Three Years Later…

If there was anything that Bulla could NOT handle, was this. SCREW THE EX-GIRLFRIEND DRAMA… This was twenty thousand times worse to deal with.

Sure, most women had to possess the amazing ability of was childbirth, and surviving it afterwards. Bulla knew that it would hurt, but this was EXCRUCIATINGLY HORRIBLE to endure…

There were times when she was thinking how could she do this? How could she agree to Goten, thinking that they were ready to start a family?

Bulla took a shallow breath of air, trying to calm herself down, but it was troublesome and problomatic.

She knew she was a little young to start childbearing, but both she and Goten joked often together that they couldn't stand the pressure from Chi Chi everytime they had a family visit.

The last time that Goten and her visited Goku and Chi Chi was eight months ago, finally admitting to them that they were going to be expecting a baby. Chi Chi was ecstatic with joy – like she hadn't been pressuring her and Goten at all. Even Goku sounded pretty proud. Pan was just as happy to hear that her best friend was going to have children, and even that made her feel a little envious: she was hoping for little ones of her own one day, and just being with Trunks was enough.

Vegeta and Bulma had given their signs of congratulations, although Vegeta wasn't emotional to say the least like Bulma: first thing that he said, was that he was hoping for a boy. Bulma then nudged her husband, saying that both of them would be happy for a grandchild – no matter what gender.

"You just have to push, Bulla," Bulma said.

"I can't!" Bulla whimpered, feeling another contraction.

Lying in a cold hospital bed for ten plus hours was NOT her idea of delivering a child into the world. However, her little one demanded to be brought out: and Bulla had a feeling that this baby was going to develop a serious attitude when it grew older…

Bulla gripped her mother's hand tightly, trying with all her might to push. But each time, Bulla felt as though she were growing weaker… Bulla didn't know how her mother could have gotten her and Trunks out and not collapse!

"You can…" Bulma reassured her.

It was nearly midnight and the baby still decided to stay in her, which made Bulla angry.

Another thing that made her just as furious was the fact that her husband was not there to help her get through this; just because HE was the one that graciously got her pregnant, HE was the one that found themselves a home far away from human development – at her instistance – and HE was the one that she loved, did not mean that he could walk away from this free. This was his baby too.

"Goten, I swear to God if you're not here in twenty seconds – I'M CALLING FOR A DIVORCE!" Bulla screamed at the top of her lungs, feeling the intensity of every push.

Even Chi Chi had to somewhat flinch, but shook it off.

Even then, Goten still didn't show his face.

"IF YOU EVER PLAN TO GET WITH ME AGAIN, I SUGGEST THAT YOU MOVE YOUR BUTT IN HERE NOW!" Bulla screeched to the high heavens, promising to make due on her threat.

Her heart was soaring, beating impossibly fast… possibly faster than the speed of light itself.

Why wasn't it he wasn't here?

Bulla cried… she started to think that he was abandoning her again: which led her to change her tactics.


It was as though that were the final push…


Her strength was fading, and she was starting to become more exhausted. There was nothing more than what she wanted to do was to sleep it off… Her heart was slowing down considerably.

"Goten?" Bulla turned her head to the side, to see Goten holding a precious bundle in lavender blankets: whilst holding her hand with his other.

He was smiling gleefully, proud to see that Bulla came out strong in the end.

"You did it."

Bulla gave him a weak grin in reply, but decided she should start to move around… Goten helped her to a sitting position, while keeping a grip on the baby.

It was then that she noticed her parents, as well as Goten's, were heading back into the room: Bulma looking proud and teary-eyed, Vegeta with a somewhat worrisome but otherwise 'joyous' expression on his face, Goku grinning like a Cheshire cat and Chi Chi crying out with a style that would be similar to a 'harpy'.

Bulla looked back toward her husband, who was nearly close to shedding tears. She placed a loving hand on his cheek, wiping them away. "I'm alive… that's all that matters."

There was one point when Bulla, as well as Goten, thought she wasn't going to make it. Giving birth to a healthy, half-Saiyan baby (1) had never been easy. As proof, her heart stopped beating for a mere minute…

"I'm sorry," Bulla murmured.

"Why are you sorry?"

"The whole pregnancy I was acting like a bitch."

Goten chuckled. "But you're my bitch."

Bulla smirked, before realizing what he said. "Hey!" She mockfully pouted.

"So… is it a boy or a girl?" Bulla asked a few seconds later.

"See for yourself."

And so, Goten handed the baby to her…

When Bulla uncovered part of the blanket, she gasped in surprise and in adoration as she took in the sight of her beautiful baby.

Clearly, the baby had raven hair, but Bulla was wondering if the hair colour – if one would really look closely – was a dark violet shade. The baby started crying, wailing and wailing as tiny fists were gripped tightly in the blanket. But as Bulla started to instinctively sing, eyelids opened…

Bulla saw dark, starless, ebony eyes… eyes that shone with innocence…

"She's beautiful," Bulla sobbed, holding her in one crook of her arm.

Chi Chi, once again, started to ignite the room with shouts of pure joy: joy that she had gotten a granddaughter. Both she and Bulma moved to the couple, deciding to take a close inspection of the baby that captured Goten and Bulla's attention.

Bulma nearly shrieked, seeing the baby for the first time. "She… She's beautiful," Bulma smiled.

"She's so gorgeous!" Chi Chi laughed, as she looked into her eyes.

Once Vegeta heard that it was a girl, he rolled his eyes – as though he were disappointed by the outcome of the birth. But all thoughts of that completely left his mind when he decided to glance at the baby. Once again, his opinion was what he thought mattered.

"At least she looks like a Saiyan," Vegeta scoffed, but could not help being drawn into the little girl's onyx eyes. "Does she have a tail?"

"Hi! I'm grandpa Goku!" Goku nearly ran over Vegeta, who growled at him.

Goku was trying to make some funny faces to his new grandchild, but it appeared to be quite the opposite.

"Look what you did, Goku! You're making her cry!" Chi Chi grabbed her husband's earlobe, as the infant started to lash out in fear: she did not recognize the strange man who tried to move in closer to her.

However, Bulla and Goten ignored the fight that was going on between Chi Chi and Goku… as they tried to calm down the little girl that captured their hearts.

"What will we name her?"


"Why Izayoi?"

Bulla gestured to her father. "It was his mother's name. I figured that if we had a little girl, we should name her in memory of grandma."

"Little Izayoi…"

And so, nothing else was said. There were no words to be said at all: just the company of the close family was enough…

"So when can we start training the little one?"

All sets of eyes glared at Goku, who waved his arms in defense. "Relax – I'm just joking! Sort of…"

Bulla sighed; she knew that her father in law was right…

Her daughter was indeed a Saiyan. She may have the option to fight if she chooses to, once she's old enough.

"If anyone is going to be training her, it will be me," Vegeta said, crossing his arms. "No grandchild of mine will be trained under that clown," He pointed his thumb toward Goku – who did not take that last comment as a compliment.

"Come on, Vegeta. We can train her together…"

"You have got to be kidding me! I don't want her to grow up fascinated by what you call a decent attack."

"Who knows? Maybe she can do a Kamehameha Gun move…"


"You know – a Galick Gun combined with a Kamehameha."

Bulla sighed happily, deciding to enjoy the moment with her husband and child as the in-laws continued to argue about who would have the privilege to train Izayoi.

Bulma and Chi Chi did nothing to interfere: knowing that this was the first time that Vegeta had offered to train a girl. When Bulla was born, Vegeta had somewhat sexist views – but seeing Pan perform at the world martial arts tournament a while back made him realize that girls can be strong. But the real reason was that he and Goku were now "family". Vegeta did not like the sound of that – even though the two of them were not enemies. A guy had to keep his pride afloat.

Then Bulma managed to silence everyone with her next comment. "You know, I bet you that Trunks and Pan are going to start their own family too."

"Slow down – Bulma. I may be a grandmother, but I don't want to be a GREAT-grandmother."

"But you are a great grandma, aren't you?" Bulla smirked, twisting Chi Chi's words around to see her make that mistake.

Then everyone laughed, seeing Chi Chi turning red from embarrassment as she tried to defend herself. Even Vegeta put on a grin – even though it wasn't fully one, it was half than what Bulla thought that he would show.

Suddenly, Izayoi interrupted everyone with a yawn… an adorable yawn that would cause anyone within a five mile radius to faint after hearing.

"I think she's getting tired of hearing your voice Vegeta."

"Kakarot, will you grow up and be serious? She clearly dislikes you."

Everyone then continued to chuckle with amusement, but stopped within a few minutes as Bulla continued to sway a little – as much as she could muster – to lull Izayoi asleep.

Bulla, as well as everyone else… they were in love with the little girl that will grow up to be someone special.

"Thank you…" Bulla kissed Goten fully on the lips. "For giving me this precious gift."

"You are my life… and so is Izayoi."

There was nothing that fate could do that could separate Bulla and Goten: their love for each other, and their new found adoration for their daughter, kept them tied together – their bond surely strong.

They would follow each other to the depths of time, and would always cherish each other in their hearts.

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