"Jungle de Ikkou, Beelzebumon!" Part Three
by DigistarDBZ
* * * *
(A/N: This one I dedicate to my best buddy Kenji Kotaro, and you can tell since I made a whole ton of Final Fantasy jokes, some straight from his soon-to-be-written Tamers series. I also thank an old episode of "Speed Racer" for giving me the plotline, a few characters and stuff. I didn't own it, but I'm making like the Japanese and going with it! XD The point is, have fun. ~.^)
* * * *

Part Three: "Giants and Islands and Generals, Oh, My!"

* * * *
When we last left Beelzebumon, he was surrounded by a gang of at least 5- no, make that around 6 giant gorillas! Why was this? It was the insepid plot of one General Smasher to reclaim his country of BangdéBungle and take over the world with genetically-altered giants! Trapped with no way out except to save the unfortunate Professor Robert Carnivorié, he has to face a VERY tough part of this adventure alone!

...Or does he...?

"All right, Kongs! You want a piece of this?!" Beelzebumon bellowed to the roaring, stomping apes, drawing his twin shotguns. "Well come and get it!!"

The supposed lead in the gorilla pack roared as he motioned a charge at the gun-toting Digimon.

Beelzebumon's eyes narrowed into a dangerous glare as his fingers pulled the triggers. "DOUBLE IMPACT!!"

Blasting forth from the barrels, the giant golden-colored bullets seemed to serve their purpose to send several of the giant gorillas reeling back into the trees. He continued to fire while still trying to figure out just WHY they didn't kill them on contact like they were supposed to.

"Why.. won't.. you.. DIE?!" He roared angrily with every round he fired at the lumbering giants.

To his horror, the inevitable happened.

*click, click, click*

"What the hell?!" he shouted angrily, suddenly coming to the realization that his guns were out of ammo, probably caused by his bout with the giant spider an hour or so earlier. "This ISN'T supposed to happen!! Fire, damn it!! FIRE!!"

He looked around in a slight panic. At least three of the apes were dead, but the other half was still alive and angrier than ever. Drawing his gun-blade, he lept up at the angry apes and slashed at each of them.

Reeling back, the apes slammed their giant fists into boulders as the Digimon was rapidly dodging the giant rocks.

"Well doesn't THIS put a smile on your face...!!" Beelzebumon growled under his breath as he lept past a thrown boulder. "Just... DIE!!"

He made the mistake of trying to take on one of the apes as it was preparing to throw the boulder it was holding....

And with a roar, the flung boulder hit its target with a sickening crunch.

Beelzebumon howled in pain as the force of the impact sent him hurling into the lake below, adding insult to injury as unconciousness came with hitting the water.
* * * *
"Ah, he put up a noteworthy fight, but that, as they say, is all there is to it," General Smasher chuckled in his throat, watching as Beelzebumon fell lifeless towards the lake's bottom. "So, Professor, you have every reason in the world to help my cause."

"I do NOT!!" Professor Carnivorié hollered angrily. "You just killed someone trying to save my life for your own personal amusement!!!"

"I did it for security reasons, so think before you open your mouth to put words in mine!!" Smasher snapped, delivering a hard fist to the professors jaw. "First order of business is to introduce you to your partner in this experiment."

Taking an intercom microphone from the wall, he called, "Loon! Get in here, Professor Carnivorié wishes to see you."

"What?! Loon? You brought HIM into this, too?!"

"That he has," a voice said from the door way as a man in a labcoat and thick glasses walked in. "Welcome back, Robert Carnivorié. I trust you had a good trip here?"

"Better than having to see *you* again," the professor spat, glaring at the fellow Professor Loon. "I don't care what you do, I still won't cooperate with your insane plans, Smasher!!"

"He has good ways of convincing you, Carnivorié," Professor Loon replied with a twinge of insane glee. "Just give him the opportunity."
* * * *
Little did any of them realize that the mentioned "opportunity" was on its way in the form of three 10-year-olds and three Digimon accompanying them.

Entering the base via a large door (easily opened by one of Taomon's spells), the Perfect-level Digimon shrunk and changed shape again as Renamon was standing in Taomon's place.

"What is this place...?" Takato asked to no one as he and the other Tamers looked around in awe. "It's like those military facilites that I see on TV..."

"But how could Culumon get in here? And where's the entrance back to the main island?" Terriermon asked, looking around from his perch on Lee's head.

"Perhaps Culumon has his way of getting into places," Takato replied to the small, cream-and-lime-colored Digimon. "Beelzebumon might be here, too."

"But how do you know that?" Ruki asked the goggled boy. "He's probably still on the mainland."

"He's around somewhere," Guilmon replied, sniffing the air. "He's on the island, but he's not in here."

"Then how is--" Takato was suddenly interrupted when Guilmon started growling, his pupils narrowing.

"...Someone's coming. A LOT of someones."

"What do you mean by that?"

"FREEZE!! You're surrounded!"

Takato, Lee and Ruki whirled around to see that they were indeed surrounded by hundreds of soliders in full military regalia point their firearms at the six standing in the room.

"What the--?! Guilmon!! We have to try and fight back!!"

"Ok, Takato!" Guilmon replied, reeling back and setting his sights on a small group of soldiers. "FIREBALL!!" From the red Digimon's throat a giant ball of fire shot from the mouth and hit the targets.

"GET THEM!!" one of the soldiers shouted as the troops closed in on the Tamers.

"FOX LEAF ARROWHEAD!!" Renamon shot small glowing shards seemingly from midair as the shards launched at the soliders, more more quickly followed.

"BLAZING FIRE!" Shots of green fireballs shot from Terriermon's mouth, and while those, too hit troops, more quickly followed. Terriermon fired again, but was still overpowered by sheer numbers.

With guns to their backs, the Tamers and Digimon had no choice but to surrender.
* * * *
"Now I would like to make a bargain with you, Carnivorié," General Smasher began, as a guard continually held a pistol to the back of the professor's head. "As promised back in the control room."

"What are you planning?" Professor Carnivorié growled, narrowing his glare. "No matter what you do, I won't agree with your plan!"

"Pity," Smasher said as from a small room, the three Tamers were forced out before being stood at the edge of a large pool. All three of them were tied up at the waist, their arms bound by the waist ropes. "It would be a shame to see anything happen to these children."

"What?!" The professor roared. "You would DARE to hurt children to get to me?!"

"Only if you don't agree with me." General Smasher then motioned to some soldiers working a large lever. Out of a cage in the wall, a lion looked around, then lept out of its cage and into the water.

Immediately, the water was abubble with howling roars and small fish leaping out in a frenzy. The Tamers looked down in confusion, but their confusion was replaced by pure terror as the picked-clean lion skeleton floated to the surface for a few seconds before sinking to the bottom of the pool again.

"As you see, that pool is filled with pihranas. They'll eat anything that suddenly surprises them, and frightened children are particularly prone to thrashing and making much noise when suddenly flung into a pool."

"YOU WOULDN'T!!!" Professor Carnivorié shouted angrily, thrashing against the soldier's grip. "Those are just children!! Leave them alone!!!"

"Only if you agree to help me create my soldiers!!" Smasher replied, motioning for the soldiers to prepare to shove the three Tamers over the edge. "Otherwise they will join the lion at the bottom of the pool!"

"Stop this at once!! Leave those children alone! They have NOTHING to do with this!!"

"They were intruders with thier 'Digimon' friends! Now either agree with me or they shall die!"

"Leave them alone!!"

"Very well. Drop them in!!"

"NO!!" He tried to run, but was still held firmly by the guard. The soldiers then kicked the three Tamers towards the pool below.

The professor shook with horror as their screams echoed in his ears, still falling towards the pool below.

"......STOP!! I'll do it!! I'll help you!! Just leave them alone!!"

"I like your thinking." General Smasher replied, motioning for the soldiers to yank on the ropes, stopping the children before they hit the water. "Bring them back up and bind them to the wall! We have our first human test subjects!"

"WHAT?!" the professor shrieked, struggling aganst the bind of his captor. "You said you would let them go!!"

"I will," Smasher replied, motioning the soldiers to lead the three Tamers towards the wall. "As soon as the tests are over. Loon! Show Professor Carnivorié to his workstation!"

Professor Carnivorié's fist shook violently as he was walked towards Professor Loon and the workstation. He wished that the apes didn't kill the brave passenger on the plane, then he and the children wouldn't be in this mess.

But little did he know, he himself and General Smasher were wrong.
* * * *
"Culu!! Takato!! Guilmon!! Where are you, culu!!" Culumon called into the jungle, still a little dizzy from his tumble into the canopy.

But then again, the ability to fly was an almost divine blessing.

Waddling across the leaf-covered ground, he continued to call for his friends, but with no answer. His large ears sunk back into his head in disappointment.

"Culu....." he groaned sadly. "Where is everyone...?"

The sound of loud coughing from the distance perked Culumon's attention. "Culu...? Who's there?"

He ran as fast as his little feet could take him, and was met with something.. or rather someone struggling to get ashore.

"..CULU!!!" he whooped happily. "Beelzebumon!! You're alive, culu!!"

"H...help me up..." the Complete-level Digimon muttered, still trying to keep his grip on the shore.

"Culu!" he nodded in agreement and struggled with what however little strength his Baby II form could muster to drag him ashore. "Are you OK, culu?"

Beelzebumon struggled to get up, wincing with a pained grunt as he grasped his side.

"...Those boulders must've broke something..." he grunted, leaning against a tree in a dizzy state.

"You should rest if you broke something, culu!" Culumon said in a concerned tone. "Broken things hurt!"

"I'll walk it off." Beelzebumon replied bluntly, gritting his teeth as he attempted to stand up straight. "What I want to know is what YOU'RE doing here."

"We came looking for you, culu!" Culumon replied.


"The Tamers, culu! I got taken by a bird and we got seperated, culu!"

"Where are they?"

"I don't know! They followed me to the Island and are probably looking for me, culu!"

Beelzebumon sighed in slight disgust. 'First the 'doc and now the kids... I'm always having to save these humans' asses...' he thought.


"It's nothing." He then noticed something wrapped around Culumon's head. "What's that you got?"

"Culu?" Culumon then noticed the red bandanna that he tied to his head, which he did so that he wouldn't lose it. "Culu! I wanted to give this back when I found you, culu!" He untied the bandanna and handed back to the much taller Ultimate-level Digimon.

"I was wondering what happened to this thing.." Beelzebumon smirked as he grasped his bandanna in his hand. "There's gotta be a way in there," he said to himself as he tied his bandanna back around his right arm.

"I'll help, culu!" Culumon declared, scooping his little paws into the muddy shore and slapping two huge splats of mud on his cheeks. "No one can do it alone, culu!"

"Well, maybe we should--" he was suddenly interrupted by the rumbling sound of a tank coming towards them. "The tree! NOW!"

The two lept into the air and perched on a branch as the tank drove past the tree. The tank paused for a moment before a large door opened in the volcano wall and the tank, along with its small convoy, drove through the door.

"Culu!! I've seen those! They're all over the place here, culu!" Culumon said, pointing to the tanks driving through on his perch on Beelzebumon's shoulder.

"And they're coming from inside..." He said to himself before casting a glance at Culumon. "Come on, Culumon! Before it closes!"

With that, he lept off the branch in a mad dash to the door.

"Culu!! Make way for me, culu!!" Culumon attempted to leap off in a similar dramatic fashion, but fell flat on his face instead.

* * * *
"The preperations are nearing completion, General!" Professor Loon delcared gleefully. "Professor Carnivorié, are you ready yet?"

"I wish I wasn't." He muttered under his breath, adjusting the switches and knobs to the correct algorhythms.

Over to the wall, Takato, Lee and Ruki were bound at their arms and ankles to the wall with shackles so that they would stay in one spot when hit with the growth ray.

Takato could only look up at the ray in front of him and sighed bitterly.

"Come on..." he murmured quietly. "..Where's a miracle when you really need it...?

He secretly hoped Guilmon and the others would be all right, for they were currently in a cage awaiting whatever fate that the mad General had in mind for them.

They needed a miracle. And fast.
* * * *
"Culu! Look over there! There's the tank, culu!" Culumon pointed at the tank, which was currently docked at a station.

But when its driver climbed out, a firey anger welled in Beelzebumon's throat.

He knew who that driver was. The pilot.

THAT pilot. The one that tried to kill him.

"Culu? What's wrong?"

"Get down. I have some unfinished business to take care of." Beelzebumon growled. Culumon didn't question and lept off his shoulder.

The pilot felt a tap on his shoulder with a voice saying, "Sorry if you didn't finish the job right."

He whirled around and gasped loudly in horror.



A tearing flash of purple neon was the last the pilot ever saw.

Culumon finished cowering long enough to see that the tank was now free for use.

"Culu!! Use the tank! We can find Takato and the others, culu!" He shouted, frantically pointing to the tank.

Beelzebumon cracked his knuckles after disposing of the pilot, then, motioning Culumon to follow, jumped into the tank.

"I think you press that to start, culu!"

"You think I don't know about that?" Beelzebumon snapped in response. Pressing a few buttons, the tank started with a roar of the engine and the two Digimon were off towards the experiment lab.
* * * *
"What are you waiting for, Carnivorié?! I said PULL the lever!!!" Loon snapped, his finger itching on the trigger of his pistol.

"I... I can't! I won't subject these children to a horrible fate if any of my calcluations are wrong!"

"THAT is why they call these 'experiments'!!" Professor Loon shrilled, sounding desperate. "Pull the lever!!!"

"Do as he says, Carnivorié!" Smasher added, several more soldiers taking their aim. "Or the consequences will be VERY grim."

Takato and the Tamers could only watch as the professor was being forced at gunpoint to put his trembling hand on the lever. Takato knew that once the lever was pulled, God only knew WHAT would happen next.

"Come on..." he whispered, hoping that someone- ANYONE up there would hear him. "Where's that miracle... if that miracle is going to happen..."

Professor Carnivorié's hand began to pull down on the lever.

".....Let it happen now..!!"

An explosion that ripped through the giant metal doors at the last second answered Takato's prayer.

"What the hell was that?!" General Smasher bellowed as he whirled around, taking sight of a tank driving through the humongus hole in the wall, its cannon still smoking. "Who DARES to do this?!"

A figure stepped out of the smokiness with a sneer on his face, a smaller figure hopping out after him.

"I do."

A look of pure shock turned to joy as Professor Carnivorié immediately recognized the figure.

"..Beelzebumon!!! You're alive!!"

Takato, Lee and Ruki looked towards the commotion and saw Beelzebumon walking from the tank.

"They said he was dead!! I should've known better!!" Lee exclaimed, then calling for him. "Hey!!! HEY!! Over here!!"

"Culumon," he started. "Get their Digimon out. I'll get the kids."

"Culu!" Culumon agreed, expanding his ears and rushing towards the far western wall where a cage was placed.

"Culu! I'm here to get you out, culu! Just hang on!" Culumon said as he grabbed a big chunk of the shattered wall and began to hammer it on the lock.

"We were worried about you! We thought one of these giant apes or the soldiers got to you first!" Terriermon exclaimed, anxious to get out. "What happened?"

"Later! Let's go, culu! The others are waiting, culu!" Culumon replied as the lock finally gave way and Guilmon, Terriermon and Renamon came bounding out.

Over at the wall, a well-placed slash of his gun-blade slashed through the shackles that bound the Tamers to the wall. Takato rubbed his wrists as a slash cut the shackles on his feet. "Boy, am I glad to see you and Culumon! We thought you were dead!"

"I die-hard, kid." Beelzebumon replied bluntly as he slashed through Lee's bonds.

"Thanks, I--" Lee suddenly interrupted himself as he looked up and down at Beelzebumon and his slight.. change of wardrobe. "...What happened to you..?!"

"Hey, a day and a half in the jungle wasn't exactly very nice to me," Beelzebumon replied again as another slash freed Ruki from her bonds. "Let's just get the 'doc and get out of here."

"Take no prisoners!!" General Smasher shouted as guards began to pour out from the doors. "Kill them all!!!!"

"We're surrounded again!!" Lee exclaimed, looking at the hordes of soldiers and tanks coming from all sides. "How are we going to fight them all?!"

"Takato!!" Takato turned around at the sound of his Digimon partner calling for him. A hug between Tamer and Partner signified that any harm that was done in their hasty capture would now be paid back in spades. "We fight, right?"

"Yeah! What they have in numbers, we make up for in strength!" Takato declared. "Come on, everyone! Let's get them!"

Lee and Ruki couldn't agree more. Both of them taking out one card, intense concentration and the will to win morphed their cards into Blue Cards in mid-slash. "CARD SLASH!! Matrix Evolution!!"

Renamon and Terriermon flared up in two seperate brilliant balls of light as their forms morphed and changed from their Adult levels to their Perfect levels.

"Renamon, evolve!! Taomon!"

"Terriermon, evolve!! Rapidmon!"

"Takato, what are you waiting for? We need MegaloGrowmon's help!" Ruki shouted. Guilmon wanted to agree, but a glint in Takato's eyes signified that he wanted to kick it up a notch.

"We fight together, Ruki! Takato, let's go!"

"Got it!" Takato held up his red D-Arc with golden accents as it flared to life in a brilliant flash of gold. "Matrix Evolution!!!"

Takato's form seemed to vanish into an explosion of red and gold light, leaving only a bare form of the young Tamer melting into his partner.

"Guilmon, evolve!!!"

Shedding his Child form in a flurry of pixels, in Guilmon's place was a adult human-sized knight-like Digimon with a huge lance on his left hand and an equally large shield with the triple-triangle symbol of evolution on his right.


The Ultimate level Digimon shocked the charging soldiers as the noticed the boy had vanished. Along with the Ultimate Digimon was the two Perfects, Rapidmon and Taomon.

"What are you waiting for?! KILL THEM!!" General Smasher bellowed, pointing at the four Digimon.

But as expected, Digimon aren't ones to give into a fight that easily.

"Rapidmon!! Behind you!!"

Lee's call caught the green rabbit-like cyborg's attention as his arm cannons cocked and took aim at the tanks and soliders heading his way. "RAPID FIRE!!"

Shot after shot of missles with bizzare, cartoonish rabbit faces on the heads hit their marks with a deafening explosion again and again, sending tanks and soldiers flying in a whole manner of directions.

Taomon took notice and turned around, a gigantic chinese paintbrush appearing from thin air at her aid.

"Buddist Brush Brandish!!" She painted energy into the form of a Japanese symbol- 'Umi', which stood for 'water'.

And what water it was. With screams of 'Tsunami!', a tidal wave WAS what the tanks and soldiers got before being swept away by the towering wall of water that appeared from nowhere. Turning around to face the next troop of soldiers firing at her, she countered fire with fire: in the symbol 'Hi'.

And a giant fireball was the last those soldiers and tanks saw before being immolated.

Beelzebumon had to constantly remind himself that his shotguns were out of ammo and his only defense was his gun blade and the very claws on his fingers. But attacks were attacks as he and Dukemon stood back-to-back as soldiers circled around them.

"I hope a straight attack works," Takato said from inside the conciousness of his own Digimon, looking at the situation through his very Digimon's eyes. "At least we have the others to back us up!"

"Get ready Beelzebumon," Dukemon said, readying his giant lance as the soldiers continued to circle. "We charge at my signal!"

"Funny, I don't recall it being *your* battle," Beelzebumon joked as he readied his gun-blade in a similar fashion, although his "joke" fell on deaf ears. "Let's just plow through these guys."

"FIRE!!" One of the soldiers shouted as the others started shooting at the two Digimon.

"NOW!!" Dukemon shouted. The two Ultimates lept away from each other in a straight line, plowing through the soldiers and any tanks that were in the way, as expected. Leaping up and over, the whiplash of Beelzebumon's long grey tail slapped several soldiers into the wall.

"Prepare for justice!!" Dukemon declared as his shield began to glow, each triangle that circled the evolution triangles glowed one by one until the whole shield became enveloped in a white-hot light. "FINAL ELYSION!!!!"

A huge white beam of energy shot out from the shield, leaving a long, wide streak where soldiers and tanks once stood. Beelzebumon turned around from his standing point near some tanks and smirked, "Not bad."

"You helped." However, Dukemon's comment quickly turned to horror. "Beelzebumon!! LOOK OUT!!"

Beelzebumon could only look up in horror as a giant crane dropped on top of him, crushing the tanks around him.

General Smasher chuckled as he motioned the crane to be lifted again. "Good work. Now to see if this actually killed him."

Dukemon looked in shock at the scene, but his shock turned to confusion as a black-purple feather floated in front of him.


General Smasher's smug smile quickly turned to a shocked gape as he saw someone STANDING on the crane as it was being lifted, casting a taunting grin at him.

"IMPOSSIBLE!!! That should've crushed you!!!!"

Black-purple feathery wings gave a loud flap as Beelzebumon raised his left arm, which was now covered from the elbow down with a giant cannon-like weapon.

"I die-hard. Now it's time to meet YOUR angel of death!!" He declared, rocking the crane back and forth before he climbed onto the cable in a similar way he did with the jungle vines.

"YOU...!!!!!" General Smasher screamed as Beelzebumon, roaring out in a battle cry, cocked his arm cannon as the crane came rushing at him.

The "mouth" of the cannon opened wide as a gathering ball of purple neon energy finally shot out with a violent fury, and while it missed its target (which was the general), it did succeed in destroying the growth ray.

And freeing several angry gorillas in the process.

"Culu!! It's too dangerous, culu!!" Culumon shouted as he tugged on Professor Carnivorié's pant leg. "We can hide in the tank, culu!!"

"You're Beelzebumon's friend?" the professor asked. Culumon nodded before he frantically motioned for Professor Carnivorié to follow him.

"I can't let you do that, little pest!!" Professor Loon shouted, pointing his pistol at Culumon. "Your friends may have destroyed my ray, but I won't let any of your little 'friends' live!!!"

"Not this time!!" The professor shouted as he jammed his elbow in the back of Professor Loon's neck. The mad scientist howled in pain as Culumon led Professor Carnivorié to the tank.

Meanwhile, the Tamers noticed that the soldiers were moving away from them. Beelzebumon glided down from the tank and landed, looking around.

"I'd expect them to run away with an explosion like that," Beelzebumon started. "But I-"

"The gorillas got loose!!" Rapidmon shouted, pointing his arm cannon at the giant gorillas swiping whole tanks away in a blind rage. "And they're heading for the power room!!"

"If they destroy the power room, then this whole chunk of the island will explode," Taomon added. "We have to get out of here."

"But we can't just run away! General Smasher could escape!" Ruki said in frustration. "We have to make sure that he can't get away!"

"Trust me," Taomon replied to her Tamer. "I think a giant ape is all we need."

"Where's Culumon and the professor?" Lee asked as he looked around.

"Culu!!!" Culumon shouted from his perch on top of a tank. "We're all right, culu! But we gotta leave, culu!"

"Get the doctor out of here!" Beelzebumon shouted as he took to the air. "The apes are gonna make this place blow and us with it if we don't get out!"

"Then we must go," Dukemon said as he prepared to get out. "Taomon! Protect the professor and the others! We'll have to make an underwater exit!"

"Agreed." Taomon replied as she once again initiated her shielding spell, this time enveloping Rapidmon, Lee, Ruki, Culumon, Professor Carnivorié and herself as the shield took off.

"Hurry! The apes are already there!!" Dukemon shouted as he dashed towards the exit, lance drawn.

"You don't have to tell me twice!!" Beelzebumon replied, bracing himself for the rush of water to come.

Dukemon's saber glowed with a fierce blue intensity as it took aim at the underwater entrance.


A shot of energy pierced through the door as all were enveloped in a large rush of water.

Back in the control room, General Smasher looked around him as his base (or whatever was left of it) was being destroyed and prepared for his retreat, but had to stop to try and get Professor Loon to leave.

"We have to get out of here!! Those apes are going to cause the destruction of this base!!"

"Let it!!" Professor Loon replied in a hysterical fit. "Don't you see?! 20 years of work all shot to literal pieces!! PIECES!!! Now I shall NEVER have the war I wanted to start!!!" He pointed to the firey remains of his growth ray to prove his point. "You could NEVER see the beauty that is war, do you hear me?! I wanted MY war!! MY WAR!!!"

"..Maybe we were wrong."

Famous last words from General Smasher as the last he ever saw was a blinding white light.
* * * *
After the inevitable cringe from the loud, blinding explosion that tore through a quarter of the island, the smoke still didn't hide the beautiful African sunset.

The Tamers and their Digimon looked out at the sunset from several miles away, when Takato and Guilmon finally de-fused back into their original forms.

"What will you do now, Professor?" Takato asked, looking up at the professor.

"I shall finish my trip to Nairobi, of course," he replied, taking a moment to look down at the young boy and his Digimon. "The summit is still waiting for me. Afterwards, I will try to return here to restore any of the animals that were victims of Smasher and Loon's experiments to their normal sizes."

"How long will that take?"

"Who knows? All I know is that I will return to this place and undo what Smasher did."

"Well all I know is what I want to do once I FINALLY get to Nairobi," Beelzebumon added smugly, placing his free hand on his hip.

"What's that?" Professor Carnivorié asked.

"What else? Hot bath, cold drink and a nice sleep."

"Don't look now, but I think Culumon's already taken the sleep advice." Rapidmon chuckled as Lee held up a snoozing Culumon.

A good, well-earned laugh was had by all before stopping to look at the coming of the night.

It was a grueling 24 hours in the jungle for them all, but one thing was for sure...

You can be surprised at how much you can relate to Tarzan, even when you don't even notice for yourself.

~*OWARI*~ (Cue your favorite jungle song here!)