A/N I had this idea about a sequel to "The Princess and the Goblin. Also, I support FroglipxIrene; I don't know why, I'm weird that way. This story was based on a video I saw on YouTube, The Princess and the Goblin in the Princess and the Frog. Parts were inspired by LunaTicWTF's FroglipxIrene videos. I own nothing except my OCs. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Four Years Later…

"I'll be back." Curdie nodded. "And that's a promise!" He ran down the hall to aid the castle's guards in the battle against the Goblins.

Princess Irene shut and locked her door, as Curdie told her to stay in her bedroom where it was safe. She turned away, but had a funny and bad feeling, as if something wasn't right. As if…someone was in this room.

She turned towards the door, and screamed. There was a tall Goblin room. But not just any Goblin: the Goblin Prince, Froglip!

Prince Froglip was tall and lanky, but also muscular. His skin was a bright green; his claws, the insides of his ears, and his eyelids were dark green. He had large bat-like ears, large golden-yellow eyes, frog-like lips, a round nose, and wild pink hair that billowed out behind his ears like wings, and stood in a mohawk. He wore a teal loincloth and a black cape lined with hot pink held around his neck with a white skull-shaped pin.

Froglip had snuck in behind Curdie and Irene and was hiding behind the door. He had been leaning against the door, with his arms crossed, and had a devious grin on his face.

He stalked towards Irene. The young princess ran from the Goblin, who followed close behind. All the scrambling caused her room to become terribly messy.

Finally, Froglip pounced and landed on Irene; he chuckled and eyed her with his golden yellow eyes. She shook with fright.

"Trying to make this hard, are you? Froglip lisped, spitting at the "S" sounds.

Irene kicked at Froglip's feet. When her own foot made contact with one of Froglip's, the Goblin Prince yelped and jumped back. She pushed herself up and ran for the door. She quickly unlocked the door, but before she could open it, Froglip planted his hand against the door, recovered from Irene's kick. "Going somewhere, Princess?" He grinned evilly. "Stay awhile. I've been looking for some…fun!" He cackled at the last word.

Irene gasped. Fun? What did Froglip plan to do with her? Suddenly, she remembered something Curdie told her. If it's one thing they can't stand, it's a song. They hate music. She opened her mouth to sing.

However, he saw what she was doing. He grabbed her shoulder with his left hand and covered Irene's mouth with his right. "Don't. You. Dare." He whispered dangerously through clenched teeth. "If you even sing quietly, I won't hesitate to slit your throat!"

Irene's eyes widened in fright.

"However, if you're going to be my Queen, you need to be alive."

Irene gulped; she took hold of Froglip's wrist and pulled it down so she could talk. "If I go willingly, will you not harm Curdie?"

"That Sun-Boy!" Froglip growled. "I should just kill him now!"

"If you promise you won't hurt him, I will go without a fight." Irene said; tears ran down her face from fright, and because Froglip's claws were digging into her skin through her pink dress.

He frowned and closed his eyes halfway, thinking about it. After a moment, he returned his yellow gaze to Irene. "Not a hair on his head, Princess." He sneered; he grabbed her hands and held them behind her back. "I won't hurt him."

Froglip opened the door, then led Irene, who still had her hands firmly behind her back, out. Once they were out, he shut the door, and the two made their way to the wine cellar, where the Goblins originally came into the castle.

Irene raised one eyebrow, confused that Froglip had shut her bedroom door.

"To give your Sun-Boy friend hope that you're still safe in your room." He whispered, dampening her ear with his spit. "After all, he told you to stay in you room. Imagine how upset he would be when he finds the room empty, and as though someone turned it upside down. Oh, if only I could be there to see the look on his face." Froglip chuckled.

As the Goblin Prince gloated, Irene just allowed him to lead her to the wine cellar. Tears ran down her cheeks, thinking about poor Curdie when he found her bedroom empty and messy.

Soon, the two were hiding amongst wine barrels. Froglip and Irene were crouched a couple yards from the hole in the floor leading to the Goblin Kingdom.

She noticed her feet were near his. She remembered how he had yelped in pain when she kicked him. Perhaps she could hurt him again, and get away; better yet, alert the guards.

She carefully held her foot over his right foot.

"Don't even try it." He whispered, not taking his eye off the disappearing guards.

Irene sighed quietly, setting her foot down; it didn't work. She was going to be taken down to the Goblin Kingdom, and was going to be wedded to Froglip.

Thinking about this, she began to cry. "Irene?" She looked up; it was Curdie!

"Curdie! Look out!" Irene cried.

"Froglip!" Curdie snapped; he took a step towards the Goblin Prince.

"You come one step near her, and I'll wring her neck!" Froglip threatened; he laid a claw on Irene's neck and ran it up the bottom of her chin.

"AHHH!" She screamed.

Froglip shoved her towards the hole in the floor. "She's mine now!" He announced. "I'm taking her back with me."

"No! Not down there!" Curdie exclaimed. "You won't stand a chance!"

"Oh yeah? You try stopping me, Sun-Boy." Froglip challenged; he continued to lead Irene down the tunnel.

"But the water! It's coming down the tunnel!"

"Ugh, you really don't think I'll be fooled by that old trick?" Froglip cackled. "I'm not stupid!" When he turned to where he was headed, he and Irene screamed at the top of their lungs; water was thundering through the tunnel…

Irene sat up in bed quickly, panting and covered in sweat. She had that nightmare again. The one where the Prince Froglip had nearly taken her to his Goblin Kingdom. She had that nightmare many times, ever since that event happened when she was 12.

Now, four years later, Princess Irene was a 15-year-old young woman. She had waist-length orange-red hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. She usually wore a pink dress that fell to the floor and pink princess shoes. Her nightgown was also pink.

She wiped her sweaty brow with her blanket, and threw the cloth aside. She stepped out of bed and threw open the windows. Three pigeons flew from the window and to a distant tower.

She leaned onto the edge of the open window and smiled. In that distant tower lived her great-great-grandmother. Her grandmother had her great-great-granddaughter's name, Irene. She was magic, and would occasionally appeared. She gave Irene a ring with thread tied to it. Grandmother gave her the thread to protect her against the Goblins, until she found her own magic.

Irene sighed and turned away from the window. She hadn't heard from her grandmother for five years. The princess turned to her cat, Turnip, who was curled at the foot of her bed.

Turnip had always been Irene's best friend. The cat was gray, except for his snout, throat, chest, and left front paw, which were white, and a black stripe around his tail. He had a pink nose and green eyes. At the time the Goblins attacked, he was only a year-old kitten. Now he was a full-grown five-year-old cat.

"Oh, Turnip," Irene sighed. "Do you think Grandmother is not visiting me for a reason?"

Turnip yawned and shrugged.

"Do you think she knows it is my 16th birthday?"

It was true; today, the princess turned 16, the appropriate age for her to marry. Unfortunately, Irene was still in love with Curdie, who was very well not royalty. He was a miner's boy, at age 15. Even though her father was in dept to Curdie for saving her from the Goblins, Irene knew she would have to marry a prince.

At that moment, someone came into Irene's room. It was her new maid-in-waiting, Angelina. She had long, fair, blonde hair, bright green eyes, fair skin, and wore a maiden's outfit.

"Excuse me, Princess Irene," She said, curtseying. "I did not know you had just gotten up."

"Quite alright, Angelina." Irene smiled. "I was just admiring the rising sun."

"Yes, it is quite lovely." Angelina nodded. "The king wishes for me to give you this." The 14-year-old handed Irene something wrapped in silk. "I wish you a happy birthday, as well."

Irene unwrapped the cloth. It was a golden and white dress. "Oh my!" She gasped. "It is beautiful!"

"The king wishes for you to wear this today." Angelina said. "For your birthday party."

Irene sighed and nodded. "Allow me to dress in this. I will come down later."

Angelina curtseyed again, then left the room.

Irene changed out of her nightgown and into her birthday gown. As she slipped into her shoes, she sighed again. For once, she wished the Goblins would attack again, so Curdie would rescue her again, and prove to her father, the king, he was worthy of her hand. She couldn't help but wonder what had happened to Prince Froglip after his fall down the waterfall…

Prince Froglip paced around a cave formed under the castle. He had lived there for a full year, arriving three years after his raid on the castle. He had lived for a year, pondering for a way to get back Irene.

He had plotted and planned, but none of them seemed to work.

He sat on a rock and sighed in frustration. His Goblin Cat, Grazzlegritch, bounded up and onto the prince's shoulder.

Grazzlegritch, Goblin language for "Devil Cat", was navy blue, except for his chest, throat and snout, which were light blue, and the insides of his ears, which were fuchsia pink. He had a black mane, piercing yellow eyes, a long devil's tail, small devil horns, and visible black claws. Grazzlegritch was very close to the prince, and was the leader of a band of Goblin Pets.

Grazzlegritch rubbed his head against Froglip's and meowed.

"Oh, Grazzlegritch," Froglip sighed, scratching the Goblin Cat's ears. "If only I had gotten my princess four years ago, times would be different. I would be ruling the Goblin Kingdom, with my Queen by my side. I would be commanding the Sun-People, and Goblins would overrule those pale, soft, creatures! Hmm, but it is not to be."

"Perhaps it is, your young majesty."

Froglip turned towards the voice; it was his right-hand-Goblin, Gromp.

"What do you mean?" Froglip asked, raising one eyebrow.

"I heard today is the young Princess Irene's 16th birthday." The elderly dark gray Goblin explained. "According to the royal Sun-People's traditions, that is the age where a princess or prince will marry."

"You don't say." Froglip said, rubbing his chin. "That is very interesting, but that does not help me get Irene."

"Well, today is a very special and…magical day. You see…" Gromp roughly took a hold of Froglip's ear and pulled it towards him; the elderly Goblin whispered something in the prince's ear.

Froglip's other ear perked up; his eyes widened. "What! Are you sure?" He asked, wrenching his now-sore ear out of Gromp's grip.

"At midnight, on a full moon." Gromp nodded. "That is tonight."

Froglip chuckled and rubbed his hands together. "This could be my way to finally get my princess." He grinned. "Tonight, I will get my princess, and revenge!"

A/N Irene's nightmare is when Froglip kidnapped her and tried to take her down the hole into the Goblin Kingdom. The scene in the bedroom was based on the PatG, "Taken". The rest of the scene is from the original movie.

In this chapter, two new minor characters are introduced: Angelina, Irene's maid, and Gromp, Froglip's right-hand-Goblin. Also, Froglip's cat's name, Grazzlegritch, belongs to me.

The chapter is titled "Four Years Later..." because it's a recap of when Irene was nearly captured, which was four years from where the story takes place.

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