"Satoshi," she says, clinging to him like he is a rock in a storm-tossed sea. "Oh, I'm so proud of you! You went through that pain. For me." She takes his hand and places it on her head. "Please…stroke my head?"

He takes sharp, sobbing breaths, his hand moving through Shion's hair in jerking, stilted movements. "Satoshi," she whispers, and takes hold of his hand again, guiding it through her silky green hair. She smiles in bliss. "That's how you do it. See?"

Blood trickles from his finger and seeps into her hair.

"One fingernail for the forgiveness of sins." She smiles and he whimpers in pain. "We'll have to wait and see if I do grant your wish, won't we…Satoshi?"

"Don't call me –"

Her hand tightens on his.

"I'm sorry!" Satoshi gasps. "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry –"

"Good." She relaxes her grip. "You'll behave, then. My Satoshi."

"I-I promise. Just – just, don't hurt Satoko. Please don't."

Shion grins. His hand knots in her hair reflexively, as she explores his face with her fingers. He trembles and shudders uncontrollably. She frowns, her slim hand cupping his cheek.

"Are you afraid?" she whispers. She feels like she's about to cry. He can't possibly be afraid of her. Not her Satoshi.

"No," he mouths. His eyes are wide and flicking back and forth. She shakes her head.

"You're so pretty when you're scared, Satoshi," she says.

"What about the others?" he asks her over the sound of Satoko's pathetic whimpering. "You took a fingernail for Satoko. So what about the others –Rena, Rika, Mi-"

"They have committed no crime." She smiles benevolently. At least – no crime that a mere nail can repay.

"Thank you," he says.

"But – oh, Satoshi…" She winds her hands in his dark brown hair. Still the wrong colour. She will have to do something about that. "Satoshi, that fingernail paid for your sins. Not Satoko's. I forgave you for leaving me, didn't you realise? But nothing could pay for that brat's sins. Nothing."

His eyes widen. "No –"

"She caused so much trouble for you, Satoshi," Shion says sadly. "How can you still stand up for her, after all this time?"

"Satoshi is NOT MY NAME!" he yells, yanking his hand away. "Take my nails! Take them all, if you want, but don't HURT HER! Satoshi is not. My. NAME!"

Shion's face goes hard and cold.

"Yes it is," she says, yanking a metal spike out of Satoko's finger and plunging it into the little girl's chest. "Yes it is."

Satoko doesn't scream as she dies, to her credit. But Satoshi howls like the world has ended and will not stop. She shuts him up with a kiss, and scratches his cheeks until blood wells from the wounds.

"I'm Keiichi," he whispers. "Please…let me go." Tears roll down his cheeks and mingle with the blood.

"No. And no." She smiles against his mouth.