of the tengu clan sat in his favorite garden. By his side was his best friend Miyu Siraki. The frail gently tengu rested her head on the stronger one.
"Kyo," she softly whispered to him. "What is wrong?"
"Miyu I wish I could tell you, but I fear your heart may burst," he pulled her closer into his arms. Kyo kissed her forehead, and smiled at her. "You know that I won't do anything unless it was good for you."
Kyo cared about this girl more than anyone in his this girl sitting next to him was his first love. He was afraid of hurting with words that will take him away. He was about to leave her to go see the senka maiden with his brother Sojo. He hated that he had to go with him. Why did he have to go anyways? It was not like he was going to get her. He wanted to stay with Miyu.
"Kyo I really want to know. For the last few days you have been acting uneasy. Is it because your brother is leaving," she asked him.
"Yeah it is because of that, but I'm also leaving with him. I will be back as soon as I need to. And you know that I'm not doing this to get away from you too," he laughed.
"You better not or I think I will die from you being gone to long," she joked with him.
Kyo stood up and held Miyu up and let her wings unfurl. She started to fly only a few inches above the ground. Kyo helped guide her home. Along their way they talk about the senka maiden and how she would look. Miyu talked of her as if she was a hideous beast, but Kyo thought differently. He thought she would be a delicate little girl. Who was afraid of what was happening to her and was like Miyu.
As they approached Miyu's home Kyo stopped her. In a childlike manner he grabbed her hand, "Miyu I'm going to miss you," he whispered. The tengu kissed her gently hoping not to scare the girl before him.
Miyu looked at him a little shocked and put her hand to her lips. "What was that for," Miyu asked him. Miyu understood what a kiss was and what it meant, but she couldn't comprehend why Kyo did it.
"I don't know. I guess it is because I really want to know what it is like to kiss someone, and so I pick you," he tried to explain.
"Oh ok. Umm… bye Kyo," she waved to him and entered her house. Miyu went to her room and started to sob. So many things ran through her head, but one thing was clear Kyo was leaving and he was the only one she had.