Vanille finished her bland fish dinner for the night and started laying out the hides Fang had collected for them to sleep on and under. Fang disposed of their dinner remains over a spacious drop at the edge of a walkway inside the vestige and returned to the platform, where Vanille was folding over a third hide to use as their pillow.

"Vanille," Fang strode over to the little one and pulled her securely into her arms from behind, kissing the top of her head gently. "We're going to be okay." Fang murmured. "I'll keep you safe, Vanille. We'll figure out our focus and complete it. I'm not gonna let you be a cie'th."

Vanille shivered and tilted back her head to look up at Fang. Her lip trembled. "Okay, Fang."

"Hey, none of that, alright?" Fang stroked the side of her cheek. "You'll advance your brand. Stop fretting, okay?"

"Okay." Vanille mumbled, heart heavy with dual guilt. I can't tell her. Vanille knew. I won't let her go through it again.

"Let's just go to sleep, Vanille." Fang squeezed her and guided them both to the skins that Vanille had laid out. Lifting the skin, Fang let Vanille snuggle down in first, then joined her younger and moved up along Vanille's back, where she laced her arms around the little one's stomach and pulled her in tightly.

Vanille felt Fang lean over and kiss her once along the jaw. Guilt seeped through her. "G'night, Vanille. We'll try to find more tomorrow."

"Night Fang." Vanille closed her eyes and tried to forget.


A little while later, Vanille woke to the sound of groaning and guttural growls. She sleepily opened her eyes, wondering vaguely where the noise was coming from and why it was so close. Yawning tiredly, Vanille stretched, feeling Fang's warm arms shift against her as another low groan broke the air.

Vanille froze suddenly, eyes snapping open. Wait. Growls. Groaning? Is there a fiend in here? Startling herself, Vanille tried to sit up. Behind her, Fang's grip around her middle tightened. Vanille squeaked. "Fang?"

A low rumble answered her. Vanille took that to be quiet and shut her mouth abruptly, scared. Fang's arms, crossed over her abdomen as they were, hauled Vanille back against her warm body protectively.

"Fang." Vanille whispered, petrified. "What is it?"

Fang's long fingers stroked her side soothingly, running the soft pads of her fingers along Vanille's fleshy abdomen. Vanille remained very still, quaking.

"Fang," Vanille shivered. "Is it going away?"

Fang was silent. Her fingers, still dancing across Vanille's stomach, suddenly nosedived. Vanille jumped, squeaking in surprise as Fang's hand dipped inside her skirt and touched her through her thin panties. "Fang!" Vanille blurted, alarmed. She looked down and jerked back against Fang. spastic at the dark, marble-purple blue hue of Fang's arms, coated over with an orange patch along the forearm. Vanille recognized that arm.

Trailing her eyes along Fang's arm in astonishment, Vanille looked back, following her eyes up Fang's arm and craning her neck back. Sure enough, the old, familiar form of Fang's feral Ragnarok manifestation greeted her astonished gaze. Fang's eyes glowed as they locked upon Vanille's. Vanille's heart pumped. Oh no. No. Please; Maker, no. She didn't- she can't have- she doesn't even know yet...

The hand in her skirt rubbed fingers over her sex and Vanille squeaked, legs snapping shut over Fang's clawed fingers. "Fang!"

Fang quirked her head at her, trying to read her expression.

"Fang." Vanille's breathing was ragged. "Can you understand me, Fang?"

Fang blinked at her.

Oh God. What'm I going to do? Fang seemed to be able to a degree, though Vanille didn't know if she was really getting through or not. But Fang had stilled when she clamped her legs- and Vanille knew quite clearly how easily she could pry them apart or even rip her in half. Or rip the world in half. Vanille tried to settle her breathing. She didn't want Fang to sense her distress. What'll I do to keep her from that? She's here with me now, but if Fang got loose like this... Vanille squeezed her eyes shut. Will she even turn back?

Fang's head lifted suddenly and her headdress of vibrant hair shook as she lifted her face to the air and sniffed. Vanille's worry spiked again. "...Fang?"

Fang growled again and suddenly, her fingers slipped from between Vanille's legs. Vanille yelped as Fang's fingers slipped down the backside of her bra. Fang started dragging her away that way, sliding Vanille across the smooth ground and riding up her skirt as she went. "Fang!" Vanille piped, squirming. "Fang, lemme go! Fang!"

Fang ignored her and continued to drag her along her rump, squeezing her chest within the bra's tight confines as Fang dragged her away. "Fang, stop!" Vanille tried again futilely, wondering where she was being taken. I can't let her leave the vestige. Vanille peeped when Fang came upon stairs, but the strong woman lifted her above them and scrambled up. Fang's tail swooshed over to Vanille's leg then and rubbed up her skin sensually, riding up dangerously high. Vanille struggled to flatten her skirt and keep her dignity as a strange purring emitted from Fang before her. Vanille reddened. "You're enjoying this, aren't you? Fang! Set me down!"

They reached the top of the steps and Fang set her against the ground again, freeing Vanille's air somewhat before the dragging commenced once again. "Fang!" Vanille protested, desperately trying to keep her skirt down, both from Fang's teasing tail and the floor's tendency to ride it up. When the floor and Fang's tail managed to push Vanille's skirt up all the way then, Vanille huffed and crossed her arms stubbornly over her chest, casting Fang a glare above. "I'm blaming you if I get floor-burn I hope you know! I'll take your salt away next meal!"

Fang almost seemed to be smiling. One prong of her tail poked between Vanille's legs and she quickly snapped them shut again, lifting her hand to pull Fang's tail away and gave her a petulant glare.

Fang brushed aside a tribal pelt and Vanille suddenly realized where they were going. Another spike of fear went through her. "Fang, Anima's in there!" Vanille cringed. Fang dragged Vanille into the center of the room, where Fang's sharp fingernails cut through the material of Vanille's bra. Vanille squeaked and lifted her hand to her bra as the material snapped in the back, desperately holding that in place now as well as flattening out her skirt. Fang turned to her then and the lust was clear in her eyes.

"Fang." Vanille scooted back on the floor as Fang took a step to her. "Fang we can't. You're... we just can't." Vanille glanced over at Anima nervously before switching back over to Fang, who was right in front of her now, kneeling. Vanille gulped, excited tingles racing through her body. "Fang, we shouldn't..."

Fang reached out slowly and carefully took Vanille's wrist. Guiding Vanille's hand to her center, Vanille glanced down in surprise as Fang wrapped her fingers around something warm, hard and solid. Vanille blinked as Fang started guiding her hand smoothly down her erection. Vanille blinked again and stared. "Uh... Was that there the last time, Fang?" Vanille frowned. "I would have noticed that last time." Vanille looked up at Fang to see her eyes fluttering. "Maker! There's no way I could have missed that, Fang!"


"What the fuck, Vanille!" Fang choked.

"It wasn't my idea!" Vanille protested. "You initated! You always initiate!"

"I'm feralwhen it happens! What's your excuse?"

"You dragged me through the vestige!" Vanille reiterated. "By my bra! Which you wasted no time in ripping right off and directing my hand to your crotch- what was I supposed to do? I couldn't let you wander and you're completely immune to status spells in that state!"


Serah timidly chirped up on Vanille's behalf. "She had to keep you distracted somehow, Fang... None of us want you to hurt yourself when you're like that..."

"Or rip the world in half." Lightning added.

Fang still looked distraught. Serah tried again. "On the bright side, Fang! You probably ticked Orphan off! Every time you turned, instead of ending the world, you just did one of us instead!"

"Every time?" Fang seemed inconsolable.

"You know..." Serah added thoughtfully. "It's almost too bad Vanille didn't think of this before. Like, instead of scarring Cocoon 500 years ago, she could have just slept with Fang instead."

Lebreau grew frantic at this. "No way! That's blasphemy, Serah! Blasphemy! We wouldn't have met Fang that way! Think of us!" Lebreau stressed to point out the importance and spotted Light. "Think of Lightning! Think of their baby, Serah, for Maker's sake!"

Serah shrunk back at her ferocity. "It was just a thought..."

Lightning put a reassuring hand on Serah's shoulder, where her sister was shrinking back. "It's probably a good thing that Vanille didn't figure it out, Serah." Lightning nodded once. "She would have been killed eventually, if she was the only one."

"We are doing humanity a great service!" Lebreau announced. "Without us, Fang would be on the rampage, ripping worlds apart with no constructive way to expend her extra energy! We take that burden from humanity onto us and give her an outlet! We should be commemorated for our great sacrifice, giving our bodies over to her. We're heroes!"

Fang seemed lightheaded, a little limper in Lightning's arms. "Fang," Lightning hugged her, hoisting her up a little more against her. "Are you alright? Fang?" Lightning lifted the back of her hand to press it against Fang's forehead. "You feel cold."

"Ooh!" Lebreau interrupted anxiously. "Are you blacking out?"

Fang straightened, somewhat, fighting the dizziness. "Can I have some water?" Serah scurried off to get one for her. Hurrying back, she pressed the cup into Fang's mostly limp fingers and helped her hold it till Fang established her grip.

"Oh Fang, come on," Lebreau encouraged. "Orphan may be dead, but it's still fun to piss him off beyond the grave!" Fang was especially glad for Lightning's presence. "Can't you imagine it? When he was still alive..."


And the great Orphan sword cringed as its powerful beast gradually drained of energy.

"Fuck, Fang." Vanille huffed, breathlessly as Fang pumped into her relentlessly. "You- I- " Vanille gasped and shut her eyes. "Harder, Fang- urgh!" Vanille's groan turned into a squeal as Fang thrusted inside of her. "Just a little more- uhh- unnh- I fucking love your tail, Fang!"


"My tail, Vanille?"

"Hey!" Vanille protested, red-faced. "That's not how it went! We didn't fuck with your tail, Fang! Not that time!"

"Not that time?"

"And- she's making it raunchier than it was!" Vanille insisted. "It wasn't like that! You were nice and slow and considerate of me! I mean, we did do it four times before I passed out and you were still hard when I did...but you were super nice about it! And you waited for me to wake up before you continued."

Jihl's eyes lit up at Fang, she purred. "Such endurance."

Fang was slouched back and partially limp against Lightning again. She whispered into her lover's ear. "Don't let me pass out here." Lightning squeezed her.
Glancing away, Fang looked over at Serah. "What about you? When did you have your first...experience?"

Serah shifted suddenly, self-conscious. "Um..."

Lightning's eyes flashed up at Serah, minutely stiffening. "Fang, maybe we should hold the rest of the stories off..."

"No," Fang shook her head. "I want to know, Lightning. I want to know how you all got roped into this. I want to hear." Fang speculated of Serah again. "I never met you before Vanille and I uncrystallized. Not while you were conscious, anyway. Did we start...after I came back?"

"Not exactly..." Serah admitted, eyes fascinated with the floor.

Fang squinted. "Then when did we..."

Serah peeped quietly.

Vanille decided to jump start for them. "Serah wasn't exactly unconscious from being branded, Fang..."

Fang's eyes widened in horror. "I raped you?"

"No!" Serah corrected quickly. "No, it wasn't that! I was...I was willing..."

"Before we'd met?" Fang's eyes rounded in as a whole nother side of Serah came to light. "Before you knew I was human?"

Serah cringed. Jihl smiled, satisfied, and tut'ed Serah. "Dirty, naughty girl."

Fang stared in disbelief. "You're supposed to be the innocent one, Serah!"

"I was curious!" Serah peeped. "And you were aroused and I didn't think it'd ever come back to me..." Serah gulped. "Mine started in the vestige too..."


Serah held her arm, tears streaming down her face as the last burning edge of pain dwindled and withered from her brand. A l'Cie. Serah's heart pounded. A Pulse l'Cie. Inhaling raggedly, Serah stumbled to her feet. Gotta get outta here. Serah nearly tripped in her haste. Escape. Find Claire- or Snow- Snow'll know what to do.
Set direction in mind, Serah took off down the hallway, still holding her arm. Entering the room just outside of the great fal'Cie's, Serah looked down the possible paths she could take. Right, left, or straight. Which way did I come from? Think, Serah, think!

Stressing, Serah again looked at the mark scarring her upper arm. Something moved. Serah stared intently. To her horror, she took note of a skinny little black line that was slowly, millimeter by millimeter, stretching out from the red mass in the middle. It was so slow, it was practically undetectable. But Serah was a learned girl and knew exactly what that meant. "No!" Serah slapped her hand back over her brand. "Stop! I'm not panicking, I'm not!" She lifted her hand to peek again, seeing the little black line about a millimeter further than it was before. "No!" Serah covered it once more before taking off down the left passageway.

She knew she had to stop panicking. Her brand was advancing as a direct result of her distress. But Serah couldn't help it. She was shaken and just wanted out of this place, to be with Snow or Lightning, it didn't matter, as long as someone was with her, she'd be okay.

The passage she took led her down another skinny ramp until she'd entered another vast room. There were stairs that led down. Serah didn't specifically remember this room, but she figured it was a good thing that the path was moving down, so she continued on. Treading carefully, it failed to escape her notice that the path was unusually clear of cie'th, which she had otherwise had to avoid on her way in.

Looking down at her feet so she wouldn't misstep without a railing, Serah made her way down the long, long staircase, trying to focus desperately on anything besides the wild fears coursing through her. She really had to settle, if only she was out of this Makerforsaken place and home with Snow. Or Claire. Just imagine that. Serah encouraged herself. Home and warm in Claire's arms, sharing her body heat, unmarked by this thing...!

Serah reached the bottom step and looked up once more. She froze at the new platform she found herself on.

Over in the far right corner of the platform, wild, untamed, tentacle locks blossomed out from behind an indigo, lithe body. Enthralled with an ever-unquenchable curiosity, Serah found her feet taking her closer yet to investigate the strange and beautiful beast, even when her rational mind yelled at her that this was how she got in trouble in the first place. Serah couldn't resist.

Stepping closer to the mythical being, Serah found that the creature was not alone. Rather, there was a young girl clutched in the beasts arms and the two were snuggling, spooning, resting contentedly next to each other on a rough pelt. Serah let out a little unexpected gasp at the sight of the two, and the careful, protective way in which the beast was shielding the little one.

At the sound of her released breath, the beast's eyes snapped open. Luminescent whites found Serah and the creature growled.

Oh! Serah stepped back, wary and alarmed now as the exotic beast carefully pulled away from the slumbering little one. "H-Hey..." Serah cautioned, holding up her arms. "I mean no harm..." Serah took another slow step back. "N-No reason to get up. You can stay with there. I'll just be on my way. That's a good boy..." The beast growled, a low, rising rumble that filled the air and vibrated through her as she took another cautious step back. Serah's heel caught on the back step behind her. She squealed as she fell back and the beast, roaring down from it's thunderous howl, looked right at her. Serah's heart pumped double time as she scrambled on the steps to get away.

One second, she was desperately climbing to her feet, the next, her feet cleanly left the ground as Serah was hoisted into the air and tossed over the beast's shoulder. Serah screamed, but the creature was already halfway up the steps and carrying her away. Thrashing, Serah kicked and squealed. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Serah apologized profusely. "Please put me down! I'll leave! I swear I won't bother you! Please don't eat me!"

In response, Serah felt the hand that was holding her in place, low on her leg, snake up a little higher. The creature carefully rubbed high on Serah's leg soothingly. Serah was petrified. "Listen- I'll give you something. Do you like chocolate? Or a steak! I'll cook you a steak! I'll cook you ten steaks! Or money- do you want money?" The beast ignored her offers. "Please!" Serah cried out. "Just let me go, I'm begging you!" When none of her pleas seemed to register or make a difference at all, Serah tried a sterner, hard tone, trying to sound tough and determined like her big sister.

"Put me down this instant!" Nothing. "If I'm not on my feet in two seconds buster- " Serah yelped suddenly when the beast brought about its free hand that wasn't still rubbing her leg and smacked her bottom, which was embarrassingly half-revealed under her flipped skirt from the position she was held in.

Rightly reprimanded, Serah quieted and gave up her struggles against the obviously stronger beast. Going limp on its shoulder, Serah instead tried to focus on something besides her impending doom and found one in the flowing tendrils that spiked out of the back of the creature's head. Lifting her hand to those captivating tendrils, Serah touched one and found it surprisingly soft and squishy. Interested, Serah stroked down the smooth tendril and paused suddenly as a shiver went through her captor.

"You can feel that?"

Her captor said nothing, but continued on its way, thumb starting to rub small circles on the back of Serah's thigh. Serah'd been freaked out when it first touched her, but the beast wasn't hurting her. It was almost...nice, kinda. Comforting.

"You're not really going to eat me, are you?"

The beast made a noise at her that almost sounded like a snort. Serah tried to relax a little more, eyes caught on those exotic tendrils. She stroked one again. "You have beautiful hair." Serah complimented, petting down the yellow-orange spikes that blossomed farther out than she could reach.

The creature purred softly, a much less threatening rumble than the one Serah had heard before. Serah's rapid heartbeat slowed a little more.

"So...that girl back there." Serah recalled. "Is she your friend?" The beast rumbled. "Did you meet her the same way you met me? Collected her up just like that?" A deeper growl resonated through the creature's chest and Serah knew when to call it quits. "Okay, okay, we don't have to talk about her if you don't want. We can talk about... oh! I can tell you my name, if you want to hear it." The beast was quiet. Waiting, maybe? "It's Serah," Serah told it. "Serah Farron." Serah paused, then. "Do you have a name?"

Serah listened to an accompanying hiss, but she didn't speak Creature, so she couldn't exactly tell anything of what it said, only what tone or ferocity it took. "What should I call you? Hmm. What about Indigo, like your skin?" Her captor huffed irritably. "No? You don't like that?" Serah considered. "Howwww abouuuut...Skip! I once had a dog named Skip. He died after only two days though...he was a fair-dog, one of those you win at carnivals. I could call you Skip if you want" Another huff. This one more aggravated. "Oh...not that one either, huh? I guess you don't want to be named after my dead dog..." Serah winced. "Sorry if that was offensive."

Serah continued to mull it over. "See, the problem is, I don't know that much about you. So I don't know what kind of name would fit. Basically, all I've got is you're blue with orange spots, have pretty orange hair, and you have claws that I hope you won't use..." the beasts head turned to her and opened its mouth, slithering out a tongue before clicking its teeth, flashing sharp, pointy fangs at her. "And a lizard's tongue, apparently." Serah added. She pondered. "I think I like that. Claws. Do you like that?"


"Claws, Serah?" Fang arched an eyebrow.

"It's not that different from Fang..."

"I even gave you hints."

"I would have called you Lizzy, Fang!" Vanille announced. "For the tongue!"

Fang facepalmed.


The creature huffed again. Serah gave a small yelp of surprise as its hands touched her sides and lifted her up away from its shoulder before she was placed firmly on her rump on the floor. The beast straightened before her then and Serah tilted her head back to look up at it in awe. She jumped a little again when it howled and started to get frightened once more. Perhaps it was calling friends? Who knew what it could do to her... "Shhh," Serah urged. "Shhh boy, don't make so much noise."

The creature glared down at her again then, growling. What'd I say? Serah tried to scoot back a little bit, only to have the beast advance on her. "L-Look," Serah started, her nervous stutter returning. "I don't mean t-to offend you, boy, I- " the beast roared again. Serah started, gazing up at it again when she first noticed it had breasts. "Oh! Oh, is that it? You aren't a boy, are you? You're a girl!"

The creature before her stopped growling then and gazed down at Serah. Serah jerked, spastic, as the creature knelt in front of her and reached down to cup her chin. Serah froze. The magnificent beast scooted in closer then as her fingers stroked Serah's cheek. Her touch felt so warm and soothing, it reminded Serah of Lightning. Serah's eyes fluttered wistfully in memory of her sister. She thought about Lightning, and Snow, and of her brand. Serah's heart fluttered weakly.

Soft lips touched hers, just barely. Serah sighed into that mouth that felt so gentle and tender, warmth seeping through her and tickling her down to her core. The mouth on hers dipped, leaning further in as the lips massaged her own, a careful, but needy persistence. Serah mmm'd softly and a long-fingered hand closed over her shoulder firmly, pressing her back. Serah leaned willingly, her own hand raising to her other's hairline, where she twined her fingers back in scraggly locks. The hand on Serah's shoulder lowered to her side. Serah heard a riiiiiip of material as a sharp fingernail traced carefully up her side. She tastes so good. Serah's eyes fluttered again, bringing the indigo beauty back into her vision. She closed her eyes once more and tongued her lips.


"Serah, what the hell?"

Lightning winced on behalf of her sister. "She was panicking about her brand, Fang."

"It sure doesn't look like it!"

Serah was already beat red, but Lightning imagined her sister would be uncontrollably flushed at the accusations even if she weren't already.

"Mating with another species without knowing," Jihl purred again. "That is deliciously dirty, darling. Perhaps you ought to offer further invitation, Vanille..."

"It wasn't like that!" Serah protested. "I was hesitant too!"

"When? There's no hesitation before you shoved your tongue in my mouth!"

"It's coming!" Serah insisted.

"Before or afteryou do?"

Serah squeaked.


What am I doing? The thought itself took a moment to register, a moment in which ripped blouse was pulled away and discarded over to the side. Even then, Serah didn't stop until she felt that clawed hand dip into her panties and trace over her wet sex. Serah startled out of the daze, sitting up abruptly. "Claws!"

Serah looked down at herself, at her bra-clad chest and the hand snaked between her legs. She looked up at Claws, her self-appointed moniker for the beast, and gaped, truly coming to herself. Serah reached a hand over Claws' arm. "Listen, Claws... I... I think you're beautiful and exotic and everything, but this is... this is a little kinkier than how I like my cake." Serah started lifting Claws' hand up and away. Claws whined.

"I know, I know," Serah apologized. "I'm being a tease. I didn't mean to- " Serah halted as Claws' hand lifted out of her skirt and a vitally important physical aspect revealed itself to Serah behind where Claw's arm had hid it before. "Oh..." Serah stared at the erection: large and full and bulging. "Oh, you have a..." Serah frowned and looked up at Claws accusingly. "You are a boy!"

Claws growled at the statement again and Serah rolled her eyes. "Oh, you want to be a girl then? Fine. We'll call you a girl. It still doesn't change the fact that your penis is sticking up at me!" Serah crossed her arms over her chest. "We just kissed, buster! What am I supposed to do about that now?" Claws' eyebrows furrowed as she frowned at Serah right back and, lifting a hand to Serah's shoulder, Serah felt something sticky and wet rub against her bare shoulder. Serah colored. "Okay, fine, I was wet too." Serah admitted in a huff. "But you were the one to rip my shirt off and it was you who slipped your hand down my skirt! Now look where that put us!"

Serah grumbled, eyes traveling back down again to Claws' erection. She'd never seen a penis in real life, but it looked pretty close to what she'd seen in the books. Just a little more vibrant orange. Serah had a sudden, unexplainable inclination to touch it and see what it felt like. Squashing the urge within her, she looked back up at Claws. "Can you make it go down?"

Claws gave her a look that practically dripped disbelief and sarcasm.

"I was just asking." Serah replied defensively. "No reason to get all huffy with me over it." Serah's curious eyes once again found themselves dropping to Claws' erect member. "Well...what do we do now?"

Claws shifted forward, pressing the tip of her erection closer to Serah.

"Hey!" Serah protested as Claws halted, erection extended a few inches from her, almost touching. " want me to get you off, don't you?" Serah looked accusingly into the creature's face.

Claws whined.

Serah's features softened somewhat. "Claws..." she looked over the intimidating creature who seemed to be pleading with her, almost. "I'll...I'll admit that you had me aroused, but...we're not even the same species." Claws lowered her head. "I mean, you're remarkably smart for a...whatever you are, but..." Serah bit her bottom lip.

If truth be told, she was still wet and could feel it, slick and hot between her legs. She was curious, too. And Claws seemed like a nice guy...or girl...or creature, rather, but... this feels so kinky to me. Still, Serah was curious... "Okay," Serah relented. "Okay. I'll help you take care of it. But you better not be one of those guys who gets hard again like two seconds after."

Claws growled again.

"Or girls- whatever." Serah corrected. "Promise me. No getting hard again." Serah held out her pinky. Claws stared at her. "Okay, nevermind." Serah sighed. "Just don't do it. And we're doing this my way, by the way. So lean back. You get bottom." When Claws hesitated to do so, Serah lifted her own small hands to her shoulders and pushed her buddy back. "I always thought Snow would be the first guy I do it with..." Serah speculated. "But then again, you keep insisting that you're not male..." Pushing Claws back, Claws headdress of tendrils and hair cut off the descent at a twenty degree angle. "This is going to be interesting..." Serah looked up at Claws' face again, at those remarkable, almost-human like features. "At least I'll be able to reach your face this way, I suppose. Claws, are you ready?"

Claws rumbled deep in her chest.

"Okay," Serah nodded. "Okay. I've never done this before with a gu- with that kind of equipment. So bear with me." I wonder if Snow'll be just as big.

Serah made her way over to Claws on her knees, then raised herself a little higher when she came upon her arousal. Claws reached forward and grabbed her wrists, tugging her closer and positioned her above him. Serah shivered at the very prospect. "But I- " seeming to know her dilemma already, Claws reached up under her skirt and slit Serah's panties up along the side before pulling them away and discarding them.

"I'm going to need some clothes to walk outside again you know..." Claws ignored her and, grabbing her hips in a strong, sturdy grip, Claws started to lower Serah onto her arousal.

The instant the hot head of Claws' arousal nosed into her, Serah shivered pleasurably and gripped her hands over Claws's arms, which were still carefully lowering her. Serah stretched to take her in, knowing no feeling as wonderful as feeling herself filled like this. Serah groaned, long and pleasureful, as Claws guided her down inch by inch. There seemed to be no end in sight and Serah was already twitching, moaning by the time she'd sunk down hilt-deep. She could already feel herself clenching around that magnificent bundle, so deep inside of her such as no penis had ever been.

Serah leaned down over Claws and kissed her, bracing a leg upon the mythical woman's to brace her pull out. Serah slammed down back on her and spasmed in pleasure, moans finding Claws' chin and neck and shoulder where she bit and chewed as she thrusted upon her again and again. Claws' body swayed with hers, moving in turn to her thrusts, jerking into her when she came down and leaving a spacious gap when she pulled out that Serah needed to fill, again and again.

Serah cried out and Claws groaned. She could feel her pleasures building and mounting, overflowing her body so bad that she quaked. Claws felt amazing inside of her, so hot, hard, and determined to make her come. Serah choked on her ecstasy, body soaring so high she felt ready to burst. She was sure she would. The stiff, penetrating member throbbed inside, creating a pulse that overwhelmed her whole body. Claws hammered back into her and Serah screamed, the combination of Claws hot seed surging into her at the same time as her own dripping gushed from her sent her over the edge into a mind-numbing orgasm that seeped through her, head to toe.

Serah rocked against her, then finally collapsed, sweat-drenched and so overwhelmingly fulfilled. Her arms draped around Claws' sides, hugging her limply as she struggled to breathe. Claws' hand lifted to her back and stroked down her hair and back. Serah giggled girlishly. "I feel like a well-fed kitten."

"Fang!" Vanille's voice rang out through the silence. Serah stilled at the human voice of another. Oh Eden, no! No, I can't be seen like this! "Fang, are you here?" Serah tried to lift herself from Claws, but she was still a little shaky and collapsed back down. Below her, Claws let out a building, rumbling growl. Oh good! Serah thought. Scare them away, Claws! Good girl!

"Fang!" The voice got more desperate and, to Serah's horror, footsteps padded closer. No! Before Serah could do so much as think about trying to hide again, the little redheaded woman Serah had seen earlier appeared around the railing bend, spotting them. Oh cripes, it's the girlfriend! "Fang!" Vanille started racing over, but slowed as she drew closer and Serah came into clarity.

"Oh..." Vanille covered her mouth. "Oh no!" Sprinting the rest of the way, Vanille pulled up short, gasping in astonishment. She looked from the half-naked Serah to Fang, observing how they were linked at the hip. "Are you..." Vanille was confused why the other girl seemed to be on top. "Are you okay?"

Tired, sweating, looking exhausted, the girl nervously bit her lower lip. "Look, I didn't know she had a girlfriend. I- " Serah choked suddenly as, under her skirt, still resting inside of her, 'Fang' twitched and started to expand. Is she turned on by this? Serah tried to focus as Fang ballooned within her. "I thought- " Serah squeezed her eyes shut as Fang stretched her inner walls all over again. "I thought you were just a friend!" Serah gasped as Fang filled her once again, a hard, warm deep pocket within her. She gripped Fang's hand that was still resting on her hip and squeezed as hard as she could, breathing raggedly. You promised!

"Hey are you..." Vanille blinked. Fang was smirking. Vanille's eyes dropped to their hips again where the girl was clutching Fang's hand tightly. Is she...? Vanille strode forward and flipped the girl's skirt up. Indeed, Fang was erect inside of her. Serah's eyes shot open in panic as she desperately reached to flatten her skirt and preserve some dignity. "Fang!" Vanille gawked, dropping Serah's skirt, she stepped closer again to slap Fang, but a swooshing tail caught her behind the legs and Vanille stumbled into Fang's outstretched arm. The girl riding Fang was already groaning as Fang swung an arm around her and brought her down into a kiss.

"No!" Vanille mumbled into her mouth, pulling away only to be locked in place a few inches back. "You are not getting off that easy! She's not me, Fang! You can't just grab any random pretty girl and fuck her when you're like this!"

Fang growled discontentedly and, bouncing Serah enough on her how, lifted her hand slightly up the pink-haired girl's back and pulled her down to her chest at Vanille's level. Vanille looked over at the girl sympathetically and lifted a hand to brush a few sweaty strands away from her face. Serah opened her eyes once more to find herself staring into kind jade crystals. "I really- " Serah huffed, gasping for breath. "I really didn't know- I- "

"Shh," Vanille quieted her, glancing down to where Fang was still thrashing into her. She looked back up at Serah earnestly. "She didn't force you into this, did she?"

Serah squeezed her eyes shut. Vanille could tell she was near her high. "No." Serah managed. "I- I wanted it."

A few more strands fell in front of her face and Vanille pushed them back, tucking them behind the girl's ear. "She's not hurting you?"

"No." Serah choked, body soaring. "I- I can't- " Serah grabbed her shoulder and pulled Vanille to her, mashing their mouths in a frenzied, furious kiss. Vanille barely got to return just one of her hungry kisses before Serah pulled back with a scream as she came. Vanille waited a moment, then found her mouth again as Serah began to tumble down from her high. Serah gripped her weakly and returned the affection before all energy drained from her in one fell swoop. Serah fell limp against Fang, gasping and spent, her eyes already fluttering in total exhaustion.

Vanille smiled warmly at the girl and Serah felt a hand on her shoulder. She wouldn't have been able to do anything even if she wanted to. "What's your name, pink?"

It was an effort to keep her eyes open. They fluttered precariously, trying to stay and focus on a hazy cute redhead. "It's Serah." Serah murmured, exhausted. "Serah Ferrn..." Serah had not even the effort to correct herself.

"I'm Vanille," the redhead introduced in turn. She leaned down close to Serah, as if aware that Serah's hearing was getting smaller and distant. Vanille's hand stroked down Serah's back, but Serah barely felt it. "You're not alone, Serah." Vanille told her, whispering for some reason. "You're going to be okay." And with that, Serah's eyes shut as she fell into a deep, deep sleep.

Vanille straightened and clicked her tongue at Fang, who appeared deliriously happy. "You are in big trouble, Fang, and not the good kind!"

Fang's tongue slithered out at her jauntily. She smirked.


" that why she was laying right in the open, right outside our room?"

"Yeah..." Vanille admitted. "I didn't want any cei'th to stumble by her, and putting her back in the room with Anima didn't seem like such a good idea, so..."

Fang's eyes flickered over to Serah, whom Lightning was watching carefully too. "Serah?"

"I'm sorry," Serah traced a small circle with her foot nervously. "I just thought- I don't know what I thought, I was just... if I'd known you were human, Fang, I would have never..."

Lebreau snorted. "She'll do the animal, but if she'd known you were human- hoo no!"

Serah cringed. She looked up briefly, earnestly, regret and shame burning in her eyes. "Fang- I know it makes up for nothing, but- I really am sorry." Serah held her eyes for a few short seconds longer, then dropped her gaze again, jaw quivering.

Fang swallowed. "I appreciate that, Serah... thanks." Fang looked back up at the party gathered and sighed. "Two to go. Leb-ugh. Nevermind, let's not. Jihl?"

"Hey!" Lebreau objected. "That's not f- "

"Lebreau, shut up." Lebreau abruptly snapped her jaw shut at Lightning's tone. "Maybe you can go after. Maybe. Fang can do without being detail-assaulted by your kink 's going now." Lightning looked over at the poised woman. "Jihl?"

A small smile tugged at Jihl's mouth. "If you insist, my dear."