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Theme Song ; Weightless - All Time Low

I glanced around my half-empty bedroom full of momentos and checked for anything that could possibly be missing - not that there could be ; I had checked and rechecked ten times.

I was spending my summer with Alice Cullen, my very best friend. She was currently chatting about something - probably Peter (Her penpal),. - my phone sitting in the floor on speaker.

Her brother, Edward Cullen, was a senior, too ; Bronze hair, green eyes. His parents were absolutely rich. His dad a Surgeon - Cheif of Surgery - was pretty cool, Lame in some but amazing in others. the Cullens were a hell of a lot cooler then my highschool drop out parents. In this town, they got so much busness that it seemed unlikely Esme - Edward's mom - would be happy with Carlisle. But, they were perfect.

I lived with my mom and policeman father. They never were really parents, they opted out and watched me grow up by myself. My mom owned a bakery, pretty fucking lame if you ask me. In the past 4 years, I'd watched my mom go from bitchy to not caring. And my dad go from happy-go-lucky to drunk asshole on days he didn't have to work. I practically lived at the Cullens for those reasons. I only ever went home when my parents forced me - not often.

This summer was gonna be amazing. It was my first summer going with the Cullens to their beach house in Wilmington, NC. Everyone was excited to have me along, and my parents were happy to get rid of 'The-kid-that-ruined-their-lives'. I was happy to be gone.

The part about this summer that I was unsure of was the Cullen's tradition of e-mailing or mailing soldiers. They always did it to send their appreciation and love of certain ones. When Alice explained it, She said that she had picked out my perfect 'pen-pal' - Groan.

I grabbed my keys off the hook, calling goodbyes to Charlie and Renee. I wrote 'I love you, See You Soon. Best Of Luck, Bella.' on the white board and grabbed my purse by the door. I walked into the warm summer-to-be air, smiling. This was gonna be the best summer ever.

I called Alice to check the she was on her way to the airport, too. Her parents and Edward had left yesterday to get things situated for the family while Alice and I finished packing. Alice and I had a 7 hour flight ahead of us, and it was 10:30 in the morning, that left our arrival approximately at 5:30-6:00.

Alice picked up on the third ring. "On my way out, Bell, meet you there." In her overexcited-voice.

"Alright, Love ya," I stated shutting off my bluetooth. Yay for candy! I thought, Alice was always one for too many sweets. I smiled. That was where we cut short. I was always one for simple, Alice for larger ; But still, bestfriends. Outfits and bracelets to prove our point were in both of our bags. Along with matching Purple and orange bikini's.

We left on the plane shortly after Alice arrived, both of us sleeping through most of the time on the plane. About 5 minutes before we landed, We both jolted awake to the captain's voice. we prepared to land and deboarded. Outside waiting on us, was Edward's Black Vanquish ; Him and Tasha leaning hand-in-hand, liplocked on the car. Alice and I ran up, not even acknoledging their kissing and jumped into the car, craking the Engine and yellin' at them to get in. We laughed at their expressions and grumbling and bounced in the seat.

"Hey, Bella, I found a picture of your Military friend. He's 22, a major, from your hometown. Maybe you know him." Edward said passing a picture to me and then tearing off down the road towards the beach house. I smiled and look at it.

"Holy freaking shit!" I exclaimed, shoving the picture back. "I am not pen-palling Jasper Wayne Whitlock." Alice looked dissapointed.

"Why not?" She sighed.

"I used to date him in nineth grade, before we moved from Texas. Alice, No." I pleaded. He would probably think I was some kind of stalker, watching him since I left. Alice started to protest, but I interupted. "Alice." I hissed, a little too harsh.

"Fine," She said, exhasperated. "But you're taking it up with mom!"

I looked at incrediculously. "Seriously?" I sighed. "Fine, I'll give it a fucking shot, but if he thinks I'm stalking him... No way will I EVER talk to you or him again.. Got it?." I stated. Alice Giggled.

"Thanks, Bella." We had reached the shore and I looked towards the house when Edward turned into the drive. It was huge - not suprising, rich as hell, may I remind you. I smiled at the simple beauty.

I walked up the path and into the house, following Alice straight to our room and unpacking. Alice hung Peter's and Jasper's pictures in the mirror. I laughed, "Trying to force me to remember?" I said.

"Nope, they're too sexy not to be hung up." Alice teased, chuckling too.

"Wait!" I snatched up Peter's picture. "Peter WHITLOCK? You couldn't tell me Peter was a Whitlock?" I demanded.

Alice looked suprised. "Well, how else did you think I knew about yours and Jasper's prior relations?" She questioned rhetorically.

"Fucking stupid.." I muttered. I heard her 'Huh?' and yelled. "I'M HUNGRY!" at the top of my lungs.

I heard Esme's faint laughter. "Sorry, Es, Joking!" I yelled. Followed by "I'll love you forever if you have strawberries and chocolate."

I heard her laugh again, closer this time. "Yes, I do, Bella." She said, walking in the room. "I hope you enjoy your penpal this summer, and hopefull summers to follow." She smiled at me and handed my a notebook with Jasper's name artfully written across the front including his current address - overseas of course. Funny, I smiled at her instead of grimacing.

"I hope so too." I said, dropping the grin and placing my sundress over my newly applied bathing suit and tanning lotion. Alice and I sprinted downstairs, followed by a giggling Esme. I smiled at her before walking out the French doors and into the waiting sun. I looked up at the long awaited sun, and then continued my silent stroll with Alice, Pen and Notebook in hand. We walked to the Sunchairs set up and I let my sunglasses rest on my nose, and sat down. I opened up my notebook. and thought about what to write to Jasper.

I just wrote what came to mind and Soon had a great letter ;

Jasper Wayne, as I remember you like to be called... Or should I say Major? Ah, hell this is all in pen.

My name's Isabella Marie, I don't know if you'll remember me. Nineth Grade - Well Tenth for you - You took me to your tenthgrade prom and we had a great time. Hell, I have the pictures, I'll send you one.

Anyways, Peter and my bestfriend have been talking, Alice? Well, anyways, she wanted me to do the E-mail/penpal with a soldier this summer with her family. And, Peter suggested you. Shit, I sound so stupid. Well, Major, I hope your people are well. I really wish I could express my happiness in a letter that you got your dream job.

You 'member that time when Mama and Pa Whitlock went out for their 15 year anniversary and left us at home alone with Peter and Char? And we kissed that night... Our first kisses. The week before I left, man I cried so hard on the way to New York. Leaving Texas was the hardest part of my life. I really hope I don't come off as a stalking bitch.. Speaking of, how's Mama and Pa Whitlock? Charlie and Renee (My fail pearents) are pretty well. I'm sorry if I seem like a major stalker. I'm not meaning to sound like a fool either, I just needed someone I knew to talk to.. I mean, who wants to write letters to a fucking complete stranger? So - Here I am. I'll send my prom picture of us, and my Senior Prom. Jacob Black took me for senior. Who'da known the country girl would ever fit well in a picture with a 6'3" beast? Anyways. I'll also send a newer picture of myself, darlin'.

Feel free to letter, call or E-mail me if you feel comfortable. I'll attatch my e-mail and number.

Courtesy Of Me,

Bella Swan.