Touch and Go


Morning sunlight began to filter through the gym room's windows as Shego pounded away at a punching bag, letting off some steam. She was still a little irked from the night before, but a little sleep had taken away her homicidal rage. Although she hadn't been sleeping much. She had spent most of the night awake in her bed, thinking about things. And something about a good workout gave a sense of clarity to Shego's thoughts; as she huffed and puffed, punching and kicking, last night towered over her mind and refused to be ignored.

Drakken's true feelings had blindsided her. He had never really hinted at being attracted to her before. After all, he was usually so wrapped up in trying to take over the world that he never hinted at liking anyone. Last night was the first time Shego had seen Drakken's romantic side – if it wasn't for his surprisingly enjoyable dinner with her in Midas' body, and maybe for his awkward flirtation with DNAmy that one time, she wouldn't even have a clue which team he batted for. He always seemed about as asexual as supervillains got, which was saying a lot. Female supervillains – such as herself – could rock the sex appeal, no doubt about it, but something about male supervillains just never screamed sexy to Shego. Even the really dashing ones like Monkey Fist were part animal or saddled with some other bizarre deal-breaker. She supposed Señor Senior Senior had a certain sensual charm going for him, if it wasn't for the age thing.

She gave the punching bag a vicious blow, sending it spiraling back and forth on its chain, and stepped back for a moment to take a breather. Her thoughts spiraled faster than the bag. The very fact that she was still here confused her; she had threatened to quit as Drakken's partner in evil after last night's events, but she had to admit that posing as Midas wasn't as bad as brainwashing her, or – God forbid – trying to clone her. It was more the icky romantic revelations that should have sent her packing. Doctor D having the hots for her? She knew she should have been fighting her gag reflex, and yet she wasn't. She was still here, working up a sweat and thinking about him.

But not in that way, she corrected herself quickly.


The sound of Drakken's voice made Shego jump a little, as if she had been caught doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing. Her boss popped his head through the gym room's open door. "You're still here!" he exclaimed happily. "Did you have a good rest?"

His question was lost in an awkward silence that permeated the gym room. Shego wasn't sure if she was ready for a conversation yet, and she had a feeling where her boss was about to try to take it.

"Yes, well," said Drakken after an awkward pause, "I just wanted to say I was sorry for last night."

"Hm," said Shego curtly before waiting for him to continue. She wasn't quite ready to accept his apology, but she supposed she was glad he had made it.

"I was wondering if you wanted to talk about last night sometime?"

"Uh, let's not right now," she said. "I'd like to just work out a little while."

"Very well."

Drakken looked a little chagrined as he retreated from the door and disappeared down the hallway. Shego went back to her punching bag. She had been up since dawn, honing her body and grappling with her emotional confusion, but she knew there was no way to ignore what was in the open now. Even more interesting than finding out about Drakken's romantic interest in her was pondering some of the things he said to her. Maybe he had some valid points.

When Shego thought about it, she realized her motivation for hiring Midas had been complicated. It wasn't like she had much of an interest in him beyond his extra special massage skills. He never talked much. Not too interesting when he did talk. Just another piece of eye candy, really. She had no interest in a relationship with Midas; even when Drakken had fooled her into thinking Midas had a personality last night, she was still just about to shoot him down before the actual Midas appeared. Shego had commitment problems, to put it simply. She had never even lived with a man before. At least not besides Drakken.

And no matter how good those massages were, she didn't really need Midas hanging around all the time as a paid employee, even if she had hired him on Drakken's payroll as a henchman without her boss's knowledge. Drakken's existing henchmen were bothersome enough already. The most compelling reason she had for hiring him was to bother Drakken. She knew he never really approved of her passing interest in various musclebound males, and she had mentioned Midas a few times in the past, noticing an annoyed reaction from Drakken.

Now that she thought about it, maybe he had shown her signs of interest in the past. But why did she want to bother him? Was it just because bothering Doctor D was amusing?

Stupid question, she told herself. Of course it's amusing.

But she was beginning to think it was more than that.

Shego gave the punching bag one last half-hearted roundhouse as her workout came to an end. Grabbing a towel and a bottle of water, she walked over to the gym room's windows and looked outside. The windows were carved out from the rock of the cliff side where their lair was hidden, and like on the tower where they had eaten their romantic dinner last night, she could enjoy a distant view of Middleton. The town was far enough away that she couldn't make out much more than a faint, dark smudge on the horizon. She and Drakken would probably be stopping by sometime soon for his new scheme, lame as it was, and once again, she'd deal with Kim Possible and her sidekick-slash-boyfriend.

Shego wondered what Kim saw in that buffoon. Maybe it was the dorky innocence; strangely enough, Shego could understand that, although Stoppable took it to ridiculous levels. Or maybe it was their history together. Drakken was a little like the buffoon in some ways, when she thought about it. He had his dorky charm. She didn't know why he felt the need to steal Midas' body to impress her, either. Midas was certainly ripped, but she had seen Doctor D a few times with his shirt off, and he had nothing to be embarrassed about. She heard her boss working out sometimes in the gym when she wasn't using it, although she had a suspicion that he was probably pumping himself up with some evil substance to keep himself bulky. Knowing Drakken, he had probably overlooked steroids entirely and invented his own concoction instead.

Another way in which Drakken differed from Kim's sidekick was his penchant for evil. She knew he was a little insecure about his evil sometimes, and he had nothing on her, but some of his schemes were positively diabolical. Shego wondered if being angry at his little stunt last night was hypocritical; switching brains with Midas, although creepy and romantically awkward, was also evil in its own way.

And she liked evil.

Shego left the gym and made her way through the lair until she found Drakken in the lounge room. He seemed to be waiting for her – maybe to talk about last night, maybe to talk about his scheme since she had brushed him off yesterday – but she still wasn't really interested in talking. After that workout, she could use a little winding down. She had been thinking about the horrible massage yesterday and realized Drakken had given it to her in Midas' body. Now that he was himself again, she began to feel curious.

The massage table still sat in the middle of the lounge. Midas had quit after last night, but she had bought the table herself. She couldn't just leave it unused. "Hey Doctor D," she said, "how about a massage?"

Drakken eyed her like she was setting a bear trap and asking him to place a foot inside.



"I thought you said my massages were awful."

"They are. But I feel like a massage and Midas quit last night, so that leaves either you or one of your mouth-breathing henchmen, who I trust even less than you."

"Midas quit? Why?"

Shego gave her boss an exasperated look. Midas had told her last night that brain switching was not the kind of thing he had signed up for as a massage therapist, and that he was planning to take his old job at the spa back. Shego couldn't blame him; some people just weren't cut out for the lifestyle of supervillains, even if they massaged them from time to time. Her look was enough to answer Drakken's question, who nodded with understanding.

"Right. Maybe I'll send him a condolence letter."

"No you won't."

"You know me too well!" he cackled.

Shego stepped up to the massage table and began to remove her skin-tight outfit, peeling green and black away from her body. It was a little sweaty from the workout, but she didn't care. Drakken would just have to deal with it. "Don't look," she chided as she turned away. This time, he was careful to follow her directions. She got down on the table, her face nestled through the rest at the top, and waited for a moment until she felt a pair of unusually tiny hands press down on her back. They began to work their magic.

It wasn't very magical, really, but Shego was surprised to find that Drakken's massage was a big improvement over the one he had given her in Midas' body. Her curiosity, apparently, was justified. Maybe he just hadn't had time to get used to the different build and larger hands. Before she even realized what she was doing, Shego let out a little moan as the massage gradually made its way down her body. She reached back and gave Drakken's hands a little slap when they started to get too low. All in all, though, she never thought she would be enjoying this so much.

Drakken didn't have the magic touch. But boy, did he have potential.


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