"Jungle de Ikkou, Beelzebumon!" Part One
by DigistarDBZ
* * * *
(A/N: This one I dedicate to my best buddy Kenji Kotaro, and you can tell since I made a whole ton of Final Fantasy jokes, some straight from his soon-to-be-written Tamers series. I also thank an old episode of "Speed Racer" for giving me the plotline, a few characters and stuff. I didn't own it, but I'm making like the Japanese and going with it! XD The point is, have fun. ~.^)
* * * *

Part One: "Crash, Burn, Gorillas!"

* * * *
The vast jungles of Africa are an intimidating place to be if you've seen all of those documentaries on the Discovery Channel about the flesh-eating ants, man-eating animals and leeches that burrow under your skin. (Disgusting, isn't it? Take my advice and go on a guided tour.)

However from a few thousand feet in the air, safely on a twin-engine private plane, the jungles don't look that intimidating at all. Rather, it looks like a huge sea of deep greens over a beautiful night sky, dotted by clouds as the dry season started to come to a close.

Placing his reading glasses back on, a middle-aged man sat back in his seat as he began to read his scientific journal once again.

"You've been reading that thing for a while." a deep, inner city-accented voice commented to the man. "What are you, a doctor or somethin'?"

The man glanced back at the black-leather-clad stranger sharing the plane with him.

"A professor of biology and genetic science, actually." The man smiled, offering his hand to the strange-looking, biker-esque being. "What are you doing on a flight like this?"

The leather-clad passenger snorted slightly. "Wish I didn't. I can sprout wings, you know."

"Oh? You must be one of those 'Digital Monster' creatures I've been hearing so much about, am I right?" the professor commented.

"Digimon works better. Less to say." The other passenger replied, leaning back in his seat. "Why'd you think I'm a Digimon?"

"Because no Human I know has a tail like that." the professor replied, pointing at the prism-shaped dirty gray tail that lightly waved back and forth behind the passenger. "Or runs around wearing a helmet with *three* eyes."

The passenger chuckled in his throat. "Oh, really? Looks aren't everything, you know."

"You have a sharp wit, you know." The professor offered his hand to the passenger. "I don't believe we've introduced ourselves yet. "The name's Professor Robert Carnivorié. And you?"

"Name's Beelzebumon." the passenger replied, returning the handshake. "I'm on this flight to meet up with some buddies of mine in Nairobi. You know, mystical quest and stupid things like that."

"I see," Professor Carnivorié replied, then turning his sights out the small window. "I, too have some business in Nairobi. I have to meet other scientists there to discuss our research."

"Research, huh?" Beelzebumon repeated. "What of?"

"Word has it that monsters have been terrorizing the tribes and research stations around these parts of Africa. I was sent to find out about it." He then pointed to a large island with a large, volcanic mountain that shot up from the center of the island. "That is where they believe the monsters have been hiding recently."

"Monsters? As in Digimon?"

"No, not Digimon. As in giants. Giant animals that have been mysteriously appearing and causing havoc."

"I'm afraid that you have to come with us, Professor."

The two passengers turned around in shock to see the pilot and co-pilot, standing before them and brandishing pistols with their aim on the two. "What's the meaning of this?! You're supposed to be flying the plane!!"

"We are exiles just like you, Professor," the pilot told them. "And with your help, the General can restore BangdéBongo to its former glory just like it was 20 years ago!"

"What do you mean!?" Professor Carnivorié snapped. "BangdéBongo has nothing to do with my research! I demand that you explain everything!!"

"Your friend already knows too much," the co-pilot sneered, motioning to Beelzebumon, who looked in confusion at the scene.

"BangdéBongo?" he asked. "Never heard of it! What kind of a country is THAT?"

"That is for something you are to find out from beyond the grave!"

"Yeah, well grave this!" Beelzebumon retorted, drawing his twin, black-and-silver miniature shotguns.

"Stop right were you are, cosplayer!!" the pilot demanded, holding his pistol to the professor's head. "Shoot us and the professor dies. You don't want THAT to happen, do you?!"

Beelzebumon glared with a deathly intent towards the mutainous pilots and reluctantly holstered his shotguns. "....Let him go." he growled.

"Sit down!" the pilot demanded as the co-pilot tied the dark Digimon up. "Witnesses are not to be left to live! This shall be a great victory for General Smasher!"

With that word, the pilots threw open the door and lept out, parachutes, Professor Carnivorié and all, towards the island.

"Shit..!! I gotta get out of here before this thing crashes..." Beelzebumon cursed under his breath, trying to reach at least one of his sharp, metallic claws under one of the ropes to cut it. Succeeding, he frantically used more of his freed claws to tear and cut at the ropes, while still keeping his eye on the window. Through it, he could see that the pilots definately turned the plane off mid-air, as the sky was slowly getting smaller and the trees below bigger and bigger.

"There!" He declared before digging in the luggage compartments in a hurry as if he were looking for something. "Come on.. where are you..?!"

He finally digged something out of the compartment that he felt he would rather go down with the plane than leave it on:

It looked like a gun from the handle, trigger and revolver, but as it went out, it seemed to turn into a long, razor-edged sword. From the black handle was a chain that held a strange-looking silver pendant from its bottom.

"Can't leave YOU behind, right, baby?" He grinned slightly as he slung the bladed gun- or rather aptly termed, a "Gun-blade", behind him next to his holstered second mini-shotgun as he bowed his knees and lept from the door, free-falling towards the jungle canopy below.

Being a Digimon allowed him great agility, thus grasping a top-branch before hitting the treetops saved him from a normally fatal fall. Swinging around it in a way that rivaled a gymnast, he dove from branch to branch, being careful to avoid any pythons that had coiled itselves up, getting ready for the night's hunt.

Finally landing on the jungle floor, he took a moment to catch his breath, sinking to his knees in a bout of exhausion.

The normally chattering, yet quiet jungle night was suddenly drowned out with a deafening explosion- which was, in reality, the plane that he and the professor were riding on.

"Damn... glad that wasn't me on that flight..." he breathed in between deep, exhausted breaths. "Now to find out what this is all about and get to Nairobi."

His train of thought was abruptly de-railed with the sounds of giant, thundering footsteps. Whirling around to see, Beelzebumon was faced with what Professor Carnivorié was talking to him about back on the plane....

A King-Kong-sized gorilla.

And it was angry.

"SHIT!!" Beelzebumon spat loudly, doing the only thing he could do in his moment of being caught off-guard:

A frantic retreat.

With an angry roar, the gorilla smashed its gigantic fist into the ground, but missing Beelzebumon by a few inches, as the agile Digimon was able to leap up into a tree. Quickly looking around, he took a slowly closing window of opportunity to grasp a lone vine hanging from the branches, and holding tight to it, lept off the branch and swung away from the ape's giant fist once more.

Spotting another vine, he lept off the one he was on and swung on that one instead, going from one vine to the next in an attempt to get away.

He hated running away. But this time, he didn't have a choice.
* * * *
"And word has it that the Cessna crashed earlier tonight over the jungles several hundred miles away from the city. Still no word has been found about its four occupants and their whereabouts."

Culumon started to cry loudly. Guilmon soon joined in as the terminal was now filled with loud bawling as well as chattering crowds.

"Come on, Guilmon," Takato Matsuda kneeled to his Digimon's level, patting the sobbing Digimon on the head soothingly. "Beelzebumon's not the kind of Digimon who would go down in a plane without a fight!"

"Really?" Guilmon sniffed, rubbing his eyes with the smoother part of his paw.

"But.. but.. they didn't say if he was alive, culu!!" Culumon said frantically, huddling closer to the big red Digimon.

"No one knows," Jianliang Lee pointed out, with his partner Terriermon sitting stomach-down on his head. "Unknown can mean a lot of things."

"If an attack from D-Reaper couldn't completely kill him, I doubt a plane crash will." Ruki Makino pointed out bluntly. "Still, we can't rush to any conclusions."

"Moumantai, Guilmon!" Terriermon said happily, smiling at the reptilian Digimon. "He's die-hard! I think we should all go to the crash site and find him."

"Are you sure? Even if he did survive, how could he survive alone in the jungle?" Lee (As everyone liked to call him) asked in worry.

"Hello!" Ruki snapped at Lee. "If you haven't forgotten, he's heavily armed!!"

"You all have a point," Renamon cooly added. "I agree that we should find him and see what's going on. I have a feeling in my bones there's more to that plane crash than meets the eye."

"You always have a feeling in your bones when something bad happens," Ruki replied. "So we go find him, right?"

"I take it that's what everyone wants to do!" Takato declared to the small group. "I'kuzou, Digimon Tamers!"
* * * *
The melodic sounds of heavy drum-beating, wooden flutes and chanting filled the night as people- native, tribal people, danced around a giant bonfire as if they were praying.

..As a matter of fact, they were.

"Oh, mighty Goomachuck, master of creation!!" The chief cried out into the night, shaking his staff of rocks, bones and shells. "We beeseech you! Help free our people of the terror of the demon giants!!"

The tribals dancing around the bonfire now chanted "Goomachuck" over and over as they danced, and the music got faster and louder as did the bonfire.

Although one newfound wanderer to the jungle wasn't having as much luck trying to stop the monsters as the tribals were.

Beelzebumon was now exhausted from hours of walking and wandering, using his sharp claws to tear through the branches and bushes that got in his way. Still, that didn't stop a few low-lying branches from tearing small holes into his leather jacket and the legs of his leather jumpsuit.

Wracked with exhausion, he collapsed onto the jungle floor, breathing heavily.

"Beelzebumon..." he muttered to himself. "...How DO you get yourself into situations like this.....?"

He weakly lifted his head up, and noticed dozens of natives surrounding him, pointing their spears right at him.

"....Dammit, me an' my big mouth...."
* * * *
"I must apologize if my warriors scared you, sir." the chief told Beelzebumon, who was now leaning against the hut wall in an attempt to regain his strength. "We are normally a very peaceful tribe and your sudden entrance surprised us."

"No offence, I guess," Beelzebumon replied, downing another wooden bowl full of water. "But why the warm welcome?"

"Recently, our people have been terrorized by monsters," the chief explained, bowing his head sadly. "Many of our people died just trying to defend themselves."

"Shame," Beelzebumon replied, placing the emply bowl down. "Someone told me about those things, and I didn't think much of it until I met King Kong back there."

"You saw one of the monsters?"

"Wish I didn't. Those things are bigger than Hell and some extra land." Beelzebumon explained. "I got took by surprise, so I had to get away. I could've beaten it if I had the chance!"

The chief's sullen disposition suddenly brightened. "You can defeat one?!"

"Hey, if I could take on a giant Earth-eating entity, then a bunch of King Kongs shouldn't be a problem."

"Then I kindly ask of your assistance," the chief said, bowing. "Our warriors are going tomorrow to find and destroy the nesting place of these monsters, so that they shall never terrorize us again. I wish for your help in defeating the monster, noble warrior!"

"Noble?" Beelzebumon had to laugh loudly at what he was just called. "I'd hardly call myself 'noble', but if I get this kind of treatment for being a hero again, then why not? I need to kick some ass today anyways."

"Your deed shall be greatly rewarded in the future, young warrior! I thank you with all sincerity."

"Yeah, yeah," Beelzebumon replied, brushing off the over-praise he was recieving. "Could ya just let me sleep for the night? I've been walking all night and I need to recharge."

"I shall make it so. We leave first thing in the morning."
* * * *
"Culu...!! It's so pretty, culu!"

Culumon and the other Tamers looked in awe at the jungle that they were swiftly approaching. With Growmon and Kyuubimon their main transport to the jungle, they had to work quickly to get to the crash site.

"How much farther?" Terriermon asked, still clinging onto Lee's head as both rode with Ruki on Kyuubimon's back.

"It shouldn't be too much longer," Kyuubimon replied. "I can smell Digimon all the way from here, so he should be closer than we think."

"I hope it's soon! We might not have much time left!" Takato shouted, clinging onto Growmon's horn. "Faster, everyone! We're making great time, but we need more!"
* * * *
A small troop marched forward into the jungle, spears and shields drawn as the hunt for the monster ape and its nesting place continued, as it had since early morning.

Beelzebumon licked his lips in a mixture of anticipation and anxiety. While he was confident that monster animals wouldn't be much of a problem compared to D-Reaper and its ADRs, but after his run-in with the giant ape, he began to question that theory.

"Do you hear something?" one of the warriors asked any of his fellow warriors as rustling in the bushes got louder.

"Yes, it's coming from in there!" another warrior shouted, pointing at the trembling bushes. "Perhaps the monster ape is in there!"

"I doubt it." Beelzebumon said bluntly. "King Kong over there would be looming over us right now, this thing can bearly be covered up by bushes."

"Then... what could it be?" a warrior pondered aloud before using his spear to move the bushes aside..

And was impaled by a giant, hairy leg as its owner, a 7-foot-tall tarantula, lept from the bushes and took the troop by complete surprise.

"Oh, great," Beelzebumon growled under his breath, drawing his guns. "First King Kong, now his pal from 'Arachniphobia'!!"

The warriors whooped in a charge, in an attempt to avenge their fallen commrade at the hands of the giant spider.

A vain attempt, I might add, as any who charged at it were knocked back into trees or impaled in a violent death. Any who could, had to retreat, lest they lost more.

"Come, warrior! We must retreat back to the village!!!" one of the warriors shouted as he slung one of the fallen warriors over his shoulder.

Beelzebumon looked around as the giant spider turned its sights at him after gaining a quick meal in one of the dead warriors. A smug smirk graced his lips as he took a battle stance.

"I'm staying here."

"But you saw what happened to the others! How can you survive?!"

"Unlike you people, I've got these babies on my side. Just get back and I'll take care of this!"

As the warrior turned to run, he quickly added, "Your incredible courage shall be rewarded in another lifetime, great warrior! We thank you for everything!!" With that, the warrior retreated with the others, leaving Beelzebumon to face the giant spider alone.

"All right, webby...." he sneered, itching his fingers on the triggers, taking dangerous aim. "Let's dance!! DOUBLE IMPACT!!"

With the triggers pulled, the barrels shot out rounds of giant gold-colored bullets, but with the spider's increased agility with its size, the most damage the bullets did was sever one or two limbs from the spider.

"Dammit... DIE!!" he continued to fire rounds at the spider, running and leaping to keep pace with the oversized arachnid. Finally taking a dead-on aim to its head, his sneer turned to a smirk to what he thought would be the end of it. "Got'cha."

As he pulled the trigger, the spider spit out something: a sticky webbing that snared his arms, causing him to drop his guns in complete surprise. "...Shit..!!! What now..?!"

The giant spider lunged at him, preparing a death blow. Beelzebumon's agility again came into play as he twisted his body in a leap, now taking the spider by surprise as it fell to its back. But the problem still remained that he was still stuck to the spider's webbing, and the spider was now successfully attempting to get back up.

Angrier than ever, the spider lunged a leg at him in an attempt to impale him like the other warriors that lay strewn around. With a split-second desicion, he pulled up his arm so that the spike-like leg would tear into the webbing and set him free.

It worked, but not without a cost: shredding into his own arm, taking the red bandanna that was tied around it with the leg.

But it was enough to tear away the webbing, and with a battle cry, he drew his gun-blade and slammed the blade into the spider's abdomen. With a ear-piercing shriek, the spider went into its death throes as Beelzebumon drew the blade out.

"Hmph," he snorted, slinging the gun-blade once more. "That was almost too easy. Now to get my guns and get out of here."

However, with one final shrill, the spider finally lost its battle to hold onto life...

..By falling right on top of the unknowing Beelzebumon.
* * * *
(Will he survive getting out from beneath the spider's carcass? Can the Tamers get to the jungle in time? Who is General Smasher and what does he want with Profesor Carnivorié? Why the heck are these names so cheesy? Is it on purpose or is it something else entirely? Find out in the next episode, "Jungle 'Mon Never Sleep"!)