He was sacrificed to save the world, or so he thought. He should have known that Naruto wouldn't simply let him die. Even if it was to save everyone else. But that doesn't explain why he woke up in modern day city. Or why he feels a peculiar attachment to the blond haired, violet eyed bomb shell who is a dead ringer for Naruto in his female form. Or why there is a sect of mad men after him and his new companion.

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The world ended with a brilliant flash of light, and demon's deafening roar, and gale storm winds that threw him back into one of the crumbling stone walls of the cave.

The light was so brilliant that it burned his exposed skin, and eyes, causing his blood to heat and start to boil in his veins as the winds picked up little jagged shards of stone and whipped them every which way. He tried to curl his body to protect himself, but couldn't seem to move.

He gritted his teeth against a wave of agony when a sharp rock tore through his left shoulder, and several others tore through the soft tissues in his stomach and upper thighs, driving the remaining breath from his lungs.

He was vaguely aware of hearing Naruto's voice calling out over the deafening sounds of the ten tailed demon's enraged cries. "I'm sorry sensei! I'm sorry!"

He felt his lips curve up a little bit into a small, almost sad smile. He knew that Naruto hadn't wanted to do it. To sacrifice him for the sake of everyone else. But he had been backed into a corner with no chance or hope of saving anyone unless he used someone as raw material to re seal the demon.

But to be honest he knew that the younger man would choose the others over him. He'd known from the beginning. And that was fine. He was old, had fought many great fights, and now longed for nothing more than to end his existence.

If all it took to end the war was one more tiny sacrifice then he was fine with his fate, however much Naruto may regret it. However much he and the others still alive may mourn. None of those things matter to him because they would be alive.

They would re build. And the future generations would inherit the will of fire that he had once had.

He felt something wet trickle out of the corners of his eyes and for a moment he wanted to respond. But the pain drove all conscious thought from his mind as his bones started to shatter and his organs were ripped to pieces...

Or at least that was what it felt like to him before he slipped away.

The world ended in a brilliant flash of light, and was re born in that same instant-


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