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I know Scott's kind of OOC in this but he is a teenager, and although he's a super serious stick in the mud, he can goof off too.

Scott was always focused, organized, and prepared for anything. Well he was unless it came to studying. Now, normally when Scott had a test coming up he just wouldn't study at all but this test was different. It counted for about 75% of his final grade. It was because of that fact alone that Scott found himself in the library. He'd been in there since returning from school, only leaving once for dinner, and he'd done absolutely no studying. Instead he'd been doing everything imaginable in order to procrastinate. This leads to what he's doing now. If someone were to walk by, it'd look like Scott was furiously writing down notes. In all actuality Scott was writing this:

10 Ways to Procrastinate

1.) Create your own cult

Scott named it the AOEM (Awesome One-Eyed Mutants.) For mutants with eyes affected by their mutation.

2.) Invent ways to scare off telemarketers

When one called his cell, Scott calmly said, "Hello?" and then he whispered loud enough for the poor telemarketer to hear, "I don't care where you put the body, Kelly, just get rid of it," suffice to say, the telemarketer hung up.

3.) Wrestle an invisible bear

The sucker beat Scott two out of three times, but when Scott won the bear had practically begged for mercy.

4.) Plan an escape

After Scott was done, there were officially five escape possibilities to be found within the library alone.

5.) Name all of the cats you've ever met

Scott had met Mitzy, Fluffy, Mr. Sparkles, Sparta, Toulouse, Jackie, Willy, Kiara, Tiger, he couldn't forget Sabertooth, Kookie, Suzy, Curly, Paws…

6.) Immerse yourself in conspiracy theories

By the end of the night Scott learned that Princess Diana was killed on purpose, Elvis didn't die when everyone thought he did, the moon landing was faked in 1969, Shakespeare didn't write all of those plays, global warming is a hoax, and many, many, many more that the other X-men would unfortunately learn all about.

7.) Learn about different forms of poison

Just in case…

8.) Prank call the pizza place

Scott's favorite one was when the pizza guy asked, "Will that be all?" and he responded in a sinister voice, "We'll find out, won't we?" the pizza guy never delivered the pizza…

9.) Interview yourself

"So, Scott, how hard is it to be leader of the X-men and still be as amazing as you are?"

"Well, Scott, I can call you that right?"

"Why, of course Scott,"

"Thank you. As I was saying, it doesn't come without sacrifice. People seem to think I'm a bit too… serious,"

"No! Really? You? You're interviewing yourself! How can you be too serious?"

"I don't know!"

10.) Chug a lot of coffee, see where it takes you

Scott didn't sleep at all that night.

Professor Xavier was in a very good mood. The young mutants were spending an increasing amount of time in the library, telemarketers mysteriously stopped calling, and Scott passed his test with flying colors. The only downside was that nobody was delivering pizza to the Institute anymore (although he wouldn't tell anyone, Xavier was very fond of pizza.) Another problem was that coffee kept disappearing...

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