Thanks to Yuni30's "Making Fun of An Ol' Cyborg", I've become inspired! =D

Ever have one of those urges to do something whacky and outrageous to a character from one of your favorite TV shows? …I get 'em all the time!

This is a story about a certain author, who's imagination became filled with mischievous ideas, and needed someone to unleash them upon. One day while she was hanging around with her favorite cartoon, she found the right victim…

It All Started With A Pounce

(Wherever Girl and Fangface are sitting on a couch, watching TV, and she notices Puggsy walking by)

WG: So, Fangface, tell me… is tackling Puggsy fun?

Fangface: (grr) Yep. That's why I do it all the time.

WG: I see.

(they continue watching TV)

WG: Can I try it?

Fangface: Try what?

WG: Tackling Puggsy.

Fangface: *shrugs* Sure. Go ahead. (snort)

(Later that day…)

Puggsy: *whistles as he walks by a flight of stairs*

WG: HEY PUGS! (leaps at him from the top of the stairs)


Puggsy: OOF! What the jumping ignorpotomases are you DOING?

WG: Just messing with you. (turns to Fangface) You're right. That IS fun. I ought to do it more often! …Which I think I shall… l:D

Puggsy: 0_o What's THAT look for?

WG: Oh, this? (points at expression: l:D) This is my plotting-face. …See ya!

And so it begins.