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Chapter 1

Needful Love

Late one night, a lone Chunin was on his way to an apartment that housed a distraught woman. The reason for this was because that the female Jonin lost her lover during a mission against a criminal to an organization known as Akatsuki. The name of the victim who was the lover of the woman was Asuma Sarutobi, son of the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi and former member of the Shugonin Junishi to the Fire Daimyo.

The Chunin that was on his way to see the heartbroken kunoichi was the late Sarutobi student, who went by the name of Shikamaru Nara. He was lazy and not very motivated, but when it came to making strategy's he was an absolute genius. His teammates were his long time friend Choji Akamichi and Ino Yamanaka. Like the woman he was about to visit he and his team were heartbroken and upset with the lost of their sensei.

As for whom Shikamaru was going to see, it was the Genjutsu Mistress Kurenai Yuhi, who was the sensei to Team Eight. Shikamaru thought back on what gave him the idea to visit the heartbroken Kunoichi.


Shikamaru sat in the living room thinking over the strategy that he had in plane for when he and his team mates would kill the bastard that took the life of whom they looked up to during their time as a team. He was so deep in thought that he didn't realize someone walked up to him.

"Thinking about your plane kiddo?"

Shikamaru looked up to see his father Shikaku Nara.

"Yeah I'm thinking about that and something else."

"And what would that be?" The elder Nara asked.

Shikamaru thought about telling his father that he was thinking of Kurenai and that he couldn't stand to see the poor woman grieving for what had happened to her. But he decided to respond differently to his father. "It's nothing. I think you would find it troublesome."

His father didn't buy it. "Stop being troublesome, if I didn't know any better I would say it has something to do with Kurenai."

The young genius looked at his father in shock wondering how his father came up with that conclusion.

The elder Nara noticed the look his offspring gave and chuckled a little. He sat down next to his son and decided to have a chat with him.

"Word travels fast around Konoha, especially when it involves your comrades and family. I know it's been bothering you about Kurenai and that your worried about her seeing as those two were close."

"Was I that obvious?" Shikamaru asked. Seeing his father nod, he sighed and shook his head. "It's just that she's alone and I already gave my condolences, along with everyone else I know. But I can't help but feel she needs something more to help her with the pain she's going through. I'm afraid she might hurt herself or worse."

Shikaku nodded to his son's response. It was true in what he said as many shinobi who lost loved ones had took many different routes to deal with the pain. Some handled their pain with drinking; some handled their pain with fighting or missions. But some in the off chance ended their lives feeling that they had nothing to live for and wanted the pain to end.

The elder Nara decided to give his son advice, and hopefully it would help.

"Shikamaru, all I can say is that if you want to help Kurenai then you should be there for her as much as you possibly can. Comfort her in any way that you think might work best, but make sure to chose your words carefully on what you say to her. You might upset her more than she already is."

"But I won't know what to say to her. Yeah I mean me, Ino, and Choji are just as upset about Asuma-Sensei's death, but the difference is that she was his lover and we were his students. What should I say?"

"I can't help you with on what to say. You must find the right words on what to say. Again think carefully about what you say, and comfort her anyway that you think that might help."

Flashback End...

It took a while, but the son of Shikaku and Yoshino Nara thought about what to say and was hoping to ease the pain that Kurenai was going through.

As he stood in front of the door to the apartment that housed the Sensei of Team Eight, he took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

He waited for a minute, and was about to knock again, until the door slowly opened, causing him to go wide eyed.

(Kami. Everyone always said Kurenai was beautiful but I never saw her like this.)

Standing before the young Chunin, the Genjutsu Mistress was dressed in a red silk nightgown which hugged her figure. It was see through and revealed some of cleavage. Her legs were exposed as well showing her smooth light skin. She rubbed her eyes slightly and looked up tiredly to see who it was.

"Shikamaru? What are you doing here?"

Realizing that he was being speaking to, the young Nara quickly turned around to hide the blush on his face and spoke without facing her.

"I...uh...I just wanted to check up on you Kurenai-sensei." All the while was he thinking to himself.

(Why the hell am I getting nerves around Kurenai? Stupid question, I got a hot looking Jonin in a nightdress that I can see through and see her hot body.)

He then blinked and thought (Where did that come from?)

Kurenai was wondering why the young man's back was turned to her, until she realized the dress she was in. Deciding to put him at ease she put a hand on his shoulder to get his attention.

"Shikamaru, you can look. It doesn't bother me and I know you are not a pervert."

He turned around slowly, as he was surprised that Kurenai of all things would say something like that. Was she thinking right? He then noticed the scent of perfume but he also smelt the scent of alcohol. Specifically that of wine.

"Um...Okay if...you say so." He was wondering how long she was drinking after what happened to his sensei.

He walked into the apartment and closed the door behind him. As they were making their way to her bedroom, the young Nara noticed that she was stumbling a little which he guess correctly was due to the alcohol in her system. She sat down on the bed and gestured for him to sit next to her.

He sat down next to her and waited for a response from her. She did not disappoint him.

"So what brings you here Shikamaru? Are you going to say the same thing like your team mates said to me earlier?"

"Ino and Choji were here before?"

She nodded and then added, "Everyone I know pretty much visited me to make sure I was all right. Your team mates, Shizune, Anko-chan, and Kakashi, everyone I know pretty much said the same things like you are going to say." She reached over to a nearby table and picked up a glass of wine she had poured herself earlier and downed its contents in one gulp.

"And what would that be?" Shikamaru asked though he already knew what it was.

"That if I need anything, that you will always be near to help or my personal favorite I'm sorry about what happened to Asuma." She paused to take a deep breath as tears began to show in her eyes from just thinking about her dead lover. "I've...Already heard it from just about everyone so please...just leave me alone for a while."

Normally Shikamaru would listen to women since to him they usually get bossy or were just to troublesome to figure out what kind of moods they were in, but this involved someone who was close to his late sensei and needed a lot of support, even if it was just a shoulder to cry on. So with a deep breath he spoke carefully so not to upset her since she was a bit tipsy.

"I'm afraid I can't do that Kurenai sensei. It would be too troublesome if I just up and leave you alone for who knows what you might do to yourself. To be honest I don't know what it's like to lose someone you love, but I am sure it hurts more than anything physically possible."

Kurenai gave a dry chuckle and placed the glass down. She looked over at the Chunin and gave him a sad smile.

"Asuma always said you were too smart for your own good. There are only two people I know who could lose someone I love though."

Shikamaru thought for a moment and said the name of one person who came to mind. "I take it that one person is Tsunade. And the other?"

"Yugao Uzuki." She then stood up and walked over to the kitchen. After a minute she came back with two bottles and another glass for drinking. She set them down on the table and opened the first bottle which was Fire Water Sake, and poured herself a glass and filled the other one up. She then handed one glass to Shikamaru while taking the other to her lips and sipped it.

The son of Shikaku and Yoshino looked down at the offered glass in his hand then said, "Kurenai sensei. I'm sure if this is a good idea."

"If you are old enough to kill for the village, you are old enough to drink, from what I've been told by Anko." Was the Genjutsu Mistress reply.

The young man sighed and just decided to humor her. Taking a small drink he blanched a bit from the taste.

(Ugh. How could Asuma sensei and the other Jonin drink this crap? Well if my dad can stomach it, I'll give it a go.)

For about an hour the two talked and drink during their time together about Asuma and the memories they shared with him. Kurenai spoke about how Yugao went through the same pain she is going through right now and how she hoped her friend would find someone to love again after her lover had died years ago. She spoke about how she and Asuma grew up together during their time as Genin and Chunin, with a few funny moments in them.

"THAT HAPPEND TO ASUMA SENSEI? HAHAHAHAHAHA! OH MAN! HICK! I WISH I COULD HAVE SEEN THAT!" Shikamaru laughed from what he heard. By this time he was on his seventh glass and was already drunk.

"I know." Kurenai laughed also from what she told him. "When he and I were chasing that stupid cat of the Daimyos wife he fell into the Inuzuka kennel. I never known he knew such colorful language! HAHAHAHAHA!"

"Man that reminds me of when my team went after that stupid cat. I never saw Ino cry so much from getting scratch by that dame fur ball. She then went on whining about how she would not be good enough for Sa..." Shikamaru stopped in mid sentence and then his expression turned from one of joy to anger and disappointment.

"Shikamaru what's wrong?" Kurenai never saw him act like this. Sure he showed how he found things annoying but this look she saw scared her a little.

The young Nara sighed and said in a sad voice, "I'm sorry Kurenai sensei. It's just that when I think of that traitor Sasuke, I get angry since he is someone who doesn't deserve a second chance at being welcomed back in the Leaf." He paused to think on his next words, and then spoke. "Hell I don't know why Ino and Sakura still pin for that asshole, when all he's done is hurt everyone around him."

"I know what you mean." The pale skin beauty said. "To be honest I wish that Tsunade-Sama marked him as a missing nin, but since Naruto and Sakura want to save him she decided not to place him in that category." She shook her head at what she thought was a poor decision on the Hokage's part. "I would hate to see Naruto die because of someone he thought was a friend."

"I know what you mean." He said and had a look of disappointment. "I don't mean to sound like an asshole but Sakura is just as much to blame for putting Naruto through the trouble of bringing that guy back with that stupid promise."

"What do you mean?" She never got to hear Shikamaru's side of the story during the retrieval mission since she was away on an A-Rank mission.

Shikamaru began telling at the beginning of the mission to retrieve the Uchiha that Sakura came to Naruto and basically cried her eyes out and begged Naruto to bring Sasuke back. Shikamaru had told Kurenai of the hurt look Naruto had and even forced himself to smile and give his promise to her that he would not let her down.

Kurenai frowned at the promise that Naruto wanted to keep. In all honesty Naruto should not have to keep a promise that had almost got him killed and even now after all that's happened the young Uzumaki still wanted to keep the promise to a girl that would never love him back. It was wrong in her mind and even she thought that he deserved better.

(If only Hinata would get over her shyness and confront Naruto.) In all honesty Kurenai wanted to be happy and hearing of all the good deeds Naruto had done over the years she considered him a good man and a fine catch. She then heard Shikamaru continue about how he felt about the Uchiha and his former team mates.

"I'll be honest I don't like Sasuke at all. In fact I hate his guts for all the crap he put me and everyone I know through just because that spoiled brat wanted power to kill his brother." He took a large drink from his glass and breathed before continuing. "If only Naruto didn't make that promise, he would be a lot stronger and he would have someone there to actually love him. Sigh. If only he saw how Hinata felt about him."

"You know that Hinata has a crush on Naruto?" Kurenai was surprised to hear this.

Shikamaru gave Kurenai a knowing smirk and said, "It's not that hard to see all the signs Kurenai sensei. I mean all of us know about Hinata's feelings for him, but he doesn't even notice it especially with all the signs right in front of him."

"Then how come you didn't tell Naruto about it?" She figured that as a friend to the blonde shinobi that he would let him know something that could help make his life easier.

"It's not really my place to get involved. Plus I wouldn't know how to break it to him. Add the fact that he only see's Sakura as girlfriend material." He snorted in distaste. "If you ask me she is not all that pretty and is rather to shallow and to troublesome for my taste."

He then looked at Kurenai and said, "Naruto should be seeing Hinata like I see you. A rare beautiful flower that deserves to be loved and nurtured."

Kurenai was stunned by what the young man said before her, and she could not help but smile. Then without warning she started to cry.

Shikamaru became alarm at seeing the Genjutsu mistress in tears and wondered if he said something to upset her.

"Kurenai, what's wrong? I'm sorry if it's about what I said..."

She held up her hand to silence him and responded in a choked voice said, "It's...just that... (sniff)...that what you...said...(sniff)...is the same thing...that Asuma said to...me."

She began to cry a new.

Shikamaru began to panic and went over to the distraught woman taking her into a hug. When he did this she wrapped her arms around him and cried on his shoulder.

(Man I am an idiot. I wish I knew about this. What else can I do to calm her down?)

Without thinking any further he gently lifted Kurenai's head and kissed her. Her eyes widen in shock and she felt her arms go limp from the gentle kiss that she was receiving. At first she wanted didn't want to do this but two things stopped her. One was the booze in her system and the other was the fact she was enjoying this. She closed her eyes and returned the kiss to the young Nara, invading his mouth with her tongue.

Shikamaru was surprised to have the kiss return to him with much gusto, and didn't know why but he was enjoying this. After a minute or two of tongue lashing they broke for air. The son of Shikaku and Yoshino was the first to break the silence.


"Wow indeed. I never knew you were such a kisser Shika-kun."

(Shika-kun?) Thought the young Chunin in surprise and was not expecting for her next words.

"Shikamaru...I want you to fuck me."


(Lemon Time)

Without another word Kurenai lipped locked him again, while rubbing his crotch with her free hand. His eyes widen from the kunoichi's action and his arms went limp from the unexpected pleasure he was receiving from her.

(I...I shouldn't be doing this with her...but...Kami it feels so good.)

Kurenai could see the hesitating in his eyes and decided to be even more bold. She used her hands to undo his pants, making them drop to the floor, leaving him clad in only his boxers with his manhood already harden. Then she reached inside his boxers and gave a light pinch at the tip, causing him to groan in pleasure. With this action Shikamaru leaned forward with both his hands clasping on her breast giving them a light squeeze.

This made her moan as she then used one hand to gently lay him on the bed and her other hand to stroke his cock making it enlarge even more. They broke the kiss and the crimson eyed kunoichi looked down to see the tent in his boxers become even bigger. She then got off the bed and on her knees. Then with one quick motion she removed them and saw his unit.

"My Shikamaru, you are rather big for your age."

He was about eight inches' and without hesitation she began to lick his cock in a slow, steady rhythm while caressing his balls. She licks up and down not leaving a single part of his manhood dry while enjoying listing to his pleasured cries. Kurenai decided to take it up a notch and proceeded to suck on his balls making him even more aroused.

"AH...K-K-K-Kurenai-chan...Kami right their...oh yeah."

"You like that Shikamaru-kun? You want more?" She teased in a husky voice.

"Yes! Please take my cock in your mouth."

She gave a nymph smile and replied, "Since you asked so nicely." She gave a small nip at the tip of his cock, making him hiss a little. She then slowly took in his manhood and began to suck on it. Her head bobbed up and down, going fast by the minute while using chakra to increase the pleasure on the young Nara. She then gripped his cock to

stroke it while she sucked on it.


After about a minute of oral sex, he felt like he was about to explode and made sure to give her a warning.

"Kurenai! I-I'm...goanna come!"

She could only brace herself as she felt Shikamaru's sex twitch and then she felt his release his hot seed right into her mouth and the back of her throat. She relaxed herself and allowed Shikamaru to continue releasing his seed and the feel of it was hot in her mouth as she slowly moved back and there was a last spurt and some of his seed got on her face but she didn't mind as she tasted the seed and found it to be nice to her taste buds and she swallowed it and saw Shikamaru looking at her with wide eyes and a fierce blush on his face.

She smiled at him and then spoke in a husky voice.

"You want to do the same thing with me Shikamaru-kun?"

Shikamaru nodded enthusiastically and Kurenai stood back up to remove the nightgown. Letting it drop to the floor she was clad in only a red thong. She turned her body around slowly to give the young Nara a little show of her near naked body. Shikamaru let his mouth hung open enjoying what he was seeing and wanted to jump her right then and there but was patient. After she was done, she made a come here gesture with her finger. He wasted no time and stood up to remove his shirt, letting it drop to the floor.

Taking Kurenai gently by the arms he laid on the bed, while caressing them making his way toward her breast. He laid next her and began to lick her harden nipples, enjoying the taste of her tits. Kurenai gasped in delight and squirm from the pleasure she was getting. Shikamaru then began sucking on her breast making her even more aroused. He then started kissing down toward her vagina, while marveling her smooth skin. When he reached to her covered private part, he took hold of the thong and pulled it off her to reveal her vagina. It was wet and without hesitation he slowly began to lick and kiss her pussy and when he her honey, he loved the taste and began to slowly pick up the pace...and he knew that she was enjoying this.

"Mmmmm...Shikamaru-kunnn...right there...yes!"

Kurenai gently guided Shikamaru as he explored her sex and she relished the pleasure as Shikamaru licked and kissed her wet sex as she felt herself getting hotter and wetter

with every sensation he gave her as he licked and kissed her sex...it was when she guided him to her clit and told him to gently part her outer lips did things get even hotter for Kurenai...Shikamaru followed her instructions and she was happy beyond belief as wave after wave of pleasure flooded her senses in the way she liked immensely as Shikamaru continued to lick and kiss her pussy, along with her clit.

(She's so hot...)

Shikamaru would stop and look at Kurenai on a few moments to see the deep blush on her face with each action he gave towards her and the way she said his name was very much intoxicating to the young ninja as he continued his actions and it was then that he decided to try something and pushed his tongue past Kurenai inner lips. The Jonin shouted his name and moaned, urging him on with pants and words thick with pleasure and he did so...pushing and pulling his tongue and he tasted her honey as it gushed out from her sex.


Shikamaru held on and continued his actions on Kurenai's pussy and sure enough Kurenai felt her organism hit her and it was heavenly as she felt her body explode in pleasure. The young Nara felt her inner sex move in such a way that caressed his tongue that he couldn't help but feel enthralled by it all...Kurenai's new release of her inner juices were also a welcome as Shikamaru lapped up more of it.

Kurenai felt like she was in heaven and even though she felt her orgasm, she wanted to go to the next step.

"Shikamaru...I want you inside me...right now."

Kurenai turned over on her stomach and stood in a very provocative position, while shaking her ass begging for him to take her.

Shikamaru stood up and got behind her while placing his hands on her well shaped ass. He started to rub his manhood slightly against her vagina teasing her a bit and enjoying her moans, while telling him to take her. Then without further hesitation he slowly slid his manhood into her sex, making sure not to hurt her. They both cried out from the feel of each other's sex.


Shikamaru started to slowly go into Kurenai, and then slowly pulled back out seeing as this was his first time experiencing sex. He wasn't sure if this was Kurenai's first time and didn't want to cause her any discomfort. Then he began to go in deeper and faster, Kurenai shouting in pleasure and gasping with delight.

"That's it Shikamaru-kun...Mmmmm...fuck me! Fuck me hard."

"Kurenai...fuck you're so hot!"

The Genjutsu Mistress then began driving herself back meeting him on every in stroke, and this made the young Nara even more aroused by the action which resulted in him keeping a firm grip on her ass. He felt like he would burst into her at any moment from the wetness of her sex.



Then at the last moment they both hit their orgasm.


Shikamaru's hot seed flowed into Kurenai and the female Jonin felt him cum inside her. Both breathed heavily from the intense sex and Shikamaru pulled his manhood out of Kurenai's sex, forcing him to sit back on the bed. Before he could catch more of his breath he was pulled into a kiss by Kurenai, forcing him on top of her. After a minute of tongue lashing Shikamaru pulled back and saw the lust looked in her eyes.

"Again...I want to ride on top of you Shikamaru."

"Sigh...Troublesome woman."

"Shut up and fuck me."

With that she pushed him on his back and crawled over to his unit swaying her hips for him to see her ass shake. Her head was now over his cock and began to suck on it to harden it again using chakra to increase the pleasure. He moaned in pleasure from the treatment gripping the bed sheets and asking Kurenai to get on top of him already. When his manhood hardens once more Kurenai stopped and straddled on top of him, taking him inside her once again.

Kurenai started riding on top of him, gasping and screaming with delight from the intense sex she was having with him, her body covered in sweat, while Shikamaru thrusted upwards keeping it a steady rhythm. She leaned on top of him, her breast pressed against his chest and she enveloped him in another lust filled kiss which he returned with much gusto. Then Shikamaru decided to turn Kurenai over and had her on her back, while they were still lashing each other's tongues. He thrusted even harder into the beautiful kunoichi, feeling her hands on his back and then her legs wrapped around him pulling him into her more. Then after a minute or two they hit their orgasm's shouting at the same time.


This caused them both to go into bliss unconsciousness.

(Lemon End)

The next morning...

Shikamaru groaned as he felt his head pound. He could not believe how much he drank last night and wondered if Kurenai let him sleep over since he was wasted. He shifted a little and his hands felt something very soft, round, and smooth.

(What a minute...this isn't a pillow.)

Shikamaru slowly opened his eyes to see what he was lying on and his eyes nearly jumped out of their sockets. What he was lying on was a pair of breast which nearly caused him to scream. He looked up to see the sleeping form of Kurenai Yuhi, looking peaceful and happy. The events from last night all came back to him and he could swear that if word got out about what he had done with Kurenai, he knew his mom would go ape shit and his team mates might not be happy with him, thinking he took advantage of the distraught woman.

(What the hell am I goanna say to Kurenai when she wakes up?)

He then heard a moan and saw that she was starting to wake up, which caused him to go pale. He could only brace himself for the sure to come beat down by the female Jonin.

Kurenai opened her eyes, her vision a blur and her head pounding a little from last night's drinking. She then noticed that she felt something on her chest which caused her to place a hand on whatever it was. She felt a mess of hair, making her eye's snap open. Looking down she noticed that Shikamaru had a look of absolute fear on his face. It was then she remembered last night's event. None of them spoke for what seemed like an eternity, when it was only a minute. Finally Shikamaru broke the silence.

"Ku-Ku-Kurenai-sensei...a-a-about l-last night..."He stuttered from fright.

"Don't say a word." Was her response as she gave him a look that would make the Kyuubi's glare seem tame.

He could only gulp and hoped that whatever punishment she had in mind that he would live to see the next sunrise. He then felt himself being force onto his back and saw that she was on top of him, both hands on his shoulders.

"Do you have anything to say?" She said in cold voice.

He could only look at her with sad eye's knowing whatever he said could never take away her anger. Signing he said in a voice full of regret and sadness.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen. We were both drinking, but I didn't kiss you to take advantage of you. I was only trying to...comfort you."

He closed his eyes expecting to receive a beat down, but instead felt his lips pressed against her causing his eye's to snap open laying there in shock. After the kiss was broken off, the look in her eye's changed to one of understanding and happiness?

"Thank you for being honest with me Shikamaru."

Shikamaru could only think of one word to say at this.


"Anyone else would of just blown this off and not regret it. But you are like Asuma and you take responsibility for the things you do. And to be honest I was a lot more forward last night than you were." She then gave him that same look from before. "But if you tell anyone and I'll make you regret it."

"Yes Kurenai-sensei!" He quickly said.

She kissed him again. "Come back safe."

Shikamaru could only nod and went to get dress.

"Oh and Shikamaru."


She gave him a sly smirk.

"If Temari finds out, tell her I won't mind sharing you with."

He could only nod dumbly while his face had a huge blush on it.

To Be Continued...

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