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So just as a reminder of where we are, this chapter takes place in 4x08 after Blair tells Chuck "This ends here" and he says "How about over there?"

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Chapter 3

The second they made it down the hidden stairwell by Columbia's campus, they were making out. Like full on, "horny teenagers discovering raging hormones for the first time" making out.

To be honest, Blair was a little confused. Since they broke the seal on her mother's grand piano several nights prior, pretty much all of their trysts had been in the "wham-bam thank you ma'am capacity" (except for when they made love in the shower- but if you questioned either of them about that, they'd adamantly insist that all they did was fuck.)

But this? This was different. It was more than was playful. And sexy. God, did Blair forget how amazing this man was at kissing. It was his own art form. And it made her wet. Almost embarrassingly so, considering his hands were only tangled in her hair and not manipulating her inner thighs or breasts in a way that drove her mad.

Before Blair had a chance to rationalize how turned on she was from just kissing him, she reached down to unfasten his belt. But then something completely unexpected happened: Chuck moved her arms to wrap around his back.

Was he actually denying her sexual advances? Wasn't he the one who convinced her, just minutes before, to sneak off with him to have sex in this random alley? So what the hell was going on?

"Chuck?" she whispered as she pulled back, embarrassed by how out of breath she was.

"Shh" he replied before peppering kisses across her jaw-line. "Where does he think you are?"

Blair attempted to scrunch her eyebrows in confusion- a task made difficult by Chuck sucking on the pulse point on her neck. Right. There.

"Who?" she sighed.

"Who do you think?" he said into her ear, squeezing her hips as he does so "I told him I was at the Palace. We have plans to get high later on."

Was he talking about Nate? And why would he say he's at The Palace? He hasn't lived there since...


"Ohhhh" she gasped, attempting to rock her hips against his as she did so. The wheels in her head spun themselves into a frenzy.

"I told him I was with Serena. She thinks I'm with Kati and Iz."

Chuck grinned into her neck. He moved his head up until their noses were practically touching.

"And where do Kati and Iz think you are?" he asked.

Blair smiled coyly, angling her lips to brush against his ever so lightly as she responded:

"I don't permit them to think."

And just like that, Queen B and the Dark Prince were back.

Taking his cue, Chuck moved a hand down in between her legs. Blair, against her instincts, squeezed her legs together to keep his hand away. It's what the old, inexperienced her would have done anyway.

"Relax, you know I'll make you feel good" Chuck coaxed, moving his lips to her ear once again. "Let me in, Waldorf."

God, she almost came right then and there. Somehow, her body listened to her brain's demands and she felt her legs moving apart. Instantly, Chuck's hand slid up and began to massage her through her stockings.

Blair gasped, nearly biting her own tongue to stop herself from moaning.

She wanted to scream. She wanted to rip her own stockings off and fuck herself onto his amazing fingers until she came hard. She also wanted to tell him all this out loud. But she had to stay in character.

"Even through the layers, I can feel your heat" he told her, rubbing at a more frantic pace "I can always feel it."

"I need" she panted, her hands fisting into his dress shirt "more."

With his free hand, Chuck tugged down the front of her shirt and bra. His mouth was on her breast an instant later.

"I want you so badly, Blair, I always have" he rasped against her chest in a voice so tortured she could almost believe they were back in high school.

But they weren't. No matter how much she wishes they were. His hair was different, his clothes were better, his features more defined. But there was so much more. Broken promises and bullet wounds (inside them both) and so much history. Almost too much.

Not only that: she was a woman now. A woman who knew what she wanted. And she was done playing games.

Boldly, Blair pushes Chuck's shoulders until he was on he knees in front of her.

He took the hint. Pushing her skirt up and her rolling her stockings to her ankles, he leaned forward and gave her laced-covered center a long lick.

"Oh God Chuck" Blair gasped, angling her pelvis closer to him.

Pushing the lace aside, Chuck began fingering her in earnest, his mouth never leaving her sweet spot.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck" she panted as she felt a powerful orgasm approach far too soon.

Her scream of release could have woken the dead.

Unceremoniously, she pushed Chuck's head away, the sensitivity becoming too much. Blair managed to pull her stockings up just as her legs nearly gave out from under her.

Chuck caught her as he stood up, gladly taking her weight on him.

"You broke character" he told her, half-serious "Did you forget the safe word?"

Blair could feel his no-doubt painful erection poking into her stomach. She tried to ignore it.

"We aren't those people anymore" she said, trying to speak clearly after such a head-rush.

"So what's the harm in pretending we are? It beats the alternative- bickering until we remember why we hate each other- doesn't it?" he asked.

"I have to go to class" Blair announced, adjusting her shirt.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Chuck asked, bringing her hand to his groin.

"I'm not sure the old Blair would know what to do with that" she said, pulling her hand away.

"I imagine she'd figure it out just fine" he insisted, the agony written on his face.

She knew she was being a bitch and tried to act like it wasn't affecting her. The truth was, remembering that time in their lives fogged things up for her. It made her feel like she did back then: like Chuck could give her the world. She trusted him too fast, too unknowing of what he would one day be capable of- destroying her heart.

And now after everything... God help her, she was falling for Chuck Bass again. And she couldn't go back there. Giving him any more power over her emotionally could prove fatal- literally.

She may be leaving him with blue balls, but better that than another broken heart.

"Goodbye Chuck" she said before walking up the steps.

"This isn't over" he told her, hot on her trail.

Blair stepped back onto the sidewalk, adjusting her outfit. She spared one scowl over her shoulder at Chuck before taking off.

Chuck, on the other hand, exited with his briefcase covering his erection. After buttoning his jacket and running his hand through his hair, he sulked off to his limo for some relief.

Neither noticed Serena watching them from across the way.


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