What if Sam didn't remember anything after dying the first time?

Sam woke up. He looked around. He didn't recognize his surroundings. He noticed that there was an IV in his arm. He pulled it out. He tried to remember what had happened.

The last thing he remembered was seeing Dean and Bobby, then pain. He was such an idiot. He had left that rusty knife next to Jake. He must have stabbed him with it. He didn't really remember what happened after that. He thought he saw Bobby going running by him. Probably chasing Jake. He heard Dean talking to him, telling him he was going to be fine, but then nothing after that. If Bobby had caught up with Jake and killed him, that meant that he was the last psychic left. Maybe the demon came back for him? If that was so, what had happened to Dean?

That fear for Dean was enough to finally give Sam the strength to push up from the bed. Painfully, slowly, he made his way out of the little room that he was in. Outside, it kind of looked like Bobby's basement. But, Sam didn't remember the other part of it. Probably a lot of basements looked the same. He crept up the stairs not sure of what he would find.

"So, what do you think happened?" Sam heard. That was Dean's voice.

"Dean?" Sam said.

Dean froze mid-sentence and turned around. He stood up and just looked at Sam. Cas had told him he had his soul back, but who knew what that was even going to end up meaning.

"Sam," Dean said.

"What's going on?" Sam asked.

What's going on? What did that even mean? Dean wondered.

"Are you OK?" Dean asked instead of answering his question.

"I'm kind of hungry," Sam admitted. He noticed that Bobby was just kind of staring at him. It was making him a little uncomfortable.

"Can you make him a sandwich?" Dean asked Bobby.

"When did I become your maid?" Bobby grumbled, but started making a sandwich. Sam had just tried to kill him ten days ago. He wasn't really sure how he felt about him right now. He didn't hate him. It was impossible to wipe out a lifetime of love with hate, but…

"What's the last thing you remember?" Dean was asking. If Sam had remembered trying to kill Bobby, then he wasn't much better than RoboSam, because he was acting like nothing happened.

"I remember I saw you guys, and then pain, like white hot, you know?" Sam said.

For a minute Dean wondered what Sam was talking about. Then he remembered. Those were the exact same words he used when he woke up after Cold Oak.

"Yeah, that kid stabbed you in the back," Dean said, not sure what he should do at this point.

"What are you guys talking about?" Bobby asked.

"We're talking about that kid Jake stabbing him in the back," Dean said pointedly.

"Did you get him?" Sam asked. He figured they probably must have if they knew his name.


"That's bad. That means I'm the last one," Sam said.

Dean thought this was almost funny. Sam was freaking out about stuff that was long over when there was a ton of other stuff he probably should be freaking out over. But Dean was not going to tell him about that stuff. "Yeah, don't worry. We killed yellow eyes, too."

"How?" Sam asked.

"With the Colt. Look, Sam, it's a long story. Just trust me. The whole psychic kid thing is over. But, whatever you do, don't drink demon blood."

"Why would I drink demon blood?" Sam asked. That was just crazy. He had just found out that Yellow Eyes had dripped demon blood in his mouth when he was a baby, and he thought that was bad enough. Why would he go back for more?

"I have no idea. Just don't."

"OK," Sam said. Sounded easy enough.

He finished his sandwich and went to use the bathroom.

"What are you doing?" Bobby asked Dean.

"We get a do over," he said.

"Sam's not an idgit. He can read a calendar," Bobby pointed out.

"DEAN!" Sam came running out of the bathroom.

"What?" Dean asked.

"I look different. Older."

Bobby gave Dean an 'I told you so' look.

"Yeah, you've been in a coma for four years," Dean said.

Sam gave him a look. "No, I haven't."

"How do you know?" Dean asked.

"Dean, people who have been in a coma for four years don't have more muscles than they did when they went into the coma. They have less."

Stupid Sam and his workouts. "OK, you apparently have amnesia, but I don't feel like going into the last few years. It was the same old crap, really."

"But, Dean," Sam began.

"We were about to go on a hunt. You in?" Dean asked.

"Sure," Sam said. He'd get his answers sooner or later.

"You two go ahead," Bobby said. "I promised that idgit, Rufus, I'd work the phones for him."

"Who's Rufus?" Sam asked.

"Old friend," Bobby said.

"What's wrong with him?" Sam asked as they were heading out to the car.

"Three parts liquor, one part age," Dean said.