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"Misaaa-chan, there's mail for you!" Usui stated overly happy, holding a brown envelope in his hands. It was simply a letter. Nothing to be enthusiastic of, she thought.

"Okay, I'll read it when I'll come back from the supermarket" She replied, not curious at all about it.

She grabbed her coat and stared at her daughter casually positioned on Usui's legs who was also comfortably sitting on the velvet sofa.

"Kyoko c'mon, you love to come with me for the groceries"

But she stubbornly remained on Usui's laps, not affected by what her mother has just said. Any normal mother would have been hurt by it, but the relationship between those two was simply amazing. It's been three months since the false wedding occurred and she had to admit that the first days weren't the easiest one. Kyoko had been claiming the man who she thought was her father until the day she realized that he won't come back. So she slowly started to let her guards down around Usui.

Misaki's features softened at the sight of her daughter with her father. It was as if a supernatural phenomenon had united them, like they have always known each other. After all her daughter might has got an alien side from her father… or maybe it was simply because he was the perfect dad she never had…

"He's your father"

Kyoko remained hidden behind the legs of Misaki, her tiny hands tightly surrounding her skin.

"I have two dads?" She naively asked but her eyes remained locked on Usui, uncertain.

Misaki crouched down and softly grabbed her by the shoulders to look into her emerald eyes.

"No, you only have one. Otou-san wasn't your real father."

Kyoko's gaze remained focused on Misaki, her emotions hard to define for a young girl. She slowly turned around and began to scrutinize Usui.

"Will you also hurt my mom?" She sadly asked, violent images in her head.

The two adults froze but Usui's face quickly softened.

"I will never hurt her, in any way"

Misaki walked around the room, annoyed by searching her car's keys. Her luxurious car's keys.

As soon as they had reached Japan, Usui sold his company, something he had wished for a long time. But due to the circumstances, he never did because his job was helping him to kill time. He never told her how much exactly he got from the sale, but judging by their two new cars and the size of their modern house, it probably reached a quarter of a billion. Usui even became the owner of a restaurant having in mind to hire Misaki as a waitress. Which she instantly declined… but he knew her too well because he proudly promoted her as the human resources manager. Which she accepted right away…

"Are you searching something?" Usui asked her, swinging her missing keys with his fingers.

She stared at him, not understanding why he didn't want her to leave.

"Do you want to eat this week?"

But she immediately regretted her sarcastic question after she figured out what will be his predictable answer.

"You know you don't have to do that, I can hire someone to go to the supermarket"

She rolled her eyes, and heavy sighed.

"It's out of the question"

She won't let him spend his money any time he had an opportunity. And plus, she wanted to teach the basis of life to her daughter, beginning by the supermarket. But Usui has taken a wicked delight in changing the normal life she wanted for Kyoko. And this began the first night of his known paternity…

The little family entered in the expensive private-jet to return in Japan. It was so impressive, so elegant. It was like a flying house.

During the flight, they watched a movie on a big flat screen at the biggest amazement of Kyoko. She seemed to have fun, which was a first since she learned the news about Usui. She hasn't talked to him or looked at him.

At the end of the movie, Misaki realized that she had fallen asleep so she put her to bed. This prestigious airplane was really like a house.

She came back to the section where was the TV and sat on the sofa beside Usui.

"Having fun watching the credits" She said, wondering why he was so attentive to what was on the screen.

But he wasn't interest by it, mostly lost in his thoughts.

"I hope she's going to accept me" He whispered, turning his gaze towards Misaki.

She smiled, optimistically.

"She will. Just give her some time. I'm sure she'll realize that you're a better father than him"

He chuckled, a warm smile coloring his face.

"A compliment? It's rare"

"It's called being mature" She lightly replied, joking about the exact thing he said the night when they had been drenched by the rain.

And by one movement, he pulled her close to his body, her back against his chest. She felt his arms enlacing her tightly, just below her breast. The feeling of his hot breath on her neck resurfaced an old habit.

"That isn't rare"

He noticed, talking about the color of her face.

She tried to act flustered but their sudden closeness made her forget why she would act like that. After all, they have been separated for so long, no need to mess up their reunion.

He pressed her on the sofa, his eyes locked into hers. He gazed at her silently as his palm caressed tenderly her cheek.

"I missed you"

His voice was choked which made him look so vulnerable.

"I know you did"

That wasn't really the kind of answer he was hoping for, even if it was supposed to sound like a joke. Her arms instinctively reached up to twine tightly around his neck, and her lips were hastily welded to his.

"Me too"

"Usui, just give me the damn keys!" She shouted, walking with firm steps towards him. Once she reached him, he stretched his arm away from her to prevent her to take the keys.

" I will once you'll open the letter"

She snatched the letter from him as she mumbled an irritated why is that so important.

An official writing was inscribed on the envelope: Nitsamura & Partners.

A law firm?

As she opened it, something fell off. It was distinct from what looked like the official papers inside the envelope. She grabbed it.

Hi, I hope this will atone my mistakes and ease your life.

I'm sorry for every thing I've put you through.

PS: Our wedding is scheduled on the 9th of July, you're free to come.

She gazed at the picture of Eimi and Tora, joined with his letter. The more she stared at his face, the more she realized that she didn't want to go to his wedding. He'd put her through the worst years of her life. He was wrong to think that this simple paper would make her forgive him.

Usui cleared his throat, probably impatient.

She realized it and took the other papers out of the envelope. But she instantly froze at the sight of the title.

-Divorce Agreement-

Her finger slid down the paper to stop at the place where Igarashi's signature was.

"You just have to sign and you'll be officially divorced" He explained, his lips curled into a sincere smile.

That's when she realized why he was so enthusiastic about this envelope; he was the one who made the procedures and sent them to Igarashi.

She couldn't help but to stare at him in disbelief.

"How have you done! Divorce can take up to one year to be approved by the trial!"

He winked at her.

"Well, I can be quite persuasive"

And also rich…

"Why was that so urgent" She asked, scrutinizing the paper. Her question answered by a moment of silence, she looked inquiringly at him.

His lips were pressed into a hard line, all signs of humor gone.

"I've spent too much time living while you were married to someone else"

She swallowed, uncomfortable by his sudden attitude.

But he quickly regained his usual composure. He laid Kyoko on her feet and whispered something in her ear after what she disappeared upstairs.

Misaki was officially starting to get suspicious.

"And was there another valuable reason" She managed to ask but her anxiousness lowered her tone.

Usui didn't answer, his gaze locked on the stairs.

Kyoko came back and slid something in his hands.

He knelt to get it due to the girl's size, but he curiously remained in this position even when Kyoko walked away.

"Well, mostly because I wouldn't be able to marry you legally if you weren't divorced"

Astonished, she stared at the mesmerizing emerald ring. The words couldn't come out of her mouth, even if it wasn't the first time he proposed to her. But this time something felt different. Deep down inside her, she didn't have the same insecure feeling she once had.

"I hope you won't refuse this proposal this time"

He grinned, referring to when she stormed in his apartment, more than one year ago.

"I've never officially said no"

Her voice edged up a few octaves, embarrassed by the moment. But even her timidity couldn't erase the sincere smile on her face.

He stood up, and pulled her to him, her left hand in his. The ring was still between his fingers, his teasing gaze locked with her.

"So it's still a yes, just to be sure?"

She looked at him, uncertain about the questioning nature of his sentence.

"It's still a yes. I hope you're prepared to be stuck with me for a long time"

He circled her face, thinking that this moment couldn't be more perfect.

"As long as it's forever, I'm prepared for that"





"Send me a text when you'll be at the supermarket, I wouldn't want that someone kidnaps my beautiful fiancé"

She rolled her eyes at his impulse of overprotection but then abruptly stopped with the doorknob in her hands.

He also realized the problem.

"After all, call me, it's safer"




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