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Uzu was running a high fever by morning the next day and Kakashi was getting worried because he didn't know what to do for her.

The medicines were different. Their containers had strange writings that he couldn't read and he had probably come dangerously close to poisoning her several times already.

If not for the fact that she spat out the several things that he had tried to give her to make her well again, she might have died. The knowledge of this paralyzed Kakashi in fear. If he accidentally killed her...what would happen to him?

Near as he could tell she lived alone.

There were no truly close neighbors. No one to come check up on her. No one to help her if she were to become sick like she was now.

How the fuck had she lived as long as she had without someone watching over her? He wondered as he leaned back in the winged back chair that he had carried up from the kitchen and looked again at the various liquids in their clear containers and wondered what they were and which one would help her fever go down.

So far she had spit out the green stuff. The red and purple had made her violently ill and for a while had seemed to make her condition worse. So he wasn't touching them again until he knew what they were and what purpose they served.

The powdered stuff had been to difficult for her to swallow. She had choked and spat it out and simply lay on her bed spasming. There were some stuff that he had found in her fridge that was soft and sort of gel like. But it smelled strangely and tasted horrible. Kakashi knew this because after so many close calls, he had started to test out small doses of various things.

The orange stuff for instance had caused him to hallucinate for a while.

Luckily he had thought that something like that would happen and had tied one of his legs to the foot of Uzu's bed. Unfortunately...he'd partially chewed through his own pants leg in an effort to escape before the stuff had worn off. And after it had worn off, he'd promptly taken the bottle and poured the stuff down the sink in the bathroom then returned and tried something else.

The next stuff he had tried, the yellow stuff; had put him to sleep in under ten minutes.

Something that his shinobi mind had yet to figure out. But he had found it's use and a little while ago had given a small dose to Uzu so that she would sleep a little better. After that he'd set everything aside and tried to think of herbal remedies that he could use.

But he didn't want to leave her for a long period of time to go look for herbs. Not only that but there was always a risk of the person being treated by the remedies, being highly allergic to the herbs.

And because he didn't know what she was allergic too or if she even had allergies to begin with, he was more or less stuck. He sighed tiredly and made himself comfortable in his chair and decided that it was probably for the best that he didn't know these things. He'd never really been good at nursing others back to health.

He must have dozed off at some point without realizing it. Because one minute Uzu was sound asleep in her bed, curled up on her side. And the next he jerked himself awake to find the bed empty and looked around and stopped when he saw Uzu standing across the room, holding onto the bathroom door with one hand and the other tightly clutching what looked like a shirt in her free hand.

Her blond hair was soaked with sweat, and the sleep shirt that he had changed her into yesterday was soaked as well. Shit. What the hell had her fever spiked so high? He wondered as he jumped up and all but ran across the room and wrapped his arms around her as he legs gave out and she started to fall. He pulled her back against his chest and sank to the floor with her, nearly flinching at how hot her skin felt under his hands.

"What are you doing out of bed?" He asked in a worried tone as he brushed her hair back from her face. She stared at him blankly for a moment before rasping.

"Hot. Burning up. Need to cool off..."

Kakashi nodded his head and scooped her up in his arms and stood up and carried her back to bed then left for a minute to fix a wet rag and when he came back out into the bedroom he froze at the sight of Uzu sitting on her bed without her shirt on.

Oh my god.