I'm gonna be editing the crap out of this story, simply because I re-read it and there were some continuity errors. LOL! I really need a beta-reader… XD

She Won't Say She's In Love

Chapter 1: Unsatisfied Princess

There was no way in hell. There was no scientific explanation about it. There was just… there was no chance that she had to have 'feelings' for him; that these feelings meant more than just friendship. Not that they had much of a friendship to begin with, seeing that her older brother and him were best friends. It would be an understatement to say that she would ever consider a friendship with him to say the least.

But where did it go wrong? When did the sixteen year old Bulla Briefs ignore her Saiyan instincts, which she usually consulted frequently, and ever consider having these so called feelings? Why did she let her heart beat in euphoria? Did her parents not teach her to never give her heart to a single boy who would most likely toy with her in the end?

Instead of arguing with her conscience for the fiftieth time, and just like a Saiyan who wouldn't give up a damn fight for anything, she decided to use her human logic. After all, the petite young woman is half-human; and like always, she wanted to use her brain instead of charging straight into battle. Bulla wanted to use her brains instead of stupidly starting a fight which would make things a lot worse than ever before and even that would somewhat hurt her ego. Although she wasn't into fighting as much as her father and her brother, she still had a fiery spark which could easily escalate if you push her far enough.

In all honesty, she was not like any other normal teenage girl with hopes into getting into some cute boy's pants. She more or less had to admit that shopping was pretty much her favourite pastime and she just loved manipulating her dad to take her to and from the mall. Who the hell said that Saiyan females couldn't be beautiful and clever? From what Vegeta told her, they used these traits to attract mates and really, this was something that Bulla wasn't interested in doing. She was sixteen years old and she knew, as well as her overprotective dad, that she didn't need a boyfriend.

So what was she supposed to do then? The teenaged prodigy continued to stare hopelessly and frustratingly at her homework, which she had not been able to accomplish the whole day. It was not like she was stupid by any standard. She could figure this crap out, right? But she just so happened to have a lot on her mind.

Bulla furrowed her recently tweezed eyebrows in annoyance while her azure eyes shone with anger. This was just too damn complicated; why could she not focus? No matter how many times she was tempted to write one word on her piece of paper, her mind just blanked out and thought about something else. She would much rather prefer going shopping right now.

Unfortunately though, her mother was busy building this machine that would help Vegeta transform into super saiyan five. Keh. Not like he was strong enough already. Trunks, surprisingly enough, was setting aside his social life to train for this tournament. And Vegeta was being his stupid normal self – just refusing to take her. Why no one even bothered to understand her? Bulla couldn't understand it herself.

Bulla, now in the mood to kick the shit out of somebody, growled monstrously, before carelessly tossing her books aside. She could have thrown them against the wall, but then her dad would have heard and he'd scream at her to not make such a racket. And she was in no mood to deal with anybody right now.

It was at this point when she heard her stomach rumble, demanding nutrients, and that, as a result, made her sigh heavily. She could not say no to her stomach; otherwise, it would always come back later to bite her in the butt.

Screw the homework, she had her own needs to deal with; if her parents asked her what she had accomplished in the past two hours, she would just have to say she was hungry.

:3 :3 :3

Bulla mewled in pleasure and her pupils dilated; her body trembled and throbbed with need and lust… She just needed him to touch her; she wanted him that much she was sure of. His gentle, masculine, calloused hands were putting her on the edge: she just needed him. Now.

He first hypnotized her with his dark, ebony gaze and she knew right then and there that he wanted her. Bulla could not reject him anyway. This felt so wrong, her mind argued, but at the same time it felt right when she was with him.

He crawled up on top of her, lips diving in to capture hers in a passionate kiss. She reciprocated it with equal fervour as her small hands rubbed up and down his nicely chiselled abdomen. But then he decided to torture her some more… his lips disconnected themselves from her lips and down to her neck, leaving gentle nips and bites.

:3 :3 :3

Bulla snapped her eyes wide open, abruptly sitting up; all the while, she was sweating and she felt something akin to desperation crawling underneath her skin…

Just what the hell was going on? She supposed she just took a nap, right after eating her delicious ham sandwich and Oreo cookies as a desert. Had she always felt so malnourished? Bulla made a side note to eat more; apparently the lack of food she consumed would lead to nightmares – and that was precisely what she would say about her little dream.

Bulla hated the feeling of vulnerability; she didn't want to seem weak at the knees, especially when she had to be thinking about him, of all people.

She boiled up in anger as she tightly gripped her blankets in the palm of her sweaty hands. But she thought nothing of it as she tossed them aside and away from her body. Clearly she was not thinking straight. Bulla slumped out of her bed and made a large thumping noise when she hit the floor. It was just loud enough for anyone else (namely Vegeta and Trunks) to hear.

Oh she would have a fun time explaining this to them if they asked what the hell she was doing.