It was high…

And the fall seemed to be eternal…

Her back collided with the banister and the steps that followed.

Tumbling, tossing, turning…

Until it stopped.

Breathing on the cold floor, her dizziness paralyzed every one of her muscles as the crashing wave of pain invaded her body.

She raised her head towards the top of the luxurious staircase to meet his gaze.

Cold and inscrutable.

He turned around and walked away without a single regret for having pushed her down the stairs.

Marry me…

That was his last words and she said no.

But the cutting pain due to her fall was nothing compared to what could have happen if she had said yes.

It would have meant that she would have definitely given up on her dignity and her self-respect.

Those morals that she had been putting aside for the past few years all for the sake of her family.

First, she was good with cleaning his mansion even if it meant wearing a degrading outfit.

And then, the usual physical chores became something more personal, more intimate…

Until their relationship got public.

For the papers and magazines, she wasn't Misaki Ayuzawa.

She was just another conquest of the most powerful man of his generation in Japan.

The seductive seducer,

The man that all women desire.

Tora Igarashi…

But a conquest usually comes and go.

It never involves a marriage…

So how could things go so wrong.

5 years ago,

they were happy and the future seemed to be wonderful.

Until he was forced to leave…

But he promised to come back.

She waited,

But he never came back.

And the day she realized it, was the day where that horrible man walked into her life and made her believe that things could go great.

And it did for her family: they were having more money than necessary.

But it failed for her case, where things went wild and so wrong…

Wrong, brutal and unchangeable…

There you have the prologue! Don't panick you will soon see our favorite alien ;)

It's short but it's the purpose of prologue right ? so teasing.

There will be more details to come and more drama ;)