Tracker: Hi, everyone! WG couldn't make it this chapter because her hamster broke out and is trying to start a nuclear war with Australia, so she had to go stop it.

Storm: But just so you wouldn't be left un-entertained, I'll be helping my brother and the others continue the pranking!

Wolfsbane: Also helping us is Fangface's girlfriend, Hunter (Tracker78's OC)

Scoobycool9: Along with my author-friend, Alexia (aka NarniaCrazyGirl)

Alexia: Hi, peoples!

Hunter: What are we waiting for? Lets get on with it!

Don't Let The Bed-Bugs Bite!

FF2: So what's the plan?

Edwin: Alexia suggested an original idea, along with Tracker… but we have to wait for Pugs to fall asleep.

Fangface: (grr) But that could take forever… After the last few chapters, he's been over-dosing on coffee and energy drinks to stay awake at night so he could stay alert… all the while barricading his door and bolting his window shut.

FF2: 0_o That's unhealthy.

Edwin: So how are we going to get him to-


(The guys look over, watching as Claw drags Puggsy's unconscious body across the room. Alexia walks by with a baseball bat)

Puggsy: x_x

Alexia: *gives thumbs up* Puggsy's asleep! =D

FF2, Edwin, and Fangface: 0_0

(So they take him upstairs and lie him in bed… Take note of the little bump on his head)

Tracker: FF2, get your camera ready. (turns to Storm, Hunter, Fangface, and Alexia) You got the supplies?

Hunter: All right here. (holds up bag)

(They grab the remote and take out the batteries, then glue Puggsy's sheets to his bed keeping him sealed in tight. Hunter then releases something into a loose slot in the sheets, and they walk away, snickering. Alexia turns on the TV and turns the volume up REALLY LOUD)

TV: -is showing an episode of Jersey Shore-

Puggsy: (comes to) Whoa! …Alright, who's been messing with the tv? (tries to get up, but is stuck) …And who glued me to the bed and… what is IN MY SHEETS? *sees spider crawl out and across his chest* O_O

Edwin: Three… two… one…

Puggsy: *in a high-pitched voice* AAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE! *now angry* WHEREVER-

(WG pops in through the window… which, for some reason, is smashed *innocent whistle*)

Me: Just so you know, I had nothing to do with this one. (I hate spiders) So scream someone else's name… I have a dictator-hamster to take down. *leaves*

Hunter: Also, Pugs, it's not a good idea to scream. Tarantulas take that as a sign to attack.

Puggsy: Get them. Out of. My bed. NOW.

Scoobycool9: What's the magic word?

Puggsy: Before I kill you.

Scoobycool9: Wrong answer. …Alexia, Tracker?

Alexia and Tracker: (raises giant feathers) l:D

Puggsy: 0_0 No… not that! I'm serious! Don't- (they begin to tickle him) Ha ha ha! Stop! No! Hee ha ha hee! Please! Ack! Ha ha! OW!

Everyone: -freezes-

Storm: What do you mean… ow?

Puggsy: I think one of those tarantulas just bit me!

Fangface: (grr) I'll check! Hang on! (grabs sheets)

Alexia: Fangface, wait! They're glued onto his-


(Fangface rips off the sheets… which also rips off Puggsy's pants)

Edwin: …Cute little heart-dotted boxers, Puggsy.

Storm: (looks him over) No spider-bites, you're fine.

Puggsy: Yeah… (raises metal baseball bat) But YOU guys aren't.

Scoobycool9: Uh… (puts on glasses) You wouldn't hit a kid with glasses, would you?

Puggsy: T_T

Tracker: Uh… Oh! I think I hear WG calling for assistance against her crazy hamster! (flees)

Others: (do the same)

Puggsy: They come back… I'm gonna murdify 'em! (turns to Fangface) Give me by pants back, will you?

Fangface: What's the magic- (sees Puggsy's glare of death) …Um, here.

Tarantulas: (are watching TV) Hey! Why isn't the remote working?

Scoobycool9: Well, we're really pushing Puggsy over the edge… hate to see what the outcome of all this will be.