"Here you are." Sara embraced Sofia from behind. She had been looking for her wife. Sofia hadn't been in Jonah's room, the boy was sleeping after his first drive in a car and his first afternoon in his new home.

"He was hungry." Sofia was feeding Dorian who looked very comfortable in her arms sucking on Sofia's nibble.

"I told him his personal milk bar is closed but he cried so sadly I couldn't say no and now he's happy and will sleep very soon, won't you Dorian?"

The little boy was already half asleep. It has been exciting for him too. Moving to a new area, a new bed and no more other babies around him. He had his own room now. First Sara and Sofia wanted to put them both in one room but then they thought it might be better to have them in separate rooms, in case one woke up and started crying. There was no need to have two crying babies. One because he was hungry and the other one because the brother was crying.

"He is sleeping. Come here, sweetie." Sara took Dorian out of Sofia's arms. "I'll bring you to bed." Carefully she placed him in his bed and covered him up.

"We have them home, isn't that great?"

"It is."

"I wish I could have them in my arms the whole night long."

"That's too dangerous."

"I know. What a pity."

"Maybe you find a replacement…a teddy bear the little dog Greg gave them…"

Sofia stopped Sara from talking by kissing her gently. "My wife?"

"If you can't find anything better even your wife."

"There is nothing better than my wife." Sofia snuggled in Sara's arms. "I missed you so much the last nights alone in hospital. Five nights without you were pure hell."

"Tell me about it. I was all by myself in the house, it felt so strange. I slept badly, was awake all the time, wandered around looking for you even when I knew you're in hospital. Somehow I hoped I might find you in the living room, the garden or in one of the boy's room."

"We do miss each other, don't we?" The blonde laughed a little bit. She had been tossing and turning in her hospital bed, trying to do something with her arms. All the time she wanted to have Sara in her arms and came up with nothing. At one point she had been that desperate, she had thought of hugging her bottle of water.

"I miss you whenever you're not with me."

"Want to go to bed with me?"

"I do." Sara had a few nights off to make sure Sofia and the boys would be alright. She knew if she had to go to work tonight, she would not have been able to concentrate on anything than Sofia and the boys.

"So tired." Sofia snuggled in Sara's arms. "And so good to be back in your arms."

"So good to have you in my arms again. I want you to stay there for the rest of our life."

"Okay. You'll call my mother to make sure she takes care of the boys. I can't do that anymore when I'm in your arms."

"Maybe I allow you to go to the boys."

"Thanks honey. I wouldn't mind if you get up at night when they're crying."

"I'll do that but I can't help them when they're hungry."

"You can carry them to me so I don't have to get up."

"I'll do that. Only because you've to do that from next week on when I'm away at night."

"Don't mention that." Sofia whined. She had to sleep a few weeks without Sara. Two months. That were fifty-six nights without Sara until they both started on day shift.

"You'll be busy. When we both start our new shift I want the boys to be trained to sleep at night."

"How am I suppose to make that happen?"

"You'll find a way."

"I'll try." She kissed Sara softly. "So good to be back with you."


"Just one thing I miss."


"Your hands all over my body."

"No sex for two weeks, you heard the doctor."

"I'm sure he meant sex with men."

"No sex with men for you for the rest of your life, Misses Curtis."

"I didn't hear him say that…ouch…you bit me!"

"Yes." Sara grinned. Her teeth had found their way into Sofia's shoulder and punished the blonde for her comment.

"Somehow my life is full of pain at the moment."

"Sometimes you do ask for pain." Sara embraced Sofia's lower body with her legs. "Now you can't run away."

"I don't want to run away."

"Good. I love you Sofia and I'm so happy that you and the boys are healthy and back here.

"I love you too and I'm happy that we're a family now. I can't imagine anything better than having a family with you."

"We will make, won't we?"

"Sure we will. Even when I can't have sex with you I want to be in your arms." She pulled Sara closer, pulled the blanket above them, started a little fight with her wife who could be on top and found herself in Sara's arms, the lips of the brunette finding hers.

"I'm glad we've twins, I don't want to sleep without you for a week again. As much as I love the boys, taking you away for a week was mean." Sara complained.

"No more children?"

"No more children. We've got two, that's enough. Or do you want to be alone for another week?"

"No way! Two are fine, no sandwich child, no older or younger problem. And they'll keep us busy. We'll be happy to send them away in summer."

"I'm not sure if I want them away. I mean it's summer time, their holidays. How will they feel when we send them away to have some time for us alone?"

"Released to be away from us? At least I felt like that when my parents sent me away. Didn't you…your parents didn't send you away." Sofia said sadly. Of course not and that was why the brunette worried about the feelings of their children. Sending them away seemed mean and harsh to her, like the parents don't love their children, don't want to spend time with them.

"Tell you what, we'll let them make the decision. If they want to go away for a week or two with their friends in summer we'll let them go. If they want to stay here they can spend time with their grandparents. We'll be working but we'll have great barbeques with them in the evening and do something exciting on our days off. Disney Land, swimming, Sea World. Maybe they'll be fans of a sport and we can go out with them playing baseball, basketball or football, watch some games. We'll spend a lot of time with our children, don't worry about that Sara. We'll be good parents."

"I'm still not sure how I can be a good mom when I've no idea what a good mom does."

"A good mom loves her children. You do that. Do did that before they were born. Whenever you had the chance you had your hand on my belly to be close to them. You talked to them, told them everything like they were out here, seeing what you saw. As soon as one of them is crying you're there, holding them, soothing them. You are a great mother, Sara. You love them and that's the most important thing you can give them. Your parents didn't love you, they didn't show you how important and special you are, but you do show that our children. And because your parents were too stupid to see how special their daughter is, I've to do that. I'm not sure how to show you but I'll try. I hope you have any idea how much I love you, I hope you can feel my love."

"I do." Sara kissed Sofia with a little smile. She felt the love of her wife, it scared her sometimes, amazed her sometimes too but most of the times it made her simply absolutely happy.

"Where is he? Where is my godson?" Greg came in the house with a huge bouquet of flowers he pressed Sofia in her arms.

"Who is your godson?"

"I don't know, you haven't made a decision the last time. I want the one that makes less trouble and is smarter and better looking. A mini me."

"A geek? In that case you've to look for Sara's DNA."

"Says the former supervisor, Miss smart pans. I've never been smart enough to be a supervisor, you were one." Sara pushed Sofia out of the way and kissed Greg's cheek.

"Acting supervisor."

"Ecklie's pet."

"One more comment like that and you'll sleep alone for the rest of the week."

"Before you start bitching and arguing, tell me which one is mine. And where are the lovely boys?"

"Upstairs. Sofia's mother is with them."

"Again." Sofia rolled her eyes. Her mother came over every day to see her grandchildren.

"She's retired."

"She found a new job, she's a babysitter. I could start working right away, there's no reason for me to be here. Jonah and Dorian don't need me."

"They need you, you're their mother."

"You've got more time for yourself now. Be thankful."

"I am. Most times." Sometimes she was only annoyed because her mother was there all the time and wanted to tell her what to do. On the other hand side, Sofia had some time for herself because her mother was there all the time She could go to the gym and shopping while her mother made sure the boys were alright and Sara was sleeping.

"Come on, Greggo, time for you to see the boys." Sara pulled Greg upstairs to Jonah's room, where Sofia's mother was sitting with Dorian on her arm. Jonah was in his cradle asleep.

"Hey Greg, you're almost a daily visitor." Sofia's mother greeted the young CSI.

"Of course. I miss Sofia and I want to see the boys. My godson – if they ever make up their mind who will be my godson."

"Which one do you want?"


"Pick one. I didn't know they want to christen the boys at all."

"We haven't made a decision about that but I think it's nice when they both have a godfather and a godmother. No matter if we go to christen them. It's not about religion, it's about…I don't know…"

"Having two people who'll have hopefully a special relationship to them." Sara helped her wife out.


"Knowing Greg and his crush on Sara, he wants Sara's son." Sofia's mother grinned.

"They are both her sons." Sofia corrected her mother with furrowed brows. "Mother, I told you we don't talk about Sara or my son, they're both ours. No matter what the DNA says. And frankly I've no idea who has my DNA." Both boys had darker hair and blue eyes. If they would keep the blue eyes or if one or both would get darker eyes they'd see in a few months. It didn't matter.

"Dorian is always hungry, he must have Sofia's DNA." Sara grinned.

"He's also always awake, that speaks for your DNA while Jonah sleeps a lot and is a bad eater. Looks like our sons have shared their DNA and every one has some DNA of the other. Like I said, our sons."

"When they cry and I've got a night off, they're all yours." Sara smirked.

"I saw that the last time you had a night off and they were really active in the morning. I had to handle two hungry, stinky and crying children while my lovely wife was asleep and didn't help."

"I took care of them at night so that you got some sleep."

"Yes, thanks for that." When Sara was at home Sofia had the nights for sleeping. It was the best time for her to catch up some sleep she didn't get during the other time. Sara had managed to have two nights off per week so Sofia could sleep.

"I think Greg should be the godfather of Jonah." Sofia's mother said.


"Look at his hair, it's crazy. Like Greg a few years ago."

"That's a good reason. Would you be Jonah's godfather, Greg?" Sofia asked.

"Sure. Even if I don't like the hair relation. You're mine now, Jonah." He sat next to Jonah's cradle and watched the boy sleeping.

"You can take care of him and Dorian on Monday, Wednesday and Friday while my mother watches them on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sara and me will take over on Sundays. We'll have six days a week off, honey. Want to go away with me?"

"Back to Europe?"


"Uhm, your boys are two weeks young and you plan already to leave them alone? I thought I raised you to be a little bit more responsible, Sofia."

"Leaving them with you and Greg isn't responsible? Can you imagine anybody who will take better care of them then you and him?"

"Their mothers?"

"Their mothers need a break. We take a little trip to Monaco, Rome, Cologne and London should be our next stops."

"You can do that when the boys go to college."

"To college?" Sofia gasped for breath. That meant they had to wait eighteen years for the next trip to Europe.

"We need a lot of money and take the kids with us."

"I'm afraid our kids wants to go to Disney Land and not to Rome." Sofia thought about that for a moment. "I prefer Disney Land to culture and history too."

"Of course you do. We'll take them to Disney Land in a few years. Right now they're too small, they can't do anything there."

"It's the grandmother's job to take them to entertainment parks." Sofia's mother said firmly. "I'll take them there while Greg has to take them to sport."

"Sport? Me? Uhm…I think they need a second godfather, one who loves sport. I can teach them chess."

"My sons won't be geeks!" Sofia protested. "They'll be cool kids."

"They'll be drunk with fifteen, get picked up when they're sixteen because they were skinny dipping in a lake and get trouble with the dean of their college for smoking? Just like their mother?" Sofia's mother asked sweetly and made Sofia turn deep red.

"Skinny dipping in a lake? Lake Meat?" Sara asked interested. She wasn't surprised about the drinking and smoking thing, the naked bath surprised a little bit more.

"I was drunk…"


"…we had a party and it was funny, we all jumped in naked…it was a kind of test of courage under friends."

"Two dozen naked teenager, half a dozen officers and my daughter in the middle of them. I didn't get her out of that in case you wonder, Sara. I left her the whole night in custody, gave her some time to think."

"And after that I had to do some social service for being drunk. My mother never bothered to get me out of that."

"You deserved it. I told you not to drink after I picked you up drunk the year before. I hope your sons will made all the trouble you made. You'll understand how I felt at that time and will remind my words. Children, teenager especially, sometimes need to be punished. The social service didn't hurt you."

"I had to work with these old people and they told me their story of their life every day again. It was horrible."

"You didn't touch any alcohol after that?" Sara grinned.

"I didn't get caught after that anymore. No more skinny dipping and no more big parties with alcohol. We had our drinks after that at somebody's flat in private. Nobody cared about smoking there either. Don't tell me you didn't do the same."

"Actually I didn't. Not until university. I was too busy learning, I wanted to go to the university I wanted and not to the one I could pay. I got my scholarship and after that I had some time for fun. But I've to say during the terms I was learning, only in holidays I had some parties."



"It will be interesting to see how the boys will be. I wonder if your DNA will be stronger or the way you'll raise them."

"They'll be well behaved…" Sara started.

"…and know what fun is." Sofia completed.

"I think we shouldn't tell them not to drink alcohol. It will make it more interesting for them. If we allow them a glass of wine or beer sometimes it won't be that interesting for them anymore."

"Are you sure you'll be a captain of the police, Sofia?"

"Yes mother I'm sure I will be a police captain. Working as a captain doesn't mean I've to agree on every rule. I prefer to have my sixteen year old sons a beer than a gun and firing around the garden. I'll lock our guns, I won't lock the alcohol. Sara?"

"I agree on that. They can have a beer when we're having a barbeque in the garden but I don't want them near to our guns. We need to buy a safe, Sofia."

"We'll do that. And we'll make an office out of the fourth bedroom, that we'll kept locked all the time too. Two keys, one for you, one for me, kept with our work stuff. I want to be very sure that they won't use the guns. I don't want to come home one night and see them dead, find them and their friends with the gun or anything like that. If they want to have guns, they've to wait until they're twenty-one or have to go to the army or police academy."

"I don't want them in the army." Sara furrowed her brows. She didn't like the idea her sons were somewhere alone, fighting for their life because somebody told them it was worth dying for that.

"You heard that, guys? Your mothers have some plans with you."

"We do." Sofia took Dorian on her arm while Sara took Jonah.

"We built this family and we'll protect it." Sara kissed Sofia. There was nothing more important in her life than her family. She had Sofia and the boys and nothing could ever compare to them.


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