A/N Nothing special, just a written-out trailer for my next story.

Five years ago…Prince Froglip tried to kidnap the Princess Irene…
(Froglip shoves Irene down the tunnel)
"I'm not stupid!
(Both scream as water came roaring through the tunnel)

Four years later…a curse reunited them…
(Irene {now 16} kisses Froglip; she turns into a female Goblin and screams)

…And brought them closer.
(Froglip strokes Irene's cheeks)
"I love you."
(They kiss)

(Froglip slaps a pirate hat onto his head)
"We have to at least try!"

(Irene is sitting in a prison next to a large golden retriever {Simon Sparrow})
"He'll rescue me! I just know it!"

Grazzlegritch and Turnip,
(Grazzlegritch leads Turnip onto the Black Pearl)

All return, in an ultimate crossover of piracy,
(Froglip and Jack Sparrow are dueling with swords; Jack cocks one eyebrow and gives a half-smile)
"Very good."

And royalty,
(Irene and Froglip go past a bakery; the baker greets them)
"Good morning, Your Majesties."

Like you've never seen before. With familiar characters,
(Simon is lying on his stomach with an open bottle of rum between his front paws)
"Welcome to the piratin' world, dahling."
(Grabs the top of the bottle in his mouth and throws his head back)

A mysterious foe,
(A figure with a large overcoat, black boots, a red bandana tied around his face, and a low-lying pirate hat that only shows his left eye stares at a pirate captain pinned down by two wolves)
"Kill him."
(Turns and walks up onto the ship deck)

And a surprise guaranteed to blow your mind…
(Simon presses his paws gently against Irene's stomach; their eyes meet in surprise; Irene's eyes widen)

(Title fades in)
The Princess and the Pirate…

"A real pirate pillages, plundahs,
(Simon swipes the title into ribbons with a sword, and cocks an eyebrow, smirking)
"And nevah backs down from a challenge."

Coming soon to FanFiction…

A/N Like I said, just a trailer for the Princess and the Pirate. I might have a little trouble writing Simon's dialogue (he has a slight Scottish accent) Any tips? Ideas? I'd appreciate it.