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Gunshots erupted from the field where a few teenagers where playing basketball. Shouts and screams echoed loudly as many of them ran for their lives. One girl lay on the ground, her side bleeding insanely from the gunshot wound she received. Her violet eyes looked up at the blue cloudy sky in a daze until a figure appeared above her. She clenched her jaw when she saw her once partner, Renji Abarai, staring down at her with a gun in hand.

"Why did you jump in front of that bullet? I wasn't suppose to hurt you, just scare you." Renji said, his lip curled up in disgust.

"You… were going to shoot my friend." Rukia muttered, turning her head to see her friend Hiyori running away.

"Stupid, you always tried to save people that don't matter. Ikkaku, come here and pick her up. We need to leave now." Renji said, walking away as the bald man walked over to her.

"She's bleeding a lot. We need to get her fixed up before he sees her." Ikkaku said, Rukia narrowed her gaze at the mention of her gang leader.

Rukia Kuchiki was once in the most violent group in Japan, the gang's leader a ruthless man with a sick sense of humor. At the age of thirteen, she was introduced to him and slowly began to make her way to the top of the pack and became the leader's right-hand man. It wasn't until she had finally witnessed him in action did she realize just how much danger she was in. She had seen him kill a man, his face still smirking as the man lay dying in a pool of his own blood. Rukia had only sold drugs and stolen things, at times even beating up a few rivals but that was all.

No blood of a dead man ever touched her hands.

It took a few months but she escaped the life of a gang member, running away from everyone she knew and moving with her elder sister far from her home town. That was a year now and she had been working hard to make her life worth something. She went to a continuation school and was the top student, she wanted to go to college to become a vet but it seemed her old life was coming back to haunt her. She could faintly hear the sounds of police cars but her vision began to turn black when she heard the muffled voices of random people. The last thing she saw was the dead body of a poor bird that did not make it out alive.


She felt a wet rag on her opened wound, a loud hiss escaping her lips. The voices of people slowly began to sound clear and Rukia forced her eyes to open. Her body ached and her head was pounding from the past few hours. Her eyes met those of her old fellow members, their eyes either filled with pity of betrayal. She tried to sit up but found herself bound to the bed she laid on, her eyes twitching in irritation. A hand grabbed hold of hers and she turned to see Neliel, the kindest woman in the organization and the first female to enter it.

"Rukia, it's been awhile." Neliel spoke softly.

Rukia did not respond to those kind words.

"You're upset, aren't you? I told when you first entered, now you're in and the only way out is through a body bag. You should have listened when I told you not to enter. Now it's time you pay up. Let's take her to him." Neliel said, releasing her hold and taking a step back.

Rukia didn't try to fight as the bounds on her legs were freed and she obeyed when they ordered her to stand. In the back of her mind, she always knew that she would return to this place. Be it by force or by her own free will. The building the gang lived in was a huge mansion that held meetings and gave the ones without homes a place to stay. Rukia had stayed here a few times, even sharing a room with her leader.

She would be lying if she said she did not care for him deeply.

She would also be lying if she would deny the fact that the leader had cared for her the same way.

She walked down the halls of the buildings with a blank expression. Two people stood in front of her while Neliel followed behind her. Three men appeared from the corner, stopping when they saw the chained young female. One man's smile grew large and he chuckled at the sight in front of him.

"Isn't she the one that punk was talkin' about?" Gin sneered, watching with joy as the members around Rukia glared at him.

"Don't talk about him like he is trash, Ichimaru." Renji barked, a tanned hand raised and the people remand silent.

"It is disrespectful for us to talk so insulting about him, Gin. We just made a deal with them. No more violence between us and his people." Sousuke Aizen said.

Rukia remembered him and his crew instantly and her old hatred for them returned. They were in a rival gang that threatened her gang and many people have died from the battle. Rukia remembered the first time she met those people, she had come along side her leader and watched as they both spoke quickly and quietly. Aizen's right-hand man was worse, Gin Ichimaru was wanted in Japan and America for many deaths and shootings. A serial killer by heart and a madman by nature.

The third man was Kaname Tousen, a man with a twisted sense of justice and a cold hearted man. He was much calmer then Ichimaru but he was just as dangerous. Rukia's hatred for them never left, she would always hate the people in front of her. All three men turned to Rukia's direction and the area remand silent before Aizen finally spoke.

"Rukia Kuchiki, it seems your plan to stay hidden from your leader failed. What a shame." Aizen spoke, walking around the group.

"Let's be on our way." Aizen said, the two other men followed soon after. Rukia glared at the men as they walked away before she looked over at Neliel with the same cold stare.

"Why do you care about what has happened since you left? You left us but that did not stop us from continuing our work. Now 'The Hollows' and 'The Mask' work together. Get over it." Neliel said, taking the lead and walking in the same direction the three men had just appeared from.

Rukia closed her eyes and hung her head as she was pulled forward, the chains rattling as she walked. All of them stood in front of a large black door, Renji went and knocked on it loudly and moved aside when the door opened on its own. It revealed a large room painted black, strange gothic-like statues surrounded the walls. A tall, twenty-five year old, handsome man sat on a large leather couch, he opened his hazel eyes and locked eyes with the stubborn girl. He kept his face cold as Rukia was pushed inside and forced to stand just a few feet away from him.

He stood from where he sat, his face showing a small smirk as a smooth chuckle filled the air. Every person went tense at the sudden noise and looked at the man with orange hair. Ichigo Kurosaki smile fell when he saw Rukia's heated gaze and narrowed his gaze at the sight. It had taken them awhile to discover where she had ran off to and now she was back where she belonged. In this house, with her people, and by his side. He looked at his underlings and waved them off, all of them leaving Rukia without another word.

"Been awhile, Bunny." Ichigo said, Rukia twitched at her old pet name and looked away from the man.

"Just kill me." Rukia said, bowing her head.

"Why would I do that to my must favorite member?" Ichigo said, calmly walking over to her kneeling form.

"Then why did you force me here?' Rukia shouted, raising her head to see Ichigo standing not far from her.

"Isn't it obvious. I want you back." Ichigo said, grabbing hold of the chain around her neck and pulling her to her feet.

"No. Just kill me." Rukia seethed, trying to pull away from him.

"If I kill you, it won't be the only Kuchiki blood that I'll be spilling." Ichigo said, Rukia went still by his words and looked into his hazel eyes.

"You wouldn't dare." Rukia whispered, her eyes getting larger and more vibrant to Ichigo.

"Try me. You've seen what I have done before, Bunny. What makes you think I won't do something like this with any hesitation?" Ichigo said, pulling the stubborn bang from Rukia's pale face.

'You can't." Rukia growled, Ichigo chuckled and leaned his face closer to hers.

"I will. So, what's your answer now, Bunny?" Ichigo said, his warm breath hitting her lips.

"You wouldn't do anything to hurt me. You've told me that before and you're a man of words." Rukia said, smirking when she saw his smile fall.

"I would do anything to have you back. Killing your friends and family would be no skin of my bones if it means I get to have you by my side." Ichigo said, reaching into his coat and pulling out his phone. He dialed a number quickly and put it on speaker as it rang, a few moments later someone answered and Rukia's eyes almost popped out of her head.

"Well, if it ain' Kurosaki. Wha'cha need from meh that ya couldn't tell me when we were just speakin' ta eachother?" Gin said.

"I need you to get rid of a few people."

"No!" Rukia shouted, trying to get the phone.

"Ah, sounds fun." Gin laughed, the sound of a gun clicking audible.

"Well, it actually depends on what my Bunny has to say about it, Ichimaru. What do you say?" Ichigo said, Rukia looked back and forth between the phone before bowing her head.

"I'll stay." Rukia muttered, Ichigo smirked and turned off the speaker.

"I guess we won't be needing your services today... Have a nice day."

The chains were thrown aside as her neck was attacked by Ichigo's mouth. She wiggled in his intense grip, trying to get some much needed distance between them. Rukia gasped when he sucked on her special spot and moaned despite herself. Her body soon becoming hot with need by her leader's familiar movements. They were once an item, both keeping it a secret so no one would try to hurt her.

When she ran away, Ichigo felt betrayed by his lover and vowed to get her back. No one hurt Ichigo Kurosaki and she was no exception. Rukia belonged to him and they both knew that from the day they had met eachother. He threw her on his bed, she tried to sit up but he pushed her back down harshly. Kissing her lips harshly and rubbing up against her small body.

"I've been waiting for this for too long now, Bunny. I won't go easy on you tonight." Ichigo said after breaking the kiss.

Rukia glared up at the man above her and tried to move away but his grip kept her in place. She let out a loud angry scream and squirmed under him until she grew tired. Her breathing labored from her weak attempts and her face red from her actions. Ichigo chuckled and lowered his mouth back down to her neck, licking and biting until his lips landed on the edge of her blue shirt. He growled and ripped the clothing of her small frame, his hands going under her bra and pinching her hard nipple.

"AH! Stop!" Rukia shouted, trying to fight off the building emotion running through her body.

"I know every curve and part of your body like the back of my hand, Bunny. I know you don't want me to stop." Ichigo said, pulling the bra off his property and lowering his lips to the neglected left nipple.

He blew on it gently, causing Rukia to shiver and cry out when he placed the hard bud in his mouth. She couldn't hold back the moan but she continued to wiggle as he sucked and bit the now abused nipple. His hand tweaking her right nipple before cupping her breast in his huge hand. She finally gave up when she felt his hand open her shorts and enter her maidenhood. Arching her back and he stroke her bundle of nerves with two fingers.

He smirked and raised his head to watch how Rukia tried to keep the pleasure from appearing on her face. So far, she was doing a horrible job of it since her eyes were shut closed and her mouth was releasing soft pants. He quicken the pace of his fingers, loving how wet and tight she still felt after this whole time. He loved the smell filling the room and growled when he felt her hand grab the wrist of the hand he was using to bring her pleasure.

"Please... I need you inside me... Please." Rukia begged, Ichigo nodded slowly and began to remove his clothing.

His large, thick member now standing at full attention due to the delicious sight of a begging Rukia. She wrapped her hands around his neck, holding him tightly to her as he entered her. A sweet mewl flew from her lips and her hold on him grew at the amazing feeling of his hot stick deep inside her once again. Ichigo Kurosaki never disappointed a lover and as far as Rukia knew, she was far more than just a lover to him. His thrust were slow and shallow first, the feeling of her surgery walls around his thick man meat once again slowly began to fuel his movements.

Now he was pounding into her like a madman, sitting up and holding onto her hips as he continued to assault her body. Her moans and screams of pleasure were the only thing he ever wanted to hear from the woman beneath him and Rukia loved the sound of his grunts and moans as much as she loved Chappy. Rukia felt ever pound and thrust and her thighs began to bruise from the intense sex, her breathing becoming heavy and causing her breast to go up and down when they were not jiggling from his thrust. Her back arched to get more of his member inside her, cheering him on to keep going and not to hold back.

Then again, this was Ichigo she was speaking to. There was no need for her to tell him not to hold back.

His teeth were biting his lower lip so much, bits of blood were rolling down his chin but he didn't care. Rukia was beneath him and was begging for him, the pain just added to the amazing pleasure. Rukia felt her climax reaching, her voice becoming high pitched and her juices soaking the sheets below him. Ichigo let out a madman's laugh when he felt how close she was and gave her one powerful thrust to watch in pure joy as her body reached its limit. She screamed his name on the top of her lungs, filling his ego and stamina as he pounded into her unmoving body for a few more moments.

He bit down on her luscious neck as he came, moaning at the taste of her flesh and the wonderful feeling running through him as he emptied his seed into her. She looked away from him in shame and covered her eyes, he pulled her arms away and looked into her eyes. Hazel met violet in a heavy moment and both understood each other's motive.

Rukia understood why Ichigo was so desperate to get her back.

Ichigo realized why Rukia ran away from him.

Both just kissed each other in understanding and listened to their beating hearts.

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