I didn't mean for this one to turn all religious, but it just kind of happened. Take it or leave it. And, I just couldn't seem to stop typing. I said the first chapter was long, well this one has two thousand words on that one. I'm sorry.

Warnings: Kurt's in a pshchiatric hospital, but if you made it through his suicide attempt, you should be fine.

Disclaimer: I still don't own Glee. One day...

Summary: Kurt just wants to be saved. It's all about hitting rock bottom, only to be brought back up by those who love you.

Kurt had grown accustom to the strict T-shirt and sweats dress code at Lima Psychiatric Hospital. They keyword being accustom. He was in no way, shape, or form enjoying his new uniform. In fact, he found himself wishing that he could put together new outfits. He needed something solid in his life from before to now. In his spare time, he took to staring out the large windows, just thinking.

"Kurt, why don't you join in with our group therapy?" Nurse Ella said, in her gentle voice. Kurt shot her a look that he often used in Glee Club back at McKinley whenever Rachel was talking. Nurse Ella nodded, "Whenever you feel like opening up, we're going to be here for you."

Nurse Ella walked away as Kurt turned back to the large windows. His mind was racing through his recollection of the night that wound him up in this facility. His mind continually slipped into the feeling of Blaine's hand in his. It was silly, since they held hands before, but this felt like so much more.


"Can we visit Kurt today?" Rachel asked Finn, who was eating a large bowl of Captain Crunch, and sloppily answered his phone while his mouth was full of cereal.

"Finn, you should know not to answer the phone while eating," Carole reprimanded her son, who shot her a sheepish smile, as some milk seeped out. She winced as he swiped at the dribble.

"Mom, Rachel wants to know if we can visit Kurt today," Finn asked, upon swallowing his mouthful of Captain Crunch.

"It's only Burt and I this week. And, next week depends on how he starts cooperating with group therapy," Carole droned on, repeating the words she had said plenty of times. She was pretty sure that Noah's mom had called on his behalf to know when he could see Kurt.

"No, not this week," Finn said into his phone, his voice sounding awfully dull at the idea that Kurt would be trapped at the institution without contact to his friends.


"What does it take to get phone call privileges around here?" Kurt asked Nurse Ella, who was handing out the afternoon round of pills. Kurt was grateful to only take a blue pill in the morning, which he was almost certain was a placebo since nobody actually thought he was crazy.

"You need to participate in all group therapy sessions for three consecutive days to get a call to a family member," Nurse Ella said, as Kurt scoffed at the idea, "Five days for out of family."

Kurt tugged at the sleeve that was wrapped with white bandages from where he sliced his arm open. He was only allowed to see his dad and Carole for an hour with Nurse Ella present. It was tense to say the least. He really wanted to talk with Blaine, or Mercedes, even Rachel or Finn would do at this point.


"But, San, I just don't understand why he wanted to die," Brittany said, whispering the last word, as if saying it would make change the events of that night.

Santana didn't even need Brittany to use a name for her to understand the boy that was plaguing her mind. She shifted her phone from one ear to the other.

"Life got too hard," Santana bluntly said, not sure how else to word it. She could hear Brittany gasp on the other end of the line.

"My life gets hard when I can't remember where the bathroom is in school, or when Charity reads my dairy. But, I'd never want to die," Brittany innocently said, as Santana held back on a smile. It was moments like this that Santana realized why she could deal with Brittany's space case tendencies.

"Britt, he didn't mean it either. It was all an accident. He's fine now. It can only get better from here," Santana sweetly said, hoping that her words would be able to comfort Brittany with her obvious time of distress.


"I've been including him in all of my prayers," Quinn confessed to the Glee Club, as their conversation somehow landed back on Kurt.

"I went to Temple with my grandmother to say some prayers for him," Puck said, reminiscent of the way he told Kurt that he want to Temple when his dad was in the hospital.

"I lead a hymn dedicated to him," Mercedes piped up, her mind slipping back to when she brought Kurt to her church with her and dedicated the song to his father when he was standing right with her.

"You know, Kurt's not into the entire God, or Grilled Cheesus, thing," Finn reminded everyone, thinking back to way Kurt did accept their prayers for his dad. He couldn't help but think that prayers for him wouldn't be accepted either.

"I know that he's not religious, but I think it makes us feel better about it," Quinn snapped, as a heavy silence fell. It was obvious that everyone felt the same way.


"Kurt, are you joining us for our group session today?" Nurse Ella asked, her voice awfully cheery, as Kurt heavily swallowed.

"I'm more observing today," Kurt thoughtfully replied, with a shadow of a smile.

"It's progress," Nurse Ella noted, as her lips curled upwards.


"How do you think he's holding up?" Blaine asked, as a lull fell in his conversation with Mercedes. She called to ask him how Dalton was, even though they knew this was heading towards Kurt.

"He's Kurt," Mercedes said, as if this was a perfect explanation, which it was, before delving into, "He's strong. Stronger than he thinks he is. And, he's stubborn, so he's probably giving them hell."

"With his attitude, I could imagine," Blaine laughed, just thinking about how much sass everyone must be getting from him.

"It's a Kurt Hummel original," Mercedes said, her smile evident even over the phone.

"He's going to be okay, you know. We're going to get past this. And, he'll be back to directing his attitude towards us," Blaine said, noticing that they were talking about Kurt as if he had actually died.

"I can't wait for that," Mercedes said, her voice sounding hopeful for normalcy.


Kurt wandered the halls of the place holding him captive, looking for something to peak his interest. He wasn't sure what else there was to do around here, except stare out the windows and ignore group therapy.

During his walk is when he found it. The large piano, tucked off in a locked room with a small window. It was taunting him. His body ached to sing. He was always better at expressing himself in song than he was with actual words. He was pretty sure he had stolen those words from Blaine. A smile settled onto Kurt's face when the mop top's face popped into his mind.

"What are you looking for Kurt?" Nurse Ella's voice snapped Kurt from his internal pangs to plink at the piano keys, matched with his voice.

"How much cooperation is needed for piano privileges?" Kurt asked, wondering if it was more or less than a call to Blaine.

"It's off limits to patients," Nurse Ella said, not enjoying how fast Kurt's face had fallen, "But, if you convince me that it's beneficial to your healing and opening up, I'll let you in for a half an hour, if you participate in tomorrow's group session."

"I'll think about it," Kurt said, biting down on his lower lip. Opening up about why he got himself here. He didn't think that'd be a fun road to go down. But, the piano was right there.


"Noah, what is so important that you called me at –" Rachel looked to her clock with its bright red digital number staring back at her "– five oh seven in the morning?"

"Being good Jews, I was wondering if you'd like to accompany me to Temple," Noah said, his silent words being to say a word for Kurt.

"I'd love to," Rachel said, agreeing to Puck's unsaid words.


"Apparently, Kurt opened up at group therapy today," Burt said over his low cholesterol dinner; even without Kurt breathing down his neck about eating healthy, he still had it enforced.

"How did it go?" Carole conversationally said, knowing that Kurt had been resistant to open the entire time he had been there. In fact, she wasn't sure that people knew his name.

"He told them his name, where he was from, what he did for fun... those kinds of things," Burt recalled what Nurse Ella had told him about Kurt's progress, "It's not much, but it's a start."

"He's coming around," Carole said, resting one hand on Burt's.

"Does that mean we'll be able to visit him soon?" Finn asked, his voice full of hope. He couldn't imagine being stowed away without being able to talk to his friends.

"If he keeps going with what he did today, then yes," Burt said, as things started to look up.


"Kurt, you're already here," Nurse Ella said, as she began to set up for group therapy. She was excited that Kurt was back early for round two. It only got harder from the first day.

"I didn't have anything better to do," Kurt shrugged, licking his chapping lips, "I was wondering if I could have some piano time after this."

"Only if you share more today," Nurse Ella warned, before adding with a smile, "And, because I think it could help you, since you were so involved with Glee clubs."


"We should be able to visit soon," Finn said, walking into Glee Club with this dopey smile because he might be able to see Kurt soon. He'd never admit it, but he really missed having the diva around.

"It's about time," Artie said, as the rest of the group whispered about plans for when they would finally see him.

"Do you think it would be too much to make him a card or something?" Tina softly offered up over the buzz, "Just for now, to show him we still care."

"No, I think that's a great idea," Rachel said, her mind already driving with plans to make this spectacular card.

"I could give it to my mom to bring with her when she goes up there next," Finn said, as everyone started voicing their ideas for a card. It had to be cute, but not cheesy. And, sincere enough, but not sappy. They sure had their work cut out for them.


"So, why don't you tell us why you're here?" Nurse Ella said, with a look that almost read: Answer and you get the piano. It was killing Kurt to be under her gaze like this.

"I tried to kill myself, I guess," Kurt said, the words sounding foreign as he said them for the first time.

"Why?" Nurse Ella asked, as Kurt could feel the anxious glances from everyone else in the circle focused on him. He wasn't one to crack under pressure, but this was nearly crippling him.

"Karofsky," Kurt breathed one name, his voice growing low and shaky. Nurse Ella nodded with a comforting smile, before moving her eyes to the person to Kurt's left.


"We're making a card for Kurt today at the Lima Bean. We're taking up that back booth with crayons and markers and paper and scissors. We thought you'd like to join us," Rachel's voice sounded chipper as it filled the shell of Blaine's ear.

Blaine nearly tripped over his feet running out of Warbler practice, which Wes and David had given him some leniency with given the state of Kurt. He redialed Rachel, only missing her call by minutes, as he got behind the steering wheel of his car.

"Hi Blaine," Rachel greeted the Dalton boy, not giving him time to answer, "You'll be joining us, right? I think he'd like it if you name was on the card as well."

"I'll be there in an hour," Blaine promised, tearing it out of the Dalton parking lot, much in the fashion he had when he realized that Kurt was in initial trouble.


"Hey kiddo," Burt said, walking into Kurt's individual room in the ward. Nurse Ella was no longer required during their meetings, but this meant that Burt had to hand over anything even remotely dangerous before entering. This is why Burt was wearing just his socks, and not in possession of his belt, keys, or phone.

"Hi dad," Kurt said, his mood elevated from his half an hour session with the piano the afternoon before. He played simple songs along the likes of Mary Had a Little Lamb while Nurse Ella quietly sang along in the corner.

"I have something for you," Burt said, presenting the envelope to his son, who beamed as his hands fumbled to undo the seal, "Finn said that Glee Club of yours, plus Blaine, made you a card."

Kurt was hindered speechless from the intricate drawings on the cover of the card. It looked like they each chose a weapon of choice as they drew shapes, pictures, squiggles, lyrics, and just general non-sense. He could feel tears stinging at his eyes. He opened the card, only to see Blaine's neat block print message, which only Brittany Pierce could have chosen the opening for.

Dear Kurtsie,

We've all been worried about you. But, we learned that you've been doing better during your group sessions, and we might be able to visit soon. We're keeping our fingers crossed. We can't wait to see you. And, we were hoping that this card will suffice to show you how much we care about you.


PS. It took us two hours of sitting in the back booth of the Lima Bean to get this done. We've officially dubbed it Kurt's Table.

Along with individual signatures gracing the edges of the message, which only Rachel Berry could have worded. Kurt smiled, a free tear breaking free. He wrapped his arms around his dad; it was the closest he'd get to actually hugging his friends in gratitude.

"Can you tell them that I don't think I could ever thank them enough for this?" Kurt asked, as he buried his face into the soft flannel of his father's shirt.


"Who's taking care of his bird?" Brittany whispered during the Glee Club meeting after they delivered Kurt's card.

"What bird?" Sam asked, not sure how birds and their Regionals song selection connected. Yet, in her mind, anything was possible.

"Kurt had a bird," Brittany slowly said, as she remembered it chirping in the background during their afternoon phone conversations, "Someone has to feed it."

"Oh, Pavarotti," Finn mindlessly said, "Blaine adopted it for now."

"Can you tell Blaine not to feed Pavarotti glitter?" Brittany said, butchering the bird's name, as Finn nodded, his brows knitting in the middle.


"You mentioned Karofsky the other day," Nurse Ella refreshed Kurt's mind at his third consecutive day of group therapy, "Care to elaborate?"

Kurt bit down on his lower lip. He didn't need a reminder that he mentioned Karofsky yesterday; it had been plaguing his thoughts since he said the name. He was tempted to go back to staring out the window, but if he could just get a bit more out today, he'd be able to call Finn. Besides, it put him so much closer to calling Blaine, Mercedes, or Rachel.

"He bullied me a lot back at McKinley," Kurt said, keeping his composure intact. Nurse Ella encouraged him to keep talking. Kurt licked his lips, "It was a lot of slander, shoving, dumpster dives, and slushies."

"Did he make you leave McKinley, Kurt?" Nurse Ella said, her voice comforting whispering his name.

Kurt nodded, before his teeth clamped down on his lower lip until he could taste metallic blood dancing on his taste buds. Tears stung at his eyes as she shot him a proud smile before moving onto the next person.


"Have you heard from Kurt?" Wes asked, cornering Blaine after one of the Warbler rehearsals.

"No, but his step-brother told me that they took away his phone. And, in order to get phone calls he has to participate in therapy, which is probably killing him," Blaine reiterated Finn's previous words, a lingering sigh ending the speech. He just wanted to hear Kurt's voice.

"The Council is here for you, if you want to talk," Wes said, patting Blaine on the shoulder, before leaving him to his solitude.


Kurt shakily dialed his home number, hoping that someone other than his dad would pick up. Or, that someone would pick up period. He had fifteen minutes on the phone. And, he planned on using them.

"Hello?" Finn answered, as Kurt let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding, "Is someone there?"

"Hi Finn," Kurt said, his voice almost jumping ship.

"Who's on the phone, honey?" Carole asked from the background. Kurt smiled. He could almost smell the homely scent drifting through the phone.

"It's Kurt," Finn announced, as Kurt could hear the excitement in his voice.

"Oh, let me talk to him," Carole said, her voice growing louder, until a change of hands could be heard through the receiver, "Hi dear, how are you doing?"

"I'm doing okay," Kurt said, not wanting the conversation to focus on him; he was done with being focused on, "I miss you guys."

"We miss you too, darling," Carole said, her smile evident even though they were miles apart, "Are you coming home soon?"

"I sure hope so," Kurt said, wishing that it was easier to just go home. He had to open up for seven group sessions, then an individual session with a Doctor Something-or-Another, before he could even think of leaving. On the bright side, he was halfway to meeting Doctor Something-or-Another.


"When I went to visit him today, he was playing the piano for Nurse Ella," Burt recalled, snaking his arm around Carole's shoulder as she climbed into their bed, "I don't think I've ever seen him happier."

"Do you think Nurse Ella would allow you to bring him sheet music?" Carole asked, knowing for a fact that Kurt only knew a few basic songs offhand.

"I could always ask tomorrow," Burt said, wrapping his arm tighter around his wife, while his mind wondered when Kurt would finally be able to see Carole and Finn, at the least.


"I'd like to propose a toast to Kurt," Rachel said to New Directions, who were all beat down from a long rehearsal for Regionals. Her dads had brought in some pizza and soda to tide the teenagers over.

"To Kurt," New Directions chimed back, their solo cups held in the air. Regardless of the petty drama in their lives, and the fact that Kurt was no longer a part of their group, he was able to pull them together. It was a feat within itself.


"How did Karofsky make you leave McKinley?" Nurse Ella asked, as Kurt wished they could have lingered on schizophrenic outburst from the girl across the room. He wished that it would had at least gotten Nurse Ella off track to the point where should would forget that he had yet to talk today.

"He just bullied me," Kurt said, crossing his arms over his chest. Day Four. If he could just get through this, and one more day, he could talk to Blaine. He just wanted to talk to Blaine at this point.

"Kurt, it's important that you share, we're all here to take the burden from you," Nurse Ella said, as Kurt sullenly nodded. He knew that talking to other people could help. But, he'd prefer to sing his troubles away. Oh well. Here goes nothing...

"He kissed me. But, he was so far in the closet that he threatened to kill me if I told anyone," Kurt started, before the words seemed to flawlessly flow, "He got expelled for his death threat, which on the records was just because I'm gay. I didn't tell anyone, except Blaine, about the kiss. But, the school board overturned the expulsion because there wasn't enough evidence. I couldn't stay there anymore. I ran."

"You didn't run. You did what anyone else in your place would have done," Nurse Ella said, as Kurt watched the bobbing heads of agreement from his peers.


"Hey kiddo," Burt said, walking into his son's room at the hospital, "What's wrong?"

"I don't belong here," Kurt spat, as Burt took a seat on the side of his bed. Burt knew that Elizabeth, or even Carole, would be much better at handling this than he could ever try.

"From what Nurse Ella tells me, you've been opening up a lot more. She says that you'll be ready to go home soon," Burt said, smoothing his son's golden hair, "And, she said that I could bring Finn tomorrow for a bit."

"Really?" Kurt asked, his day looking up, as a smile graced his face.

"Really," Burt affirmed Kurt's question. He'd give the world to always see that smile on his son's face.


"Would it be wrong if I asked you to come to Church with me to sing a song for Kurt?" Mercedes asked Rachel as Glee Club wrapped up for the day, "It's just that every week, we dedicate our prayers and hymn to a person in need. I did it once with Kurt for his dad. But, I'd like it if you could help me with Kurt."

Rachel chewed on the inside of her cheek, internally debating going to Church with Mercedes.

"Besides, I need your vocals to help lead the hymn with me," Mercedes said, knowing that you could never go wrong complimenting Rachel's vocal talents.

"I'll do it," Rachel said, agreeing under the same terms that she agreed to her Temple outing with Noah.


"Hey, man, I'm going to see Kurt later today. Want me to pass a message to him?" Finn asked, the second him and Blaine were done exchanging pleasantries on the phone.

"You're going to see Kurt?" Blaine asked, knowing that extra family privileges meant that he was getting better.

"Yeah," Finn shortly answered, sensing Blaine's smile on his end of the line.

"Can you tell him that Pavarotti is doing well? Oh, and that I miss him," Blaine said, almost afraid of being too blunt with his second request. But, best friends were allowed to miss each other, right?

"Sure thing, dude," Finn said, wondering if Blaine liked Kurt in the way that Kurt liked Blaine.


"How was seeing your family yesterday, Kurt?" Nurse Ella asked, as an opening to going back into talking about Karofsky.

"It was nice. I miss them a lot," Kurt droned, his stomach flittering around because Blaine missed him. Blaine missed him. Oh, he felt like he was floating now.

"That's good," Nurse Ella said, her sincerity ringing, before adjusting her notebook in her hands, "If Karofsky ended you up at Dalton, with it's no bullying policy, then what was the breaking point?"

Kurt took in a deep breath. This was the day he was dreading. He didn't tell anyone about this. Not a single soul. All thoughts of Blaine missing him dispersed, as terrorizing Karofsky memories haunted his mind. If he could mutter a word, he could call Blaine. He hummed, trying to find a piece of confidence.

"I lived at home while at Dalton, so I was still in Lima," Kurt started, obviously stalling for him. He set his gaze to the floor, "Karofsky was still in Lima. He would find me. He would always find me. And, there was nobody around to stop him. He'd beat me more than he did at school."

"That's enough for today, Kurt," Nurse Ella said, as Kurt's tears broke the damn. He angrily swiped at them as Nurse Ella passed a tissue box around the circle.


"Hello?" Blaine answered an unrecognizable number just two minutes before Warbler rehearsal was due to start.

"Hi Blaine," Kurt whispered, as Blaine forgot how to breathe. Kurt was calling him, which meant he was getting better. Oh God. His voice sounded lovely.

"Blaine, are you okay?" Wes asked from sitting behind the table. The curly haired boy snapped out of his haze with a slight nod to Wes. He should probably answer the boy on the other end of the line.

"Hi Kurt," Blaine said, his smile evident over the phone. The Warblers in the room chimed 'hello Kurt' before decomposing into whispers.

"I heard that you missed me," Kurt teased, as Blaine blushed. He hadn't meant for his face to flame up so fast, but the damage was done. He would be deflecting comments about this phone call for weeks.

"I think it's a two way street," Blaine boldly said, as the silence on the line solidified his thought.


"Hey, Mercedes," Finn whispered, as Glee Club waned on. Mr. Schue was ranting about how their Regionals performance should be more of this, less of that, and just generally awesome if they were even going to have a shot at winning.

"What Finn?" Mercedes asked, leaning back in her chair a bit to talk with the gangly boy.

"My mom says that Kurt can have an outside visitor today. I know that he'd like to see you," Finn muttered, as Mercedes smile grew to show all of her teeth.

"Are you sure?" Mercedes asked, not wanting to intrude in on Kurt's family time, or backpedal his progress.

"I'm positive," Finn said, as Mercedes settled back in her chair. She was just buzzing with energy about seeing her best friend again.


Day Six. One more day, then Kurt would have his analysis with Dr. Humphrey. He would be free. Sweet freedom. He could almost taste it. He could be back at home with his friends, and back at Dalton with Blaine.

"Kurt," Nurse Ella said, snapping Kurt out of his post-freedom plans, "We'd like it if you would just talk about your friends today."

Easy enough for his sixth day.

"There's Finn, my brother from another mother," Kurt said, with a chuckle, "There's Mercedes. She's my best friend and the first person I came out to. Then, Rachel, she's kind of a brand of her own; we used to hate each other, but ever since she realized that Karofsky had been ripping on me, she's told me that I'm not alone.

"Brittany is a space case, who helped me realize that I'm not interested in girls. The rest of Glee Club at McKinley deserves to be mentioned, but not individually. They're my friends, but it's not as personal. And, then there's Blaine. He helped me with the transition to Dalton, after a bit of misguided advice to have courage to stand up to Karofsky."

"So, who did you specifically tell that you wanted to kill yourself?" Nurse Ella asked, as Kurt unconsciously tugged at his sleeve where his angry cut was healing.

"Mercedes, Finn, Blaine, and Brittany," Kurt said, remembering how he strategically picked them for word to travel fastest. He didn't want to die. He wanted to be saved. But, it kind of all blew up in his face when no one immediately came to save him.


"You saw Kurt yesterday?" Rachel shrieked the second she caught Mercedes walking into Glee Club prematurely.

"Carole asked Finn if he could ask me. It was just a test run for how he would react with other people," Mercedes said, remembering the disclaimer that he told her about spreading the news about seeing Kurt.

"Well, how's it looking?" Rachel asked, nearly bouncing in her seat.

"Burt gets to select who gets to visit him for his group of five," Mercedes happily said, as Rachel couldn't hold back on her squeal.


"I was thinking Mercedes, Rachel, Finn, Blaine, and Brittany," Carole casually said over dinner; she knew that Burt wouldn't have the slightest clue as to how to create a group of five people that mean the most to Kurt.

"Why them?" Burt grunted, not sure why he couldn't just keep sending Finn and Mercedes. He knew that Kurt liked their company.

"They're Kurt's closest friends," Carole reasoned, not mentioning how she had managed to use her way around the computer to see who Kurt had sent his suicide text message to. She knew those people meant the most to him.


"Kurt, you're excused from this group session for today," Nurse Ella said, as Kurt went to sit down at his place in the circle.

"Why?" Kurt asked, immediately panicked. He needed to fulfill his seventh day to get in with Dr. Humphrey to get clearance to leave.

"Just meet me back here after dinner," Nurse Ella said, with an all-knowing smile.

"Can I get into the piano room until then?" Kurt deviously whispered, as Nurse Ella slipped him the keys.


"Your seventh group session," Nurse Ella said, opening a door to the conference room that he had previously talked to his father in.

But, his dad wasn't waiting for him; it was Blaine, Mercedes, Rachel, Brittany, and Finn. It felt like things were going back to normal. He was nearly drunk from the warm smiles from his friends. The stupor only got denser as they enveloped him in a group hug. Brittany's hand were instantly reaching for his normally baby smooth ones, but his stint here would take weeks of moisturizing to get his skin back to its prime.

"What happened to your arm?" Brittany gasped, her eyes landing on the healing pink scar. Kurt instantly flushed, as his mind started to reel. Why couldn't he just wear a sweatshirt today? It would have hidden it all.

"Honey, let's go look at the view," Mercedes peeled Brittany away from the scene of the crime with an apologetic look.

"How have you been?" Rachel asked, her hand stroking Kurt's upper arm in a comforting way.

"I've been good," Kurt nostalgically said, with a shadow of a smile, as Nurse Ella blended into the background with her notepad.

"The Warblers have been quiet without you standing up to the Council all the time," Blaine said, picking up the lull in the room, "I think Wes misses you because it can't use his gavel as much."

"I know someone else who missed me," Kurt sing-songed, with an idiotic smile that nearly made Rachel's heart burst.


"I'd like to talk to you about the idea of a possible release," Nurse Ella said, stopping Burt and Carole mid-walk to Kurt's room.

"When?" Carole asked, her face lighting up like a firework at the idea of having Kurt back home.

"He's been here for two weeks, which is the recommended time for someone without severe underlying issues. He's really opened up this past week. He just has to go in for an analysis with Dr. Humphrey to issue a release that he's not harmful. Then, he's all yours," Nurse Ella said, feeling proud of the progress Kurt had made.

"When's the earliest we can have him home?" Burt asked, a smile setting on his face.

"I was thinking tomorrow evening. If he goes in to see Doctor Humphrey in the morning, the papers can be signed by lunch, and he can be yours by dinner," Nurse Ella said, adjusting the packet of notes she had taken on Kurt Hummel during his stay at the hospital.


"Burt said that he'll be home for dinner tomorrow. We're all throwing him a dinner party. And, I know that he'd like you there," Finn said into his phone, as Blaine tried to hold his composure.

"He's being released?" Blaine asked, his brain stuck on the idea that everything could be going back to normal as soon as possible.

"If he passes some test with Dr. Hump-Something," Finn said, skewing the information that his mom and Burt had told him about Kurt's homecoming. He made it sound like a test given in school by and then Kurt would be free.

"I'll be there tomorrow night," Blaine said, skipping over everything that Finn just said.


"We've already arranged a temporary restraining order against David Karofsky, which you can all feel free to renew or make permanent," Dr. Humphrey said, as Kurt was nearly bouncing in his seat. He was almost released. It was just a matter of dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

"And, we'd like to give Kurt our number for whenever he feels like he's in a situation like last time," Nurse Ella said, slipping Kurt a sleek business card, which she had handwritten her cell phone number on. He gave her a bold smile at the extra action she had taken during his stay.

"But, we hope that we don't have to see him again," Dr. Humphrey said, standing up behind his desk. Burt and Carole followed suit, shaking hands with the aging doctor.

"We'd like to thank you for everything," Burt said, making eye contact with Dr. Humphrey then Nurse Ella.

"Thank you for the piano time," Kurt mouthed as Nurse Ella, who smiled at his silent gratitude.


"We're home! Finally!" Kurt shouted out in joy before his father could even put the car in park. He was running into his house before the car even stopped its whirring.

Kurt flung open his front door, only to see all of New Directions plus Blaine scattered in his living room. His eyes grew large, taking in the scene, before he realized that he was wearing sweat. Kurt Hummel does not own sweats. Even on the weekend, he was dressed to the nines, or at least the fives. Sweats were barely hitting a one.

"How could you not tell me that everyone was going to be here?" Kurt huffed at his parents, before stomping off to his room. He stopped halfway up the staircase before realizing how selfish that had been. He turned to face the crowd on the first floor, "Thank you for this. I just need to freshen up."


"God, this is dumb," Blaine whispered to himself, stopping outside of Kurt's door. Rachel had convinced him to come up here to tell him how he feels, but she might as well have ordered him a death sentence. There was no way that Kurt felt the same way that he did, and if he did, he wasn't going to want a boyfriend after all of this. Why did he listen–

"Hey," Kurt said, startled by the sudden appearance of his friend as he stopped short. He had just finished changing, as Blaine burned a hole in the hallway floor from his pacing. He became aware of Blaine's eyes glued to his choice of simple black skinny jeans and cerulean bondage shirt.

"Uh, hi Kurt," Blaine sputtered, trying not to stare, "Welcome home!"

"Thank you," Kurt said with a small smile as his cheeks flamed up. The burn in his cheeks only got more prominent as Blaine leaned in for a tight hug.

"I'm glad that you're back home," Blaine's voice softened, in a way that made it all feel kind of intimate. Kurt gave a sheepish smile, as Blaine slowly leaned in, waiting the Kurt to pull away in disgust. Kurt stayed still as Blaine's lips made gentle contact with Kurt's forehead.

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